The 10 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Nebraska

Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Nebraska

The 10 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Nebraska

Key Points

  • Nebraska is transforming into a tech hub, with a burgeoning tech landscape and a supportive ecosystem for innovation.
  • The state offers a variety of high-paying tech jobs, including cloud architects, data scientists, software engineers, and more.
  • Nebraska provides multiple pathways to enter the tech industry, including traditional college degrees, coding bootcamps, professional certification courses, and online learning platforms.

Imagine a land where endless cornfields give way to cutting-edge tech campuses, where the rich scent of soil mingles with the hum of servers, and where the rhythm of nature meets the pace of innovation.

This is Nebraska — America’s heartland, where agriculture meets technology and tradition intertwines with tomorrow. The result? Tech jobs, and lots of them!

Beneath Nebraska’s emblematic farming heritage and tight-knit communities lies a burgeoning tech landscape, unfurling like a digital cornucopia.

The Cornhusker State, steeped in tradition, is quietly morphing into an unexpected incubator for tech innovation, becoming a fertile ground for tech professionals and their ambitions.

So, put on your explorer hat, dust off your keyboard, and join us on a journey into Nebraska’s thriving tech sector. There, amidst the golden fields and vibrant cityscapes, your dream tech job is waiting to be discovered.

Revamping Tech in the Heart of the Midwest: Nebraska’s Tech Scene

Nebraska’s technology industry is bustling and full of opportunities. While the state is better known for its agricultural prowess, it’s rapidly transforming into a tech hub.

Home to the headquarters of Hudl and Buildertrend, as well as emerging disruptors like Breeze and Opendorse, Nebraska is making waves in the tech world.

Coupled with a flourishing startup environment and a supportive ecosystem — think local incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces like the Nebraska Innovation Campus and the Greater Omaha Chamber — Nebraska is ripe for technological innovation.

These platforms are catalyzing the state’s tech evolution. With reputable educational institutions like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Creighton University, Nebraska also churns out a constant stream of talented graduates who are eager to contribute to the tech field.

Nebraska keeps the tech community engaged with a myriad of tech-focused events, gatherings, and hackathons, nurturing a vibrant tech culture. Indeed, all these elements combined have made Nebraska’s tech sector more than just a business — it’s a thriving community of tech enthusiasts and professionals.

As we delve into the variety of tech roles in Nebraska, you’ll discover that the state’s tech scene offers you a unique platform to grow your career and mold the technology of the future.

Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Nebraska

As we traverse through Nebraska’s vibrant tech sector, let’s dive deeper into some of the most financially rewarding roles this dynamic landscape has to offer.

From the digital clouds to the virtual mines of data, the tech industry in Nebraska paints a wide canvas of lucrative opportunities. Let’s dive in!

1: Cloud Architect ($160,000 – $270,000 per year)

best-paying tech jobs in nebraska
Cloud architects create systems for managing, monitoring, and maintaining the cloud system.


Cloud architects are at the helm of an organization’s cloud computing strategy, managing and overseeing cloud applications, infrastructure, and software. This role requires comprehensive knowledge of multiple operating systems, programming languages, and cloud security

Cloud architects in Nebraska play an integral part in the state’s tech transformation, driving the shift towards cloud-based solutions in many businesses and startups. With an annual salary ranging from $160,000 to $270,000, this is one of the best-paying tech jobs in Nebraska.

2: Data Scientist ($109,000 – $177,000 per year)

Data scientists turn complex data into actionable insights, helping businesses make informed, data-driven decisions. The role requires a solid background in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, coupled with expertise in data mining and visualization techniques.

Given Nebraska’s focus on data-driven decision-making, data scientists are in high demand, with the state’s tech firms and startups heavily relying on their insights. With an annual income ranging from $109,000 to $177,000, data scientists secure a top spot on our list.

3: Software Engineer ($97,000 – $151,000 per year)

best-paying tech jobs in nebraska
A software engineer designs, develops, and maintains computer software at a company. 


Software engineers are the backbone of the tech industry, designing and building software that powers businesses across various sectors. They need a strong foundation in computer science, along with proficiency in several programming languages and software development methodologies. 

In Nebraska, software engineers are the lifeblood of the tech scene, helping established firms and startups alike build robust, efficient software solutions. Reflecting their vital role, software engineers can expect to earn between $97,000 and $151,000 per year in Nebraska.

