The 6 Best Portable Battery and Power Banks You Can Buy Today


The 6 Best Portable Battery and Power Banks You Can Buy Today

Key Points

  • When determining the best portable battery and power bank, you need to consider amp hours, sie, price, and durability.
  • It is also important to consider the quick-charing capabilities of each option, as well as the option for pass-through charging. Quality and available customer support are other considerations.
  • The Mophie Powerstation XXL was voted the best overall pick.

When looking for the best portable batteries to charge your phone, you’re going to want to know what to look for. The main aspects to consider include a good balance of amp hours, size, price, and durability. A cheap power bank might seem enticing, but you could find yourself wondering why it won’t work after a long day of charging your devices. 

It’s important to know how you plan on using your portable charger. A highly rugged power bank might be overkill for a night out on the town. On the other hand, a smaller battery might not offer the charging capabilities needed for a busy work regimen. Whatever your goals, we’ve got the best power bank for you.

After reviewing what must have been over 20 options, our highest-rated portable batteries are:

Best Portable Battery Specs

BrandCapacitySize and WeightPriceOutput Ports
Mophie Powerstation XXL20,000mAh3.6×6.1×0.8″
15.1 oz
$59.992 USB-A, 1 USB-C
Anker PowerCore 1300013,000mAh3.8×3.1×0.9″
8.99 oz
$39.992 USB-A
MaxOak K2 5000050,000mAh8.1×5.3×1.7″
44.3 oz
$129.994 USB-A
2 DC
INIU PowerPaw Series 1000010,000mAh5.2×2.7×0.5″
7.0 oz
$36.992 USB-A
Nimble CHAMP Lite5,200mAh3.0×2.2×1.0″
6.0 oz
$29.951 USB-A
Goal Zero Venture 7519,200mAh6.1×″
20.4 oz
$119.952 USB-A

Best Overall: Mophie Powerstation XXL 

mophie Powerstation XXL Power Bank - 20,000 mAh Large Internal Battery, (2) USB-A Ports and (1) 18W USB-C PD Fast Charging Input/Output Port, Travel-Friendly, Includes USB-A to USB-C Power Cord
  • Featuring a 20,000 mAh large internal battery, the high-capacity power bank allows superfast charging that can fully charge your phone up to 4.6 times. Charge 3 devices at the same time.
  • 18W USB-C power delivery output. Charge your phone at the fastest speed possible and get up to 50 percent battery in just 30 minutes. The USB-C port can be used to recharge the power station itself,...
  • Along with the USB-C PD port, the portable power bank also features 2 USB-A ports for charging smartphones, tablets, and other USB-enabled devices. The pack includes one charging cable (USB-A to...
  • The mophie Powerstation XXL features an integrated 4-light LED power indicator which displays the charging status and current battery life, so you never run out of juice in either the Power Bank or...
  • Fabric finish prevents scuffs and scratches, the power bank is your perfect travel companion. It fits easily in your bag so you can carry it to work or on adventures, eliminating the need for...
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There are a lot of great portable chargers out there, but this one tops them all. The Mophie Powerstation XXL offers 20,000mAh of power capacity at just a little thicker than the iPhone 13. It has three USB ports and Qualcomm Quick Charge compatibility, keeping your devices charged when you need them. At only $70, you’re hard-pressed to find an equally efficient power bank for the price.

As one of the best power banks on the market, you can expect to charge your smartphone several times, and even use it to power your laptop. However, the Mophie Powerstation XXL is really only designed for typical use. Not rated for shock or water resistance, you might not want to use this device on camping trips or in inclement weather.

Check out the Mophie Powerstation XXL on Amazon.

The Mophie Powerstation XXL is capable of charging a device multiple times on a single charge.


Best for Weight: Anker PowerCore 13000

Maybe you want a quality portable battery that doesn’t feel like you’re carrying around a brick. That’s where the Anker PowerCore 13000 comes in. The PowerCore’s design features two ports and 13,000mAh of power in just under nine ounces. You’ll find the industry standard you’d expect from Anker at just under $40.

The little power bank is even impact-rated, meaning it can take a drop or two. This makes it an ideal option for outdoor excursions. However, the device is not Qualcomm Quick Charge compatible, so don’t expect it to charge your devices quickly. Could you consider that a silver lining for those taking it camping?

