The 5 Best Smart Garage Door Openers

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The 5 Best Smart Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are essential devices that most people take for granted until they suddenly stop working. When it is time to upgrade or replace your garage door opener, it is smart to think about buying a smart opener. Users can open or close a smart garage door opener from the convenience of their phone.

Besides opening and closing the door remotely, most smart openers work with other devices, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Surprisingly, smart garage door openers are affordable and easy to install. They even come in chain or belt-driven configurations.

So, after looking at numerous options, our ranking for the best smart garage door openers are:

#1 Best Overall Smart Garage Door Opener: Genie QuietLift Connect

Best Overall
Genie QuietLift Connect – WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener
  • Features a large 3/4 HP motor
  • Installation is easy with good instructions
  • Built-in Aladdin Connect
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
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11/26/2023 04:16 am GMT

Our pick for the best overall smart garage door opener is the Genie QuietLift Connect. Genie is well-known in the garage door industry, and the QuietLift Connect is their most popular model. This belt-driven opener has a 3/4 HP motor to handle large garage doors. It also has lights on each side for visibility when you get home.

The QuietLift Connect uses Genie’s Aladdin Connect system, which lets users access and control the garage door from anywhere. The app lets the garage door opener connect with other smart home devices. You can also mount the included keypad outside your home for easy access. The Genie QuietLift Connect is easy to install, and there is even a 3D interactive install tutorial.

It uses a large 3/4 HP motor.Some users reported trouble setting up the app with Alexa.
The interactive 3D manual makes installation easy for homeowners.Plastic components are susceptible to failure with heavy use.

Check out Genie QuietLift Connect on Amazon.

Best for Value: Chamberlain B2401

Best Value
CHAMBERLAIN B2401 Smart Quiet Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
  • Affordable option
  • 10-year motor warranty
  • Uses the myQ for smart functionality
  • Quiet operation
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11/26/2023 04:16 am GMT

Chamberlain’s B2401 is one of the most affordable garage door openers and it is also high-quality. There are many low-priced garage door openers, but with so many moving parts, this certainly isn’t something you want to save a buck on. Nothing is worse than a garage door opener that doesn’t work, which is why Chamberlain backs the B2401 with a 10-year motor warranty.

The Chamberlain opener offers smart functionality, which you can access through the myQ app on a smartphone. With the app, you can see the door’s position and open or close it. You can also control the door through smart home devices like Amazon’s Alexa. The belt-driven opener is whisper-quiet and powered by a 1/2 HP motor.

The best value for a smart garage door opener.The 1/2 HP motor is too small for larger doors.
Uses the myQ for smart functionality.The built-in light requires incandescent bulbs.

Check out the Chamberlain’s B2401 on Amazon.

Best Premium: Chamberlain B6753T MYQ

Best Premium
Chamberlain B6753T Smart Garage Door Opener
  • Belt-driven for quiet operation
  • 1-1/4 HP motor is one of the strongest on the market
  • Built-in camera provides a perfect view of your garage
  • Controlled with myQ app
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11/26/2023 06:20 am GMT

The Chamberlain B6753T MYQ is the best premium garage door opener, thanks to its range of high-end features and add-ons. It is belt-driven to provide quiet operation, and its 1-1/4 HP motor is strong enough to lift large doors. The motor also has a lifetime warranty. The design is also elegant and provides a unique oval aesthetic compared to traditional box-shaped garage door openers.

The B6753T MYQ allows users to see whether the door is open or closed and activate the opener from a smartphone. The best feature is a camera on the underside that provides a 180-degree field of view so you can always see what is happening in the garage. In addition to video, there is also two-way audio to communicate with people in your garage. Finally, a battery backup ensures the door always works.

The built-in camera provides a perfect view of your garage.It is one of the most expensive garage door openers.
The 1-1/4 HP motor is one of the strongest on the market.You must pay for a subscription to record video footage.

Check out the Chamberlain B6753T MYQ on Amazon.

Best Chain Driven: Craftsman CMXEOCG472

Best Chain Driven
CRAFTSMAN 1/2 HP Smart Garage Door Opener
  • Supports Amazon Key
  • Chain drive supports heavy or unbalanced garage doors
  • Control with Craftsman myQ App
  • Advanced security features
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11/26/2023 06:20 am GMT

People looking for a chain-driven garage door opener should consider the Craftsman CMXEOCG472. Over the years, chain-driven openers have become less popular because they are so loud. However, the metal chain is much more durable than rubber belts. Additionally, it is easier to keep a chain-driven system in place rather than converting to a belt-driven opener.

The Craftsman CMXEOCG472 is nearly identical to the CHAMBERLAIN B240. The only difference is that the Chamberlain uses a belt. You can control and check the position of the door from a phone with the Craftsman myQ app. The opener comes with a keypad to mount outside the door. It also supports Amazon Key, so delivery drivers can safely place your packages inside the garage.

Craftsman openers use Chamberlain parts, making repairs easy.The chain drive is very noisy compared to belt-driven openers.
Chain drive supports heavy or unbalanced garage doors.Craftsman openers are not compatible with the myQ app used for Chamberlain and LiftMaster.

Check out the Craftsman CMXEOCG472 on Amazon.

