The 5 Best LED Lights for Bedrooms on Earth Today

Best LED lights for bedrooms

The 5 Best LED Lights for Bedrooms on Earth Today

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overall LED light for the bedroom is the Linkind Smart Wi-Fi LED light bulb 9W.
  • Good LED lighting for the bedroom should have a temperature rating of not more than 3000K.
  • When shopping for an LED bedroom light, you should consider, among other factors, the size of your bedroom, what you do in the bedroom, modes of control, and cost.

To many, a bedroom is a haven of peace. It is where our days start and end. The only space in the entire house that allows you to step away from it all and enjoy some quality hibernation. That’s why you should work towards creating an atmosphere that allows that. Make your bedroom feel cozy, peaceful, and calm. The most important aspect you can change to help achieve these feelings and a soothing atmosphere that will encourage healthy sleep habits is lighting, but not just any lights. The right LED light can transform your bedroom into a dynamic space suitable for your needs and moods. 

Do not overlook the power of dimmable LED lights. They are perfect for altering the mood and ambiance of your bedroom. The multi-colored LED lights with voice control allow you to create the lighting effect of your choice. For instance, you can, via voice command, create a restful and relaxing environment. You can even simplify the control further by going for Smart LED lights. After reviewing the options, here are our choices for the best LED lights for your bedroom:

#1 Best Overall LED Light for Bedrooms: Linkind Smart Light Bulbs

Best Overall
Linkind Smart Light Bulbs
  • 4-pack of 60W color-changing LED lights
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi
  • Dimmable
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11/27/2023 02:06 am GMT

The Linkind Smart Light Bulbs are our selection as the best overall LED light for bedrooms. It is suited for almost all bedroom lighting plans. You can use the light in pendant lamps, in bedside lamps, or in bedroom wall sconces. 

The Linkind Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb features a voice control and remote control. It is also Alexa and Google Home Assistant compatible. Therefore, it can dim and change the color on voice command. The Smart Life or Tuya Android and iOS apps also help control the lights remotely using your phone. This Smart LED bulb has a timer function that allows you to schedule when to turn on, dim, brighten up, or turn off the lights.

Besides control modes, the smart Wi-Fi LED light is multi-colored, offering up to 16 million colors and 8 scenes. The scenes help customize your lighting patterns to create the desired atmosphere in your room. With this feature, you can turn your bedroom into theatre mode or adjust it to provide the romantic aura you need. If you do not need colored lighting for your bedroom, you can still find smart LED Light bulbs with dimmable standard white shades ranging from 2700K to 6500K. 

However, the Smart LED Light has a limitation. It only uses a 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi network, so it won’t work if you use a 5GHz Wi-Fi.

It is dimmable.App control integration might not work properly.
It is multi-colored.The lights only use 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.
It can be controlled using voice commands or a remote.
The lights do not need a bridge or hub.

Check out the Linkind Smart Light Bulbs on Amazon.

Best Dimmable LED Lights for Bedrooms: Philips LED Flicker-Free Frosted Dimmable Lights

Best Dimmable
Philips LED White Dial Flicker-Free Frosted Dimmable Lights
$11.89 ($2.97 / Count)
  • 4-pack 60W bulbs
  • Turn the dial on base to choose between five shades of white
  • Lifetime up to 15,000 hours
  • Designed with comfort in mind
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11/27/2023 02:16 am GMT

The Philips LED Flicker-Free Frosted Dimmable Lights are the best dimmable LED lights on the market today. Most dimmable LED light bulbs flicker at low levels. The last thing you need in a bedroom is a flickering or blinking light. The Philips Frosted A19 LED bulbs do not blink.

Philips’ dimmable bulbs are designed to emulate incandescent bulbs perfectly. At 2700K, the bulbs produce soft light with a soothing neutral hue like incandescent bulbs. This sets the right mood for a good night’s sleep. 

While other LED bulbs only emit light from the top, the Philips Frosted A19 LED bulbs emit from the entire surface, making them suitable for lighting up your entire bedroom space. They come in packs of four or more, making the light bulb ideal for use in ceiling fan fixtures.

A commonly reported issue with the older version of these bulbs is that they often stop working before the stipulated lifespan. Thankfully, Philips offers a three-year warranty on the bulbs.

