Best Linux Distros for Server: Reviewed and Ranked


Best Linux Distros for Server: Reviewed and Ranked

Key Points

  • Linux distribution (distro) uses a Linux kernel integrated into an operating system, combining two different parts of programs together for a usable tool.
  • When choosing the best Linux distro, there are several factors to consider, including usage, hardware requirements, software support, stability, documentation, and support.
  • UBUNTU was voted the best overall Linux distro.

Linux distros, the short form of Linux distribution, is a type of open-source Linux operating system that is a combination of two different parts programs for installation, managerial tools, and other software like the KVM hyper vision.

When deciding on a Linux system, it is normal to pick a distribution that combines all the best open-source features into 1 installation package. It is quite hard to get the best Linux distros as there is an astounding number of Linux distros to choose from. To get the best Linux distro for the server, a list has been created according to different categories on the best distros the lineup offers.

Here are the best Linux distro for servers in 2022, reviewed and ranked:

  • Best Overall: UBUNTU
  • Best Lightweight: Puppy Linux
  • Best for Travel: LINUX MINT
  • Best for Performance: DEBIAN
  • Most Durable: FEDORA

Best Overall: UBUNTU

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that comprises more free and open-source software. It was relieved with 3 editions: desktop, server, and core for things like internet and robots. Usually, Ubuntu releases a new version every six months and, for the long-term, every two years.

After testing, the new found that Ubuntu comprises software like LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Transmission, and other games like Sudoku and Mine. Cloud images are present in Ubuntu. In addition, you can pre-install some images using specific customizations by Ubuntu engineering.

Some advantages of Ubuntu include: 

  • Free system with personalized Enterprise computing
  • You can install it in different types; not limited to just one device
  • Comprehensive operating system that allows a company to have a desktop computing experience while in their office

Some disadvantages include:

  • Uses of Ubuntu must be literate with technology
  • Ubuntu does not support some popular software like Photoshop and MS Office 
Ubuntu linux distro
Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distros available.

Best Lightweight Option: Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux is an extraordinarily small distribution that is quite full-featured. It may be small, but it is extremely fast as it responds to user impute immediately. The family of lightweight Linux distributions focuses on making the work easier to use and has a reduced memory footprint.

Advantages of Puppy Linux are:

  • It is extremely small in size, about 300MB or even lesser
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and versatile

Disadvantages of Puppy Linux are:

  • People who are not learned in computer studies may find it hard to adapt
  • Cannot use all applications with Puppy Linux

Best Travel Choice: Linux Mint

After several tests, Linux Mint has been seen to have the purpose of providing an operating system that home users and companies can use and won’t need to pay for it. Mint is based on Ubuntu, and it’s a community during Linux distribution as it comprises different free and open-source applications.

Advantages of Linux Mint are:

  • Very easy to use and can work out of the box with different multimedia support
  • Free and has an open source
  • Involves the community as they expect feedback from users to know where they can improve

Disadvantages are just as much as they are, and some are:

  • No manager
  • Very large and needs a considerably capable machine to run well

Best Full Performance: Debian

Debian Linux distros are ideal for users who need a stable distribution with the best hardware and software support. Unlike the others, it is not based on any other Linux distros as it is an original distro.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Free and uses an open-source software
  • Extremely stable and has an advanced security system
  • Has a conservative operating system

Disadvantages are:

  • Debian software is not always on the correct dates
  • Its installation is only with free software

Most Durable: FEDORA

After research, it has been concluded that video is a Linux distribution developed by federal projects. It is extremely powerful and has flexible operations in the system. Federal helps create an innovative, free, open-source platform for hardware, cloud, and containers. That allows developers and members of the community to build tailored solutions. It is the most durable of Linux distributions.

Some of its advantages include:

  • Security enhancements in operating systems
  • Provides many graphical tools
  • Updates automatically

Disadvantages are: 

  • Can be stressful to set up as it requires a long time
  • No standard model for multi-five objects is provided

How to Pick the Best Linux Distro for Server: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are some factors you need to consider when choosing the best Linux distro for servers, like:

  • Usage
  • Hardware requirements
  • Software support
  • Stability
  • Documentation and community support
  • Previous encounters with Linux

Let’s go into more detail about each factor.

  • Usage: The main reason to own a personal computer is to be able to complete a task. No matter the task, general, personal or professional, Linux comes in handy.
  • Hardware requirements: It is known that the lineup is a lightweight operating system cannon, and it runs on little hardware resources.
  • Software support: Although Linux is stable, there can be unavoidable technical glitches. It is vital to have such software service support that can help with these technical difficulties.
  • Stability: If your project is critical and needs extreme stability, it is best to avoid bleeding edge distros.
  • Documentation and community support: To have the best Linux distro for a server, it is extremely important to check out the documentation information that appears on the Linux official page.
  • Past encounters with Linux: Linux is certainly not only for technical people as it’s easy to use. To choose the best distro for the server, previous experiences are a great influence and factor.

Picking out a Linux distro is easier now after looking and checking out these steps.

Dell PowerEdge 2950
In order to select the best Linux distro for you, be sure to check in on your specific use case and how it will benefit that.

What to Know Before Buying a Linux Distro

Firstly, most experts know that Linux is a great alternative to Windows and Mac, but it cannot be very clear if you have just started it. The growth of Linux is astounding as it no longer requires a terminal window installation. Here are some things to note for buying a Linux distro:

  • Linux is free, safe, and secure and does not require a license. This is unlike Windows and Mac that need to be purchased if you want to use it professionally.
  • There are options provided that can help customize your desktop accordingly. Several desktop environments are available for Linux alone.
  • Unlike Windows 10 and the latest edition of Mac, which lags on low-end hardware systems, Linux can be used on any device, even down to the smallest size of the operating system RAM.
  • Yes, it is easy to update and has great software support. Linux keeps an excellent record and has regular updates compared to Windows. Updates from Linux never seem to disappoint its user.
  • Basic technical knowledge is required as Linux combines different commands to make taxes.
  • Treating baskets is much easier in Linux. Bath scripts help execute tasks like adding formats, creating filters, handling mailing lists, and more.

Using Linux Distros: What’s It Like

The accessibility of computer systems is given through the terminal. Therefore, it is made differently, like museums, car games, and graphic design.

Having to use Linux makes it easier to use. It needs to be utilized fully. It is extremely comfortable to use a Linux distro in 2022.

There are a few things that you could do with Linux, including:

  1. Update system: Linux distros are made from thousands of software packages, and these packages are frequently upgraded so they can provide bug fixes, security patches, enhanced features, and more.
  2. Customization: Linux is a platform that provides complete freedom regarding customization. Moreover, with the right literate knowledge, anybody can customize every part of the system.
  3. Backup: It is important to have a backup to protect data. A backup is just an act of keeping important documents in another location, whether physical, local, or cloud storage. A backup provides the best defense against misfortunes in the life system of functions.
  4. Education: Linux is compatible with education because it is free and anyone can download it on their computer.
  5. Security: It is usually held the lineup is one of the most secure platforms, but this is only half true. Although there are security threats, it is not as many as Windows.

Final Thoughts 

Linux may be an awesome and stable operating system. To choose the best Linux distro for the server, pick a Linux distro that matches your requirements. With so many options and each one catering to different use cases, be sure you know exactly what you’re looking for.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Linux is the best in 2022?

The best Linux distro is Ubuntu.

Is Linux still relevant in 2022?

Yes, Linux is still a very popular open-source operating system.

Which Linux operating system is best?

Ubuntu is the best and most popular.

Which Linux distros are best for beginner's use?

Ubuntu is the best, as it is easy to install and use.

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