5 Best Projectors With Bluetooth Connectivity

Short Throw vs Long Throw Projectors

5 Best Projectors With Bluetooth Connectivity

Key Points

  • The Epson EpiqVision Ultra Short Throw LS300 is our top pick for best projectors with Bluetooth connectivity thanks to its short-distance 120″ picture quality and Bluetooth 1080p streaming at 1080p HD.
  • Bluetooth alone isn’t enough. A Bluetooth projector has to have plenty of range so you can move throughout your home or office without worrying about the connection.
  • The projectors in our lineup have Bluetooth 5.0 or higher, for a long-range, stable connection with data transferring at a higher speed

The best projectors with Bluetooth connectivity are Bluetooth 5.0 or better. Why is this significant? Because Bluetooth, like WiFi, is notoriously finicky and easy to disrupt. Range was always an issue with Bluetooth as well.

In 2016, Bluetooth 5.0 became the new standard, with 4x the range and 2x the data transfer speeds. The transfer rate saw a 50 Mbps bump and those numbers are even better with 5.3. If you want the best streaming experience in a projector, you want the best Bluetooth version.

As far as the projectors, laser technology is the best, hands-down. When you couple a short-throw, laser projector with Bluetooth 5.3, you’re at the pinnacle of home entertainment without a TV. Unfortunately, laser projectors are quite expensive.

With that being said, we’ve mixed in some LCD, LED, and DLP projectors as well. The projectors on this list are capable of connecting with a wide range of devices, including external speakers, tablets, smartphones, PCs, and laptops for productivity. If you’re looking for a high-quality projector that will connect with a variety of devices using the latest Bluetooth technology, you’ll find it on this list. Just take a look at our roundup of the best projectors with Bluetooth connectivity below.

1. Best Overall Projector with Bluetooth Connectivity: Epson EpiqVision Ultra Short-Throw LS300

Best Overall
Epson EpiqVision Ultra Short Throw LS300 3LCD Smart Laser Projector
  • Full-HD HDR picture
  • Custom-designed audiophile 2.1 speaker system
  • Comes with Android TV
  • Simple yet elegant design
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01/17/2024 12:24 am GMT

The Epson Short-Throw LS300 is our top pick for best projector with Bluetooth connectivity.

Epson is synonymous with printers, at least for the most part. However, the company manufactures a lot more than just printers, and its projector lineup is exceptional.

The LS300 stands out from the rest because it’s absolutely loaded with the kind of tech that converts a living room into a full-blown, theater experience. It comes with a built-in, Yamaha 2.1 speaker system and, if that’s not enough for those who appreciate excellent sound, you can connect your own speakers through Bluetooth 5.3.

Though it has Chromecast built-in as well, you are free to connect your smart devices for additional streaming options. The LS300 includes voice controls via Google Assistant and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with HDR and HLG. It also accepts 4k content though it drops to 1080p on the screen.

Includes a 3-chip projector design with some of the most accurate colors and display depth in the industryThe LS300 is a pricey laser projector with a low-end price of $1,600
The screen size is up to 120″
It features Bluetooth 5.3 combined with Chromecast and Google Assistant for completely hands-free control

Check out the Epson Short-Throw LS300 on Amazon.

2. Best Portable Projector with Bluetooth: Anker Nebula Mars II Pro

Best Portable
Anker NEBULA Mars II Pro 500 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector
  • Highly portable with its own tote handle
  • Cinematic Sound
  • Built-in 2.1-channel audio system
  • Comes with Android TV 7.1
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01/17/2024 12:35 am GMT

The Anker Nebula Mars II Pro offers a lot in a small package.

In the same way, Epson is synonymous with printers, Anker is synonymous with portable charging devices. The company has certainly grown over the years, manufacturing everything from portable charges to smart camera security systems (Eufy). Projectors are also now their thing, and the Nebula Mars II Pro is a fantastic example.

It’s not the prettiest projector, resembling an oddly shaped bucket with a handle and a camera lens. However, it’s a potent device with DLP IntelliBright Tech and a built-in, 2.1-channel audio system. The Mars II Pro supports Bluetooth, WiFi, and screen mirror, covering most (if not all) of your wireless needs.

The battery is capable of three hours of use, which covers most movies before you need to recharge it and, of course, it runs indefinitely when plugged in. The 500 ANSI lumens and 720p display resolution won’t blow your socks off, but it’s an outstanding, on-the-spot, portable entertainment device nonetheless.

The Mars II Pro is highly portable with its own tote handleThe Mars II has keystone correction for vertical and horizontal setups
720p and 500 lumens are a little underwhelming
The Mars II has keystone correction for vertical and horizontal set ups

Check out the Anker Nebula Mars II Pro on Amazon.

