The 7 Best Solar Companies in Florida to Save You Money

Solar Companies in Florida

The 7 Best Solar Companies in Florida to Save You Money

Key Points

  • Over 60,000 homes in Florida use solar energy, with demand increasing due to high electricity costs.
  • Momentum Solar offers solar loan services, allowing qualified candidates to receive solar panels and pay monthly installments.
  • Blue Raven provides a 25-year warranty on all solar panels sold and installed by the company.
  • Sunrun offers four customized payment plans to suit different financial capabilities.
  • Solar-Ray offers incentives to businesses that switch to solar energy, including the Business Solar Tax Credit.

With the current increase in gas prices, it’s unsurprising that people are turning to electric cars. But the biggest change is that many now rely on solar energy for domestic use. In fact, more than 60,000 homes in Florida use solar energy, which will increase, especially with the high cost of electricity.

This increased demand for solar energy has prompted Solar companies in Florida to emerge, with some aggressively attacking the market with good deals and neat incentives.

However, the main challenge is the customers, who must identify the most affordable and reliable solar companies in an oversaturated industry. So, we have done our due diligence and identified the seven best solar companies in Florida to save you money. Let’s get to it!

1. Momentum Solar

Starting our list of the best solar companies in Florida is Momentum Solar, a reputable solar company in Florida with over a decade of experience in offering streamlined solar installation services.

With four purchase plans, Momentum Solar is keen on simplifying the installation process, as seen in the solar purchase plans that feature free consultation, free design, easy permits, and flawless installation and activation.

But where the company shines the most is its solar loan services. Qualified candidates receive solar panels and pay monthly installments over the agreed period. Additionally, these customers enjoy the same aftersales services, as cash buyers, with no upfront charges.

The company also has a solar PPA and lease program that is convenient for property owners working on a budget. The programs allow customers to only pay for the generated or consumed electricity. 

2. Blue Raven

Next on our list is Blue Raven, an established company that offers solar installation services countrywide. Thanks to the company’s Blue Power Plus program, homeowners can enjoy up to 18 months of free solar power, allowing them to settle their solar loan payments.

And with the company’s promise not to increase your monthly payment and interest rate, you can easily turn a utility bill into an asset for your family. Moreover, Blue Raven does not charge installation costs, mainly those leasing solar panels, so you don’t have to take up a loan to switch to solar power.

Blue Raven has one of the best product and service warranties in the solar energy sector. Customers can expect a 25-year warranty on all solar panels sold and installed by the company.

The company offers an additional 10-year workmanship warranty that covers all repairs and maintenance attributed to poor workmanship or installations. As such, customers who opt for Blue Raven are unlikely to incur additional costs during the first 10 years after installation.

3. Sunrun

Get ahead of your energy needs with Sunrun, a Florida solar company focused on ensuring your house has reliable electricity on most days of the year. Moreover, you can power through anything thanks to Sunrun’s four customized payment plans that suit your financial muscle.

The full purchase plan for a Floridian is exciting, mainly because you get free installation and design services and a 25-year warranty. But the gist is Florida’s Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit that Sunrun has included in their plan to make the solar installation process affordable.

Moreover, take control of your energy using Sunrun’s bright box battery, which plays the backup role perfectly, as we can see from its 10 to 15 years warranty. In addition, there are no strings attached to the monthly and full lease customers, as Sunrun doesn’t change payment terms after installation. 

4. Solar-Ray

We had to include Solar-Ray on this list because they are accredited, and many people usually say nice things about them. Installation takes 4 to 8 hours, which allows you to freeze your electricity bills and commence on your new savings plan.

Moreover, Solar-Ray has included the Residential Solar Tax Credit on its financing plans, which gives those on a budget the power to manage their utility bills.

The company also offers incentives to businesses that switch to solar energy. For example, corporate clients can exploit the Business Solar Tax Credit to reduce their power-related utility bills.

Solar Ray profoundly cares for the little guy, as seen from their loan financing options that don’t have any strings attached. You will power your house without any upfront fees and receive free additional services like maintenance to sustain your household during repayment.

Ultimately, Solar-Ray customizes its services to meet different customer needs by offering the best solar solutions irrespective of your financial capabilities.

5. Solar Source

Next on our list of the best solar companies in Florida is Solar Source, a well-established company that boasts over 60,000 happy clients. Solar Source eases the switch to solar energy as the company doesn’t charge upfront fees during installation.

Moreover, based on its current financing options, Solar Source offers low monthly payments for all applicants, which, unlike other firms, is unbelievably lower than your electricity utility expenses.

In addition, Solar Source offers solar pool heating services, which involves installing its automation package that heats your pool, mainly during winter or at night. Also, thanks to their solar water heating package, you can do away with your cold morning showers.

