5 Best Laptops for Therapists in 2024: Ranked and Reviewed

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5 Best Laptops for Therapists in 2024: Ranked and Reviewed

Key Points

  • The 2022 Apple MacBook Pro is ranked as the best overall laptop for therapists, with features like seamless compatibility with Apple devices, a high-quality camera and microphone, and a long battery life.
  • The ASUS ExpertBook B5 Flip is the best Windows laptop for therapists, offering a convertible design, AI noise-canceling audio technology, and ample storage space.
  • The HP Envy Business Laptop is recommended for therapists who need a large amount of storage space, with 64GB of RAM and a solid-state drive.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro is the best laptop for therapists who need expandable storage, with a 1TB solid-state drive that can be expanded up to 2TB with a microSD card.
  • The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is a budget-friendly option for therapists, offering portability, a touchscreen display, and a lightweight design.

Whether you’re a telehealth practitioner in need of a laptop for your online appointments or just looking for the right device for note-taking and storing patient files, finding the best laptop for your needs can be challenging. Some of the most important factors to check include the audio and webcam quality, the processing speed, and the internal storage.

If you don’t want to lose time comparing specs, check out our ranking for the best laptops for therapists you can buy this year.

#1 Best Overall: 2022 Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

#1 Best Overall
Apple 2022 MacBook Pro Laptop with M2
  • Handle heavy workloads on the go.
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge.
  • Run all your favorite Mac applications on the go.
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01/17/2024 08:05 pm GMT

Light and powerful, the 2022 Apple MacBook Pro is the best laptop for therapists you can buy if you need portable computing power and long battery life.

We like that it pairs seamlessly with all Apple devices, and it feels familiar from the moment you turn it on. The FaceTime HD camera and a three-mic array allow you to carry out online therapy sessions without interferences or disruptions.

The laptop comes with two Thunderbolt ports you can use to connect to accessories, such as external displays, cameras, printers, thumb drives, and even your iPhone or other Apple devices. However, the device uses one port when charging, so keep this in mind if you need at least two ports for other purposes.

Another highlight is the 13.3-inch Retina display that impresses with a rich color gamut and 500 nits of brightness. This MacBook Pro laptop weighs 3 lbs and provides around 20 hours of battery life, so it is a great choice for office and home visits alike.

Check out the 2022 Apple MacBook Pro on Amazon.

The M2 processor provides enough computing power for running telehealth and other demanding processes.The laptop uses one of the two Thunderbolt ports when plugged into power, so you’ll end up with only one port to work with.
This laptop delivers up to 20 hours of battery life. 
You can pair it with all your Apple devices and use familiar apps, such as FaceTime, to communicate with your patients. 

Best Windows Laptop: ASUS ExpertBook B5 Flip

Best Windows Laptop
ASUS ExpertBook B5 Flip OLED 16” Business Convertible Laptop B5602FBN-XVE75T
  • 16" OLED display
  • Convertible
  • Intel vPro Essentials with Intel Core i7-1260P
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB SSD
  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • Windows 11 Pro
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01/16/2024 02:13 pm GMT

The ASUS ExpertBook B5 Flip is the best laptop for therapists if you need a powerful computer and are not too fond of Apple products.

Designed for business use, it comes with Windows 11 Pro preinstalled and a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor that can power the machine through long video calls and other power-hungry processes. The only downside is the eye-watering price tag.

The greatest highlight is the convertible design that allows you to use the laptop in standard, tablet, or tent mode. We particularly like the built-in stylus and the AI noise-canceling audio technology that filters out all rumors except for human speech. The AI-powered webcam also delivers a high image quality, making this laptop ideal for online therapy sessions.

Other highlights include 1TB of internal storage, 16GB of RAM, ultra-vivid colors, 4K resolution, and up to 10 hours of battery life.

You can find the ASUS ExpertBook B5 Flip on Amazon.

The laptop’s flip design allows you to use it in tablet and tent mode.This laptop is expensive.
AI-enhanced video and noise-canceling audio technology are ideal for clear video consultations. 
This laptop offers 1TB of internal storage, which is enough for storing years’ worth of patient files. 

Best Storage Space: HP Envy Business Laptop

Best Storage Space
HP Envy Business Laptop
  • 17.3" FHD touchscreen display
  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1260P processor
  • 64GB RAM
  • 2TB SSD
  • IR camera
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Windows 11 Pro
  • Silver
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01/16/2024 02:13 pm GMT

Offering 2TB of internal storage, this HP Envy business laptop is an excellent option for therapists who want to save large databases or therapy session videos.

Whether you want to record the sessions to evaluate your patient’s progress or to use the videos as a training tool, rest assured the model’s solid-state drive can hold lots of data. Beyond the SSD, the other specs are also stellar.

You can expect 64GB of RAM and a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor. With these specs, you won’t have to worry about lags or stutters during video calls or while running power-hungry processes. The 17.3-inch touchscreen display provides excellent visuals, but it does make the laptop a bit too large to haul around constantly.

Another drawback is the battery life. HP claims you’ll get around 10 hours of video playback, but in reality, you won’t get more than four hours when running more demanding tasks (such as video calling) or around eight hours for simple tasks. That said, if you don’t plan to work in remote locations, this laptop is worth it.

Discover the 17.3″ HP Envy Business Laptop on Amazon.

Up to 2TB of internal storage gives you plenty of space to save patient information and files.The battery life is disappointing.
A 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and 64GB of RAM ensure unrivaled performance. 
The laptop’s touchscreen allows you to open apps fast. 

