The Best 10 Robotics YouTube Channels

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The Best 10 Robotics YouTube Channels

Key Points:
  • In Boston Dynamics, you’ll learn how inventions in robotics impact the real world. You’ll also gain comprehensive knowledge of how robots enrich human life.
  • Yaskawa Motoman is known for designing robots for use in a wide range of applications across various industries. Its robots are making a significant impact in the industrial sector.
  • The uploads on Hanson Robotics Limited demonstrate that robots can be kind-hearted-super intelligent humanoids that can extend humanity to the people if well socialized.

Do you find robots fascinating? This intriguing piece of technology has become more prevalent, and many people want to learn about it, with some doing it for fun. You perhaps imagine being able to design a moving robot capable of interacting, following instructions, and performing tasks. There are great platforms to learn robotics, and YouTube has multiple channels.

The best robotic YouTube channels offer a huge source of inspiring content that get learners/viewers to want to know more. YouTube has been an entertainment space for a long time and has become one of the vast growing informative platforms.

This article takes you through the best 10 robotics YouTube channels worth subscribing to. These robotics YouTube Channels would be a great starting point for entertainment or learning purposes.

1. Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has been creating robots for over 30 years and has made some of the greatest innovations in history. It majors in industrial and commercial automation. In this channel, you’ll learn how their inventions impact the real world. You’ll also gain comprehensive knowledge of how robots enrich human life.

It is an entertaining and informative channel where you get to have fun seeing robots make some moves and still do what they are built to do best- helping in maintenance tasks. It’s here where Boston Dynamics also demonstrates its robots’ other capabilities, like gymnastics and parkour.

If you’re a robotics enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of ‘Spot,’ one of its robot lineups designed for entertainment purposes and to carry out various industrial inspections. This channel is likely to keep you glued to the screen.

Ready for a robotic dance and more? Check out this channel!

2. Universal Robots Channel

Universal Robots is the company behind this channel. It offers manufacturers affordable automation solutions through its easy to programme and deploys cobots. Its robots help in multiple applications, meaning one cobot can execute different tasks. So far, it has sold over 30,000 cobots for use in various production environments.  The channel provides informative videos on the newest trends in Collaborative robots.

It is one of the best channels for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of how to build cobots. It provides detailed videos on how collaborative robots are becoming game changers in the business world.

So, if you want to transform your business with cobots but have no idea how these robots can be of value, this channel is for you! You’ll also find informative videos on the newest trends in Collaborative robots.

Get some insights on how to automate your business here.

3. Yaskawa Motoman

Since the release of ‘Motoman’ its first industrial robot in 1977, Yaskawa has been at the forefront of innovation. The company has shipped over half a million units.

It’s known for designing robots for use in a wide range of applications across various industries. Its robots are making a significant impact in the industrial sector. For instance, the Motoman MH and HP series are versatile robots for handling applications, while the MA, VA, and ES series robots are used for welding automation only.

You can subscribe to this channel to learn more about Yaskawa robots and how you can integrate them into your business. The company is committed to nurturing the next generation of robotics and automation experts. It offers Robotics Training Courses. You can join!

4. Rethink Robotics

Rethink robotics is a YouTube channel that provides detailed videos and tutorials on collaborative robots. Watch it, and you’ll understand why employers rely on these robots to navigate labor shortages. You’ll find other uploads demonstrating how robotics improve efficiency and mitigate risks at the workplace.

Sawyer, a cobot by Rethink Robotics, is among the machine innovations you will come across on this channel. Seeing how it’s shaping the industrial environment, especially the metal fabrication, plastic, electronics, and packaging industries, will likely inspire you to want to build or own a robot.

If you own a manufacturing facility and are looking for an easy-to-use, friendly, and highly flexible cobot, this channel can give you better insight. It also has fascinating videos for those looking for robots to help their disabled loved ones or youngsters aspiring to be robotics experts.

5. ABB Robotics

Founded in 1988, ABB is one of the global leaders in the manufacturing of industrial robots. It also develops robot software aimed at improving industrial efficiency and accuracy. Over 5000,000 ABB robots are used in different industries such as construction, automotive, healthcare, food processing, and many more. Its innovations inspire many young people to pursue robotics-related careers. And so, it provides the necessary support to unlock their potential. 