3. Best Projector with Bluetooth on a Budget: LG PF50KA 100”

Best on a Budget
LG PF50KA 100” Portable Full HD LED Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Projector
  • Comes with WiFi 2.4Ghz/5.0Ghz, and Bluetooth
  • Features a dedicated game mode
  • Includes LG Smart TV webOS 3.5
  • Up to 600 ANSI lumens brightness
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01/17/2024 12:45 am GMT

The LG PF50KA 100” is a fantastic little budget projector on our list of best projectors with Bluetooth.

LG is already a massive presence in the screen technology department, and now they’re bringing their technological know-how to projectors.

The LG PF50KA is an LED model. While the life cycle of an LED projector won’t compete with laser projectors anytime soon, it still has a life span of roughly 30,000 hours. This little projector features 1080p res, is a smart projector, has WiFi 2.4Ghz/5.0Ghz, and Bluetooth.

The latter is essential because the speakers that come with the LG PF50KA are tiny and a Bluetooth sound bar would make for an excellent sound boost. You can also connect speakers via the 3.5mm Aux port. For gamers, the LG also features a dedicated game mode for reduced input lag and a more responsive experience.

This LED model has a light life span of 30,000 hours, which equates to over 25 years of average viewing time.The tiny speakers require an external boost.
The LG features a dedicated game mode for reduced input lag.
Includes LG Smart TV webOS 3.5.

Check out the LG PF50KA 100” on Amazon.

4. Best Projector with Bluetooth for Quick Setup: ViewSonic M1+ Portable LED Projector

Quick Setup
4. ViewSonic M1+ Portable LED Projector
  • Portable option
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • Comes with HDMI and USB-C ports
  • Built-in dual Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers
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01/17/2024 12:50 am GMT

Viewsonic is on to something with its cute little L-stand for the Viewsonic M1 Portable LED Projector.

It’s a form-fitting L that rotates into place along the curves of the projector making this a very attractive, portable option. The M1 Portable also comes in Mini form, so it gets even smaller than this already ultra-portable option.

For such a small projector, it comes packed with features making it one of the best projectors with Bluetooth for those who are constantly on the go. Not only does it come with the latest Bluetooth, but it also streams from a thumb drive, features keystone correction, has plenty of internal storage (16GB), and a USB-C port.

Though a projector of this size has its limitations, the most egregious is the 250 lumens. The only way to watch this projector is in a very dark room. That may be perfectly fine for those who like to project on the ceiling while lying in bed at night. For others, who can’t watch it outside, it may be a deal breaker.

This is easily the most portable projector on our list.The 250 lumens limitation is not enough for even semi-lit rooms.
Comes in this model and a Mini variation as well.
It features 16GB of internal storage with HDMI and USB-C ports for streaming device access, along with personal pics and videos.

Check out the ViewSonic M1+ Portable LED Projector on Amazon.

5. Best Projector with Bluetooth for Traditional Viewing: Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12

Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector
  • Stunning Picture Quality up to 150"
  • Accepting content up to 4K
  • Full-HD HDR
  • Sound by Yamaha — Custom-designed audiophile speaker system offers a powerful performance
  • Built-In Android TV
  • Clean, compact, and modern design to beautifully fit within any décor
  • Epson MicroLaser Array Technology
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01/17/2024 01:05 am GMT

Epson is on a roll with several outstanding projectors and the EpiqVision Mini EF12 is no exception.

Epson is embracing laser projector technology and making it more affordable in a market where laser projectors are as expensive as large-screen, 4k TVs with major brands.

The Mini EF12 has a native 1080p resolution but supports up to 4k input and HDR. It has an excellent built-in audio quality, integrated Android TV, WiFi, Bluetooth, and dual HDMI ports. The laser is rated at 20,000 hours, however, it’s supposed to last the length of the projector itself. Odds are good you will upgrade long before this projector reaches the end of its life cycle.

It’s also very portable, and easy to move wherever you want, whether inside or outside. Unfortunately, the 1,000-lumen limitation won’t work too well in bright daylight outdoors, but it’s more than enough for every other application.

The laser-phosphor light source is designed to last 20,000 hours.The 1,000-lumens limits it to indoor use during the daytime.
It supports 4k resolution input and has a native, 1080p resolution.
The EF12 includes two built-in, 5W, Yamaha speakers.

Check out the Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 on Amazon.

How to Pick the Best Projectors with Bluetooth

Bluetooth is known for being easily disputed. Like WiFi, range limitations, masonry, concrete, thick walls, brick, microwaves, and a host of other materials affect the strength of the signal. People are understandably wary when it comes to choosing devices with Bluetooth.

