The 7 Best Sites to Find Halfway Points on a Map (Perfect Midpoint for Meetups)

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The 7 Best Sites to Find Halfway Points on a Map (Perfect Midpoint for Meetups)

Key Points

  • The #1 best site to find halfway points on a map is What’s Halfway.
  • This website allows you to find the midpoint between two locations and helps you choose between various venue options for your meetup.
  • Meet Ways is another great option. This website allows you to search for any type of venue in or near the midpoint location and plan the route based on your travel mode.
  • Travel Math is a website that not only calculates the halfway point between two cities but also provides additional information such as closest airports and driving time.

Meeting an old friend or a business partner who lives across the country often asks for compromise. If neither of you wants to travel too far, finding the halfway point on a map and scheduling to meet there might be the best alternative.

You can find halfway points using a maps app, but the process is rather cumbersome. To make things easy, some websites calculate the halfway point for you and even help you find accommodation, eateries, or conference centers.

While these services can be quite different, check out our ranking of the best sites to find halfway points on a map to find the one you like best.

RankWebsiteBest Feature
#1What’s HalfwayThe site allows you to find midpoints for two, three, or more locations.
#2Meet WaysYou can customize your travel mode to avoid highways or toll roads.
#3Travel MathThis site provides full details on the location, including major cities nearby.
#4Meet HalfwayThis website is very straightforward to use.
#5TrippyYou can use this site to find halfway points and seek answers to other travel-related questions.
#6Distance Between CitiesThis web app provides the exact halfway point coordinates and tells you which cities are nearby.
#7Meet CentralThis UK-based website is particularly useful for finding halfway points in Europe.

#1: What’s Halfway

What’s Halfway is one of the most popular sites to find halfway points on a map and various venue types in the midpoint location.

This website’s main function is to find the midpoint between two locations anywhere in the world, as long as the route isn’t longer than 6,200 miles (10,000 kilometers) and the locations are not set across an ocean. Despite this limitation, the website works perfectly for most purposes — you can calculate midpoints across most of the United States and North America, but also on other continents.

What’s Halfway also helps you find various types of venues in the midpoint location. Options include accommodation, food and drink, nightlife, fun, culture, shopping, and transportation.

Aside from finding a midpoint between two locations, this website also includes a meeting and a trip planner. The meeting planner allows you to find a midpoint for more than two parties, all living in different cities — you can add as many people as you want, and the web app will automatically calculate the best meeting point for all parties.

The journey planner allows you to add towns or places to your route, or you can simply set a number of stops, and the app will calculate your route and tell you where to stop automatically.

If you don’t want to use the website, iOS users can download the What’s Halfway app.

Easy way to find a midpoint between two or more citiesIt can’t calculate routes on distances over 6,200 miles.
Meeting planner and journey planner tools boost the website’s functionalityThe mobile app is only compatible with iOS systems.
best sites to find halfway points on a map
What’s Halfway is a great site to find meetup points for parties of three or more people.


#2: Meet Ways

Meet Ways is the best midpoint locator for personal and business purposes alike.

This website doesn’t have all the fancy functions you can find on What’s Halfway, but it allows you to search for literally any type of venue. For business purposes, this means that you can search for conference halls, libraries, or other places where you can meet up with business partners, remote employees, or clients. All venues are ranked based on customer reviews.

We also like that you can choose the preferred travel mode, including car and public transport — you can choose walking and bike riding, too, making this website perfect for helping you calculate a route for your outdoor adventures.

Like What’s Halfway, Meet Ways can be used as a web or mobile app. The mobile app is compatible with all smartphones that support JavaScript, regardless of their operating system. The downside is that you can only use this site to calculate the midpoint between two locations, so it’s not the most efficient when planning a halfway meetup for larger parties.

You can type in and search for any kind of venue in the midpoint location.This website only calculates the halfway point between two locations.
The website customizes the route based on the selected travel mode (car, transit, walking, and cycling).It has pretty basic functionality compared to other websites.
best sites to find halfway points on a map
Meet Ways allows you to customize your travel mode for more personalized suggestions.


#3: Travel Math

Travel Math is one of the best sites to find halfway points on a map, including exact coordinates, but also the driving distance and time, flight time, or to discover new places.