Best for Jackshaft Garage Doors: LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W

Best Jackshaft
LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W Jackshaft Garage Door Operator
  • Included garage lock
  • LiftMaster is one of the best and most reliable garage door opener brands
  • Space-saving design
  • Runs ultra-quiet
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11/26/2023 06:25 am GMT

The LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W is the perfect option for people who don’t want a ceiling-mounted garage door opener. If you don’t like the look of a big garage door opener mounted to the ceiling, a jackshaft is a great option. In this arrangement, the opener is mounted to the wall. Unfortunately, jackshaft units do cost significantly more, and there are fewer choices.

The included WiFi module utilizes the popular myQ app used by both Chamberlain and LiftMaster. There is also a remote light that you can mount wherever you see fit. The included garage door lock prevents someone from prying the door open. Plus, a battery backup is included. However, the biggest benefit is the nearly silent operation thanks to its direct-drive design.

Your ceiling will look better and have more space for lighting.A jackshaft opener does not work with all garage doors.
LiftMaster is one of the best and most reliable garage door opener brands.It is significantly more expensive than other smart garage door openers.

Check out the LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W on Amazon.

Retrofit Your Existing Garage Door Opener

If you need a new garage door opener, then purchasing a smart one is a good idea. However, if your garage door opener is still going strong, adding a smart garage door module may be better. Many kits are available, including the popular Chamberlain Smart Garage Control, which adds smart capabilities to an existing opener at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

The Chamberlain add-on is compatible with nearly every brand opener and easy to install yourself. Several other retrofit kits are available, including ones with Z-Wave and Zigbee technology. These devices work by triggering the opener just like the switch on your wall does. A small sensor attaches to the back of the garage door to sense whether it is open or closed.

How to Pick the Best Smart Garage Door Opener: Step-By-Step

When choosing a smart garage door opener, there are four main factors that buyers must consider. 

  • Mounting Location
  • Drive Mechanism
  • Price
  • App Compatibility

Let’s review each of these criteria in more detail.

Mounting Location

The first thing you need to consider is where to mount the garage door opener. The most common location is on the ceiling, and this is where you should leave it if you already have one there. However, you can achieve a cleaner look with more ceiling space for lighting or storage by choosing a jackshaft opener. Keep in mind that jackshaft openers are not compatible with all garage doors.

Drive Mechanism

Next, you must decide whether to go with a chain or belt-driven system. Jackshaft openers are direct-drive and use neither mechanism. However, standard ceiling mount openers can use either one. Chain drive is an older mechanism that tends to be strong. The downside is that chain openers are very loud. In contrast, belt drive systems are often a little more expensive but provide nearly silent operation.


Of course, most people focus on price since garage door openers and installation can be expensive. Smart garage door openers usually cost a little more than a standard opener, but they are still very affordable. However, openers with premium features, like cameras, quickly rise in price. Garage door openers with larger motors will also cost more.

App Compatibility

Finally, you should determine what app any existing garage door openers use. For instance, the myQ app is very popular since it is used by both Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers. In addition, the same app also works with LiftMaster brand gate openers. If you only have one garage door opener, then this is not a problem. However, people with multiple doors should at least try to stay with the same app.

What to Know Before Buying a Smart Garage Door Opener

Before buying a smart garage door opener, it is important to understand its features and limitations. The main feature is that you can open and close the door from anywhere in the world with a smartphone. That capability is standard across all smart garage door openers. However, there are unique features, like the camera on the Chamberlain B6753T MYQ.

The downside to a smart garage door opener is that you will need WiFi near the opener. Your internet signal may not reach the garage, depending on its strength. In this case, you will need to add a range extender or a wireless access point. Finally, you should verify that the opener works with any existing home automation systems.

Using a Smart Garage Door Opener: What it’s Like

A smart garage door opener simply adds extra features to a conventional opening system for even more control. You can still use a regular remote opener in your car or even a wall-mounted button. This includes HomeLink controls, which are found in many vehicles and do not require you to carry a separate remote. In addition, most openers support a keypad that you can mount outside of your home.

For even more flexibility, many smart garage door openers support Amazon Key, which allows an Amazon delivery driver to open your garage door and drop off packages inside. But the biggest benefit is that you never have to wonder if you closed the garage door. You can always close it remotely with the touch of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go from a chain-driven to a belt-driven garage door opener?

Yes, you can easily replace an older chain-driven garage door opener with a belt-driven one. Keep in mind that chain-driven openers can usually handle more weight, so you may need to get the garage door spring re-tensioned, so it is better balanced.

Is it better to add smart capabilities to an existing garage door opener?

It is a good idea to install a smart opener if your existing one is very old. However, if your garage door opener is relatively new, then consider a retrofit kit to make your existing garage door opener smart.

Will wall-mounted buttons still work for a smart garage door opener?

Yes, your existing wall-mounted garage door buttons can connect to a smart opener. There are still terminals inside for these manual inputs, in addition to the wireless smart module.

Do you have to pay for a subscription to use a smart garage door opener?

Smart garage door openers like the ones mentioned above do not require a subscription to use, but you will need the proper app. In addition, some openers with a camera may have a subscription for recording videos.

Can you install your own smart garage door opener?

If you are pretty good with tools, then replacing a garage door opener shouldn’t be difficult. However, you may need a second person to help hold the unit when you bolt it in. The wiring is all low-voltage, as power is provided through a standard electrical outlet. Remember, the springs on a garage door are very dangerous, so you should hire a professional if a spring needs tensioning.

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