5 Best PC Build Kits of 2023 (High End, Gaming, and Budget)

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5 Best PC Build Kits of 2023 (High End, Gaming, and Budget)

Key Points

  • The Corsair Ultra is our choice for the #1 Best Overall PC Build Kit.
  • Consumers can order PC build kits they configure online with the desired components, then put the kits together themselves at home. 
  • PC build kits allow users to fully customize their own personal computer for gaming, video editing, content creation, or other specific uses.
  • Customizable PC build kits can be bought for as little as $700 or as much as $5,000. 
  • When you choose the best PC build kit, you’ll need to consider the design process, customization options, included assembly helps, warranty, and price. 

In a world where any type of PC can be bought ready to use, why use a PC build kit? The best DIY build kits allow you to fully customize your computer to match how you plan to use it. Every part is chosen from various options to fit your particular design needs. 

Video editors, graphic designers, or content creators can include specific components to build a high-end PC to run resource-heavy software applications. Gamers can load their custom PC with the latest graphics card, fastest processor, hottest motherboard, and largest storage to stream the newest games. Budget-conscious consumers can select specific parts and build their own PC for home or office tasks. 

Building your own computer from a kit also gives you great joy. You will use something you created that is like no one else’s. Plus, building a custom PC from parts teaches you more about how they function, which helps you troubleshoot problems when they arise. Custom-built PCs can also be modified further. You can experiment with different components, add storage or RAM, and make other refinements as you wish. A kit is just the foundation for the ultimate personal computing experience. 

Are you ready to explore the best PC build kits of 2023? Here are our top picks: 

#1 Best Overall PC Build Kit: Corsair Ultra

The Corsair Ultra is our choice for the #1 Best Overall PC Build Kit. Corsair provides the ultimate customizable PC builder experience, allowing users to select each part in their build kit from a wide range of top-quality name brands or choose from three ready-to-ship sets. The Corsair Ultra is their top-of-the-line pre-set DIY kit for the discerning custom builder. 

Corsair opened in 1994 and leaped to the forefront of the PC memory industry by 1998. Beginning in 2005, they produced many top DIY PC components, including cooling solutions, power supplies, and advanced DDR memory. Newer innovations from Corsair include stream decks, synchronized lighting, RGB mechanical keyboards, and industry-leading gaming PCs

The Corsair Ultra PC Build Kit features the very latest and best parts for creating the ultimate personal computing platform. It includes an Intel Core i9-13900KS processor, NVIDIA RTX 4090 GPU, 64GB Vengeance RGB DDR5-6000 memory, 2TB M.2 NVMe SSD storage, and a free assembly tool kit. Users also receive the newest version of Windows 11 Pro. 

Your complete build kit has an attractive case that allows superior airflow, a 1000W PSU power supply, a high-end liquid CPU cooler and cooling fans, a motherboard, and detailed step-by-step assembly instructions on video. Corsair backs its high-performance kits with a two-year warranty that includes superior support. 

Corsair is a leading PC build kit and DIY components market innovator. At the time of writing, the Corsair Ultra PC build kit is pricey at $3,799.99 before taxes and shipping. 
The Corsair Ultra includes all the top-of-the-line components necessary to build the ultimate personal computer for any application. This pre-set build kit limits your customization options. 
Corsair ready-made PC build kits speed up the process of designing your own custom-built computer. 
The Corsair Ultra PC build kit has a free tool kit to facilitate assembly. 
Step-by-step video instructions make assembling this PC kit much easier. 
Best PC Build Kits
The Corsair Ultra Kit includes the most up-to-date computer components for your build.


Best Online Design PC Build Kit: NZXT BLD

The NZXT BLD is our choice for the Best Online Design PC Build Kit. Users simply click “Build a Custom PC” and then “Customize Your PC” to begin designing their own fully customized personal computer. Begin by choosing the performance you want in a PC, with four popular high-end games to help you choose. Then select an AMD or Intel chipset. Next, set your budget to continue with recommendations. 

You can then select your preferred case size or type, cooling options, motherboard, CPU, GPU, power supply, and storage options. There are several premium choices for each. Users can also select Windows 11 Home or Pro and a variety of peripherals like monitors, RGB lighting, cables, mouse, keyboards, microphones, and warranty service options. 

The NZXT BLD process allows you to select, review, change, and try out various combinations and warns you if parts are not compatible (like certain CPUs require specific cooling options). You can see the price of your current configuration and its estimated ship date for each addition or change. NZXT also offers payment plans to help you build the best PC and fit it into your budget. All DIY kits come with a two-year warranty, and extended warranty plans are available. 