4: DevOps Engineer ($93,000 – $144,000 per year)

DevOps engineers are the linchpins of the tech industry. They bridge the gap between software development and IT operations to expedite software production.

They need to be well-versed in multiple disciplines, from coding and scripting to system administration, thus understanding the software development lifecycle in its entirety.

In Nebraska’s dynamic tech landscape, DevOps engineers ensure smooth collaboration and continuous delivery, making them invaluable assets to tech companies. In return, they can expect to earn a competitive salary of $93,000 and $144,000 annually.

5: IT Manager ($86,000 – $140,000 per year)

best-paying tech jobs in nebraska
An IT manager is also known as an IT supervisor or an information systems manager



IT managers helm an organization’s tech infrastructure, making sure it aligns with business objectives. Additionally, they must possess solid technical expertise, leadership skills, and a good understanding of business strategies.

Within Nebraska’s robust tech ecosystem, IT managers ensure tech enterprises and startups operate seamlessly, commanding salaries ranging from $86,000 to $140,000 per year.

6: Software Quality Assurance Engineer ($86,000 – $132,000 per year)

Software quality assurance engineers play a critical role in the tech industry, meticulously testing and monitoring software during its development phase. They require a strong background in software engineering and an eye for detail.

With software development being a central part of Nebraska’s tech industry, these professionals are instrumental in assuring the high quality of software products. In fact, they can earn between $86,000 and $132,000 per year.

7: Database Administrator ($79,000 – $126,000 per year)

best-paying tech jobs in nebraska
A DBA needs to have a strong command of SQL and server tools.


Database administrators have the vital job of managing an organization’s data, making sure it is accessible, protected, and functioning well. They usually hold a degree in computer science or a related field and understand database languages deeply.

In Nebraska, where efficient data management is a key concern, these professionals find themselves in high demand, earning between $79,000 to $126,000 per year.

8: Computer Systems Analyst ($79,000 – $125,000 per year)

Computer systems analysts blend the worlds of business and IT, optimizing an organization’s technology systems and processes. They need a strong grasp of both business strategies and IT systems.

Their skills are in high demand in Nebraska’s tech landscape, where businesses continuously seek efficiency and a competitive edge. Furthermore, their salary expectations in Nebraska range between $79,000 and $125,000 per year.

9: Information Security Analyst ($78,000 – $128,000 per year)

Information security analysts use and maintain firewalls and data encryption programs to protect sensitive information. 

©Nick N A/Shutterstock.com

Information security analysts are tasked with protecting an organization’s computer systems and networks. This role requires expertise in cybersecurity and a deep understanding of cyber threats

Given Nebraska’s increasing reliance on digital systems, these professionals are indispensable to the state’s tech sector. Therefore, they can expect to earn between $78,000 and $128,000 per year.

10: Network Engineer ($74,000 – $124,000 per year)

Network engineers design, implement, and manage data communication networks, including LANs and WANs. They require a strong foundation in computer science and extensive knowledge of network architecture and protocols. 

In Nebraska’s interconnected tech sector, network engineers ensure the seamless flow of data, making them crucial players in the tech scene. Finally, they can expect to earn between $74,000 and $124,000 per year in Nebraska.

Pathways to Top Tech Careers in Nebraska

Navigating your way into Nebraska’s tech industry is a journey with many paths. Each one carries its unique set of benefits and can be tailored to suit a range of preferences. Let’s explore some of the most common and effective ways to establish your tech career in the Cornhusker State.

Traditional College Degree

The most traditional route into the tech industry is by earning a degree from a reputable institution. Nebraska hosts several esteemed universities that offer tech-centric degrees.

For instance, schools like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Creighton University provide programs in computer science, data science, information systems, and related fields.

Coding Bootcamps

For those seeking a more intensive and hands-on learning experience, coding bootcamps are an excellent option. These programs focus on in-demand skills and usually last a few months. The AIM Institute, for example, is one of the institutions offering these fast-paced, immersive courses in Nebraska.

Professional Certification Courses

Another pathway into tech jobs in Nebraska is through professional certification courses. Renowned providers like CompTIA and Cisco offer certification programs in crucial areas, including IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and networking. These certifications can complement academic qualifications and provide a competitive edge in the job market.

