8 Best Golf Games to Play on Your PC

Best Golf Games for PC

8 Best Golf Games to Play on Your PC

Key Points

  • PGA TOUR 2K23 is the best golf game for PC, offering realistic gameplay and the ability to play as male or female pros.
  • EA SPORTS PGA TOUR utilizes advanced technology to recreate realistic golf shots, but requires an always-on internet connection.
  • WHAT THE GOLF? is a hilarious and unique golf game with physics-based challenges and the ability to create your own levels.
  • Cursed to Golf is a cross-platform game with roguelike elements, where players must complete 18 holes without going over a stroke limit.
  • Dangerous Golf is an arcade-style game focused on causing destruction while playing mini-golf.
  • WGT Golf offers a variety of championship courses and multiplayer options, making it easy to play against friends.
  • Worms Crazy Golf combines the fun of the Worms series with traditional golf gameplay and multiplayer options.
  • Golf Peaks is a puzzle game with over 120 levels, offering a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

In the world of PC sports, games like Madden, NBA 2K, and FIFA get all the glory, while other great sports experiences sit on the sidelines (pun intended!).

To be more specific, the sidelines are full of fantastic golf games, so many of which deserve your attention for being high in the fun factor while also providing many different gameplay options. 

Whether you are a seasoned golf pro who wants something lifelike or just want a game of mini-golf to quickly take your mind off the world, you’ll have plenty of choices. Better yet, there are even some free titles you can really sink time into without spending a dime. 

With that in mind, let’s look at the 8 best golf games you can play on PC right now. 

The Best Golf Games for PC: Summary

#1PGA TOUR 2K23The most visually engaging golf game available
#2EA SPORTS PGA TOUROffers stand-out realism along with plenty of microtransactions
#3WHAT THE GOLF? The most unique golf game ever
#4Cursed to GolfA charming game that offers plenty of difficulty
#5Dangerous GolfLet chaos reign as you destroy everything around you.
#6WGT GolfThe best free golf game available
#7Worms Crazy GolfA family-friendly title that is truly memorable
#8Golf PeaksA great puzzle game for playing while waiting for your tee time

#1: PGA TOUR 2K23

When it comes to the best golf game you can find on PC, PGA TOUR 2K23 is the absolute way to go for a true-to-life golf experience. 

As the best-known name in the world of PC golf, PGA TOUR 2K23 needs no introduction, especially with Tiger Woods adorning the cover of the game this year. What makes the 2023 edition of the game so great is that, for the first time ever, you can play as either male or female pros. 

Regardless of who you play as, you’ll have access to licensed courses like TPC Scottsdale, TPC Sawgrass, and East Lake Golf Club. Plus, you can create your own dream course with thousands of customizable objects at your disposal. Better yet, cross-platform support ensures you can upload your course for millions of players around the world to test their skills. 

As an added bonus with PGA TOUR 2K23, Topgolf has the option of playing solo or co-op with 1-4 players. Alternatively, you can try MyPLAYER mode to create your own character with licensed gear from brands like Adidas, Titleist, and Callaway. 

The best golf game for the PCMicrotransactions are too demanding
Excellent options for golfers of all skill levels


Electronic Art’s answer to PGA TOUR 2K23, EA SPORTS PGA TOUR, is another great golf game for the PC with stand-out realism. 

Attempting to differentiate itself from the rest of the golf game pack, EA has enabled PGA TOUR ShotLink technology along with TrackMan data to help provide users with realistic outcomes with every golf swing. 

You can choose from up to 20 different shot types helping you feel like a golf pro. No matter what swing type you select, EA SPORTS PGA TOUR utilizes updated technology so every ball bounce and roll behaves as it would in real life. This means you have to not only balance selecting the right club but also think through different terrain and course conditions to properly select your shot. 

If there is any downside to this title, it’s that it requires an always-on internet connection, so you have to remain online for both single-player and multiplayer. 

Excellent graphicsRequires an always-on internet connection
Recreates golf shots in the best way possiblePricey


A truly unique golf title, WHAT THE GOLF? is about as good as it gets for a physics-based golf game that is always a ton of fun. 

What WHAT THE GOLF? lacks in golf realism, it more than makes up for it with absolute hilarity during every playthrough. As a physics-based title, this is very much a golf game with a ridiculous twist. As you play the 500 different levels, you’ll find yourself playing through challenges, puzzles, and other surprises that are waiting for you every day. 

Whether you try A Hole New World, It’s Snowtime, or Sport Sports! mini-games, there are so many different items you have to use your golf club to push them toward the hole. One day, it might be an office chair and then the next day, maybe it’s a hot dog or a completely random object you would have never expected. 

WHAT THE GOLF? gets even better when you create your own levels with the level editor, so you can try your hand at even more chaotic golf fun. You can also create a course and then play through it with a friend via Steam Remote Play and golf is always better with friends. 

Excellent game that takes golf in a new directionNot a realistic golf game
Outstanding replay valueShould never hit a hot dog into a golf hole

#4: Cursed to Golf

A charming game offering plenty of challenges with a terrific art style, Cursed to Golf is a “hole” lot of fun. 

This 2022 title is a cross-platform game in which the player takes on the role of a golfer who is stuck in Golf Purgatory. To help escape this place, the golfer must complete 18 randomly selected holes without going over a stroke limit. The player also has the aid of randomly placed statues that will grant extra shots as well as Ace Cards for extra support. 

