The 7 Best Mice for Drag-Clicking in 2024

best mouse for drag clicking

The 7 Best Mice for Drag-Clicking in 2024

Key Points

  • The Glorious Model O is the best overall mouse for drag-clicking, with its zero debounce time and quieter clicking sound.
  • The Redragon M612 is a budget-friendly option that performs well and offers 11 programmable buttons.
  • The Razer Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed Wireless is the best ergonomic mouse for drag-clicking, with its comfortable shape and low-latency wireless technology.
  • The Razer DeathAdder V3 Wired is the best wired mouse for drag-clicking, with its lightweight cable and durable switches.
  • The Bloody A70x offers the highest clicking speed but may have durability issues.
  • The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is best for large hands and offers tactile feedback on clicks.
  • The ROCCAT Kone Air has the longest lifespan with its durable switches and solid construction.

If you’ve worked hard developing your drag-clicking skills for gaming, you’ll need the right equipment to make your efforts worth it. The best mice for drag-clicking are responsive, precise, durable, and comfortable.

For this method, a simple office mouse just won’t cut it. However, with the following recommendations, you’ll significantly enhance your performance and take your gaming to the next level.

#1 Best Overall: Glorious Model O

#1 Best Overall
Glorious Model O Minus Honeycomb Gaming Mouse
  • Superlight at 58g
  • Honeycomb
  • RGB
  • Matte White
  • USB
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01/17/2024 11:55 pm GMT

If you want to drag-click like professional gamers HannahXXRose and Cheetahh, we recommend the Glorious Model O.

The standout feature of the Model O is its software, capable of reducing the mouse’s debounce time to zero. When you set a debounce timer to zero, the device won’t wait for the switch signal to stabilize before registering another click. Consequently, the mouse becomes extremely sensitive, executing successive clicks more quickly.

In addition to its rapid click execution, gamers also value the quieter clicking sound it produces compared to most other mice. The reduced noise is particularly important for drag-clicking as it helps minimize external distractions during gaming sessions.

If you’re planning to use this mouse for Minecraft, it performs exceptionally well during bridging and PvP. Depending on experience, players can expect around 15 CPS for short-dragging and 50 CPS for long-dragging. Furthermore, gamers are likely to enjoy extended sessions without fatigue, thanks to its lightweight design.

In our experience, the mouse doesn’t have any serious drawbacks. However, some gamers have expressed dissatisfaction with the side buttons which flex inward when subjected to too much pressure. Given that these are used less frequently, we don’t believe this is a dealbreaker.

You can find the Glorious Model O on Amazon.

Weight67 grams
Number of Buttons6
Max DPI12,000
Max Tracking Speed250+ IPS
Setting the debounce time to zero drastically increases potential clicking speeds.The side buttons may not resist flexing under pressure.
Compared to other models, the clicking sound is quieter.
The lightweight build reduces hand fatigue so gamers can play longer.

Best Budget-Friendly: Redragon M612

Best Budget-Friendly
Redragon M612 Predator RGB Gaming Mouse
  • 8,000 DPI
  • Optical gamer mouse
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • 5 backlit modes
  • The software supports DIY key binds
  • Rapid fire button
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01/18/2024 12:06 am GMT

When working within a $20 budget, the Redragon M612 offers unbeatable quality.

Despite its budget-friendly price, the materials are surprisingly high-quality and solid. It does include a rubber grip which is restricted to the thumb grip area only. For gamers, this is highly advantageous because it enables users to get a good grip while also enhancing their ability to drag-click across a smooth surface.

Furthermore, it offers 11 programmable buttons, more than twice the number available on some leading premium models. The top left button has a rapid-fire feature, enabling easy and efficient double-clicking, while its central button provides on-the-fly DPI adjustment.

Although you can’t adjust the debounce time on the Redragon M612, it’s capable of drag-clicking without it.

Check out the Redragon M612 on Amazon.

Weight145 grams
Number of Buttons11
Max DPI8,000
This budget-friendly option performs as well or better than many premium models.You can’t adjust the debounce time.
Because of its strategic design, users can grip well and easily drag-click.
You can double click using a dedicated rapid-fire button.
You can adjust DPI instantly.

