Best Linux Distro for MacBook Pro

linux distros for macbook pro

Best Linux Distro for MacBook Pro

Key Points

  • The compatibility of the operating system with your hardware is important.
  • The user-friendliness of the distro you are interested in is also important since some are more intuitive than others.
  • You should also endeavor to select distros that have adequate support.

If you are an Apple lover but still want to have a PC operating system, you can try the Linux distro for your MacBook Pro. The newest MacBook Pro has a 4K display and high-performance video editing capabilities. These are some of the main reasons Linux distros are great choices for this model.

You can use your MacBook Pro to perform the same tasks as a normal PC. But with the vastness of Linux, the question is, which Linux distro should you choose? This article will discuss the top 10 Linux distros that are great for MacBook Pro. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Linux Distros and macOS

Linux was created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds, and is a free open-source operating system based on the Unix OS. Similarly, macOS is also based on Unix’s operating system and is considered the default for Apple products such as the MacBook Pro. There is no direct competition between macOS and Linux distros since the options listed here are typically used by developers and power users.

Linux distros are considered to be more secure than macOS, and they are much more customizable than macOS. Surprisingly, Linux distros are also more affordable than macOS but are typically less user-friendly. We hope that one of the nine Linux distros listed below suits your needs.

What is a Linux distribution (distro)? Watch this video to find out.

1. Linux Mint

linux distro fro MacBook Pro
Linux Mint is a community-driven Linux distribution based on Ubuntu.

This is the most widely used Linux distro. Linux Mint has a very user-friendly interface, but it also includes some advanced features not found in the other distros. So, it’s perfect for both casual users and developers. Its interface can be easily customized and is very similar to a Mac operating system.

Hence, you will find it very easy to adjust if that’s the environment you’re used to. It is definitely one of the best Linux distros for MacBook Pro. In addition, it has a Software Manager that makes installing programs easy. Linux Mint also has a great file manager that lets you work your way around your MacBook Pro quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to fast performance, Linux Mint is second to none. The XFS file system allows Linux Mint to keep zipping along at incredible speed. The RAM management also works well for your MacBook Pro. What’s more, Linux Mint has a lot of different tools available for you. These let you easily take care of all the different aspects of your MacBook Pro.

User-friendly interfaceMinor bugs present in the latest versions
Great performance with the XFS file system
Includes a lot of handy tools
Compatible with macOS
Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions

2. Deepin

This is a flexible and easy-to-use Linux distribution. It has a user-friendly interface and includes advanced desktop tools, making it one of the best Linux distros for MacBook Pro. Deepin is not recommended for beginners in Linux, but if you are familiar with the operating system, you will find it very easy to use.

Deepin has a great file manager that makes it easy to work with your MacBook Pro files and folders. It also includes Web tools like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which makes finding information online much easier. Deepin also has a Software Centre tool that helps you install all the applications available right away with just a few clicks of your mouse. As a result, you will find the Software Centre very easy to navigate.

The Deepin community is very active and helpful, which means you will receive quality support when you need help with your MacBook Pro. It also has a good selection of themes, wallpapers, and other items for you to customize your MacBook Pro anytime. It also has a great selection of open-source software. In addition, you can access the Windows PC on your MacBook Pro using its VirtualBox feature, which makes it one of the best Linux distros for MacBook Pro users.

Powerful File ManagerMight not be suitable for beginners
User-friendly tools
Runs quickly on MacBook Pro
Easy to customize and install new software
Software Centre helps to install new applications

3. Parrot OS

linux distro for macbook pro
Parrot OS is focused on security, privacy, and development.

This is an easy-to-use Linux distro that has been custom-built for users looking for privacy and security. It offers the best protection and has been designed with a lightweight, user-friendly interface. Parrot OS includes tools for advanced protection against viruses, malware, and spyware. It also has a firewall that is completely compatible with all the hardware on your MacBook Pro.

The firewall also includes a virtual keyboard, which makes it easy for you to configure your MacBook Pro’s hardware settings without any problems. In addition, Parrot OS has a Software Center tool that helps you find and install all the required software for your MacBook Pro. It also includes a number of tools for security, privacy, and anonymity.

Parrot OS is recommended for users who want to use Linux in macOS environments to keep their data safe from malicious threats. It also has a built-in firewall, which makes it easy for you to set up network connections without any problems at all. Parrot OS does not include an Office suite like most other distros, but it provides open-source alternatives like LibreOffice and SoftMaker Office that can be easily installed using the Software Centre tool.

