The 5 Best Outdoor TVs for Cold Temperatures

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The 5 Best Outdoor TVs for Cold Temperatures

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overall TV for Cold Temperatures is the Samsung Terrace Partial Sun.
  • When selecting a TV for cold temperatures, consider weatherproofing, brightness, and the operating temperature range.
  • Before purchasing a TV for cold temperatures, determine its intended location as many outdoor TVs cannot withstand direct sunlight.
  • Note that some TVs are limited to wall mounting installations, which may require purchasing additional hardware.

While current technology may limit outdoor installations of TVs in places like Antarctica, where temperatures have been known to drop to -128°F, many TVs can withstand deep freezes and frigid temperatures.

In this article, we’ll provide our recommendations for the best TVs that can survive a deep freeze, ensuring that you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment even in chilly environments.

#1 Best Overall: Samsung Terrace Partial Sun

#1 Best Overall
SAMSUNG 55″ Terrace Partial Sun Outdoor TV
  • IP55 rating to protect against water, dust, and extreme temperatures
  • 4K QLED picture looks bright even in daylight
  • WiFi capable, Bluetooth capable
  • Anti-glare for wide-angle viewing
  • Voice control for effortless viewing using Bixby, Alexa, or Google Assistant
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09/24/2023 01:04 pm GMT

The Samsung Terrace Partial Sun stands out as the best choice for an outdoor TV, delivering unparalleled value across the board.

Both the TV and remote control can survive extreme temperatures (-22° to 122°F), with internal components that won’t fail even after exposure to rain, snow, and dust. While this TV is designed for partially shaded areas, such as a covered patio, the screen’s luminance surpasses many full-sun models, so you’ll clearly see details even in bright light.

Beyond the standard characteristics required of an outdoor TV, it also offers capabilities such as voice control, a Multi-View Mode which lets you mirror your mobile screen while watching TV, and one-touch access to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video via the remote control.

As a Samsung TV, you can pair it with the Samsung SmartThings App. This provides a range of benefits, including turning your phone into a remote control which could be handy if you’ve misplaced your remote or simply want an alternative control option.

Notably, it features a vertical alignment panel which offers both advantages and disadvantages. While the vertical alignment panel enhances color contrast, it also decreases the optimal viewing angles. So, if you are watching too far off-center, the colors may become distorted.

Operating Temperature-24° to 104°F
ResolutionQuantum HDR 32X
Brightness2,000+ nit
Because it is weatherproof and has a bright screen, you can enjoy it outdoors.If you are watching TV from a wide angle, the colors may become distorted.
It has advanced features like voice control, Multi-View Mode, and access to streaming services.
You can pair this TV with the SmartThings App.
The picture quality is excellent.

Check out the Samsung Terrace Partial Sun at Amazon.

Best Budget-Friendly: SYLVOX Deck Series

Best Budget-Friendly Option
SYLVOX 43" Outdoor TV (2022, Deck Series)
  • 43" 4K Ultra HD HDR display
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • For partial sunshine areas
  • Waterproof
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09/24/2023 01:05 pm GMT

The SYLVOX Deck Series offers an impressive set of features considering its affordable price point, making it a great option whether you’re on a budget or seeking to upgrade your current setup without overspending.

In addition to the standard weatherproofing capabilities you would expect from an outdoor TV, it can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -22° to 122°F, making it suitable for outdoor areas that experience deep freezes.

The screen offers 4K Ultra HD resolution and precise color, delivering vivid and detailed images. With both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, you can stream content from apps and connect wireless speakers, which is particularly advantageous for outdoor use because it minimizes the need for cords.

While the screen has a 1,000-nit brightness, making it bright enough for outdoor use, it’s designed for use in partial sun and may not be suitable for full-sun areas.

Operating Temperature-22° to 122°F
Resolution4K Ultra HD
Brightness1,000 nits
It offers incredible value.Since it is optimized for partial sun, you should not use it in a full-sun area.
If the outdoor temperature doesn’t dip below -22°F or exceed 122°F, you can leave your TV outside.
You will enjoy excellent picture quality.
It is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-capable.