Best Ergonomics: Razer Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed Wireless

Best Ergonomics
Razer Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed Customizable Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Mechanical switches
  • Gen-2-5G Advanced 18K optical sensor
  • Chroma RGB
  • 9 programmable controls
  • 535-hour battery
  • Classic black
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01/17/2024 04:35 am GMT

For marathon gaming sessions, the Razer Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed Wireless is a high-performance mouse that’s comfortable enough to support drag-clicking for hours on end.

Due to its ergonomic shape, it offers exceptional comfort, providing support for different grips while cupping your thumb so that it doesn’t drag along your desk surface and cause additional friction. Furthermore, it has long, smooth front buttons, making it one of the best mice to drag-click with.

With nine customizable controls, this mouse allows for a wide range of commands and macros, giving users the power to optimize their gameplay. Furthermore, its 5G optical sensor provides a responsive tracking experience with an impressive 18,000 DPI.

To streamline your setup, Razer gives users the option to connect both your mouse and a compatible keyboard to a single dongle, freeing up an extra USB port. This wireless technology guarantees a low-latency experience, ensuring that every command and movement is accurately reflected in real-time.

In general, you can expect the switch lifecycle to last for approximately 60 million clicks, with the battery life lasting up to 285 hours with the dongle or 535 hours using Bluetooth.

However, a notable drawback is the lack of clear indicators to help you monitor the remaining battery life.

The Razer Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed Wireless is available on Amazon.

Weight110 grams
Number of Buttons7
Max DPI18,000 DPI
Max Tracking Speed450 IPS
It’s comfortable, accommodates multiple grip styles, and prevents your thumb from dragging.You might not know when it’s time to switch out your batteries.
The long, smooth front button is ideal for drag-clicking.
You’ll have 9 customizable controls.
Low-latency wireless technology provides a lag-free experience.
It has an impressive battery life and overall lifespan.
Great Keyboard
Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • 65% mechanical
  • Wireless
  • Yellow switches
  • Linear and silent
  • Doubleshot ABS keycaps
  • 200 hours of battery life
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01/17/2024 04:54 am GMT

Best Wired: Razer DeathAdder V3 Wired

Best Wired
Razer DeathAdder V3 Wired Gaming Mouse
  • 59g ultra lightweight
  • Pro 30K optical sensor
  • Gen-3 fast optical switches
  • 8K Hz HyperPolling
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Ergonomic
  • Speedflex cable
  • Black
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01/17/2024 04:44 am GMT

Weighing in at only 59 grams, the newly released Razer DeathAdder V3 Wired excels as an agile and precise gaming mouse, making numerous improvements over the brand’s other models.

Although many gamers are embracing wireless technology, the cable is unlikely to impede your gameplay because it’s lightweight and attaches to the mouse at a height that prevents the connector from dragging. You won’t have to worry about charging it, either. However, the most significant benefit of the cable is that it reduces input delay from 1 millisecond to .125 milliseconds. For gamers who need a competitive edge, the cable is a compelling choice.

In terms of its drag-clicking ability, gamers will appreciate its improved coating which is just rubbery enough to grip easily while also providing a smooth surface to drag click. The switches are well-tensioned, providing crisp execution. Users can expect this model to stand up well to rigorous use, as it’s rated to withstand up to 90 million clicks.

While we consider this to be a pro-level mouse, some users complained that the clicking sound was too loud and high-pitched. So, if you’re particularly sound-sensitive, you may want to investigate other options.

Check out the Razer DeathAdder V3 Wired on Amazon.

Weight59 grams
Number of Buttons6
Max DPI30,000 DPI
Max Tracking Speed750 IPS
It’s ultra-lightweight, reducing hand fatigue while improving agility.Some users may find the clicking sound offputting.
The lightweight cable won’t hinder your gameplay and eliminates the need for charging.
The coating provides grip while remaining smooth enough for drag-clicking.
The switches are well-tensioned and will last up to 90 million clicks.

Highest CPS: Bloody A70x

Highest CPS
Bloody A70x Optical Gaming Mouse
  • Light Stike (LK) Switch & Scroll
  • Fully programmable
  • Advance Macros
  • Matte Black
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/17/2024 04:54 am GMT

If your main priority is hitting more clicks per second than any other player, we recommend the Bloody A70x.

Its standout feature is the Light Strike optical switches, which make it the world’s fastest-responding mouse. Notably, you won’t need to adjust the software to accommodate drag-clicking because the debounce time is already set at 1. Moreover, the mouse is rated for up to 20 million clicks, and its infrared wheel can spin millions of times without wearing out, providing the same level of precision as the mouse button.

