The Best Projectors for Bedroom Ceilings (Amazing Galaxy and Night Sky Scenes)

The Best Projectors for Bedroom Ceilings (Amazing Galaxy and Night Sky Scenes)

The Best Projectors for Bedroom Ceilings (Amazing Galaxy and Night Sky Scenes)

Key Points

  • Our choice for the best projectors for bedroom ceilings is the Rossetta Star Projector and Galaxy Projector for the Bedroom.
  • Buyers mostly use bedroom ceiling projectors to enjoy starry scenes that create a relaxing environment while falling asleep.
  • Some projectors for bedroom ceilings connect to outside sources for enjoying your favorite music or audiobooks while preparing for sleep.
  • Bedroom ceiling projectors do not have the higher resolution and entertainment viewing options of portable video projectors.
  • When selecting the best projectors for bedroom ceilings, you should consider adjustability, image options, sound options, and price.

The bedroom ceiling projectors we review here are not “ceiling-mounted” projectors for home entertainment. They are units that project amazing views of the stars and galaxies of the night sky. Whether you use them for learning purposes or to create a restful atmosphere in your bedroom, our top picks for the best projectors for bedroom ceilings offer several options that are sure to fit most buyers.

What is so attractive about viewing the night sky? Projecting the stars onto your bedroom ceiling creates an otherworldly experience that portrays our brilliant galaxy and those beyond. Like the ceiling of the Great Hall in Harry Potter movies that was bewitched to portray the night sky, bedtime viewers can “glide over the highest cloud” and become enthralled with scenes that create the ultimate relaxing sensory environment.

If you are seeking a good quality bedroom projector for amazing galaxy and night sky scenes, check out our top picks for the best projectors for bedroom ceilings. After reviewing the options, we are confident you will find one of the following projectors a suitable option to transform your sleeping space into an awesome place for rest and tranquility:

#1 Best Overall Projector for Bedroom Ceilings: Rossetta Star Projector and Galaxy Projector for Bedroom

Best Overall
Rossetta Galaxy Projector
  • 3-in-1 projector, Bluetooth speaker, and white noise machine
  • The dual lens projects the northern lights with16 colors plus starry skies
  • Projection syncs with your music and moves along with the beat, creating a fun party atmosphere
  • The night lights for the kids' room come preinstalled with 8 different white noise sounds
  • Comes with a remote control to turn the northern lights and starry night sky on and off, adjust brightness, and change the lighting mode, speed, music, and volume
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11/28/2023 12:20 am GMT

The Rossetta Star Projector and Galaxy Projector for Bedroom is our top choice for the #1 Best Projectors for Bedroom Ceilings. This aurora night light ceiling projector is perfect for kids and adults that wish to recreate a galaxy view to relax under while going to sleep. This versatile bedroom projector has three sleeping tools in one, with a nighttime projector, white noise generator, and music to help soothe your sleep. Recreate the stunning northern lights with 16 vivid colors and add gentle music to help you relax while enjoying the beauty of nature and the awesome night sky. This portable projector works in any room — move it to the living room after the kids fall asleep to make a romantic space with gentle moving lights.

Are you more of a party type? This powerful LED projector has a sound-activated speaker that lets you sync your favorite music with lights to create the ultimate dance atmosphere. Bluetooth allows you to stream music from your phone or other device. You are in command at the touch of a button with remote control, and you can even set a timer to turn the projector off after your little ones fall asleep.

The powerful LED projector lights up your ceiling with clear images.There is no 360-degree rotation.
A white noise feature has eight different soothing sounds to help you fall asleep.It requires one CR2 battery that is not included.
Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and music sync allow you to create the ultimate party atmosphere with sound and lights.
The remote control features many options, plus a timer for automatic shut-off.
Users can enjoy 16 different color effects for the perfect environment.

Check out the Rossetta Star Projector and Galaxy Projector for Bedroom on Amazon.

Best Rotating Projector for Bedroom Ceilings: SUPIPRO Star Projector and Galaxy Light Projector

Best Rotating Projector
SUPIPRO Star and Galaxy Light Projector
  • 360-degree rotation for the perfect angle
  • 14 lighting effects, including red and green star colors and 7 nebula colors
  • Can be hung on the wall with included hook
  • Built-in speaker allows you to play your favorite relaxing music
  • Turn the starry sky on or off, and change the brightness, mode, or music with the remote control
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11/29/2023 03:21 am GMT

For those seeking more action in a bedroom ceiling projector, we recommend the SUPIPRO Star Projector and Galaxy Light Projector. This impressive star night light projector features 360-degree rotation so all 14 light effects show all over your chosen space. Sit on a flat surface or mount on a wall with the included bracket to transform any space from dull into spectacular. The handy remote allows you to control all the features and set a timer to shut off the action after you fall asleep. Create a starry night for bedtime viewing or choose soft light for a more soothing ambiance.

Connect to your favorite music via Bluetooth and combine star or galaxy views with zen music, nature sounds, or your favorite genre. More creative users can play their favorite movie themes for a unique star-gazing experience. Automatic shut-off after four hours prevents overheating and wasting energy.

