5 Best RGB PSU Cables for Your PC

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5 Best RGB PSU Cables for Your PC

Putting RGB lighting on every component in your computer is one way to customize the look of your PC to make it uniquely yours. Manufacturers are putting RGB and ARGB lighting on just about every part your computer needs to run, and RGB PSU cables are the hot new thing! There aren’t many options for rainbow power supply cables yet, but there are some compelling cables on the market right now.

After researching the options, here are our top picks for the best RGB cables for your PC:

Best Overall RGB PSU Cables: Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 PW24-PV2 Black and Strimer Plus V2 8 Pin

Best Overall
Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 24 Pin PW24-PV2
  • Addressable RGB power extension cable
  • 24 Pin ATX
  • 120 LEDs
  • 18 lighting modes
  • Includes controller
  • L connect 3.0 compatible
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03/12/2024 08:44 pm GMT

If you want the best of the best in RGB PSU cables, look no further than Lian Li’s Strimer Plus V2 cables. You can buy several configurations of cables, including a 24-pin motherboard cable and a 24-pin plus an 8-pin PCIe cable. You can also bundle these cables with Lian Li’s case fans.

You’ll get some cool features from the Lian Li Strimer Plus. One is that these are addressable RGB PSU cables. So, not only do they have dazzling rainbow lights, but also you can customize the RGB lighting to look exactly how you want it to.

The Strimer Plus V2 PW24-PV2 has 18 lighting modes and is compatible with many ARGB customization applications. So, you can light up your cables using one of their presets or see if you can get more precise customization with an application. Check out Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 on Amazon.

These cables have addressable RGB lighting.They are kind of expensive.
The ARGBs are compatible with customization software.
The company sells many different cable configurations with ARGBs.

Best Budget RGB PSU Cables: EZDIY-FAB PSU Cable Extension Kit

Best Budget
EZDIY-FAB PSU Cable Extension Kit
  • 18AWG and 300mm length
  • White, sleeved cables with ARGB cable combs
  • ATX 24 pin, PCle 6+2 pin, and EPS 4+4 pin with RF control
  • Control and change up to 250 colors
  • Male-to-female connectors
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If you’re on a budget and want to deck your whole PC cable system out simultaneously, EZDIY-FAB’s PSU Cable Extension Kit is an excellent low-cost option for getting some RGBs on your power supply cables. Now, the one notable downside of this package is that the wires themselves have no RGBs. Instead, the cables are packaged with cable combs that have RGB LEDs.

These cables are also not compatible with all motherboard connectors. EZDIY-FAB has a guide to which pin connectors you need to use for the RGBs on your motherboard if you have an incompatible board. However, users with certain motherboards may only be able to use this kit if they don’t already use that connector.

The combs have addressable RGB LEDs, allowing you to change the colors to any combination of the 250 possible ones available on these lights. You can do so using EZDIY-FAB’s ARGB controller. Check out the EZDIY-FAB PSU Cable Extension Kit on Amazon.

It’s an affordable kit with multiple cable compositions.There are no lights on the actual cables.
The kit is a low-cost way to get some lighting on your cables.
ARGB LEDs provide customization options.

Best Low-Cost RGB PSU Cable with Double Light Source Line: HLTJAN PCCOOLER Power Supply Cable

Best Low-Cost Cable with Double Light Source Line
HLTJAN PCCOOLER Power Supply Cable
  • 24 pin RGB ATX cable supports installation in 5V 3PIN
  • 20cm total length
  • 16AWG compatible with all PSUs under 1300W
  • 16.8 million color addressable RGB
  • Double light source line for added brightness
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HLTJAN PCCOOLER’s Power Supply Cable has the unique feature of a double light source line, providing brighter coloring in the LEDs along the cables. This cable is on the expensive side, coming in at around $40 for just one 24-pin ATX cable. You can get a whole set of cables, including PCIe and other wires, for that price from other retailers.

However, one thing you’ll get from this cable that others don’t have is the aforementioned double light source line. So, this cable has two power cables for the LEDs, one on each end of the cable. The added power from the second source line increases the brightness and color saturation of the LEDs.

This wire is an excellent cable extension for people with low-power systems, particularly those without discrete GPUs, as it’s a single ATX cable for a lower cost than a kit with additional PCIe cables. If you don’t have any PCIe cards requiring an 8-pin cable, you do not need to buy them, right? However, this is not for you if you want a kit with PCIe cables. Check out the HLTJAN PCCOOLER Power Supply Cable on Amazon.

This cable is an affordable way to get double light source lines.This kit only includes an ATX cable.
The LEDs have multiple light pattern options.
The cable has superior wire construction.

Best White RGB PSU Cables: Sirlyr RGB PSU Cables

Best White Cables
Sirlyr RGB PSU Cables
  • Double LED light sources
  • 24 pin motherboard and 2x8pin GPU cables
  • 5V 3.0 pin addressable RGB SYNC control
  • 16AWG wire suitable for high voltage
  • 16.8 million colors
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03/12/2024 08:49 pm GMT

Sirlyr’s RGB PSU Cables kit has all the wires you need to deck out a white system with matching RGB cables. This reasonably affordable kit has an ATX cable and a 2×8-pin cable for PCIe cards.

White computer components are becoming more popular. They give your PC a sleek, futuristic design that stands out from the traditional black and grey parts. However, it can be hard to find matching parts when you want to build a white system since your choices are so much more limited, especially in the realm of cables.

These cables are beautiful ARGBs that can be controlled using Sirlyr’s controller, which is included in the kit. However, it should be noted that a few users in the reviews had some trouble getting the controller to play nice with their motherboards. Check out Sirlyr RGB PSU Cables on Amazon.