There is no flicker or buzzing when dimming.The lifespan is sometimes less than specified.
They are compatible with most modern dimmer switches.These lights are pricier than some alternatives.
They produce perfect incandescent-like light.

Take a look at the Philips LED Flicker-Free Frosted Dimmable Lights on Amazon today.

Best LED Light for Bedroom Accent Lighting: Govee RGBIC Pro LED Strip Lights

Best Accent Lighting
Govee RGBIC Pro LED Strip Lights
$36.99 ($2.26 / Foot)
  • 16.4 feet strip of color-changing smart LED lights
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Syncs with music
  • Control via Wi-Fi and app
  • Covered with durable and flexible protective coating
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11/27/2023 02:06 am GMT

The Govee RGBIC Pro LED Strip Lights are the best for accent lighting. They can be fitted behind the bed’s headboard, above the closet, on a picture rail, or used as under-bed lighting.

Accent lighting comes in handy when you do not need direct light from the ceiling or table lamp but still want to highlight the artwork or other features in your space. It also helps set a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The Govee RGBIC Pro LED Light Strips come in several colors and animated effects, making them the best LED lights for customizing your bedroom’s overall atmosphere. If you love music in the bedroom, then these lights will accentuate the mood-setting effect by syncing to the music. This explains why it is a common lighting option in teens’ bedrooms.

These strip lights come with a physical control box with power, color, and music sync control buttons. The Govee Home app is available for controlling and customizing different segments of the strip light. You can also use Alexa or Google Assistant to turn it on or off.

The “RGB” implies that it is multi-colored. “IC” stands for “independent control,” meaning the control chip allows multiple colors to show on a single strip simultaneously. Govee offers several light strip models, but the RGBIC Pro provides better mood lighting than the rest. It is also cheaper than most strip lights with the same features.

Unfortunately, these Govee RGBIC Pro LED Strip lights present similar limitations as all RGBIC alternatives. You cannot cut them to size because of the integrated chips. Also, Govee has yet to take a leaf from Philips’ book and provide corner connectors for the strips.

The lights are multi-colored.They lack corner connectors.
You can sync the lights with music.The lights cannot be cut to the desired length.
They are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
These lights are cheaper than alternatives in the same class.

Check out the Govee RGBIC Pro LED Strip Lights on Amazon today.

Best LED Floor Lighting: Govee Lyra LED Color-Changing Corner Floor Lamp 

Best Floor Lamp
Govee RGBIC Lyra LED Color-Changing Corner Floor Lamp
  • Floor lamp with a textured satin aluminum finish
  • 16 million total colors
  • 2200k-6500k warm/cool whites
  • 1500 lumens of brightness
  • 64+ lighting effects plus music sync
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/27/2023 02:06 am GMT

The Govee Lyra LED Color-Changing Corner Floor Lamp is the best option for floor lighting. The floor lamp comes with a thin, 57-inch tall column protruding from a round base. Within the column is an LED strip light. The result is a minimalistic floor lamp that gives the bedroom a more sophisticated look.

Govee’s Lyra Lamp can produce different colors simultaneously because it has an RGBIC strip. You can use the Govee app to adjust the light patterns to suit the mood you need in your bedroom, from mesmerizing party effects to romantic candlelight patterns. 

Like the accent lighting strip mentioned above, the Lyra will sync to music and produce light patterns that coincide with the beats. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant as well.

A key limitation of this futuristic floor lamp is that it might be too bright to look at directly. So you have to reflect the light on the walls.

It offers excellent ambient lighting.The lamp has no dimming feature.
There is a music sync feature.It is pricier than other RGB floor lamps.
The lamp is compatible with Google Home Assistant and Alexa.

Take a look at the Govee Lyra LED Color-Changing Corner Floor Lamp on Amazon here.

Best LED Bedroom Light for Breastfeeding Mothers: RTSU Baby Night Light

Best for Babies
RTSU Baby Night Light
  • Touch-activated ON/OFF
  • Step-less dimming
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Remembers your last setting
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/27/2023 02:07 am GMT

The RTSU Baby Night Light is the best LED bedroom light for babies. It is also great for new parents or anyone who shares a bedroom with young children. It is the kind of light that won’t disrupt your roommate’s sleep when you need to change the baby’s diaper. You can also use it to check on a sleeping baby without waking them up.