But the gist is their active system package, which reduces your heating costs by 90%, or the passive system package, which will minimize your heating bills by 75%. Nevertheless, Solar Source will professionally handle your solar needs from consultation until the last step.  

6. ADT Solar

ADT Solar, previously known as SunPro Solar, has been in the alternative energy sector for nearly 15 years. The company enjoys significant success in the business, offering its services in more than 20 states in the US.

One of ADT Solar’s huge selling points is its free consultation and estimation services. The company sends its technicians to your site to assess your power energy needs and determine the best-fit solar energy system for your property. 

The company has also cemented its name in the game by working with reputable brands. However, unlike many solar companies that partner with one solar panel manufacturer, ADT Solar’s position in the industry allows it to partner with several manufacturers.

This benefits its customers, who enjoy a wider variety of brands from which to choose. ADT Solar also offers a 25-year product warranty, covering any repair expenses arising from defective solar panels and poor workmanship.

7. Solar Bear

Lastly, we have Solar Bear, a respectable solar company in Florida. It has made its name off professional solar installation services and excellent customer service. The company also offers zero-down installation services, meaning homeowners do not need an initial down payment when switching to solar energy.

Solar Bear understands that first-time clients often lack the requisite knowledge regarding solar energy systems. As such, the company offers free consultations and estimates.

Solar Bear may send its technicians to assess your property and recommend the best solar system. They’ll also ensure the selected system is within your budget or financial situation.

Solar Bear offers additional services beyond solar installation. For example, the company offers spray foam insulation that regulates heat loss, boosting your home’s energy efficiency. The insulation also provides a barrier against noise pollution, which is convenient for people living in noisy neighborhoods. 

Factors to Consider Before Selecting the Best Solar Company in Florida

Florida has several tens, if not hundreds, of solar installation companies. While this means customers have several options from which to choose their preferred company, it also delays decision-making. Florida residents looking for solar installation services may use the following criteria to narrow the list of suitable companies.

The Company’s Location

Locally-based solar companies are usually the best; you can easily access them when needed. Moreover, such companies focus beyond the bottom line.

They are keen to work with you from consultation to installation to ensure the solar panels are tailor-made to suit your property’s energy needs. Local companies are also up to date with local building codes, reducing the risk of violations, which could otherwise expose you to fines and liabilities.

The Company’s Financing Options

A solar company offering different financing options is generally preferred over those with rigid terms that discourage customers. Companies with flexible financing options will likely tailor a payment plan that suits your financial situation. You should also check the company’s monthly loan repayments to avoid overpaying for solar panels.

Quality of Solar Panels

Most solar installation companies use standard solar panels. They include amorphous, monocrystalline, and polycrystalline solar panels.

It is in your best interest to differentiate the panels and choose the type that best suits your property. Fortunately, most solar installation companies educate customers on the different types of solar panels, including their performance and associated costs. 


Warranties are a good way to determine a company’s trust in its services. Some companies give extended warranties that last several decades as proof of their high-quality products and workmanship.

Compare different companies’ warranties and settle for the most reasonable option. You may also check previous customers’ reviews to assess how your preferred company handles warranty claims.

Final Thoughts

Florida has about 230 days of sunshine annually, ascertaining the state’s suitability for solar power as an alternative source of electricity. Several reputable companies in the state also offer quality solar installation and maintenance services.

These reasons are convincing enough for Florida residents to switch to solar energy. However, interested customers should do their due diligence before approaching a solar energy company. For example, customers should get quotations from several solar companies and compare prices to identify the most affordable option.

Additionally, customers should explore available financing options, especially if they cannot foot the cost upfront. All in all, this article should be a great starting point in your search for the best solar companies in Florida.

Summary Table

RankSolar Company
#1Momentum Solar
#2Blue Raven
#5Solar Source
#6ADT Solar
#7Solar Bear

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best solar company in Florida?

Well, it depends on the metrics you use to screen the companies. However, Momentum Solar is slightly ahead of the rest based on its financing options and customer care support. Moreover, they offer high-quality solar panels and top-notch consultation services.

Does switching to solar energy lower your electricity bills?

Yes, it does. However, you must find a reliable company to install the best-fit solar panels for your property. The solar energy system should also match your property’s power needs to reduce reliance on your area’s electricity grid.

What happens to solar energy when it’s not sunny?

Usually, a solar energy system performs optimally on sunny days. However, this does not mean you will have an outage when it’s not sunny. Modern solar panels generate electricity even during cloudy days.

Can you install solar panels while still using electricity?

Yes, you can. Solar energy systems are handy when experiencing a power outage. Most solar panels come with a battery that stores energy during the day for use at night or during blackouts.

How long does solar panel installation take?

There isn’t a specific time frame for installing a solar energy system, as it depends on your installer and their available workforce. But it takes 6 to 8 hours on average if all the main factors remain constant.

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