The 4 Best Podcasts about Investing

podcasts about investing

The 4 Best Podcasts about Investing

Key Points

  • Hosted by Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson, Animal Spirits, aims to provide listeners with clear and concise information on the world of investing. Expect to listen in on input provided by key personalities within the sector, from time to time.
  • Life lessons and general pointers on investing make We Study Billionaires hosted by Trey Lockerbie and Stig Brodersen an excellent starting point if you’re a beginner to the world of finance.
  • For the slightly more experienced interested in a bit of guidance in the right direction, Capital Allocators hosted by Ted Seides can be an ideal resource.

The best podcasts about investing are full of information and avoid sell-outs, but it goes deeper than that. Podcast hosts need to be unbiased and genuine. This is especially true in a complicated field like finance, where everyone has a stake in the game.

Good coverage, either of macro or microeconomic events, is another key factor in an investment podcast. There’s not much point in regularly following a podcast that only gives you the basics with no basis in current events. Plus, laying down the foundations makes an investment podcast more accessible.

Everyone needs a different blend of knowledge, humor, and topic choice. Do you need more beginner’s personal finance, or do you already have a well-established portfolio? The decision is a complex one.

Keeping these considerations in mind, we hand-picked the 4 best podcasts about investing:

Best Overall Podcast About Investing: Animal Spirits

Animal Spirits is a relaxed, no-stuffiness podcast that still manages to be packed full of knowledge. For that, it takes the crown as the best podcast about investing on our list!

The hosts of Animal Spirits, Michael Batnick, and Ben Carlson, have a clear passion for finance that seeps through everything they talk about on the show. Exciting interviews with interesting figures are regularly had– but this isn’t the main draw to their podcast.

Michael and Ben really shine when they’re discussing heavy finance topics. It’s crisp, concise, but has enough depth to provide you with great info. Combined with the 30-50 minute episodes, Animal Spirits manages to encapsulate what you need to know in the least time possible.

They’re thorough where they need to be, though. The end of every episode includes some reading recommendations for people who want to take a deeper dive. For everyone else, Animal Spirits let you glean what’s happening in the world of finance without wasting time.

This podcast is just about perfect for keeping tabs on investing topics. But one feature doesn’t quite hold up to the standards of the rest of the show: the “Talk Your Book” episodes every Wednesday. These episodes feature a finance personality who wrote relevant books about investing.

Unfortunately, it can be a little too close to a 30-50 minute advertisement than a genuine learning experience. Animal Spirits is usually impartial, but these episodes make it difficult to tell if the info their guests are shilling is believable or good.

All in all, Animal Spirits is the best we’ve got for investment podcasts. It’s short, sweet, and packed with knowledge that will take your understanding to the next level.

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Best For Beginners: We Study Billionaires

If you’re looking to level up your knowledge about finance and investing, then you’ll need a podcast that really breaks things down. We Study Billionaires is the best beginners investment podcast for this reason.

Even for non-beginners, listeners from all walks of life and success can take something out of this podcast. Every episode, the hosts Trey Lockerbie and Stig Brodersen analyze a new billionaire guest. You know what that means– tons of high-caliber interviews!

Trey and Stig know how to ask the right questions to satisfy their viewers, which is really why We Study Billionaires is the best beginners investment podcast. As the name of the podcast implies, you’ll learn a lot of thought leadership by listening in. That’s what separates the billionaires that are being interviewed from the rest.

In addition to thought leadership and general investing know-how, you’ll also get some general life lessons. For beginners, that can be more important than anything else you’ll learn. Personal finance (and finance at a higher level) require a steady mind and rock-solid investment philosophies. We Study Billionaires tries to help you develop both.

The main downside of this show is that sometimes it delves a little too far into cryptocurrencies, fintech, and politics. These things are great in moderation for understanding our complex economic environment. But when there’s too much, it can be difficult for a beginner to navigate.

Overall, the information provided and the thought leadership that We Study Billionaires is known for is still worth it. You have to navigate some opinions and biases in every podcast. Not every podcast, though, can lead you through the world of investing like this one can.

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Best Investment Recommendations: Capital Allocators

Capital Allocators will give it to you straight, but they won’t skimp on details or refrain from showing you the options. That’s what makes this podcast our favorite for investment recommendations.

