The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Vermont

Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Vermont

The 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Vermont

Key Points

  • Vermont is emerging as a new hub for tech jobs, driven by innovation in healthcare, cybersecurity, and green technology.
  • Tech jobs in Vermont account for 5% of the overall workforce and contribute an estimated $2.3B to the state’s economy.
  • The best-paying tech jobs in Vermont include Lead Data Scientist, Senior Information Architect, Senior IT Manager, Senior Linux Engineer, Cybersecurity Manager, Senior Network Engineer, and Technical Sales Manager.
  • Salaries for these tech jobs in Vermont range from $104,000 to $227,000 annually.

Nestled between the Green Mountains and the scenic Lake Champlain, Vermont is both pretty and smart. The tech scene in Vermont is blossoming as beautifully as the native sugar maples in the fall. Driven by innovation in healthcare, cybersecurity, and green technology, Vermont is emerging as a new hub for tech jobs.

Beyond the ski slopes and nature walks that this northeastern state has to offer lie a variety of lucrative tech jobs. Want to know what the best-paying ones are? Grab a cup of fresh apple cider and let’s dive in!

From Maple Syrup to Microchips: The Transformation of Vermont’s Tech Industry

Famed for its pristine ski destinations and delectable handcrafted cheese, Vermont is swiftly emerging as a fresh and vibrant tech hub that rivals the clarity of its mountaintops. The thought alone is almost tempting enough to make one throw on snow attire and venture into the North for a tech-filled retreat!

In its commitment to advancement, Vermont has established entities like the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies, which propel startups to the forefront of innovation. Academic institutions such as Vermont State University and The University of Vermont offer quality tech curricula, molding the tech vanguards of the future.

Moreover, through tech-centric gatherings like the Vermont Tech Jam, the state ensures its tech pulse never wanes. While its industrial magnitude might not overshadow Silicon Valley, Vermont’s technological influence significantly boosts its local commerce.

Additionally, tech jobs in Vermont account for 5% of the overall workforce and the industry contributes an estimated $2.3B to the state’s economy. 

Enhanced by the promise of a balanced lifestyle amidst breathtaking terrains and exhilarating outdoor pursuits, Vermont’s tech roles are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

From conceptualizing groundbreaking applications to pioneering sustainable energy, Vermont’s technological canvas is vast, versatile, and beckons exploration.

Best Paying Tech Jobs in Vermont

Intrigued by the idea of working in such a unique environment and earning a nice salary? Let’s take a look at the seven best-paying tech jobs in Vermont to kickstart your tech career today!

1. Lead Data Scientist ($144,000 – $227,000)

best-paying tech jobs in vermont
Analyzing data to drive growth and plan data projects is a lead data scientist’s priority.

In the thriving tech scene of Vermont, opportunities abound for data enthusiasts, especially for those stepping into the role of a lead data scientist. Surrounded by skilled professionals, you’ll take the lead on significant projects, utilizing statistical analysis techniques and a mastery of tools like R, Python, and SQL.

Furthermore, your role will go beyond crunching numbers; you’ll generate insightful conclusions, mold products, and have a decisive say in essential business strategies.

Your daily activities will range from mining data to creating predictive models, each day presenting a novel and engaging challenge. Responsibilities like quality assurance, strategic planning, and aligning with the company’s mission form the core of your job.

With a remuneration between $144,000 and $227,000 in Vermont, the tangible impact of your work will be recognized and celebrated. If you find excitement in making data come alive, then Vermont’s burgeoning tech industry might be the ideal platform for your expertise.

2. Senior Information Architect ($143,000 – $234,000)

The senior information architect is the creative brain behind user experiences in Vermont’s thriving tech landscape. Leading a dynamic team, you’ll craft the very framework that guides a user’s digital journey. 

Analyzing market research, shaping user-friendly designs, and adding visual harmony to complex digital worlds is your daily routine. You’ll also bridge technology and art, making this one of the most intriguing tech jobs in Vermont.

But your role doesn’t end with design. You’ll also collaborate with sales, marketing, and other departments, providing valuable insights throughout coding and deployment. 

Continuous improvement and a blend of critical thinking and creativity mark this rewarding position, offering between $143,000 and $234,000 annually in Vermont. If weaving technology with human-centered design excites you, a position as a senior information architect in Vermont might just be your next exhilarating career move.

3. Senior IT Manager ($141,000 – $226,000)

In the bustling world of Vermont’s tech industry, the role of a senior IT manager is akin to that of the captain of a ship. With a blend of strong leadership, problem-solving skills, and meticulous attention to detail, you’ll steer the IT department’s daily operations. 

From crafting IT policies to implementing new systems, you’ll be the technological backbone of your organization. Supervising a talented team and collaborating with various departments, your multitasking skills will thrive in tech jobs in Vermont.

Your responsibilities are multifaceted: ensuring IT services are humming, coordinating with vendors, and integrating technology smoothly. Planning budgets, safeguarding networks, and fostering innovation make this role both dynamic and rewarding.