To facilitate movement, its five feet can glide easily over nearly any surface, effectively minimizing friction. Due to its use of infrared beams, you also won’t hear any of the typical metal bouncing noises, which can be a significant benefit for sound-sensitive gamers.

While it outperforms the top-rated mouse, the Glorious Model O, in terms of clicking speed, it does fall short in other aspects that are important for gaming. For example, some users question its overall durability. While specific components may be durable, other parts may degrade too quickly.

You can find the Bloody A70x on Amazon.

Weight122 grams
Number of Buttons8
Max DPI8,000 DPI
Max Tracking Speed220 IPS
It offers unparalleled clicking speed.Although certain elements may be durable, others may wear down more quickly.
You won’t have to listen to any metal-bouncing noises.
The feet can glide easily over almost any surface.

Best for Large Hands: Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro

Best for Large Hands
Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Wireless FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse
  • Three ways to connect: sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS technology, low-latency Bluetooth wireless technology, or USB-wired
  • Play with pinpoint accuracy and precision thanks to a custom PixArt PAW3392 native 18,000 DPI optical sensor, optimized for wireless mice with extremely low power consumption and customizable in 1 DPI resolution step
  • Hyper-polling technology communicates with your PC at up to 2,000Hz
  • Charges with an easy-to-use, reversible USB-C connector
  • Comfortable contoured shape with two included interchangeable side grips for a tailored fit
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/17/2024 01:04 am GMT

The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is a hefty mouse that provides side grips that securely contour around your pinky and thumb, a particularly welcome feature if you have large, heavy hands.

Notably, these side grips are conveniently removable and replaceable with an additional set included in the package, granting you the option for a more rounded feel. Due to the pads on these side grips, you’ll also get a smoother gliding experience. To further accommodate large hands, the mouse is on the wider side, providing plenty of room for your palm.

In terms of clicking, gamers characterize this model as “satisfyingly clicky.” Depending on your preference, this can be an advantage in drag-clicking, as it offers clear tactile feedback. Additionally, the mouse has dedicated buttons for changing DPI settings, which is super useful when transitioning between tasks in gaming.

Although it’s designed with a palm grip in mind, it also accommodates claw and fingertip grips, fitting nicely into medium to large hands. However, if you have small hands, you’ll likely struggle with this model.

The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is available on Amazon.

Weight113 grams
Number of Buttons8
Max DPI18,000 DPI
Max Tracking Speed450 IPS
It’s a great option if you have medium to large hands and accommodates multiple grip styles.You’ll struggle to use it if you have small hands.
The interchangeable side grips enhance comfort and reduce friction.
It provides tactile feedback on clicks.
DPI settings can be adjusted instantly.

Longest Lifespan: ROCCAT Kone Air

Longest Lifespan
ROCCAT Kone Air Wireless Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
  • 800 hour battery life
  • 19K DPI optical sensor
  • Double-injected rubber side grips
  • Programmable button design
  • Titan optical switches
  • Black
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/17/2024 05:19 am GMT

Even if you use the ROCCAT Kone Air for two hours a day, you won’t need to charge it for over a year.

While you can play with one AA battery for a lighter feel, two AA batteries can extend its battery life up to 800 hours. Moreover, this particular model is engineered to endure an astonishing 100 million clicks, establishing these switches as among the most durable options available on the market.

Its durability extends to the solidly constructed frame, featuring rubber on the sides where you grip and plastic across the top, ensuring a smooth clicking experience.

The optical switches harness the speed of light so that every click is clearly registered without a debounce delay. These switches are light, requiring hardly any force, but provide enough tactile feedback that you can be assured of your actions.

In terms of capabilities, its standout feature is its Easy-Shift button. When you hold down this button, all of the other buttons can perform a different command than they usually do. While this can be incredibly useful in certain scenarios, some users expressed concerns that it’s too easy to accidentally activate during gameplay.

Check out the ROCCAT Kone Air on Amazon.

Weight96 grams
Number of Buttons9
Max DPI19,000 DPI
Max Tracking Speed400 IPS
Acceleration50 G
It has an impressive battery life and is likely to last a long time.You may accidentally activate the Easy-Shift button.
The materials are strategically placed to enhance grip and smooth clicking.
The switches are light but provide tactile feedback on clicks.
The buttons are highly versatile.
What is the best mouse for drag clicking?
Your ability to drag-click largely depends on your experience.