Check out the SYLVOX Deck Series on Amazon

Best for Full Shade: SunBrite Veranda 3 Series

Best for Full Shade
SunBrite Veranda 3 Series 65-inch Full Shade Smart Outdoor TV (2022)
  • 65" 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED display
  • 1,000 nits ultra-bright screen
  • All-weather voice remote
  • Weatherproof
  • Full shade
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09/24/2023 01:05 pm GMT

With an operating temperature ranging from -24° to 104° F, the SunBrite Veranda 3 Series is appropriate for a wide range of outdoor applications.

This smart TV is IP55-rated, providing protection against jetted water streams, similar to those from a garden hose. This enables you to access your favorite entertainment apps in rain, snow, or sunshine.

To further support outdoor use, the screen provides 1,000 nits of brightness and is designed to accommodate wide viewing angles of 178 degrees from the center. This ensures that whether you’re lounging by yourself or hosting an outdoor gathering, everyone can enjoy watching from various vantage points.

Furthermore, with 4K Ultra HD (which is 4x the resolution of Full HD) plus a 120Hz refresh rate, you’ll experience remarkable clarity and smooth motion. To add a level of convenience to your viewing experience, seamless integration with Google Assistant is available, allowing you to switch between apps, adjust the volume, or inquire about the weather by using voice commands.

It has powerful, built-in down-firing speakers and is designed to be an all-in-one solution for your outdoor entertainment needs. However, it’s important to note that one limitation of this particular model is its requirement for wall mounting, which requires additional hardware.

Operating Temperature-24°F to 104°F
Resolution3840 x 2160 UHD 4K HDR
Brightness1,000 nits
The TV’s operating temperatures and weatherproofing capabilities make it suitable for outdoor use.You will need to purchase additional hardware to mount it.
You can enjoy wide viewing angles and excellent picture quality.
It is a smart TV, making it possible to access apps and integrate with Google Assistant.
Since it has built-in speakers, it’s not strictly necessary to purchase additional speakers.

Check out the SunBrite Veranda 3 Series on Amazon.

Best for Partial Shade: SunBrite Signature Series

Best for Partial Shade
SunBrite 43″ Signature Partial Shade Outdoor TV
  • Weatherproofed for areas such as patio, deck, or yard
  • 4K Ultra-HD
  • 500 NIT screen with direct LED backlight and anti-glare technology delivers ultra-bright, dramatic picture detail with 4 times the resolution of Full HD
  • Includes 20W weatherproof soundbar
  • Durable aluminum casing protects against weather, insects, and extreme temperatures
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09/24/2023 01:09 pm GMT

If you’re looking for a TV that can withstand cold temperatures and occasional direct sunlight, we recommend the SunBrite Signature Series.

When TVs are exposed to direct sunlight, the screen can cast a harsh glare that obscures the picture. However, the SunBrite Signature TV is equipped with TrueVision Anti-glare Screen Technology, eliminating glare caused by sunlight or other bright lights. Additionally, it offers 700-nit brightness, which is 2-4x brighter than typical indoor TVs.

In addition to providing protection against rain, snow, dust, and extreme temperatures, this model also guards against damage from salt air, making it a great choice if you live in a coastal area.

This model comes equipped with an integrated HDBaseT receiver which facilitates connectivity via an Ethernet cable. It’s important to note that SunBrite Signature TVs do not have smart capabilities. However, to watch online content, you can use a third-party device such as a Roku or Firestick.

Operating Temperature-24° to 122° F
Resolution3840 x 2160p UHD 4K HDR
Brightness700 nits
You can enjoy this TV in the sunlight without seeing a glare on the screen.This is not a smart TV.
The HDBaseT receiver enables connectivity.
You can add a third-party device to stream online content.

Check out the SunBrite Signature Series on Amazon.

Best for Full Sun: SYLVOX Full Sun Outdoor TV

Best for Full Sun
SYLVOX 55-Inch Outdoor TV
  • High brightness at 2,000 nits
  • 55" 4K UHD display
  • IP55 weatherproof rating
  • Full sun compatible
  • ATSC & NTSC tuner
  • Supports Bluetooth & 2.4G Wi-Fi
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09/24/2023 01:09 pm GMT

Customers are raving about the SYLVOX Full Sun Outdoor TV, with some praising it for lasting through multiple seasons.