Ideal for planning a trip, this website calculates the halfway between two cities, but you can also use it to find the closest airport, the time difference between two places, stopping points, direct flights, or hotels in the area.

A nice feature is All Calculations, which shows you everything you need to know about the route. This option shows you two sets of results calculated for flying and driving. The flying results include a list of airports near your destination, as well as a list of airlines offering direct flights between the two towns.

The driving results include a list of automatically calculated stopping points, major cities near your destination, the estimated cost of driving, and the driving time. To view more detailed calculations, you can simply click on the results.

Travel Math is only available as a web app, but the website is responsive and easy to use from your browser on mobile.   

More calculations than just the halfway point between two locationsYou can’t calculate the midpoint for more than two locations.
The halfway search works for any two locations on the globe, even if they are across oceans.Travel Math doesn’t have a mobile app.
best sites to find halfway points on a map
Travel Math provides extensive lists of nearby towns and venues for your meetups.


#4: Meet Halfway

Meet Halfway is a no-frills website to use when you want to calculate the midpoint between two cities in the USA.

The website is very straightforward — your only option is to type in the two cities and hit the Split your route in two button. Once you’ve done that, the web app prompts you with a midway location you can use for meetups or to split your journey.

While one of the easiest sites to use, Meet Halfway doesn’t allow you to customize your search in any way (all halfway points are calculated based on the shortest driving route). It also doesn’t offer suggestions about venues or other major cities nearby.

It is one of the simplest websites to use to find midpoints between two cities.No customization options for your search
This service is based on Google Maps, making it easy to customize your journey manually.The website doesn’t offer additional suggestions except for the midpoint city, and it doesn’t have an app.
best sites to find halfway points on a map
This is one of the simplest-to-use sites to find halfway points on a map.


#5: Trippy

Trippy emerged as a road trip planner, but the website now includes a halfway point tool that allows you to find the midpoint between two locations.

What we really like about Trippy is that it won’t automatically select a town near the midpoint. This tool gives you the exact midpoint coordinates and it tells you which is the closest town nearby, but it also suggests the best nearby location for a meetup (usually a bigger town or city). You can also use the coordinates to find another meetup place if you don’t like the suggestions.

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you can find a list of suggested meetup locations, as well as lists of nearby hotels, places to eat, and things to do in the area. For a road trip, Trippy also suggests the best stops and provides full driving directions.

Trippy’s road trip planner is another great tool you can use to plan trips driving a car or RV, and you can even get personalized suggestions if you’re traveling with pets. This option gives you a full trip itinerary with suggestions for hotels and eateries.

The halfway point tool tells you the exact midpoint between any two locations in the world in exact coordinates.This website doesn’t allow you to calculate midpoints for more than two locations.
You can use this website to plan road trips and local or overseas vacations.The website doesn’t have an official mobile app and is unrelated to the Trippy apps available for Apple or Android devices.
best sites to find halfway points on a map
Trippy is a road trip planner that allows you to find midpoints on a map.


#6: Distance Between Cities

Distance Between Cities is a great midpoint calculator to use if you want to plan a meetup in the U.S.’s lower 48 states.

Similar to other midpoint calculator sites, Distance Between Cities tells you the exact midpoint between two cities (GPS coordinates) and gives you suggestions about the closest towns to the midpoint and the best nearby locations for meetups.

This site doesn’t provide you with lists of nearby hotels and eateries, but it does offer fuel consumption estimates. You can also use the site to search for hotels and car rentals, even though a search will only redirect you to third-party sites, such as Booking.com.

A nice touch is the road trip tips section at the bottom of the search page. Here, you can find a bunch of articles containing useful tips about maintaining or upgrading your car, the best places to see along the route, and so on.

What we don’t like is the site’s claim that it works with locations anywhere in the world. Currently, the search is limited to the lower 48 states in the U.S.

Distance Between Cities calculates the exact midpoint (GPS coordinates) between two cities.The website only works for locations within the lower 48 states.
You get plenty of meetups and trip suggestions.This website doesn’t suggest any venues, but you can use third-party sites to find hotels and car rentals.
best sites to find halfway points on a map
This is the ideal website for calculating the halfway point between two cities in the lower 48 states.