This set is an affordable strimer kit with three cables.The kit has trouble interfacing with some motherboards.
This kit matches white systems.
The cables have 16AWG, making them suitable for high-powered GPUs.

Best Double Light Source Line RGB PSU Cable Kit: ARGB Extension Cable Kit

Best Double Light Source Line Cable Kit
QINGSEA Q ARGB Extension Cable Kit
  • 24-Pin ATX motherboard and 8 pin GPU cables
  • Addressable RGB with controller
  • 18AWG copper conductor
  • Double light source line
  • 1.5cm in length and 0.59-inch thickness
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If you want double light source line RGB PSU cables but need PCIe cables, too, QINGSEA Q’s ARGB Extension Cable Kit is a great way to get all the wires you need to deck out your PC with rainbow lights. This affordable kit has a 24-pin ATX and a 2×8-pin cable, designed especially for GPUs.

You can get this kit with either strip or mesh lighting, which is up to you. Strip lighting looks more like streaks of light, while mesh lighting will give you a more single-unit appearance on each cable. However, mesh lighting is not available in a complete kit with ATX and PCIe cables. So, they will be more expensive.

The double light source line will increase the brightness and saturation of the LEDs. With the double source line, you’ll have bright, colorful lights all day and night. Using the included controller, you can easily hook up your lights to your motherboard without worrying about additional ports. Check out the QINGSEA Q ARGB Extension Cable Kit on Amazon.

This affordable kit includes all the cables you need for a complete gaming PC.Mesh lighting is not available as a complete kit.
The kit uses double source light lines.
You can get the cables with mesh or strip lighting.

How to Pick the Best RGB PSU Cables: Step-By-Step

RGB PSU cables aren’t exactly new but are more modern than the standard braided cables. RGB LEDs used to be a premium feature that wasn’t common on components. However, nowadays, most core components include LEDs to some extent by default. CPU fans, GPUs, and even PSUs and their cables come with rainbow lights to customize your setup.

However, choosing the right components is more complicated than just picking the first thing in your Amazon search. Ensuring they’ll work on arrival is crucial when buying expensive computer parts. After all, what’s worse than buying something expensive only to find out you have to return and replace it on day one? Here are some factors to consider when buying RGB PSU cables:

  • Double light source lines
  • RGB vs. ARGB
  • Strip vs. mesh
  • Cables vs. cable kit

Let’s examine these factors in greater detail.

Double Light Source Lines

LEDs must have an electrical power source like any light. However, LEDs can have a dual power source. The lights become brighter and the colors more saturated by powering the strips from separate power supplies.

While standard white LEDs don’t benefit as much from dual power supplies, colored lights see a massive increase in appearance when using dual power supplies since the lights are designed to have bright, saturated lights that make them stand out in the dark, rather than just lighting the room with white light.


gaming pc with rgb led lights gpu cpu rig
RGB LEDs can be addressable or non-addressable.

You’ll also want to make sure you distinguish between cables that have RGBs and those that have ARGBs. Addressable RGBs are customizable, allowing you to change the color and movement patterns of the lights. RGBs have a set programming that often cannot be changed.

RGB lighting may be adequate for some people. If you don’t have a strong opinion on what color and pattern your lights have, you may not need the ability to change them. However, if you have an opinion or your computer’s lighting changes during usage, you may want lights that match that.

Strip vs. Mesh

LEDs can be arranged into strips of lights or a mesh of lights. On a large scale, the LED mesh can be large enough for the individual diodes to be distinguished visually. However, on a small scale, like a mesh over a cable, the diodes can’t be seen, and a mesh arrangement can provide a smoother overall appearance to the lights.

Most cables use strip lights. So, you’ll have to do a little more digging as they’re not as common. However, we’ve even included a cable set with mesh as an option on this list. They’re not unheard of, just not as popular.

Cables vs. Cable Kit

You can also buy cables individually or as a kit. This option is a little more straightforward than the others you should consider. If you want to plug LED cables into more than one component, a cable kit is probably what you want. Pretty simple.

What to Know When Buying the Best RGB PSU Cables for Your PC

best rgb psu cables
Copper wire is the most effective type of PSU cable.

Ensure you’ve bought all the cables you need when you buy your cables or kit. You’ll need an ATX cable to power the motherboard. You’ll also need PCIe cables if you have expansion cards that require additional power. If you have a newer GPU, the GPU cable will need 16AWG, which may not be present on older cable kits.

You’ll also want cables made with high-quality copper wire and flexible housing such as soft PVC and silicone. This is doubly true of cables with strip lighting since the LEDs will have to bend as well as the wires.

You may also see differences in whether the cables themselves are affixed with lights or a cable accessory. Cables that don’t have attached lighting but are packaged with LED-affixed accessories may be a more affordable option for people who aren’t attached to the idea of the whole cable being lit up with rainbows.

Using the Best RGB PSU Cables for Your PC: What It’s Like

Using RGB PSU cables allows you to customize the look of your PC with LED lights. Although RGBs have set programming that often cannot be changed, addressable RGBs allow you to control the color and patterns of the lights to match your mood or your setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get PSU cables with RGB lights?

RGB PSU cables have been available since the early 2020s.

Do PSU cables come with ARGB controllers?

Some do! Check the manufacturer’s specifications to see if your PSU cables have ARGBs or standard RGBs.

What types of PSU cables are there?

There are 24-pin ATX cables, 2×8-pin and 3×8-pin cables.

What is LED mesh cable lighting?

LED mesh cable lights use diodes arranged on a flexible mesh rather than on strips.

Can you get double light source lines on RGB PSU cables?

Yes, many RGB PSU cables use double light source lines.

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