The bright LED light shows clearly on ceilings or walls.The projector requires an electrical connection, which limits its portability.
Enjoy 360-degree projector rotation for creating multiple viewing environments.Only one star color can be displayed at a time.
A mounting bracket is included for hanging on a wall to save space.
Play your favorite music through Bluetooth while viewing the galaxy or nebulas.
The handy remote control and automatic shut-off help you manage the features easily.

Check out the SUPIPRO Star Projector and Galaxy Light Projector on Amazon.

Most Affordable Projector for Bedroom Ceilings: ONEFIRE Galaxy Light Projector for the Bedroom

Most Affordable
Galaxy Light Projector for Bedroom
  • 4-in-1 star projector includes 24 lighting modes, Bluetooth speaker, 8 white noise sounds, and night light
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 speaker
  • Remote features galaxy lights controls, white noise/Bluetooth mode switch, volume adjustment, 5 brightness modes, and timer functions
  • 360° rotation for the best projection
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11/29/2023 04:08 am GMT

Those seeking an affordable option with all the main features of the best bedroom ceiling projectors will find the ONEFIRE Galaxy Light Projector for the Bedroom an excellent choice. At less than $20, this rechargeable bedroom ceiling projector has 24 lighting modes, eight white noise sounds, clear LED images, and Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting to music sources. Listen to your favorite audiobook while the stars shine overhead or fall asleep to soothing ambient sleep sounds surrounded by the wonders of the night sky or faraway galaxies.

Just like the more expensive brands, the Galaxy Light Projector for the Bedroom by ONEFIRE allows fast and easy adjustments of all the features with a handy remote control, so you can change the atmosphere in your bedroom or other space at a whim. The additional option of a TF Card slot provides even more versatility in choosing sounds to enjoy while projecting stunning visuals across the ceiling and walls.

This rechargeable unit requires no batteries or power cords.The remote control has no instructions for use and can be unclear.
This is an incredibly affordable bedroom projector at less than $20.
The 360-degree projection allows for versatile use in creating various viewing environments.
This bedroom projector is extremely light at only 12.7 ounces.
Bluetooth connectivity and a TF Card slot provide numerous options for playing your favorite music or audiobooks.

Check out the ONEFIRE Galaxy Light Projector for the Bedroom on Amazon.

Most Whimsical Projector for Bedroom Ceilings: SFOUR Astronaut Star Projector

Most Whimsical
SFOUR Astronaut Star Projector Galaxy Night Light
  • Unique astronaut-shaped projection lamp
  • Eight different nebula effects
  • Control the lighting effects and adjust the brightness with included remote
  • Two timer functions and auto-off feature
  • Rotates 360° so you can find the best angle
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11/28/2023 12:20 am GMT

Kids will love the fun and attractive SFOUR Astronaut Star Projector that creates impressive light and sound with a cool figure case to show off in their bedroom. The adjustable head angles 360 degrees for projecting stars in every direction. Choose from a traditional white astronaut or black and gold specialty appearance. The arms also adjust on this posable 9.6-inch projector figure so you can position it in different ways. The 3D moon base is removable to allow even more display options.

Your children will love having this cool astronaut in their room even when not using the high-definition projector. Turn it on and enjoy controlling all eight nebula effects with the remote. Adjust the brightness, set the timer for bedtime use, and easily create the sleep or creative atmosphere you want. The SFOUR Astronaut Star Projector is a fun and whimsical addition to any kid’s bedroom.

Pose the astronaut projector in many ways with 360-degree movable arms and head. The moon base is removable.Users cannot enjoy sound with this projector.
The astronaut’s head is the projector that can be positioned at all angles for creating new viewing experiences.It is powered by USB, which may be somewhat inconvenient.
The high-definition projector lens creates vivid images.
A handheld remote allows fast and easy setting changes or setting the timer for automatic shutoff.
This whimsical astronaut projector makes a great gift idea or kid-friendly bedroom decor.

Check out the SFOUR Astronaut Star Projector on Amazon.

Best Eco-Friendly Projector for Bedroom Ceilings: Wente Planetarium Projector for the Bedroom

Best Eco-Friendly Projector
Planetarium, Galaxy, and Star Projector
  • Projects 12 colors of galactic scenery and starry skies
  • 12 film disks show real images of planets and galaxies
  • High-quality ABS material will not harm the surrounding environment
  • Energy-efficient lighting source
  • 2 timer settings plus auto shut-off
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11/28/2023 12:29 am GMT

Consumers who want a safer and more environmentally friendly viewing experience will like the Wente Planetarium Projector for the Bedroom. You can get all the major features you expect from an amazing galaxy and night sky scene bedroom ceiling projector while protecting your eyes from harmful light rays and using little energy. Enjoy 12 colors of nighttime sky images that cover the ceiling or walls and manually adjust the focus for the best viewing experience.

