The 8 Best Refrigerator Brands On Earth Today

best refrigerator brands

The 8 Best Refrigerator Brands On Earth Today

Keeping your food cold or frozen is a fridge’s primary job. But the best refrigerator brands on Earth today do a lot more than that. Today’s manufacturers engineer high-quality smart technology to track your food supplies.

Refrigerators also talk to your other appliances and display TV shows. In addition, they are energy efficient and built to last. So, what is the best refrigerator brand? Here are the best ones available today.

Best Overall Refrigerator Brand: LG

Best Overall
  • Counter-depth installation
  • 2 doors
  • Stainless steel
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11/27/2023 07:37 am GMT

Seeing LG at the top of many “best refrigerator brand” lists requires little research. This innovative refrigerator manufacturer regularly sees five-star customer ratings with superb reviews.

LG has a vast selection of refrigerator models at differing price points, so you’re sure to find an option in your desired price range. In addition, they’re energy-efficient, saving you money over time.

Users love the incorporated technology in the LG refrigerator brand. For instance, the craft ice maker pushes happy hour over the top with its cocktail-sized ice balls. And who doesn’t appreciate perfectly chilled whiskey or lemonade?

Plus, the InstaView door-in-door feature listened to every mother throughout the history of refrigerators. Comments like, “Don’t stand there with the door open” are a thing of the past. Now, you knock on the see-through door to turn on the fridge light. Then, choose your snack without opening the big door. It’s perfect for families with young kids.

Another reason LG is our top overall refrigerator brand is their excellent 24/7 customer service availability. And they have a two-year warranty, instead of the standard one. The only downside to all this technology is that some of their products could be more pricey.

Best Budget Refrigerator Brand: Frigidaire

Best Budget Brand
  • 2 adjustable glass shelves
  • Reversible door swing
  • Humidity-controlled crisper drawers
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11/27/2023 07:41 am GMT

This refrigerator brand is a subsidiary of Electrolux, a global home and professional appliance leader. With more than 100 years of business and appliances in more than 100 countries worldwide, Frigidaire is one of the industry’s most recognizable and trusted names.

Frigidaire offers a vast range of reliable and affordable refrigerator solutions designed to keep your food fresh without worrying about high energy bills. We’re additionally impressed with Frigidaire’s SpaceWise® Organization System. Customize the shelving to fit your food.

The door bins are expandable; you’ll even find a flip-up shelf for tall bottles. This is a nice touch for not an affordable refrigerator brand.

And should you need their help, the customer service team consistently ranks highly for carefree support. So, if you need installation or troubleshooting assistance, it’s available.

The company’s family-first innovations make them a go-to best refrigerator brand. And just because we’re listing their fridges as the best budget brand shouldn’t keep you from looking at their high-end appliances, too. The Frigidaire Professional and Gallery Series are excellent products that rival some of the best luxury brands.

Best Luxury Refrigerator Brand: Bosch

best refrigerator brands
Bosch’s Vario Style fridge freezer is the world’s first fridge with exchangeable colored fronts.

©Grzegorz Czapski/Shutterstock.com

High-end refrigerator brands like Bosch are a splurge for many homeowners. They give your kitchen a sleek and modern look, but is it worth spending the extra money? The answer is yes. If you can afford Bosch refrigerators and appliances, then go for it.

And here’s why. Bosch has custom-ready panels that make hiding or highlighting your refrigerator easy. So, you get a built-in look for your seamless kitchen design. Choose from ultra-modern panels to a traditional pattern for a fridge that makes your heart smile.

Home design is all in the details, and Bosch provides the most stunning details. Kitchens are where we make family memories, and Bosch designs appliances that surround you with quality. These refrigerators look great and are built to withstand all the abuse that kitchens take.

What’s more, for over 125 years, the company has followed the founder’s words to provide life-enhancing quality.

“I would rather lose money than trust.”

Robert Bosch, Corporate Principles

Best Smart Refrigerator Brand: Samsung

Best Smart Refrigerator Brand
  • ‎22.4 cubic feet capacity
  • ‎Freestanding
  • French Door form factor
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11/27/2023 07:41 am GMT

The best refrigerator brand for smart technology comes from a company known globally for its electronics. Samsung’s refrigerators are the top choice for smart home device connectivity. You can even connect your phone to your fridge; how cool is that?

Samsung’s Family Hub uses voice commands to let you create grocery lists. In addition, it enables you to mirror TV shows on the fridge door’s screen. Check out this quick list of some of the intelligent things this refrigerator brand offers with compatible appliances:

  • Update and display slideshows of your favorite family photos and selfies.
  • Notify you when your washer and dryers have completed their cycles.
  • Turn on your oven to preheat while you’re driving home from work.
  • Turn down your thermostat once the kitchen is too warm from all that baking.
  • Stream music.

Who said refrigerators only keep food cold? Samsung takes “smart” to the next level. However, this might not be the best refrigerator brand if you’re simply looking for a basic fridge.

Longest-Lasting Refrigerator Brand: GE

GE is a reliable and long-lasting refrigerator brand. The well-respected company is over 100 years old. They take quality to heart, building kitchen appliances you can trust to last. GE consistently earns high consumer ratings for customer service and reliability.

The refrigerator brand’s designs are durable, so you don’t have to worry about dents or scratches. GE takes durability so seriously that it makes a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish.

Their refrigerator components are reliable for keeping your food cold and fresh. And GE’s features make sure your family’s needs are met.