If you’re ready to take the helm, senior IT managers in Vermont can earn a salary ranging from $141,000 to $226,000.

4. Senior Linux Engineer ($134,000 – $203,000)

best-paying tech jobs in vermont
Essentially, a senior Linux engineer deals with Unix systems in diverse environments.

In Vermont’s tech industry, the senior Linux engineer’s role is integral. Tasked with ensuring seamless design, implementation, and administration of Unix systems, they act as the bridge between engineering teams, clients, and management. Their expertise ensures top-tier availability, performance, and security standards. 

From creating high-availability environments to enhancing existing setups, they constantly face challenges that require robust solutions. Their responsibilities don’t end there; they’re also involved in mentoring and training peers, emphasizing their importance within the organization.

Their proficiency spans various Linux systems, including Debian/Ubuntu, Red Hat/OEL, and Cloud technologies like VMware, AWS, and Azure, for example. Skills like system hardening, performance tuning, and deploying monitoring systems like NagiosXI are paramount. 

Their attitude — proactive, curious, and knowledge-driven — sets them apart. With salaries ranging between $134,000 to $203,000 in Vermont, senior Linux engineers find themselves at the heart of digital innovation.

5. Cybersecurity Manager ($125,000 – $211,000)

In today’s world, where digital threats are ever-present, a cybersecurity manager in Vermont’s tech landscape is a vital sentinel. Their role is not merely to observe; it involves managing complex infrastructure, carrying out software upgrades, and maintaining the system’s hardware. 

Their daily challenges encompass optimal resource management, both human and technological, creating a delicate balance that minimizes risk while maximizing effectiveness. Furthermore, their strategies fortify organizations against unseen dangers, making their work pivotal in ensuring that tech machinery operates with precision.

Beyond this, a cybersecurity manager also navigates through the maze of internal and external policies. Understanding compliance requirements, sourcing the best cybersecurity tools, and adapting to changes are part of their complex responsibilities.

Acting as the first line of defense against threats, they conduct regular audits and identify areas that require attention.

This multifaceted role is highly valued, with cybersecurity managers in Vermont earning a salary range from $125,000 to $211,000. Their position is a commitment to safeguarding digital integrity, making it an essential component in today’s tech-centric world.

6. Senior Network Engineer ($123,000 – $192,000)

As a vital orchestrator in modern business, the senior network engineer designs and maintains a company’s network. They navigate technological complexities to build infrastructure that integrates the organization’s facets. 

Their role transcends technical expertise, providing mentorship and leadership to junior staff to sculpt a secure, resilient, and agile network. Furthermore, the emphasis on collaborating with network architects, implementing security measures, and conducting regular performance tests highlights their broad scope of work.

In Vermont’s tech scene, the senior network engineer is more than a position; it symbolizes technological mastery and leadership. With high-level problem-solving, coding proficiency in languages like Python and Perl, and deep networking hardware understanding, they create digital success roadmaps. 

Reporting directly to the chief technology officer (CTO), they become indispensable assets. Senior network engineers in Vermont can earn a salary of $123,000 to $192,000 annually.

This mirrors the significant responsibilities and expertise of this role, thus making it one of the pivotal careers in the tech industry.

7. Technical Sales Manager ($104,000 – $179,000)

best-paying tech jobs in vermont
A technical sales manager develops sales plans and forecasts to identify a steady pipeline of opportunities.

Technical sales managers in Vermont’s tech industry act as the bridge between technology and market demands. They tune into public needs, aligning them with company innovations.

Their responsibilities include developing new customers, managing relationships, driving client strategy, and evaluating customer needs both domestically and internationally. Additionally, they continually scan for trends that can be transformed into business opportunities, ensuring the company’s profit growth.

The technical sales manager’s role delves into the details of ROI factors for product pricing, CRM data integrity, and presenting persuasive proposals. As subject matter experts in fields like SaaS, virtual labs, and e-learning services, they provide leadership and insights that build trust.

With a salary range of $104,000 to $179,000 in Vermont, technical sales managers navigate the balance between technology and sales, becoming essential in shaping the future, keeping the company at the forefront of advancement, and converting opportunities into tangible success.

Education and Certification Requirements: Building a Strong Foundation in Vermont’s Tech Field

Looking to dive into Vermont’s tech scene? First things first: education and certification. They’re the key to your future success here. Whether it’s traditional education or cutting-edge bootcamps, the options are abundant and versatile.


  • Bachelor’s degrees: The bread and butter of tech roles, these are often in subjects like computer science, engineering, and IT. For specialized gigs, like data science, a master’s degree might be on the menu.
  • Bootcamps and courses: Craving a fast-paced entrance into tech? Coding bootcamps and tailored courses in areas like software development or cybersecurity are the answer. Think of them as a high-energy espresso shot into the industry.