Best for Capacity: MaxOak K2 50000

MAXOAK Laptop Power Bank 185Wh/50000mAh(Max.130W) Portable Laptop Charger External Battery Pack for Laptop iPad Phone Notebook
  • Superior Quality&SAFETY Guaranteed: Conform to UL1642 and UL2056 Standards. Constructed with Lithium-ion Polymer Battery Cells&Built-in 6 Security Protections to Ensure Safety Use and 1000+ Long...
  • Long-lasting DC Power Bank for Laptops:Ultra High Capacity 50000mAh(3.7V)/185Wh(130W Max.).Compatible With a Wide Variety of Laptops(Max.130W)- Dell HP Lenovo Surface pro 2/3/4(DC12V) Sony Samsung...
  • DC20V/DC12V/USB5V Outputs:All-IN-1 FAST CHARGE Battery Pack.It Features with 1*DC20V/5A for Laptops(18.5V~20.5V), 1*DC12V/2.5A for Cameras,Routers,LED lights, 2*USB 5V/2.1A and 2*USB 5V/1A For Smart...
  • Emergency Battery Backup for Outdoors. Size 8.1" x 5.3" x 1.3" And Weight 2.77lb.You Can Easily Put This Portable Charger in Your Briefcase ,Backpack Or the Carrying Bag. Keep your laptops, Phones,...
  • WHAT YOU CAN GET: 1 x Laptop power bank(K2),1 x AC Adapter, 1 x DC cable, 14 x DC connector for Laptops, 1 x Multifunction bag, 1 x Manual.
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If we’re going to look at power capacity, let’s just address the elephant in the room; the more power the battery can store, the bigger it’s going to be. And the MaxOak K2 50000 doesn’t try to hide that. With four USB outlets and two DC outlets, you can charge your and your friend’s laptops simultaneously on a single capacity. The power bank has a high-quality lithium-polymer battery that can last up to 10 years, so you never have to worry about overstressing it.

However, the Max Oak K2 was designed with laptops in mind and doesn’t come with Qualcomm Quick Charge capabilities. But because it features two DC outlets, you can still use your USB-C adapter to power your smartphone fast.

Check out the MaxOak K2 50000 on Amazon.

Best for Portability: INIU PowerPaw Series 10000

INIU Portable Charger, USB C Slimmest Triple 3A High-Speed 10000mAh Phone Power Bank, Flashlight External Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone 14 13 12 11 Samsung S21 Google LG iPad, etc [2023 Version]
  • ✅【From INIU--the SAFE Fast Charge Pro】Experience the safest charging with over 38 million global users. At INIU, we use only the highest-grade materials, so we do have the confidence to provide...
  • ✅【Market's Thinnest 10000mAh】 The market’s one and only 0.5-inch power bank that breaks the limit of 10000mAh, easily slipped into any travel lover's pockets or bag. Enjoy the days’ worth of...
  • ✅【Only 5% Got USB-C IN&OUT】INIU is the only 5% of power banks got a USB-C IN&OUT port. Unlike others only recharge via USB-C port, INIU can charge all devices with your USB-C cables directly.
  • ✅【3A High-Speed Charging】3A fast charging fuels iPhone up to 78% in just one hour. INIU's AutoFit identifies and meets your device's ideal speed, charging double than 2.1A chargers.
  • ✅【15-Layer SAFE Charging】INIU's unique 15-Layer SmartProtect system shrugs off any unusual charging at the start. Take overheating risk and battery damage away from your devices.
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For a device that you could easily forget in your pocket, the best portable battery is the INIU PowerPaw Series 10000. But even though this charger measures 5.2 x 2.7 inches, it packs in a ton of features. It offers 10,000mAh of power, along with three USB ports and a built-in flashlight. One of our favorite features? INIU’s standard-setting three-year warranty.

As a lesser-known tech company, however, you’re taking a risk on INIU’s budding reputation. Customers are discovering that while the device has the potential to charge their devices quickly, it doesn’t actually feature Qualcomm Quick Charge compatibility.  

Check out the INIU PowerPaw Series 10000 on Amazon.

Best for Price: Nimble CHAMP Lite

The Nimble CHAMP Lite is a portable charger that does it all: quick charge, featherlike weight, and affordable price. It features two USB ports and works with any device. 5,200mAh is enough to keep your phone charged while also allowing the power bank a slender frame.

While $30 might not make it the cheapest portable battery on the market, it does make it the best portable battery for affordability. Not only does this device compete with major brands, but Nimble also uses recycled plastic in its products and biodegradable, recycled paper in its packaging. Not only are its customers purchasing quality tech, but they’re also reducing its carbon footprint.

Best for Camping: Goal Zero Venture 75

Goal Zero Venture 75 Portable Charger Power Bank 19200mAH 60W USB-C Power Delivery Port, 2 USB Outputs IP67 Rating 50 Lumens Flashlight
  • Innovators in portable power | After a decade of innovation, Goal Zero leads in the creation of portable energy products for use at home, traveling, and off the grid. Engineered in the U.S., every...
  • Empower potential | When you purchase a Goal Zero product, you’re supporting our mission to provide disaster relief and empower over 31,0000+ people in vulnerable communities around the world.
  • Collect, Store, Power | The Venture 75 19200mAh power bank increased capacity powers multiple devices at once from two 5V/3A (15W max) USB-A Outputs. Recharges in 1.5 hours via 60W USB-C Power...
  • Weatherproof & Rugged | This power bank is adventure ready for any conditions, rain, snow, or shine with a universal IP67 rating, protective sleeve and waterproof port plug that means it is dustproof,...
  • Light the Way | The Venture 75 power bank includes an integrated 50 lumens flashlight, making it the perfect compact portable power charger to toss into your go bag or car for an emergency.
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When looking for the best power banks for camping, all normal metrics go out the window; your quick-charging, the multi-port device won’t be any good if it can’t withstand impacts, dust, or moisture. That’s why the Goal Zero Venture 75 tops all other devices in this category.