How to Pick the Best Mouse for Drag-Clicking: Step-by-Step

If you plan to drag-click, you’ll need more than a typical office mouse. To pick the best mouse for drag-clicking, we recommend prioritizing the following features.

High-Quality Switches

High-quality switches are essential for drag-clicking. They’ll need to be both responsive and durable.

While we recommend looking for options that are capable of a reduced debounce time, we also recommend reading reviews to see what users think about the tension.

Depending on your personal preference, you might want either soft, loose switches that users can press with little effort or tighter, heavier switches that require more force.


Although certain brands may advertise that components like switches are rated for millions of clicks, a mouse’s longevity doesn’t solely rely on the switches. Factors like the quality of materials, build construction, and overall design play significant roles.

It’s advisable to research user reviews, look for reputable brands, and consider the mouse’s overall build quality when selecting a mouse for drag-clicking.


If the mouse doesn’t feel good in your hand, you’re more likely to develop pain. Over time, this can lead to repetitive strain injuries.

To avoid these issues, we recommend selecting a gaming mouse that complements your grip style.

Gaming mouse
Gaming mice cater to three main grip styles: fingertip, claw, and palm.

What to Know Before Buying a Mouse for Drag-Clicking

Before buying a mouse for drag-clicking, it’s helpful to keep the following things in mind.

Software Compatibility

Many high-performance mice are equipped with accompanying software that allows users to customize button functions and fine-tune settings to suit their preferences. However, it’s essential to note that this software may not always be compatible with every operating system.

To ensure compatibility, make sure that the software designed for your specific mouse model is compatible with the operating system you intend to use it on.

Texture Preferences

Gamer preferences greatly differ when it comes to the desired texture of a drag-clicking mouse. Those who prioritize speed might prefer a smoother option, whereas others who prioritize accuracy and precision may find the added texture of grip tape beneficial.

Neither is inherently better than the other, so the decision between the two hinges on your individual gaming style and preferences. However, knowing what you prefer can help you select a mouse that will enhance your gaming experience.

Additional Features

Increasing your clicks per second is an important part of gameplay, but it’s important to remember that it’s not the only part. We recommend taking a balanced approach to selecting a gaming mouse, taking all features into consideration.

Budget Considerations

While high-end gaming mice frequently boast a range of advanced features, there are plenty of budget-friendly alternatives that can still excel at drag-clicking.

Set your budget and choose a gaming mouse that strikes the right balance between performance and affordability.

Using a Mouse for Drag Clicking: What It’s Like

In gaming, the quality of your equipment matters. Regardless of your level of expertise, using inferior products during gameplay is like pitting a Fiat against a Ferrari in a race. You’ll lose every time!

Once you secure the best gaming equipment, you’ll begin noticing marked improvements in your gameplay results. You’ll move faster, make more precise hits, and ultimately experience a significant boost in your ability to execute rapid-fire actions.

As a result, you may find yourself enjoying the game more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can all mice drag-click?

No. The key factor that determines whether a mouse can drag-click is the type of switches it uses.

Even if a mouse’s switches are technically capable of drag-clicking, it may break prematurely if it’s not designed to withstand the stresses of this clicking technique.

Which mouse grip is best for gaming?

The best grip style depends entirely on personal preference.

A fingertip grip may help some people react more quickly while a palm grip may be more ideal for larger hands because it offers greater comfort and control. The claw grip offers a balance of the two styles, offering both control and speed.


Can gaming mice be used for non-gaming tasks?

Absolutely. In fact, gaming mice may even be more comfortable than typical office mice. Additionally, some gaming mice offer profile switching, allowing you to save different button configurations for different tasks.

Do I need extra buttons on my gaming mouse, and how can I use them effectively?

Having extra buttons on your gaming mouse can be highly advantageous, but whether you need them depends on your gaming style and preferences.

Many gaming mice software allow you to create macros, which are sequences of actions triggered by a single button press. This creates more possibilities for your gameplay. 

Furthermore, buttons like an Easy-Shift effectively double your buttons, reducing the need for extra individual buttons.

If possible, we recommend exploring what your mouse’s software has to offer. While programming complex actions can help improve your gameplay results, it’s important to consider your own limitations when it comes to remembering and effectively utilizing these customized functions.

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