  • Specialized roles: Here’s where you show you mean business. Certifications in areas like cybersecurity (say, CISSP) or project management (like PMP) give your skills the stamp of approval.
  • Continuous learning: Tech is always evolving, and so should you. Many in Vermont keep up with the Joneses through ongoing certifications.

Local Institutions and Online Platforms

  • Universities and colleges: Universities like the University of Vermont and Champlain College have programs that stand tall in the industry.
  • Online learning: Want a side of flexibility? Online platforms like Coursera and Udacity are ready to serve up course after course.

Career Growth and Development Opportunities: Navigating Vermont’s Tech Frontier

Ready to set sail on the tech waves of Vermont? Buckle up! The exciting world of Vermont’s tech field offers countless avenues for adventure, growth, and fulfillment. Whether you’re the captain of your career ship or still finding your sea legs, there’s a path for you.

Career Pathways

  • From novice to navigator: In Vermont’s tech sea, you can steer from a junior role to the helm as a senior, manager, or C-level executive. Want to spice things up? Specialize in areas like data analytics or cloud computing.
  • Shifting sands: Here, you’re free to explore and shift your course. A developer today could be a data analyst tomorrow, or you might sail from network administration into the bustling port of cybersecurity.

Development Opportunities

  • Guided journeys: Many companies are more than employers; they’re your compass, providing mentorships and guiding you through the uncharted waters of your career.
  • Never stop learning: Vermont loves learners. Think of workshops and seminars as your treasure maps to skills unknown.

Networking and Professional Waves

  • Casting a wide net: Groups like the Vermont Technology Alliance are the bustling harbors where tech mariners meet, share stories, and build connections.
  • Innovative alliances: Vermont thrives on collaboration. Imagine vessels from healthcare, finance, and education all sailing together, creating a flotilla of innovation.

Wrapping Up: Vermont’s Tech Promise

From the rustic charm of the Green Mountains to the innovative buzz of its tech scene, Vermont has brilliantly transformed into a sought-after destination for tech professionals.

With roles that range from data science to cybersecurity and an environment that nurtures creativity and growth, Vermont’s tech industry is a vibrant blend of opportunity and quality of life. 

Amidst the scenic beauty, the tech jobs here offer a rewarding path in a state that’s as committed to innovation as it is to its rich heritage. Vermont’s tech call is ringing; are you ready to embrace this exciting journey?

Summary Table

RankJob TitleSalary Range
#1Lead Data Scientist$144,000 – $227,000
#2Senior Information Architect$143,000 – $234,000
#3Senior IT Manager$141,000 – $226,000
#4Senior Linux Engineer$134,000 – $203,000
#5Cybersecurity Manager$125,000 – $211,000
#6Senior Network Engineer$123,000 – $192,000
#7Technical Sales Manager$104,000 – $179,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the state of Vermont's tech industry, and how is it evolving?

Vermont’s tech industry is a thriving space, characterized by innovation, growth, and collaboration. From startups to established firms, there’s a mix of expertise in areas like software development, renewable energy technology, and healthcare IT.

State initiatives, educational programs, and a focus on sustainability are driving evolution, making Vermont a place where technology meets social responsibility.

What opportunities exist for women and minorities in Vermont's tech sector?

Vermont’s tech community has made strides in terms of diversity and inclusion. Many companies have initiated programs to attract, retain, and promote women and minorities.

Organizations like Change the Story VT focus on advancing women’s careers in tech, while institutions offer scholarships and dedicated programs for underrepresented minorities. This concerted effort is fostering a more inclusive tech environment.

How does Vermont's cost of living compare to other tech hubs, and what impact does it have on the tech industry?

Vermont offers a competitive cost of living compared to larger tech hubs like Silicon Valley or New York City. The balance of a reasonable cost of living, quality of life, and opportunity for growth in various tech fields make Vermont an attractive option for tech professionals seeking both career fulfillment and a well-rounded lifestyle.

What resources are available for tech startups in Vermont?

Vermont’s robust network of incubators, accelerators, and mentorship programs provides valuable resources for tech startups. Organizations like the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies offer funding, guidance, and office space. One of these initiatives is called the #ScaleHere program, launched by VCET to support new and scaling businesses in Vermont.

How can one stay updated with the latest tech trends and opportunities in Vermont?

Staying connected in Vermont’s tech scene is facilitated through various channels. Industry events, tech meetups, conferences, and seminars are regularly held. Organizations such as the Vermont Technology Alliance provide newsletters, job boards, and networking opportunities.

By actively participating in these community events and online forums, tech enthusiasts can stay in the loop of the latest trends, developments, and opportunities within the state.

Do I need a college degree to land a tech job in Vermont?

While having a traditional degree may make landing a lucrative tech job a little easier, it’s not the only path to success in Vermont. By taking online classes and tech-oriented bootcamps, you can secure the technical skills you need to qualify for high-paying tech jobs in Vermont. Additionally, internships are a great way to get your foot in the door of the tech world.

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