Lightweight and fastNo Office suite
Provides all the required toolsMight be difficult for beginners
Software Centre helps to install new software

4. Manjaro

linux distro for macbook pro
Manjaro Linux focuses on user-friendliness and accessibility.

This Linux distro is a good option for newcomers who want to learn more about Linux. Manjaro provides excellent support for new users and includes a Software Manager tool that helps you install all the applications you need on your MacBook Pro without any problems.

Manjaro has a user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to use macOS software in Linux environments. It also provides some tips, guides, and tutorials so that you can quickly start working with your MacBook Pro. The Software Manager tool in Manjaro makes it easy for you to find and install new applications without any problems.

It also includes a very active community forum, which makes it easier for you to get help when you need it. Manjaro works well on MacBook Pro hardware and provides a fully-functional Linux environment. It is compatible with macOS and can be used as an alternative to your existing software.

Simple user interfaceMight not be compatible with all the hardware on your MacBook Pro
A lot of support tools
Software Centre helps to install new applications
Runs smoothly

5. OpenSUSE

linux distro for macbook pro


penSUSE is a free and open-source RPM-based Linux distro.

This is one of the best Linux distros for users who want to use the latest software and hardware. You can find all the latest updates and software options in OpenSUSE. Namely, you will get access to a high-performance accelerated desktop environment, which gives you a great experience with your macOS apps.

You can easily find all your favorite software applications in this distro using the Software Centre tool. It also provides an excellent user interface that makes it easy for you to start using your MacBook Pro as soon as possible. The default laptop skin for OpenSUSE is intuitive and makes it very intuitive for new users. It also provides a number of easy-to-use tools that make operating this distro quick and easy.

OpenSUSE has a stable and well-performing Linux environment and is compatible with all the hardware on your MacBook Pro. It is commonly used by software developers around the globe, meaning you will get access to some of the latest software options.

Excellent features for new usersSoftware repositories can be outdated sometimes
Runs efficiently
Open-source applications
Good user interface

6. Devuan

linux distro for macbook pro
Devuan uses sysvinit, runit or OpenRC instead of systemd.

This is a good Linux distro for macOS users who want to experience a user-friendly platform. It allows you to install all the software apps for your MacBook Pro very quickly and easily. Devuan is an independent Linux distro that has its own repository of software applications and tools.

These applications have been tested on the Devuan OS before their release. Your favorite macOS applications will work well because of the minimal changes that the developers have applied. You will also find that Devuan is easy to set up and use on your MacBook Pro. All the software applications you need will be installed smoothly using the Software Centre tool. In addition, you can use this distro on both Linux and macOS operating systems without any problems at all.

Devuan works well on Mac OSX and provides a stable, fast, and smooth operating system environment for you to use. It has the latest software updates available for Mac users to download for free, which makes it an excellent option.

Easy to set upNot as stable and up-to-date as other Linux distros
Excellent performance
Software Centre provides access to all the applications you need
Includes many updated software apps
Very user-friendly OS

7. Tails

linux distro for mabcook pro
Tails connects to the Internet exclusively through the anonymity network Tor.

This is a security-conscious distro for macOS users who want to meet all their security needs. It’s primarily designed for those who want to protect their systems from unauthorized access and also for those who want to protect the privacy of their sensitive data.

Tails does not include any graphical user interface and only provides a text-based environment that is easy to understand and highly secure. It allows you to keep your online activities private through numerous anonymity tools that are available in this distro. In addition, Tails OS has no dependency on any other operating system or software, which means that it can be used on any device or platform without any problems at all.

Very secure; high anonymityNo graphical user interface, which might be a problem for some users
Can be used on any device or platform
Easy to install
Simple and intuitive because of its text-based user interface

8. elementary OS

linux distro for macbook pro
elementary OS has a pay-what-you-want model.

This is one of the most user-friendly Linux distros available on the market. That’s because its design is focused on providing a good user experience with its unique desktop environment. Elementary OS provides you with a simple, clean, flat design that makes using this distro very easy. You will find that its user interface looks so great and interesting that it makes you want to use your MacBook Pro more often.

You will also find that elementary OS has a beautiful visual appearance with high resolution that works well with all kinds of hardware devices in the market today. It has built-in applications such as File Manager, Terminal, and others. Elementary OS has also been designed to support most hardware devices and all popular software applications on the market. It’s also very stable and has a fast boot performance, which makes it an excellent option for new Linux users.