#7: Meet Central

Meet Central is the best site to find halfway points on a map in the UK and Europe, allowing you to plan meetups abroad.

The search function doesn’t show you a full route between the selected cities, but it indicates the halfway point with a big sign on the map. While the tool gives you the possibility to include more than two cities, this function is not always working.

On the bright side, the midpoint calculation is not limited to the UK or Europe, so you can use this tool to find midpoints pretty much anywhere in the world. We also like the Planning Your Meeting section of the website, where you can find tips on planning a halfway meetup.

Aside from these functions, the website is rather basic. You won’t get venue suggestions or information regarding the actual distance, gas costs, or flights. If you only want to find the closest city to the midpoint, though, this is a great website.

One of the best websites to find meetup points in the UK and EuropeThis website only shows the midpoint on the map.
It works with locations around the world.You won’t get any meetup location or venue suggestions.
best sites to find halfway points on a map
Meet Central is the best website for finding halfway points between two cities in the UK or Europe.


How to Pick the Best Site to Find Halfway Points: Step-by-Step

When picking a site to find halfway points on a map, there are three main considerations for most users.

  • Covered area
  • Meetup suggestions
  • Additional tools

Let’s see how each of these factors can affect your decision-making.

Covered Area

One of the most important things to consider when searching halfway points on a map is whether the service can find midpoints in your desired area. Most websites can find midpoints in the contiguous United States, but not all of them can calculate halfway points over very large distances or in overseas locations.

If you want to meet up with someone who lives abroad, you should use a site like Trippy or Travel Math, as these websites can find halfway points on maps even if the two cities are across an ocean.

Meetup Suggestions

Finding the halfway point on a map doesn’t mean you found the perfect midpoint for a meetup. Sometimes, the tool can indicate a very small town. Some websites that tell you the exact GPS coordinates might even indicate a point in the middle of nowhere. This is where meetup suggestions step in. You can use them to find bigger cities near the midpoint or to find venues.

Additional Tools

You should also consider whether you need any additional tools, such as journey or meeting planners. Some websites, such as What’s Halfway, even allow you to search midpoints between three or more locations, which is great for larger gatherings with people coming in from different cities. Other sites calculate driving or flying distances, the cost of gas, show you lists of nearby airports, and so on.

Not all sites offer all these tools, so depending on the tools you need, you can determine which is the best site for you.

Using a Site to Find Halfway Points on a Map: What It’s Like

Using a site to find halfway points on a map is as intuitive as it gets. All you have to do is type in the location A and the location B, then hit the go button. Some websites tell you the exact halfway point between these locations, showing the exact GPS coordinates. Others use the closest city or town as a midpoint.

Almost all sites also show you a number of lists with alternative meetup points and other useful information, such as the driving distance and estimated cost of fuel. You can also use most of these sites to plan road trips, especially if you want to find the best stop points along the route. Some sites even include blogs, which are great to scour for trip-planning tips and tricks.

You can expect friendly user interfaces from all websites, but some may have limited functionalities or few to no tools. To find the right site, you should try a few and see which is the one that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find a halfway point on Google Maps?

Yes, you can find a halfway point on Google Maps, but you have to find it manually. To do that, you can go to Indications and type in Point A and Point B. Google Maps will calculate and show you a route between the two locations.

To find a halfway point, look at towns around the middle of the route and start checking the distance between each start point and the presumed midpoint. This process can take some time, especially if you want to pinpoint the exact halfway point between the locations.

Do halfway point websites also have apps?

Some halfway point websites have mobile apps, but the vast majority are only available in a web app version. However, you can find numerous halfway point apps in the Apple Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

Can you use halfway point websites to plan routes?

Yes, you can use some halfway point websites to plan routes. Some examples include What’s Halfway, Trippy, and Travel Math.

Is Travel Math the same as Trippy?

No, the two are two different websites. However, they are related. Travel Math recommends you use Trippy for planning a road trip, whereas Trippy recommends you use Travel Math for finding accurate halfway points between two locations.

Do halfway point sites find midpoints between more than two locations?

Very few halfway point sites find midpoints between more than two locations, but What’s Halfway and Meet Central include this function.

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