6 Best Soccer Games on PC in 2023

Best Soccer Games on PC

6 Best Soccer Games on PC in 2023

Key Points

  • FIFA 23 is the final game from EA and FIFA as a team, with full online cross-play and updated visuals.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2020 offers realistic gameplay and different moves and results that are randomized.
  • Rocket League is a unique game that combines cars and soccer, with customizable vehicles and rewards during gameplay.
  • Football Manager 2023 is a strategy game that allows players to manage a soccer team in extreme detail.
  • Kopanito All-Stars Soccer is an arcade-style game that is easy to learn and can be played online or offline.
  • IOSoccer is a free online game with customizable gameplay and a dedicated server option, but it has a toxic online community and infrequent updates.

Hundreds of video games are released each year, and one of the most popular genres is sports games. This includes sports games from football to tennis and everything in between. If you’re a soccer lover and gamer looking for the best soccer games on PC, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top six options for the best soccer games on PC for 2023.

RankNameBest Feature
#1FIFA 23One of the best soccer game options since 1993.
#2Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2020Features realistic gameplay for true soccer fans.
#3Rocket LeagueA fun game for people who love cars and soccer.
#4Football Manager 2023Offers gameplay for users who prefer managing over playing.
#5Kopanito All-Stars SoccerAn arcade-style game that’s great for kids and adults to play.
#6IOSoccerCompletely free to play.


FIFA 23 is the final game from EA and FIFA as a team. The two companies weren’t able to come to a licensing agreement and broke off their professional relationship in 2022. If you’ve played the other FIFA games over the years (the first edition launched in 1993), this is a bittersweet moment. FIFA makes it worth it, with full online cross-play between different consoles and updated visuals.

The game offers quite a few gameplay options that can keep you busy for hours. “Quick Play” offers a single match or tournament that you can play alone or with friends (both online and in-person). “Skill Games” test your soccer skills while you practice passing and other moves. In the “Career” option, you can be a player or manager and go through the whole game handling their career and making choices for them. There are many other options too, including “Ultimate Team” and “Moments”.

FIFA 23 has over 700 clubs with over 17,000 players. You’ll have 100 icons to play with, women’s game options, and HyperMotion2, which makes gameplay more realistic. Playing on PC also means you’ll be able to access mods from some of the different modding communities.

Many players have approved of all of the updates. However, some note that it makes the game a bit slower than its older counterparts. The lag seems to be an issue for some users, especially when playing ‘Quick Play’ with other people.

You can choose to choose over 100 icons to use.The game lags more than the older releases.
This game offers women’s leagues.
There are many gameplay options to choose from.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2020

Pro Evolution Soccer can easily be described as FIFA’s biggest competitor. That was until 2021. Unfortunately, the game is no longer being updated and has been renamed to eFootball: PES for future years. This is because the game’s creator and company lost many key licenses.

The last PES game was released in 2020, and that’s the game we will be discussing. Luckily, PES 2020 still runs well and has quite a few loyal players, for good reason. First, let’s get the main con out of the way — the game doesn’t have licenses for all of the players and teams around the world. For some gamers, this is a letdown since they can’t play their favorite players.

If that con doesn’t bother you, the game is still fun to play and is worth trying out. First, it’s incredibly realistic, and the moves aren’t predictable. You could play this game for hours and still find new moves and options to use. The graphics are also clear and feel real, drawing you in as you become a soccer superstar.

Online play can lag a bit, but this is common for many online games, including FIFA 23. Even with the lagging, the graphics and moves are fairly smooth, and the wait time in lobbies for online gaming is usually quick.

If you play online, the lobbies don’t have a long wait time before you can play a new match.The game lags when playing online.
This game offers realistic play for people who want to feel like they are a part of the sport.The game lost its licenses for many different clubs and players.
There are different moves and results that are randomized, keeping gameplay interesting.

Rocket League

If the idea of cars and vehicles playing soccer doesn’t put you off, Rocket League is a fun PC soccer game that has thousands of fans. The unique, billiards-like game depends on your skill with lining up shots. It also includes soccer moves like being able to bump cars out of position and run the turf.

Part of the fun with this game is that you can choose your vehicle, including larger cars like monster trucks. The vehicle you select will either help or hinder you. Your choice will affect how you can maneuver and turn during gameplay.

Another perk of this game is that you get rewards during playing. You’ll receive rewards when you execute the fundamentals, like centering the ball or scoring a goal. This is a fun experience if you tend to be more competitive. If you’d prefer to play casually, you can do that too, and you can play alone, with friends, or online.