5.0 or Higher

Whether you’re picking out your next projector or looking for any device that’s capable of Bluetooth, make sure it’s Bluetooth 5.0 or higher. The 5.0 upgrade made all-around improvements to Bluetooth capabilities which included range, rate of transfer, and overall stability.


Bluetooth goes hand-in-hand with portability. If you want to use projectors exclusively (or near so) with Bluetooth, you want portable projectors. You should be able to move them around as much as you move your smartphone around. Plus, it allows you to stream and game on the go, with a quick setup and connection.


You might be surprised to find that just because both the projector and smartphone have Bluetooth, that doesn’t mean they are both compatible. If you want to pair devices quickly and easily, do your research on the projector and ensure your devices are compatible with it.


Audio is crucial via Bluetooth because most projectors have subpar audio. Some of the projectors on this list have above standard audio but that’s not always the case. If the projector has poor audio reviews, calculate in the extra price of an external speaker and make sure they’re compatible.

What to Know Before Buying

The vast majority of projectors for home theater setups use DLP technology. Laser projectors are a much smaller chunk of the market due to their expense, while LED variations fall somewhere in between. Even on a budget, projectors and their accommodating devices tend to get expensive quickly, so there are a few things you should know before you buy.

  • Good, quality projectors mostly feature 1080p resolutions and higher
  • Projectors often lack good audio or have no audio at all
  • The throw ratio is different for every projector
  • Brightness levels are more important than you might think
  • Keystone correction is a fantastic feature and is worth looking for
  • Connectivity options

“Throw Ratio” is probably an unfamiliar term if you’ve never dealt with projectors before. In a nutshell, it’s the distance the projector can be from the screen without losing its maximum screen quality. It’s worth knowing because different rooms are different sizes. If you’re in a tiny room, a short-throw projector is the safest bet. Very large rooms provide you with more options.

Brightness levels are important for a lot of reasons. If you’re looking for an outdoor projector, you want those lumens cranked up. Artificial light outside is far more disruptive than it looks and even the moon is quite bright. Daytime viewing is possible as well, so long as the lumens are bright enough and you have some shade.

Keystone correction is an important factor in many projectors. All it means is the projector is capable of automatically adjusting image distortion, a highly convenient tool. Last but not least, connection options are important. If you have a mind to connect gaming systems, speakers, and other devices to your projector, the more ports it has the better.

Using a Projector with Bluetooth Compatibility – What It’s Like

Every projector is different but the pairing process is the same. With Bluetooth on with both the projector and smartphone (or another compatible device), connecting to a projector is as simple as anything else, both for mirroring and Bluetooth. Your smartphone, tablet, PC, etc., will find the projector.

With Bluetooth 5.0 or better, connections are seamless. Even from a distance, there’s no buffering between the devices or disconnections. Of course, if you walk outside and there’s a brick wall between you and the projector, it might cause problems, even though it’s not as bad as it used to be with past Bluetooth versions.

Summary Table

ProjectorKey FeaturesLimitations
Epson EpiqVision Ultra Short-Throw LS3003-chip projector design, screen size up to 120″, Bluetooth 5.3, Chromecast and Google AssistantPricey, starting at $1,600
Anker Nebula Mars II ProPortable with tote handle, 720p resolution, keystone correction720p and 500 lumens may be underwhelming for some
LG PF50KA 100”LED model with 30,000 hours lifespan, dedicated game mode, LG Smart TV webOS 3.5Tiny speakers require an external boost
ViewSonic M1+ Portable LED ProjectorUltra-portable, 16GB internal storage, HDMI and USB-C ports250 lumens limitation is not enough for even semi-lit rooms
Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12Laser-phosphor light source with 20,000 hours lifespan, supports 4k resolution input, built-in Yamaha speakers1,000-lumens limits it to indoor use during the daytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play my phone through a projector?

You can definitely play your phone through a projector, so long as the projector supports Bluetooth and screen mirroring.

What is the purpose of a Bluetooth projector?

The purpose of a Bluetooth projector is to wirelessly connect to other, compatible devices. With a Bluetooth connection, you can stream from your phone (with the combination of screen mirroring) and add external devices such as soundbars or other, additional speakers.

Can I play my phone through a projector?

You can play your phone through a projector if it has a compatible, wired connector or supports screen mirroring. You can also connect your smartphone and tablets via Bluetooth, so long as the projector supports it.

Do I need a smart projector?

If you want to connect third-party devices, stream content from your smartphone or tablet, or stream movies via mirroring, your projector has to be a smart projector. The only way around that is utilizing something like a Firestick, where your device interacts with it instead of the projector.

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