Receiving favorable reviews, Cursed to Golf has quickly grown into a favorite among both console and PC gamers. Even though you can access only 3 clubs, there has been plenty of praise over the game’s simplicity while also remaining difficult enough that passing it on the first try is a tall order. 

With roguelike elements included, no playthrough is the same, and if you don’t succeed by going over the max stroke count, you can try again. The good news is that you can plan your shots with Birdie-Eye, which helps you see the next hole so you can think about exactly where to try and land your ball. 

Excellent art designRoguelike games are not for everyone
Includes roguelike elements for additional enjoymentCan only utilize 3 different golf clubs

#5: Dangerous Golf

Let chaos reign as you jump into the world of Dangerous Golf, a mini-golf title that puts a unique spin on a timeless game. 

Offering up a fun mix of both arcade style and humor, Dangerous Golf is definitely not your traditional golf title. While it’s still very much a mini-golf game, your goal with this game is absolutely to use as few strokes as possible all while causing as much destruction as you can. In fact, instead of being rewarded for getting a hole-in-one, players receive points for destruction and can even turn a golf ball into a SmashBreaker, which is really a golf ball fireball that causes maximum damage. 

With this game, rest assured you’ll be causing plenty of havoc by destroying things like toilets, kitchen items, and priceless antiques. Want to try and cause more damage with a ricochet off a wall? You can do exactly that in the hopes of scoring even more breaks, cracks, and smashes with your ball. 

While there are still penalties for not getting your ball into the cup within a fixed number of shots, you really want to play this game for destruction as the golf aspect is just a bonus. 

Excellent idea for a golf gameNot for anyone who wants a true-to-life mini-golf experience
A ton of fun to cause destruction 

#6: WGT Golf

While just about every golf game on the PC that claims realism is a paid title, WGT Golf bucks the trend by offering a completely free game for millions of players. 

As soon as you jump into WGT Golf, you’ll be excited to find a dozen championship courses to try, including Pebble Beach, Congressional, Pinehurst, St. Andrews, and Harbour Town. It’s a ton of fun to see how well you can play on these championship courses that have often been the source of struggle for some of the most accomplished golfers in the world. 

No matter which course you play, you can opt to try a full 18-hole match or play a little faster by trying a 9-hole closest-to-the-hole match. If you really want to play a quick round, try a 3-hole stroke play and be on and off the PC golf course in a few minutes. 

Where WGT Golf really stands out is just how easy it is to play head-to-head in multiplayer mode against friends or other players from anywhere in the world. Of course, if you don’t want to play a true online stroke match, Topgolf Mode is an even more engaging way to play with up to 6 friends. 

No cost at all to playLimited course selection
Recreates some of the championship courses to tryGraphics can use some updating

#7: Worms Crazy Golf

Another unique entry on this list, Worms Crazy Golf is a fun, family-friendly mini-golf game that uses many memorable elements from the popular Worms series. 

Played as a 2D side-on game, which should be very familiar to anyone who has ever played a Worms game before, Worms Crazy Golf asks you to complete a hole in as few strokes as possible. The best part is that you still have all of the traditional Worms game fun with moles, mines, magnets, and more. 

As you play on each map, you have the ability to collect various coins, which you can use to personalize your worm character with different costumes, balls, and golf clubs. If you accidentally hit a sheep on the screen, doing so unlocks different abilities and perks. 

The game offers both a single-player mode as well as a local co-op for up to 4 players at a time. What makes this game work so well with friends is that it’s highly replayable with numerous courses and different results with every playthrough. 

The Worms series is a true classicBetter with friends than solo
Has great replay valueWorms isn’t for everyone

#8: Golf Peaks

A great golf game to play when you just want to unwind, Golf Peaks is more puzzle than sports, but it’s still a lot of fun. 

Over 120 handcrafted levels ask you to golf your way to the top of mountains where you will attempt to conquer each level. Best identified as a puzzle game, Golf Peaks consists of a series of platforms where you can move a golf ball toward a cup as you draw cards that help determine how your ball will move with every turn. 

As is the case in a real golf match, various hazards stand in your way and you have to figure out how to navigate all of these traps without starting over. The minimal visuals make it easy to dive into the game without worrying too much about a learning curve and achievements will help motivate you to succeed. 

While the game is a little short, it’s very much a relaxing good time that is great to play while you’re waiting for your tee time or when taking a break between the 9th and 10th holes. 

Wonderful isometric designA little short
Great for relaxing Not everyone is a fan of puzzle games

Wrapping Up

The world of PC golf is one that offers something for everyone, from realistic titles that look like you are really in the action or games that defy all laws of physics.

Regardless of your golf game of choice, the notion that you have such a wide number of options for the PC should please fans of the sport to no end. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one golf game for PC?

As of August 2023, the best golf game you play on PC is PGA Tour 2K23. 

Are any of these games available for use on the Mac?

Yes, games like Golf Peaks, WHAT THE GOLF?, WGT Golf, and Worms Crazy Golf are all compatible with macOS. 

Are there any free golf games available for the PC?

Yes! WGT Golf is completely free and has long been one of the most realistic golf games on the PC. 

How bad are the microtransactions in PGA TOUR 2K23?

While no microtransaction is forced, there is definitely an opportunity to increase your skill level in MyPLAYER mode with real money. 

Should you expect these games to receive updates?

It’s hard to say for certain, but yes, many of these games continue to receive updates from their developers. 

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