Best Energy-Efficient Refrigerator Brand: Whirlpool

Regarding energy efficiency, Whirlpool is the best refrigerator brand on Earth today. They consistently win EPA’s Energy Star Awards and Partner of the Year recognition for their product manufacturing achievements.

Whirlpool commits to Energy Star standards of environmental protection through energy achievements. With programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in manufacturing, Whirlpool continually adopts strategies to create a healthy environment.

Whirlpool’s manufacturing facilities are LEED-certified, so their practices are sustainable throughout many company levels. For example, the refrigerator brand transitioned to using r600a in 2021. It’s a more climate-friendly refrigerant.

Best Low-Maintenance Refrigerator Brand: KitchenAid

KitchenAid is a well-known brand of home appliances, including refrigerators. One of the main reasons why KitchenAid refrigerators are low-maintenance is their high-quality construction and design.

When a company starts with quality components, you can rely on minimal repairs and upkeep. Whirlpool is the parent company to KitchenAid, so it’s no surprise that their refrigerators are energy-efficient too.

The KitchenAid refrigerator brand features thoughtful design elements, making them easy to clean and maintain. For example, many models feature spill-resistant glass shelves for quick wipe-ups and less spill-over to other fridge parts.

KitchenAids don’t require much of your time for general maintenance, either. For instance, they use LED lights that use very little energy and won’t need to be replaced. They are an excellent refrigerator brand for durability, convenience, and low maintenance. Plus, their sleek lines add style to any kitchen.

Best Top-Freezer Refrigerator Brand: Kenmore

Our Pick
Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator
  • 20.84 cubic feet capacity
  • Freezer and refrigerator combo
  • Easy-to-remove shelving
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11/27/2023 07:42 am GMT

The top freezer refrigerator style is the most traditional, and Kenmore is one of the most recognized brands. The company started in 1913 and has been around for over a hundred years. So, they’ve learned a thing or two about home appliances and customer satisfaction.

Kenmore offers a wide range of top freezer refrigerator models at affordable prices. In addition, they provide a one-year warranty, and many models come with extended warranty options for added peace of mind.

In addition, it is easy to find a wide range of Kenmore replacement parts and accessories. So, if you have any issues, repair and maintenance are easy. But don’t worry because Kenmore has a strong reputation for quality and reliability.

How to Pick the Best Refrigerator Brand: Step by Step

When you’re choosing the best refrigerator brand for your kitchen, consider four primary areas beyond price:

  • Brand recognition and reputation
  • Key features
  • Warranty
  • Customer service

Let’s review each one in more detail.

Brand recognition and reputation

Refrigerators and kitchen appliances are large purchases for many home buyers. So, a brand’s reputation matters. Reliability is a huge concern for consumers, so doing brand research will give you peace of mind in your decision-making process.

Key features

So many features are available in today’s refrigerators that choosing what’s important to your family is a little mind-boggling. But, of course, your fridge choice depends on your family’s size, eating habits, and design style.

Fridges come in varying depths, widths, and heights, so consider the size of your space. Then, determine what’s important to you in the door style. For example, French doors are popular with pull-out freezers at the bottom.

Side-by-sides are half freezer and half refrigerator. And then you’ll have the more traditional options like top or bottom-freezer styles.

Other key features include organization, design, capacity, and shelving options. And then there are ice makers. They no longer only make cubes; you can get specialty-shaped ice too.

Smart functionality isn’t just for TVs. Instead, it is another kitchen appliance consideration. How much intelligence do you want in your fridge?


Most refrigerator brands have limited one-year warranties that cover essential parts and repairs. In general, the first year will see the most issues, if there are any. So, the warranty is usually adequate. However, some brands offer more extended time frames, so ask before making your final purchasing decision.

Customer service

How easy is it to connect with your preferred refrigerator brand? A fast way to decipher the answer is to visit a manufacturer’s website. Then, see how many clicks it takes to get a phone number or start a chat session.

Reading customer reviews on independent websites also tells you what real people think of the company’s dedication to consumers.

What to Know Before Buying A Refrigerator

Before buying a refrigerator, one of the most critical things to do is measure your space. Then, measure it again. How about once more to be sure? Finding the right size fridge is essential since it must fit through doorways, or potentially down hallways, before it even reaches your kitchen.

Remember to take baseboards or wall trim into account during your measurements. That extra half inch might mean the difference in which appliance you choose.

Using a Refrigerator: What It’s Like

Today’s refrigerators are often smart appliances that interact with other compatible devices. That makes it easy to add milk to your grocery list or to know when your washing machine completes a cycle.

The organization and customization options will also surprise you if you haven’t purchased a new refrigerator for many years. For example, door-in-door or pull-out refrigerator drawers make it easy to get a snack or make a sandwich without opening the main doors. So, your food stays cooler, and your veggies stay crisper.

In addition, finishes like finger-print-resistant stainless steel reduce the need for constant buffing from your little one’s opening and closing the doors. And did we mention the quality of today’s refrigerators?

Of course, your toddler can — and likely will — try swinging from the doors, but you can rely on excellent materials and build quality to keep the doors from buckling.

What Is the Best Refrigerator Brand: Summary

You have many options to choose from when determining what is the best refrigerator brand. Depending on your needs, you may choose the best overall or maybe you need the best refrigerator brand for your budget. Whatever your needs, there is a refrigerator brand that will meet them.

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