This device was designed to be outdoors. It has an IP67 rating, meaning it’s impervious to dust and debris, and won’t take on water, even if it’s submerged up to three feet for 30 minutes. It also offers 19,200mAh of power for long weekends away and a USB-C port for quick charging. 

Now, Goal Zero’s design doesn’t exactly make it the most affordable; you can expect to spend $120 on the device. However, you’re getting what you pay for here. And with Goal Zero’s two-year warranty and customer service, you’ll know your purchase is protected.

Check out the Goal Zero Venture 75 on Amazon.

How to Pick the Best Power Bank: Step by Step

When choosing a portable charger, there are four main considerations.

  • Amp Hours
  • Size
  • Price
  • Durability

Let’s review each one in more detail.

Amp Hours

When looking for the best portable batteries, the first aspect you’re likely to notice is the amp hours. Ranging from 5,000-50,000mAh, this number represents the amount of current that can flow from the battery. 

Each 1,000mAh = 1Ah, which means that the battery can supply one amp for an hour. The battery’s charge lasts depending on the size of the device it’s charging. To determine how long a power bank will last for your phone, you’ll have to find out how many amps its battery takes.

Size and Weight

In general, the larger your portable battery’s capacity, the bigger and heavier it will be. While some power banks are smaller than a deck of cards, others might need storage in a bag or purse. When looking for the right power bank for you, consider how and when you’ll use it most often; the size should be appropriate for its use.


The adage stands with portable batteries – You get what you pay for. You might find a 10,000mAh device for $15, only to find out that it doesn’t charge after you drop it. On the other hand, devices with added features such as multiple USB-C ports, built-in flashlights, and supreme capacity will range from 100-300 dollars.


As mentioned above, you don’t want to purchase a portable charger without considering its durability. Batteries are fickle, and the slightest disturbance can mess up their internal structure. Knowing how you plan on using your power bank will help you decide how tough it should be. 

What to Know Before Buying a Portable Battery

Before you buy a portable charger, it’s important to know the fast-charging protocols that it’s capable of. Many smaller brands might advertise their USB-C port as fast-charging (which it technically does), but it isn’t an actual fast-charging protocol. Look for Qualcomm Quick Charging capacities in your charger, which boosts the voltage of the battery. Qualcomm has set the industry standard in quick charging, and you can expect quality out of a device with this feature.

You also want to consider a charger with pass-through charging. This allows for your portable battery to charge your phone while it is also charging. This is useful for those times when your phone and battery are both low on power.

Finally, this is an industry where not all brands provide similar quality. You might find a generic power bank with the same specs as Anker for less. It’s essential to know that what you gain in affordability, you lose in quality and support. Many market leaders have a reputation for backing up their products and offering great customer support with their devices.

Using a Portable Charger: What it’s Like

For a hands-on approach, there are a couple of aspects that are more noticeable during field tests. The two most important distinctions when using these power banks were charge time and size. In some cases, when the chargers didn’t include fast charging, we found ourselves fidgeting. Pampered with our lightning chargers, it could often feel like going back in time.

The size and weight also made a huge impression on how we used the chargers. In cases like the Mophie, we found ourselves pulling out the charger when we wanted our phone. In other instances, such as with the MaxOak, we wouldn’t even pack the device when out on a hike.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest portable power bank?

The MaxOak K2 50000 features four USB outlets and two DC outlets for a portable power bank that can effectively charge devices as large as laptops and small appliances.

What brand of power bank is the best?

Mophie was one of the first companies to start designing portable batteries and has led the market ever since. You can expect only the highest quality in both their products and customer support.

Which portable battery is best?

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a portable battery. Of those, the most important include amp hours, size, price, and durability. We liked the Mophie Powerstation XXL, which offered a great mixture of all these aspects.

What is the fastest charging power bank?

When looking for the fastest charging power banks, keep an eye out for fast-charging protocols such as USB Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge.

What should I look for when buying a power bank?

When buying a power bank, you want to consider the amp hours, size and weight, price, and durability. You can also look for extra features such as fast charging and multiple ports.

Are cheap power banks good?

Companies that market cheap power banks have likely used cheap materials or have excluded important safety features such as power-management tools. You could find that your cheap power bank no longer works after an impact or being exposed to high temperatures.

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