The NZXT BLD online PC build kit experience allows you to fully customize your PC. Some components may not be compatible with some designs or software. 
The online kit builder provides suggestions and warnings to help you choose compatible components. This fully customizable PC build kit option can quickly become quite expensive. 
Your custom-designed PC build kit comes ready for assembly. 
NZXT BLD also provides options for choosing a monitor, keyboard and mouse, lighting, and peripherals. 
Your PC build kit cost and shipping date are shown throughout the design process and modified as you make changes. 
Best PC Build Kits
You can design your own custom personal computer with NZXT BLD



Best User-Friendly PC Build Kit: GIGABYTE Project Stealth

Best User-Friendly
Gigabyte AORUS Project Stealth DIY PC Kit
  • Offers a DIY project that is essentially “plug-and-play”
  • Easy assembly without tangled wires or cables
  • Come pre-packaged with a chipset, CPU, GPU, cooling solution, power supply, and motherboard
  • Suitable for most gaming, content creation, video editing, and other applications
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The GIGABYTE Project Stealth is our choice for the Best User-Friendly PC Build Kit. GIGABYTE promotes their Project Stealth PC build kit with the moniker “Less is More,” and this set lives up to it. Newbie PC builders will love how easy this kit is to assemble and use. 

Project Stealth revolutionizes PC building by offering a DIY project that is essentially “plug-and-play.” The are no tangled or bunched cables or wiring. There is no struggle to fit clunky plugs into tight spaces. Users can build this kit faster with no cable and wire battles. The completed unit enjoys smoother airflow and more space for other parts. 

The Project Stealth and Stealth 500 each come pre-packaged with a chipset, CPU, GPU, cooling solution, power supply, and motherboard. Every component is top-of-the-line and suitable for most gaming, content creation, video editing, and other applications. All kits come with a quick-start guide that walks you through the assembly process. 

GIGABYTE Project Stealth PC build kits are designed for easy assembly without tangled wires or cables. Stealth build kits feature pre-selected components, severely limiting your customization options. 
The cable-free design allows for superior cooling and airflow through the case. GIGABYTE Stealth PC build kits require users to purchase a monitor and peripherals separately. 
Fewer cables and wires inside allow extra room for additional component upgrades. 
Everything you need to assemble a fully functional PC is included in the kit. 
GIGABYTE offers an impressive three-year warranty on all Stealth PC build kits. 

Check out the GIGABYTE Project Stealth on Amazon.

Project Stealth delivers a DIY project that is easy even for novice builders.


Best High-End PC Build Kit: Corsair Elite Pro

The Corsair Elite Pro is our top choice for the Best High-End PC Build Kit. Discerning PC users needing the ultimate high-tech-use computer will find everything they need in this ready-to-ship DIY computer kit. Gamers, video producers and editors, other content producers, graphical designers, and others with demanding tasks can put this PC together and use it for all their tasks. 

The Corsair Elite Pro PC Build Kit includes a sturdy case that allows superior airflow and features an impressive combination of computing components. These include an Intel Core i9-13900KS processor, an elite liquid CPU cooler, NVIDIA RTX 4080 GPU, 32GB Vengeance RGB DDR5-5600 memory, 2TB M.2 NVMe SSD, and a free assembly tool kit. Users also receive the newest version of Windows 11 Home. Corsair provides a solid two-year warranty on the Corsair Elite Pro kit. The easy-to-understand video instructions make it simple for any user to build. 

This PC build kit is the best choice for a general-purpose personal computer for the high-end user with big demands but a lower budget. The entire product is less than $3,000 at the time of writing. 

The Corsair Elite Pro PC build kit includes everything necessary to build a high-end personal computer for any application. The Corsair Elite Pro is still pricey at $2,749.99.
Corsair ready-made PC build kits speed up the process of designing your own custom-built computer. This pre-set build kit limits customization options. 
The Corsair Ultra PC build kit comes with a free tool kit to facilitate its assembly. 
Easy-to-understand video instructions simplify assembly. 
Corsair PC build kits come with a two-year warranty.  
Best PC Build Kits
The Elite Pro PC Build Kit from Corsair includes top-of-the-line parts for a superior high-tech build.

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Best Budget PC Build Kit: PC Crate 

Consumers on a budget will love PC Crate, our Best Budget PC Build Kit selection. At the time of writing, you can create your own custom-designed PC build kit for as little as $765! Students can even get a 10% discount. PC Crate makes it simple and affordable to build your own custom-designed PC to meet your needs and not break the bank. They even offer payment plans with interest-free installments. 

Begin at the PC Crate Build Your Own Crate page and choose a case, motherboard, CPU, cooler, GPU, power supply, RAM, and multiple storage options. You can even order your kit with no operating system to save money, discreet shipping to discourage thieves, and if you want your kit already assembled or DIY. Some selections increase your cost, but there are numerous combinations available. 

Your kit arrives with all the tools you need, a “field manual” of step-by-step instructions, and build-day chat, phone, and video support. Ongoing technical support is also part of the two-year warranty. 

