See the 6 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Fort Worth Today

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See the 6 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Fort Worth Today

Key Points

  • Fort Worth is experiencing explosive growth in the tech industry, making it one of the top areas for tech jobs in Texas.
  • Data Analyst, Tier 3 IT Technician, Lead Software Engineer, Azure Solution Architect, NSX VMware Engineer, and Senior Network Administrator are some of the best-paying tech jobs in Fort Worth.
  • Education and experience requirements for these tech jobs vary, with some positions requiring a college degree and others emphasizing certifications and relevant experience.
  • Fort Worth offers high salaries for certain tech positions, with some jobs paying far above the national average.
  • Breaking into the tech industry in Fort Worth can be achieved through a combination of education, certifications, and self-teaching, depending on the specific field.

What are the best-paying tech jobs in Fort Worth today? Texas has been home to explosive growth in the tech industry. This extends to major municipalities like the city of Fort Worth, where a diverse amount of growth has been present for the last few years.

Fort Worth isn’t just home to your bog-standard development and IT jobs; it is quite a diverse area for talent. If you’ve been curious about how the tech industry is shaping up for the Fort Worth area, then this guide is for you.

Today’s guide covers six of the best-paying tech jobs in the area, what sort of education you’ll need, and what the positions actually entail.

The Tech Industry in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is quickly becoming one of the tech capitals of Texas, with explosive growth in the area since 2020. North Texas as a whole has positioned itself as one of the top areas for tech jobs in the United States.

The last three years have seen companies like Caterpillar, Goldman Sachs, and Samsung opening operations in the state. As such, if you’re new to the hiring pool, you’ve got decent odds of finding a highly competitive position with a great salary in Fort Worth.

Best Paying Tech Jobs in Fort Worth

Fort Worth has plenty of high-powered tech positions readily available. These are more advanced positions, however. As such, you’ll find educational and experience requirements are a fair bit higher than what you could expect when doing entry-level work.

That said, it does bode well for Fort Worth to have just high-powered positions, especially as it seems they pay far more than the national average for some positions.

#1: Data Analyst — $75,000 to $140,000 annually

best-paying tech jobs in fort worth
All data analysts are expected to parse and present raw data to senior staff.

Data analysts are an in-demand position and one of the best-paying tech jobs in Fort Worth. They typically function as a team under the likes of project and program managers, team leaders, and other senior staff.

They are tasked with performing data analytics using industry-standard techniques and presenting results to senior staff. Data analysis is a demanding position, which requires independence and drive to deliver results.

You’ll typically need one to three years of experience using SQL, Excel, or other software and databases. College experience is recommended, but not fully required. If you have equivalent work experience in the field, it can readily replace the college requirements.

Security clearances are definitely recommended if you’re looking to get into government work. However, you’ll need to find a sponsor to obtain one.

#2: Tier 3 IT Technician — $65,000 to $95,000 annually

Beyond the glitz and glamor of development, IT technicians are still in high demand. Tier 3 technicians are typically the final line of defense in any break-fix scenario. As such, you’ll need to be further along in your IT career to be considered as a Tier 3 technician.

Typical responsibilities will require techs to understand and evaluate new software releases, have a deep familiarity with the function of an operating system, and be able to interpret logs. Strong documentation skills are a must, as you’ll typically be presenting findings and resolutions to senior staff.

Educationally, bachelor’s degrees are typically mandatory. A year or more of experience in elevated IT roles can certainly help, along with any basic network engineering skills you may have picked up. There is quite a bit of potential for growth, making this one of the best-paying tech jobs in Fort Worth.

You’ll typically see a requirement for certain certifications as well, like the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate. Other certs can be a benefit as well, like CompTIA’s A+ or the Cisco CCNA.

#3: Lead Software Engineer — $125,000 to $180,000 annually

best-paying tech jobs in fort worth
Software engineering is a great field with the potential for explosive growth.

Being a lead software engineer isn’t just about writing code, it is about leadership in addition to development. Lead software engineers are further along in their career journeys, typically with experience in popular programming languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, and other frameworks.

You’ll typically need either experience with development in an Agile environment, or an equivalent level of education. One to three years of experience in a leadership or management capacity is also recommended.

Software engineering is a very demanding field, but one of the more rewarding tech jobs to enter. As such, it makes for another of the best-paying tech jobs in Fort Worth. Provided you have relevant experience, it should afford you quite a bit of upward mobility.

#4: Azure Solution Architect — $145,000 to $150,000 annually

Microsoft’s Azure has been home to some high-powered jobs in the tech industry. If you’re looking for one of the best-paying tech jobs in Fort Worth. You’ll need quite a bit of education and knowledge to approach this position, however.