Excelling in both rain and snow, this TV features an anti-glare and anti-heat screen, ensuring durability in direct sunlight. Adding to its versatility, the screen brightness can be adjusted from 300 to 2,000 nits, making it suitable for a range of outdoor installations, including shaded areas, full sun areas, and anything in between.

Featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution, the screen is designed to offer a clear picture for up to 16 hours per day, extending its suitability to commercial applications as well.

As an added bonus, this TV comes with 38 built-in apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount+. However, it is important to note that this TV does not have the capability to download apps. If your desired app is not pre-installed, you may consider integrating a third-party device like a Firestick.

Operating Temperature-22° to 122° F
Resolution3840 x 2160 UHD 4K HDR
Brightness2,000 nits
It is durable and will perform in all weather.You will need a third-party device if the apps you want aren’t already preinstalled.
The adjustable screen brightness enhances versatility.
It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
38 apps come preinstalled, including some of the most popular.

Check out the SYLVOX Full Sun Outdoor TV on Amazon.

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Using an indoor television in an outdoor area is not recommended as it could swiftly result in damage.

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How to Pick the Best TV for Cold Temperatures: Step-by-Step

When choosing a TV for cold temperatures, these are the main criteria to consider:

  • Operating temperature range
  • Weatherproofing
  • Brightness

Let’s review each one in more detail.

Operating Temperature Range

Extreme temperatures can damage your TV if it’s not built to withstand such conditions. Be sure to check your model’s operating temperature range.

Additionally, keep in mind that certain models might have different non-operating temperature ranges which indicate the temperatures in which a TV can be stored without damage.


Even if you plan to install your TV on a covered patio, it will need to have weatherproofing capabilities. We recommend looking for a TV with a rating of at least IP55. This will guard against dust, humidity, and blowing rain.


If a TV screen isn’t bright enough, the picture will appear muddy or clouded in outdoor applications. To address this issue, outdoor TVs are typically much brighter to ensure clear, vivid picture quality.

If you plan to purchase an outdoor TV, we recommend models with at least 500 nits for shaded areas. For full-sun areas, you may require 1,000-2,000 nits.

What to Know Before Buying a TV for Cold Temperatures

Installation Requirements

Although some outdoor TVs will come with a stand, many are designed to be wall mounted and may not include the hardware for the job. The rationale behind this lies in the fact that different scenarios call for different wall mounting solutions. For example, brick walls will require different mounting hardware than wooden walls. Furthermore, there are a variety of wall mounts that offer additional functionality, like swiveling to accommodate changing viewpoints.

When installing your TV, ensure that you use the proper tools to support its weight. If the TV falls, it could be disastrous.

Screen Size

While it may be tempting to purchase the largest TV money can buy, it’s important to make a decision based on the distance from which viewers will be watching.

While opinions can vary, it’s helpful to use a calculator to get a ballpark idea.

Using a TV for Cold Temperatures: What It’s Like

Using a TV that can withstand cold temperatures brings convenience but also extends the usability of your outdoor entertainment area. This expanded usability might even spark ideas of hosting gatherings with friends and family.

Imagine settling in with hot beverages and cozy blankets as you and your guests enjoy a movie or cheer on your favorite team. By embracing the season in a way that is often overlooked, your gatherings may become more memorable.

Ultimately, you may find yourself socializing more and spending less time dismantling your TV for winter storage!

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The 5 Best Outdoor TVs for Cold Temperatures FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can I use an indoor TV outside?

No. Do not use an indoor TV outside. Even a small amount of humidity can damage it.

Are there any recommended maintenance practices for outdoor TVs in cold weather?

While you might choose to wipe your TV screen to keep it clean, that’s typically the extent of maintenance required.

Can outdoor TVs experience reduced performance in very cold weather?

Your TV should perform normally as long as it is rated for the temperature and weather.

Are there differences in energy consumption between indoor and outdoor TVs?

It can vary, but outdoor TVs might demand higher power levels to achieve a brighter screen.

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