This channel mainly focuses on innovative trends in robotics, among them mobile robots. It features how the growing demand for wearable smart devices is revolutionizing the robotics field. You’ll also find tutorials on how to maximize production in your small manufacturing facility while reducing energy consumption. The channel is highly recommended for those with a solid robotic background. Are you one of them? Check it out here!

6. Hanson Robotics Limited

Thanks to Sophia, the first human-like robot citizen, this has become a popular robotics YouTube channel. It features the fascinating creations by Hanson Robotics company. 

Founded by David Hanon in 2007, this Hong Kong-based AI and Robotics company is among the top robot manufacturers at the vanguard of the growth of humanoid robots. It specializes in building very interactive human-like robots. The uploads on this channel demonstrate that robots can be kind-hearted-super intelligent humanoids that can extend humanity to the people if well socialized.

Watch Sophia and the family and get a glimpse of the latest innovations in AI-Driven human-like robots here.

7. Aldebaran Robotics

Aldebaran Robotics has gone past the idea of creating robots that relieve humans of dangerous or laborious tasks and designed socially intelligent robots, Pepper and Nao.

Pepper is a friendly humanoid companion that offers a helping hand in business and home setups. On the other hand, Nao is programmed to assist in the education, research, and healthcare sectors

This channel features the humorous side of Nao and Pepper. The videos can help you grasp extensive knowledge about humanoid robots-what they can do, and how they can be programmed to mimic human behavior.

 Click here to subscribe and watch Aldebaran Robotics exciting innovations.

8. Robotics Channel by Werner Hampel

It is a channel that educates viewers on AI and robot-based technology and why businesses should embrace automation. Warner, the founder, focuses more on the impacts of robotics in retaining and attracting new talents. Generally, the channel is worth watching. It offers a deep understanding of robotic technology, with most of its videos showcasing how robots can help protect a business’s bottom line. Subscribe here and have the chance to learn from a consultant in industrial robots- Werner Hample.

9. Vex Robotics Channel

It is a learning YouTube channel where you can pick up the basics of Vex robots. This channel will help hone your innovation, problem-solving, and programming skills. It goes beyond just learning and does bring different competitors together to showcase their inventions and competencies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It also provides tutorials on how to assemble the different Vex robotic products. Note that with each VEX Robot upgrade, the new version has better capabilities than its predecessor. It’s time to learn new skills with Vex Robotics and watch all its videos. Click here!

10. Kuka Robot Group

It is one of the best-performing robotic channels featuring amazing videos and tutorials on automation technologies. It focuses more on emerging AI innovations, which is quite an exciting field. This channel portrays robots as adept at performing complex tasks- a clear picture of how the robotics field is changing the world. If you are interested in knowing the trending robotic innovations, this is the best channel. Click Here, and you’ll find weekly videos/tutorials.

Why Watch These Robotics YouTube Channels?

Robotics is one of the most trending subjects, and these channels make a great starting point for anyone looking forward to building a solid and dynamic career in robotics. Besides, YouTube is becoming one of the most sought-after online learning platforms.

So, if you’re considering learning robotics as a hobby, you probably don’t need to attend a class immediately. These channels can help you with the basic skills needed in robotic programming. They may be what you need to get started in building robots that can help shape the future of human-robot interactions. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran in the industry, be rest assured that you’re in for an exciting, fun experience. Remember, robotics is an extensive field and has many applications. Watch these YouTube channels, and you’ll appreciate the expertise and innovations that go into creating the different robots we have today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn robotics for free?

Whether a beginner or an expert, you can find a free online robotic course specifically designed to suit your learning needs.

Is it easy to learn robotics?

Unless you have passion, Robotics can be a complex field.

What do robots have in common?

All robots have a control system, which operates like the human brain. They have a power supply system that functions as their source of energy. And are built with mobility in mind, achieved through actuators or motors. They are also fitted with end effectors and sensors, which allow the robot to adapt to specific environments.

Do all Robotics YouTube Channels give similar content?

Each YouTube channel creates different content and focuses on various technologies used in robotics.

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