Builders who are pinching pennies will love this easy and affordable way to create a customized build kit with stellar parts. Who says you have to invest thousands of dollars to build a quality personal computer? 

The base PC Crate build kit is only $765, and students can get a 10% discount. The base kit has limited customization options. 
Various upgrades are available at additional costs. Adding options increases the purchase price. 
PC Crate offers the option to receive your PC build kit fully assembled and ready to use. 
You can choose a kit without an operating system to save even more. 
PC Crate build kits include a toolset, builder instructions, and assembly support via chat, phone, and video. 
5 Best PC Builds
PC Crate offers a 10% discount for students, plus interest-free installment plans.


How to Pick the Best PC Build Kits: Step by Step

Novices or experienced builders will consider the same factors when choosing the best PC build kits for any application. Here are the five major considerations: 

  • Design Process
  • Customization Options
  • Assembly Help
  • Warranty 
  • Price 

Let’s review each one in a bit more detail.

Design Process

Buyers choose PC build kits for one primary reason — the freedom to choose. They want to customize their PC to fit their own needs, preferences, and other considerations. The design process for creating a custom DIY build kit is of paramount importance. How you can design the kit online impacts the level of customization. 

PC build kits fall into two design categories: products with pre-determined components and fully customizable kits. Novice builders may like the ready-to-ship kits containing fully compatible components because it removes the danger of mismatching parts and reordering. The kit arrives ready to put together with no worries. Experienced PC builders will likely prefer more customization options so they can select specific components as they choose.  

Customization Options

Many PC builders want a full slate of customization options. PC build kits offer the freedom to mix and match parts to create the ultimate personal computing experience for any application. Gamers can select high-capacity processors and GPUs, content creators can add significant amounts of storage, and DIYers can experiment with all sorts of combinations. Your needs and desires will determine how much customization you want, but be ready to pay a higher price for it. 

Assembly Help

Builders with varying experience will value how much assembly help is included in a PC build kit. Expert builders may eschew the instructions to go rogue and build a PC from scratch — this type of builder can order separate parts and build a totally custom PC. Others may need an instruction manual, tools, and an expert waiting in the wings to help if needed. Choose a DIY kit that includes the assembly help you need for your knowledge level. 


PC build kit companies should guarantee the quality of their products. Most companies offer at least a two-year warranty and some offer options for extending their guarantee. Remember that the assembly is up to you; the company does not cover your mistakes. Many PC build kit warranties include separate part warranties from different manufacturers, so it pays to review this information before buying. 


Freedom and customization come with costs. However, many would-be-builders are surprised that they can create a top-of-the-line PC from a kit for about the same price as buying a preassembled one. Comparison shopping should include ready-to-use models as well as DIY kits if price is your primary concern. PC build kits tend to run in the thousands of dollars, but we highlighted a reasonable option above for less than $1,000, so they do exist. 

What to Know Before Buying PC Build Kits

Knowing what you don’t know is always important, and this is especially true when buying PC build kits. DIY kits range from easily assembled or preassembled PCs to extensive projects. High-end PC build kits that are easy to assemble are available. Be sure you read the particulars about what is included in any kit your want to order. 

Buyers should also know what is not included in DIY build kits. Some kits allow you to add peripherals and other extras. You receive everything needed to build a fully usable personal computer right down to the cable ties. Others only include the working aspects of a PC. Monitors, keyboards, speakers, and other peripherals are additional purchases. This can add significantly to your overall cost. 

Using PC Build Kits: What It’s Like

Receiving your PC build kit is exciting at different levels. A novice may be thrilled and apprehensive at the same time. Fear of the unknown tempers their enthusiasm. Experienced builders are ready for the challenge. The kit you bought determines your assembly experience. 

Kits with everything included and plenty of assembly help result in better experiences. You’ll use your PC for gaming, shopping, research, and other tasks in no time. PC kits without much help can take longer to figure out and may prove to be a more frustrating experience. Researching the available options in your price range and choosing the best one that fits your experience level is key. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are PC build kits hard to build?

Not especially. Most companies provide easy-to-follow instructions for assembling their PC build kits. No special technical knowledge is usually necessary.

Are PC build kits expensive?

Yes, they can be. Most PC build kits cost around $3,000. However, we highlighted one for less than $1,000, so more affordable options are available.

Do I need special tools to assemble a PC build kit?

No. A few basic tools are all that are necessary. In fact, many companies include a simple toolkit with their PC build kits.

Do PC build kits include an entire computer?

No. Most PC build kits only include the functional components in a tower case. Peripheral equipment like a monitor, keyboard, and speakers must usually be bought separately.

Why would I want to build my own PC from a build kit?

Building your own PC from a kit is a great way to create a fully customized personal computer for specific uses. You can build the ultimate gaming, video editing, content creation, or office computer with the features you want.

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