The RTSU LED Baby Night Light is a palm-sized cordless lamp. You can easily take it with you, which is a plus for nursing mothers who travel with their babies. This compact, lightweight lamp also has a rechargeable battery.

This dimmable bedside lamp has a control button incorporated as a small depression at the center. You only need to press on the light top for step-less dimming; it’s that simple to use. The level of light increases based on how long you press on the depression. When turned on, it resets to the last light level, saving you the hassle of adjusting the brightness every time. 

The downside of this lamp is that there are no multi-colored options on the market yet, but it does come in an ivory white and a soft white.

It is lightweight and portable.There are no multi-colored options, only different shades of white.
The light is ultra-compact in size.
It has step-less dimming.

Check out the RTSU Baby Night Light on Amazon here.

How to Pick the Best LED Light for Bedrooms: Step by Step

With so many LED lights available, picking the right one for your bedroom can be frustrating. However, considering the following four factors can help simplify the process.

  • Bedroom size
  • Your bedroom activities
  • Control options
  • Cost

Let’s take a look at each one below.

Bedroom Size

When thinking about purchasing an LED light for your bedroom, think about the size of your room and the types of fixtures you have. An LED light for a ceiling fixture, whether a pendant or a fan, is often sufficient for a small bedroom. Large bedrooms with more fixtures may need additional lights for wall sconces, plus LED strip lights and corner lights for optimal illumination. 

Your Bedroom Activities

If you only go to the bedroom to sleep, you will need a simple one-color dimmable light. However, if you have a music system or a gaming rig in the bedroom, you will need multi-colored smart LED lights such as Govee’s strip lights to accentuate the mood.

Control Options

The best LED lights for the bedroom come with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. Buying a light without such controls means you will need to have manual controls such as dimmer switches or a manufacturer-supplied physical control box. If you opt for manually-controlled dimmable lights, ensure you have a compatible dimmer switch.


You have probably heard the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” However, some manufacturers provide cheaper alternatives that are just as good as name brands. For example, Govee’s strip lights are cheaper than Philips strip lights with the same features. Additionally, consider the hidden costs of some lighting options, such as an Amazon Echo device for Alexa and a bridge, in case you need a Philips Hue bridge.

What to Know Before Buying the Best LED Lights for Bedrooms

Regardless of how you use the bedroom at other times, it is still the place where you spend most of your time sleeping. Therefore, choose an LED light that will improve your sleep. The first way to achieve this is to have LED lights with a temperature rating that is lower than 3000K. It helps create a soothing, peaceful atmosphere.

Using the Best LED Lights for Bedrooms: What It’s Like

LED lights have become popular for bedrooms because they can be controlled in many ways. They also produce different colors, even simultaneously, depending on the technology. They are energy efficient, as well, using up to 80% less energy to emit the same light levels as incandescent and CFLs. Even more, they have a long lifespan ranging between 20,000 to 50,000 hours, ensuring you will enjoy your bedroom LED lights for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of LED lighting is best for a bedroom?

A bedroom requires warm, soft ambient lighting that will make you feel relaxed and peaceful so you can fall asleep as fast as possible. The best lighting is, however, a combination of overhead lighting, wall sconces, desk lamps, and mood lighting. That said, your needs and budget define what is best.

Which color is the best for bedroom lighting?

The best color for the bedroom is orange-sunset red. It is warm and extremely calming. Though, some people prefer soft yellow light and other shades of orange.

Which is the worst color for bedroom lighting?

The worst color for bedroom lighting is blue because it triggers the body to alert mode. Since the sun produces blue light, the body is designed to consider all blue lights an indication of the need to be awake and alert. That’s why it is advisable to avoid blue light-emitting sources such as TVs and phones hours before going to bed.

How do I tell if an LED light bulb is dimmable?

Unfortunately, there is no standard symbol to show that a bulb is dimmable. Therefore, the only way to know if an LED light is dimmable is to check if it is explicitly stated as dimmable on the packaging.

Can I use a non-dimmable LED with a dimmer switch?

You can, but you should not. The LED light will flicker a lot, and since it is not designed as dimmable, it will get damaged faster.

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