Azure solution architects are required to understand what a client needs and then implement an end-to-end solution in the cloud. You need leadership skills, good communication skills, and a strong development background in Azure to get rolling.

Typical educational requirements are at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Up to five years of experience in application design and architecture is a must. Familiarity with the Azure platform and all it entails is a given, as you’ll be working solely in this environment.

For those who’ve targeted the cloud, this is a great option that seems primed for continual growth.

#5: NSX VMware Engineer — $140,000 annually

best-paying tech jobs in fort worth
VMware develops one of the most popular platforms for virtualization on the market.

Virtualization has been a constant companion to modern information technology. VMware is one of the more popular providers for virtualization, so it only makes sense that one of the best-paying tech jobs in Fort Worth centers around it.

VMware engineers are required to have advanced knowledge of engineering and maintaining VMs. Experience with firewalls, NSX, and network architecture is heavily recommended as well. You won’t need a bachelor’s degree or other educational requirements to enter the field, but it is recommended.

You’ll be expected to implement NSX solutions in existing environments to allow for high availability of business resources, so a year or more of experience with the platform is heavily recommended.

#6: Senior Network Administrator — $76,000 to $96,000 annually

Network administration is one of those evergreen positions at most companies. As long as there are networks, there is a need for an experienced professional who can look after them. This is one of the best-paying tech jobs in Fort Worth along with being one of the most stable.

Senior network administrators are network personnel who are further along in their careers. You’ll need at least a decade of experience with network administration, as well as equivalent experience with common network hardware like Cisco switches and routers.

College degrees are a benefit, but not necessarily a hard requirement for most positions. You’ll be expected to monitor and analyze network functionality. Troubleshooting is a regular requirement, as no network functions optimally at all times.

You’ll also be expected to perform internal and external audits of your network’s security posture. This will likely take the form of consultation with in-house security personnel as well as any outside firms your organization may contact.

How to Break into the Tech Industry in Fort Worth

Breaking into the tech industry isn’t quite as hard as you might think. Granted, you will need quite a bit of dedication and drive to go far. That said, taking your first steps isn’t nearly as daunting as you might expect.

With most of Northern Texas poised to become one of the great tech capitals of the United States, there is potential for high earnings.


Most tech jobs in the information technology field aren’t going to require a college degree. Generally, as long as you get your foot in the door and get some experience, you’re good to go.

When looking at fields like development and data science, you’ll likely need some foundational experience or a college degree. Many jobs in data analysis and data science especially will require a degree in mathematics or a similar discipline.

Development is greatly aided by degrees in computer science or general programming. You’re not expected to be solely a developer, but rather a well-rounded individual with proper skills in the likes of management and logic.


You can forego educational requirements for IT jobs, generally speaking at least. What matters more with IT roles are experience and relevant certifications. Popular certifications like Cisco’s CCNA, Microsoft’s MCSA and Azure, and the CompTIA triad of A+, Network+, and Security+ are all heavily recommended.

These aren’t outright replacements for IT experience but do prove to a potential employer that you are recognized as competent in these skill sets.


For some fields like development for the web and other applications, you generally be self-taught. What is most important with self-teaching is to have relevant and actionable experience to show to an employer.

Popular methods of attaining said experience are contributions to open-source projects or side projects of your own. This serves as a portfolio and a bird’s eye view of your actual skill level. Anyone can learn to code, but having a deliverable and functional product is a whole other kettle of fish.

Closing Thoughts

Fort Worth and the rest of North Texas are poised and primed for a tech explosion of sorts. If you’re looking at a career change, it could very well suit you to enter the competitive field of technology.

While not all jobs are suitable for every person, there is quite a bit of diversity in the field. Your career in tech could lead to great things in Fort Worth, and there is certainly quite a bit of potential for growth and mobility as things progress.

Summary Table

RankJob TitleAnnual Salary Range
#1Data Analyst$75,000 to $140,000
#2Tier 3 IT Technician$65,000 to $95,000
#3Lead Software Engineer$125,000 to $180,000
#4Azure Solution Architect$145,000 to $150,000
#5NSX VMware Engineer$140,000
#6Senior Network Administrator$76,000 to $96,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to get into a tech job?

Tech jobs don’t necessarily require formal education, but they do require dedication to obtain a position, even at the entry level.

Is software development difficult?

It can be, but it really depends on how much time and dedication you devote to getting experience with it.

What's the best start for an employee new to IT?

Break-fix is the typical starting path for most beginning professionals in IT. It’ll teach you the ropes as far as how to deal with customers and work as a part of a team.

Do you need a security clearance for most tech jobs?

No, but it is required when working with the likes of government contracts. Cybersecurity professionals can also be expected to delve into clearances.

Is Texas a good place for tech jobs?

Fort Worth, and northern Texas by extension, is a great place for any professional looking for competitive wages in the tech industry.

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