Ted Seides does an incredible job of hosting Capital Allocators, even on his own. His episodes feature interviews with investment professionals (hence the name of the podcast) in different situations and asset classes.

There isn’t too much in the way of humor in Capital Allocators, which is frankly to its credit. Any humor that is used is tasteful and doesn’t detract from the main feature. Ted’s thoughtful questions and insights during interviews only add to the experience, without taking time from the interviewees.

Although this is a technical investment podcast, most episodes are easy to follow with minimal experience. Yes, the interviewees are people with solid careers in the financial investments world. That doesn’t mean it’s inaccessible, and listeners can learn and grow without knowing the first thing about accounting or capital allocation.

All that being said, not every episode will work for people with entry-level knowledge. Certain topics might feel hard to understand, even at a basic level. The good news is that you can always skip over episodes that don’t fit with your current expertise.

Investment recommendations are tricky. Podcasts that attempt to make recommendations have to be sure that they’re not leading listeners astray, not boring them, and not coming across like a shill.

Capital Allocators does that and more, giving listeners the opportunity to see “behind the scenes” of asset allocation.

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Most Enjoyable: The Trillionaire Mindset

There’s nothing better than leaning back and enjoying yourself while still learning something. With The Trillionaire Mindset investing podcast, you’ll be challenged with commentary about the latest trends while still having a blast.

Ben Cahn and Emil DeRosa are two best friends, one of which is an unlicensed Wall Street trader. It’s an unlikely duo that have surprisingly important things to say about what goes on in the financial space. Their chemistry means that discussions come easy on The Trillionaire Mindset.

The solid commentary aside, Ben and Emil’s focus is on lighthearted humor while playfully exploring what goes on in the US economy. It’s the perfect podcast for people who can’t handle any more serious financial business in their lives, or simply don’t want to deal with that kind of intensity.

The Trillionaire Mindset unpacks more than just trends. They also look at market mechanics and how they relate to political events worldwide, which can make them a little more controversial in some ways. It’s light all things considered, but Ben and Emil regularly ask questions about ethics in investing.

No matter your political leanings, their discussions on investing philosophies and how it intersects with ethics is worth the listen. The Trillionaire Mindset also happens to be way better about advertisements than other podcasts. You won’t have to worry about being sold things at every opportunity.

The downsides of The Trillionaire Mindset are exactly the same as its upsides. It’s funny and doesn’t take itself seriously, so you won’t get the same heavy-handed experience as you might from other podcasts. Investment podcasts are a serious bunch.

Overall, The Trillionaire Mindset can’t be passed up in terms of enjoyment. It’s a truly unique podcast with both humor and information in spades.

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What To Know Before Listening to an Investment Podcast

Before you choose an investment podcast, you should think about where you stand. What are you looking for in a podcast? What are your plans and fundamental investment philosophies?

If you figure these out before listening to podcasts and influencers, it will be easier for you to stick by plans and not be swayed by every little thing. It’s fine to change your mind when you get new information. You just need to be careful that the information truly applies to your situation.

In the same vein, try not to take investing advice from one source only. Most valuable advice will be echoed by other people in the finance space (although this isn’t always true). A best practice is to consider what perspective the investing podcast is talking from and judge the information they give you accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any good stock market podcasts?

Absolutely. We Study Billionaires and Animal Spirits are two of the best stock market podcasts currently, with We Study Billionaires being the better choice for new investors. Animal Spirits is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have as much time on their hands or just wants an all-round solid investment podcast to listen to.

Who are the best people to listen to about stocks?

  • Animal Spirits (Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson)
  • We Study Billionaires (Trey Lockerbie and Stig Brodersen)
  • Capital Allocators (Ted Seides)
  • The Trillionaire Mindset (Ben Cahn and Emil DeRosa)

Does investopedia have a podcast?

Investopedia has a couple podcasts, including The Green Investor and The Investopedia Express. Both of these podcasts have different focuses, but they keep with the Investopedia brand of clear-cut, informational content for the everyman. They’re solid podcasts to follow for both beginners or experts.

Does Jim Cramer have a podcast?

Jim Cramer hosts a podcast called Mad Money, available on Apple Podcasts but not Spotify. Jim applies his own successes and experience to ongoing trends in the world of finance for a solid podcast with invaluable information.

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