Beautiful user interface with high-resolution supportPoor hardware support
Very stable, secure, and easy to useNo active communities for help and support
Simple software installation process
Built-in apps

9. Ubuntu Studio

linux distro for macbook pro
Ubuntu Studio is geared toward general multimedia production.

The Ubuntu Studio operating system is a staple of all Linux distributions, with excellent performance and impressive features. It’s very lightweight and runs fast on your hardware. It also comes with built-in software applications such as the Sound Recorder, Desktop Organizer, Music Player, and many others.

It also has an intuitive and simple user interface that makes it simple for new users to start operating. You will also find that it gives you excellent control over various desktop settings such as controls, menus, icons, etc. This makes this distro suitable for everyday use for all kinds of users.

Ubuntu Studio is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy quality music, videos, and other multimedia content on their MacBook Pro. It also has excellent support for various hardware devices and provides you with all the software tools you need to run your applications smoothly.

Excellent hardware supportNot much user interface support
Convenient multimedia applicationsDoes not support all hardware devices and applications you might need
Many built-in utilities
Simple software installation process

How To Pick The Best Linux Distro for MacBook Pro

When choosing a Linux distro that is suitable for your macOS device, you should consider your needs. There are seven main considerations for most buyers:

  • Hardware Requirements
  • Usage
  • User Interface
  • Software Support
  • Stability and Performance
  • Previous Experience With Linux
  • Documentation and Community Support

Let’s look at each one in more detail.

Hardware Requirements

The operating system should be suitable for the hardware device that you are using. For example, if you are using a 64-bit system, you should use an operating system with advanced support for 64-bit systems. In order to check this requirement, make sure the Linux distro you want to buy supports the hardware on your computer.


Always consider the purpose of your MacBook Pro when choosing a Linux distro. If you use it for gaming, you should consider if the distro is pre-installed with popular games on the market. If you want to use it for everyday tasks, go for one that has good support for various hardware devices and applications.

User Interface

You should also consider the user interface of a Linux distro. You will find that some distros have intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces for all kinds of users. On the other hand, some Linux distros feature a command line interface (CLI) that might be difficult for new users.

Software Support

The support of Linux distros can be based on the number of applications it supports. If you use your macOS device for various purposes, choose an operating system with many useful applications.

Stability and Performance

The stability and performance of a Linux distro can be determined by the number of users it supports. If you use your MacBook Pro device for one or two purposes, then choose an operating system with a small user base. Sometimes, you can also choose a Linux distro that is customized for your hardware device.

Previous Experience With Linux

If you have some experience with Linux distros, then you can go for the one with which you have more experience. But if this is your first time using a Linux distro, then it is better to choose one that provides easy-to-use interfaces and support for a large number of applications and utilities.

Documentation and Community Support

You can often find Linux distros with good support for their community. This means that you should be able to get software updates and all kinds of support related to the operating system from the community if you need it.

Using Linux Distro for MacBook Pro: What It’s Like

There are many advantages of using Linux distros on your MacBook Pro. Among them is the fact that they run faster and with fewer glitches than Windows OS. Also, if you want an operating system free of surveillance and ads, you should consider going for a Linux distro.

Linux distros are also more secure than all other operating systems on the market. This means that if security is a primary concern for you, then switching to Linux distros should be your first consideration. You will find it easier to work with different applications using your MacBook Pro device.

It’s also easy to upgrade your operating system from within the distro and customize it in many different ways without having to reinstall it. You should also note that you can access every part of your MacBook Pro using a Linux distro. As such, you will find it easier to work with applications and manage your files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Linux distro is best for MacBook Pro?

Linux Mint is the best Linux distro for MacBook Pro. This operating system is available in a number of different versions with different features and capabilities depending on their purpose. However, the basic version does not have all the necessary everyday applications.

Which Linux distro is similar to macOS?

Ubuntu Budgie is the most similar to the macOS operating system. This Linux distro has a simple and elegant user interface that makes it feel like you are using macOS instead of another OS.

Which Linux distro is best for gaming?

Linux Mint Cinnamon, but there is also Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, elementary OS, etc. If you want to use Mac, you can use this operating system. It has the same functionalities as Mac computers.

Which Linux distro is designed for easy usage?

Ubuntu and Linux Mint are great for easy usage. They provide a very intuitive user interface that new users can use without much effort on their part. They are also both very stable and easy to use on a daily basis without any problems at all.

Which Linux distro is best for professionals?

Ubuntu and Linux Mint are both excellent choices for professionals who need to work on their Mac devices. Both these distros are stable and feature a good level of performance for everyday use.

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