Along with how you play, you can also choose your game mode, including party sessions, “Snow Day” (playing soccer with a hockey puck in the snow), and “Hoops” (a basketball-inspired option). Each of the game modes gives you the option to play causally, competitively, or privately.

There are quite a few gameplay options.This isn’t a true “soccer” game, so it’s not realistic.
The vehicles are fun to customize and try out.
You receive rewards while playing, which is fun if you’re competitive.

Football Manager 2023

If you prefer managing a soccer team instead of playing the game, the Football Manager 2023 game is the best option for you. This single-player game goes into extreme detail on what it’s like to be the manager of a soccer team. While it’s not a game that offers high-level action, it’s perfect for those who prefer strategy games.

During gameplay, you’ll be the team manager, CFO, and much more. You could spend hours on recruitment, training schedules, PR, and scouting, or focus on the soccer matches themselves and helping the team win. Even if you focus on both the back and front end of management, you could easily play this game for hours and still not finish.

Football Manager 2023 also has a decent modding community, if that’s something you’re interested in. They have been able to provide mods for adding badges and faces to the game, making it more realistic to play.

This game includes mods if you’re playing on PC.It can be overwhelming for casual gamers since management during gameplay is extremely hands-on.
This is great for strategy players who like to manage multiple parts of a game.

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer is an arcade-style game that offers a cartoon style for people who don’t need or want realistic gameplay. The best part about this game is that you can play online with real people, or play against AI if playing alone in your home.

This game is also easy to learn and has simple controls to play. It can be played by adults but is also a great option for kids. Unlike the other games on our list, Kopanito All-Stars Soccer isn’t realistic and the 2D game doesn’t focus on soccer player stats or namesakes. Instead, it uses you, the player, to score goals and see how far you can get.

This game can be found for free online, or you can purchase it on Steam to be able to play offline. It’s available on Windows, macOS, and SteamOS + Linux. If you’re playing on macOS, the game won’t work on macOS 10.15 Catalina or above.

This game is kid-friendly, but it is also enjoyed by adults.The game doesn’t work for macOS 10.15 Catalina or above.
The game is easy to learn and doesn’t include too much customization, so you can jump right into playing.
You can play with AI or play online with real players.


IOSoccer is a free online soccer game that offers competitive multiplayer gameplay in 4v4 street games, 8v8 matchups, or games based on up to 11 players per side. It’s extremely customizable, and you can create your own player, maps, and gloves.

The gameplay is based on your specific performance, including your moves like shooting and passing. You can watch instant replays and highlights of each game you play, but there aren’t any game campaigns.

Some of the biggest perks of this online game include being able to join and leave public servers to play matches with ease, using a dedicated server to compete with your club, and playing everything for free. The game doesn’t have any microtransactions, so you’ll play however long you want at no cost to you.

Of course, no game is without its cons, including IOSoccer. Many users say the online community can be toxic. Unless you have a dedicated server, you may have to play with people you don’t get along with. Another complaint is that the game isn’t updated very often, causing lags and issues that aren’t fixed right away.

The game is completely free to play and doesn’t have any in-game purchases.You may not like the community you’re playing with.
It’s easy to customize your player and choose between different maps.The game isn’t updated as often as it should be.
You can use a dedicated server if you want to play with friends.

The 6 Best Soccer Games for a PC in 2023 Wrap-Up

If you’re a soccer fan and love gaming on your PC, this list includes our most recommended games that are sure to keep you entertained for hours. Whether you prefer the role of a soccer player, being a manager on the sidelines, gaming with your kids, or just playing on your own time, all of these games offer fun for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any good soccer games on PC?

There are many good PC soccer games out there, including the six that we’ve listed above. If you want more soccer game options, try Behold the Kickmen, Super Arcade Football, Football Tactics, or Pixel Cup Soccer 17.

Is the World Cup in FIFA 23?

Yes, FIFA 23 featured the Women’s World Cup, which takes place in Australia and New Zealand. As a player, you can experience the tournament in-game.

Is FIFA or PES better?

That depends on how you like to game. If you enjoy an easier-to-play game, try FIFA. If you enjoy a more realistic gaming experience, PES is a better choice. Keep in mind that PES is no longer updated or offering new games, so you’ll need to play the older versions.

Why is FIFA now called FC?

FIFA is now called FC (for 2024 and beyond) because IFA and EA Sports didn’t reach a new licensing agreement. 

Are there any soccer games on Steam?

Yes, there are many soccer games on Steam. Some of the games include Football Manager 2023, We Are Football, and eFootball 2023.

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