The Wente Planetarium Projector is made of environmentally friendly ABS material. It emits a soft, energy-efficient one-lumen light that creates clear images but will not harm your eyes, even after extended viewing. The USB power connection only consumes one kilowatt of electricity and emits one kelvin of color temperature. Consumers worried about blue light harming their eyes will feel safer using this affordable, easy-to-use bedroom ceiling projector.

The Wente Planetarium Projector is affordably priced.This projector has no music or sound capability.
The soft one-lumen light is safe even for extended viewing.Remote control and manual focus allow for easy viewing adjustments.
This projector is made from environmentally friendly ABS material.
Remote control and manual focus allow for easy viewing adjustments.
This is a no-nonsense star and galaxy projector that is perfect for the bedroom.

Check out the Wente Planetarium Projector for the Bedroom on Amazon.

How to Pick the Best Projector for Bedroom Ceilings: Step by Step

Choosing a projector for bedroom ceilings for viewing amazing galaxy and night sky scenes is not unlike picking a portable movie projector for home or outdoor use. You want to review the features of each and find the one with the best combination of what you want in a bedroom ceiling projector. These projectors are more affordable than other video projectors because of their limitations. They are not designed for connecting to TV or video sources or projecting to crowds outdoors. You will not use a bedroom ceiling projector to make an important business presentation.

The best projectors for bedroom ceilings are meant to be enjoyed while falling asleep, to create a soothing atmosphere in a bedroom or living room, or to energize a party setting with exquisite night sky lighting. Keep those main purposes in mind as you review the available options.

When choosing a projector for bedroom ceilings there are four main considerations for most buyers. 

  • Adjustability
  • Viewing Options
  • Sound Options
  • Price

Let’s review each of these criteria in more detail.


A bedroom ceiling projector must be fully adjustable in order to project onto the ceiling or walls. Many of the best choices project images upward but feature a 360-degree adjustable head or lens for better viewing options. Some that do not project vertically are still highly movable for shooting star scenes on ceilings or walls as desired. Some adjustability is achieved via the way the unit is set up or mounted. Most will sit on a desk or table, but some can be mounted on the wall and pivoted to various angles.

Viewing Options

The quality of viewing options is of obvious importance. What good is a bedroom ceiling projector that can’t reach the ceiling with bright, vivid images? Most of the best projectors for bedroom ceilings have LED bulbs that emit clear night sky scenes in relatively short distances from table tops to room ceilings. Taller ceilings may encounter some distortion or dimness. Top bedroom ceiling projectors also feature remote adjustments for the best resolution and picture quality.

Sound Options

Many of the most popular projectors for bedroom ceilings include speakers and some connectivity so users can enjoy their favorite music or audiobooks along with the starry images. The best projectors will have built-in Bluetooth but also allow for USB or other cable connections. The most versatile products include ambient noise or soft sounds to help users fall asleep easier. High-definition speakers are also becoming more popular, as buyers like to use these bedroom ceiling projectors as their main speakers for enjoying music.


The pricing on most bedroom ceiling projectors will please consumers. They are more affordably priced than larger video projectors because of their specific and limited design. The options we have recommended range from less than $20 to around $60, which should fit into most budgets. More expensive models still offer the same basic features, so why pay more?

What to Know Before Buying a Projector for Bedroom Ceilings

Before you buy a protector to use on your bedroom ceiling, know its intended use and limitations. You will not get 1080p or 4K resolution because these are not movie projectors. They are not for outside use. The brightness level fits casual viewing in a dark or dim room. The projection distance is not far, only from a tabletop to a standard ceiling height.

Most bedroom ceiling projectors have the same basic features: several different colors, speakers for enjoying music or ambient sleep sounds, 360-degree protection capability, remote control, and a timer to turn it off after a few hours. Variations are available, but be careful to leverage any price increase with what the “extras” are really worth.

Using a Projector for Bedroom Ceilings: What It’s Like

Bedroom ceiling projectors are designed for simplicity so kids can use them safely and easily. Sit them on a table, plug it in, turn it on, adjust the settings to what you want to see, and relax while enjoying it. Connecting to music sources through Bluetooth works just like other devices. You may want to experiment with the best locations to get the best viewing experience on your ceiling or walls. Most buyers enjoy their bedroom ceiling projectors and wonder how they ever went to sleep without one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a bedroom ceiling projector outside?

No. Projectors for bedroom ceilings are designed to project images in dim lighting for only short distances, like from a desk or table to a standard-height ceiling.

Are projectors for bedroom ceilings good for helping kids fall asleep?

Yes. The best projectors for bedroom ceilings shine peaceful star scenes while playing soft music or ambient sounds to make it easier for kids and adults to fall asleep.

Are bedroom ceiling projectors portable?

Yes, but some are more portable than others. Many are battery-powered or rechargeable so they can be moved easily. Some require electric or USB cords for power, which restricts their portability.

Are bedroom ceiling projectors hard to use?

No. Most projectors for bedroom ceilings are designed for use by kids, so they are easily set up and controlled.

Are projectors for bedroom ceilings expensive?

No. Because they are designed for limited use, they are much less expensive than portable video projectors.

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