Online Learning Platforms

Self-learning through online platforms is also an increasingly popular method of acquiring tech skills. Platforms like Coursera, Udacity, and Khan Academy provide a wealth of courses taught by industry experts, from programming languages to artificial intelligence.

Networking and Community Events

Additionally, local workshops, meetups, and networking events offer insights into the industry and connections with fellow professionals. Find local events on sites like Eventbrite and check out the Silicon Prairie News tech calendar to immerse yourself in the local tech community and keep abreast of the latest trends.

The pathways to securing top tech jobs in Nebraska are diverse and within reach. Be it traditional degrees, coding bootcamps, professional courses, or self-directed learning — the state’s tech ecosystem is a fertile ground for cultivating your ambitions.

Wrapping Up

Nebraska, with its thriving tech communities and numerous high-paying job opportunities, is swiftly becoming an attractive destination for tech professionals. The state boasts a rich tech landscape marked by an inspiring blend of startups, well-established tech firms, and institutions that aid in fostering tech talent.

Whether you’re kickstarting your tech career or looking to turbocharge your growth, Nebraska provides a vibrant and supportive ecosystem for your ambitions. Additionally, it offers an abundance of resources, from world-class universities to immersive coding bootcamps and professional training courses.

If you’re captivated by the prospects of working in a rapidly evolving tech scene or the potential of landing a lucrative tech job, Nebraska beckons. So, why not make Nebraska your next tech stop? Your dream tech job in the Cornhusker State might be just a few steps away.

Summary Table

RankJob TitleSalary Range
1Cloud Architect$160,000 – $270,000 per year
2Data Scientist$109,000 – $177,000 per year
3Software Engineer$97,000 – $151,000 per year
4DevOps Engineer$93,000 – $144,000 per year
5IT Manager$86,000 – $140,000 per year
6Software Quality Assurance Engineer$86,000 – $132,000 per year
7Database Administrator$79,000 – $126,000 per year
8Computer Systems Analyst$79,000 – $125,000 per year
9Information Security Analyst$78,000 – $128,000 per year
10Network Engineer$74,000 – $124,000 per year

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest-paying tech job in Nebraska?

As of our most recent research, the highest-paying tech job in Nebraska is a Cloud Architect, with salaries ranging between $160,000 and $270,000 per year.

Is Nebraska a good place for tech jobs?

Absolutely! Nebraska’s tech scene is vibrant and growing, with a mix of established tech companies and startups. The state also offers a variety of educational resources and networking opportunities to help tech professionals thrive.

What kind of tech jobs are available in Nebraska?

Nebraska offers a wide range of tech jobs across various domains, including data science, software engineering, network engineering, cloud architecture, and information security, among others.

Do I need a degree to get a tech job in Nebraska?

While a degree can be beneficial, it’s not the only pathway into a tech career in Nebraska. Alternative options include coding bootcamps, professional certification courses, and self-learning through online platforms.

How can I break into the tech industry in Nebraska?

You can break into Nebraska’s tech industry through various means, including earning a traditional college degree, attending coding bootcamps, achieving professional certifications, or self-learning on online platforms.

Are there networking events for tech professionals in Nebraska?

Yes, Nebraska hosts a variety of tech-centric activities, including networking events, hackathons, and workshops, which provide excellent opportunities to connect with other professionals and stay updated with industry trends.

Is the demand for tech jobs in Nebraska growing?

Indeed, the demand for tech professionals in Nebraska is increasing, driven by the state’s growing tech sector and the digital transformation efforts of traditional industries.

Do tech jobs in Nebraska offer competitive salaries?

Yes, tech jobs in Nebraska offer competitive salaries that compare favorably with national averages. This, combined with the state’s relatively low cost of living, makes tech jobs in Nebraska highly appealing.

Are there tech startups in Nebraska?

Absolutely, Nebraska is home to a thriving startup scene, which is contributing to the state’s dynamic tech industry. Startups offer exciting opportunities for tech professionals to work on innovative projects and technologies.

What educational resources are available in Nebraska for those interested in tech careers?

Nebraska offers a variety of resources, including traditional degree programs in universities, coding bootcamps, professional certification courses, and access to online learning platforms. Moreover, networking and community events provide avenues for continuous learning and development.

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