Best Expandable Storage: Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro

Best Expandable Storage
SAMSUNG 16” Galaxy Book3 Pro Laptop Computer
  • 16" 3K AMOLED display
  • 13th Gen Intel Core i7-1360P
  • 16GB/1TB
  • 120Hz
  • Fingerprint reader
  • FHD webcam
  • Graphite
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01/16/2024 11:19 pm GMT

The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro is an excellent choice for therapists who need expandable storage.

This model comes with a 1TB solid-state drive, but you can expand the storage capacity up to 2TB with a microSD card. In this way, you have sufficient space for saving patient files and other documents.

Aside from the storage capacity, the other specs are also noteworthy. You get a 16-inch AMOLED display that’s large enough for online therapy sessions, but that keeps the device compact enough for easy transport. The 16:10 aspect ratio and 3K resolution ensure high image quality, while the FHD webcam ensures clear video calls.

Inside the laptop, a 13th-generation Intel Core i7 CPU and 16GB of RAM provide sufficient power for demanding processes. We don’t really like the too-large touchpad, though. Touching it by accident can become annoying when working on spreadsheets or during calls.

Have a look at the Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro on Amazon.

This laptop comes with 1TB of internal storage, which is expandable with a microSD card.Accidental clicks are frequent due to the large touchpad surface.
The 3K AMOLED display provides outstanding image quality. 
Measuring 16 inches diagonally, the laptop is big enough for comfortable business use. 

Best Budget-Friendly: Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Best Budget-Friendly
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go
  • 12.4" touchscreen display
  • Intel Core i5
  • 8GB memory
  • 256GB SSD
  • Platinum
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01/16/2024 02:13 pm GMT

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is not the fastest out there, but it is perfect for therapists on a budget or those on the go.

Its greatest highlight is its portability. The display measures 12.4 inches diagonally, and at just 2.44 pounds, it is compact and light enough to take anywhere. We also like the touchscreen that allows you to open apps without using the touchpad or a mouse.

Microsoft equips this laptop with a 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. Despite the older CPU, you can run most apps successfully and make video calls. The Windows 10 S operating system is the only real downside, as it only allows apps from the Microsoft Store, and you can only use Microsoft Edge for browsing.

Check out the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go on Amazon.

This lightweight and compact laptop is ideal for remote working.The operating system limits the type of apps and internet browsers you can use with this laptop.
You can use the convenient touchscreen to open apps without using the touchpad. 
The model includes a fingerprint power button and advanced security features. 
Screen Record on a Mac
The 2022 Apple MacBook Pro is one of the best laptops on the market for therapists.

How to Pick the Best Laptop for Therapists: Step-by-Step

When buying a laptop, there are five main considerations for most therapists.

  • Design
  • Webcam and microphone
  • Processor
  • RAM capacity
  • Portability

Let’s see how each of these features can affect your decision-making.


There are two major laptop types: standard and convertible. If you don’t go out of the office much, a standard laptop might be ideal. However, a convertible laptop that you can turn into a tablet can make easier note-taking during patient visits or teletherapy sessions on the go.

Webcam and Microphone

A quality webcam and a good microphone are essential for online therapy sessions. Some of the best laptops for therapists have Full HD webcams and good microphones that eliminate the need for an external mic and camera. If you don’t want to spend extra, make sure the laptop you buy has these two things in place.


Therapists don’t need the same processing power as a programmer or content creator, but you still need a good processor that can handle smooth video streaming and video conferences. Ideally, you should opt for a latest-generation Intel Core i5 processor or similar, even though an older CPU could do if you only use the telehealth software occasionally.

RAM Capacity

As a therapist, you might not need the latest processor, but you do need a good RAM capacity to run multiple tabs and windows simultaneously. The least you should aim for is a laptop with 8GB of RAM, even though a 16GB RAM capacity is desirable.


If you have to visit patients or like to work both from home and the office, investing in a portable laptop is crucial. Consider the display size, the laptop’s overall dimensions, and the weight to make sure it’s light enough to carry. Also, consider the battery life, especially if you don’t always have access to a wall outlet.

What to Know Before Buying a Laptop as a Therapist

As a therapist, the main software your laptop will run is telehealth, alongside other software types developed for patient file management. These applications don’t have excessive hardware requirements, but your laptop needs a good processor (at least a 10th generation i3 or equivalent) and at least 8GB of RAM.

To run telehealth successfully, you also need a good webcam and microphone. These elements are essential in a therapist’s laptop, so make sure the model you like is adequately equipped.

Another crucial thing to check is the operating system. If possible, choose a model with a Pro OS, such as Windows 10 or Windows 11 Pro Edition. Some laptops use Windows 10 S or Windows 11 S, and while they could suit therapists, it could be harder to find compatible software for your online therapy sessions.

A solid-state drive with a capacity of at least 256GB is also desirable, especially if you have to record and save your online therapy sessions.

Using a Laptop for Therapists: What It’s Like

Using a laptop for therapists shouldn’t be different from using any other responsive laptop. As long as the system has a powerful enough CPU and sufficient RAM, it can load the telehealth software fast and deliver good video calling quality without stuttering. Most laptops for therapists are also suitable to use for other purposes, including general use and running alternative businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best laptop for Teletherapy?

Many laptops can run the Teletherapy software, including macOS and Windows options. The system should have at least 8GB of RAM and a 10th-generation Intel Core or newer processor (or similar). An integrated GPU is usually enough for video calling, but you should check the webcam and microphone specs before buying.

Can therapists use Zoom?

Yes, you can use Zoom for online therapy, but you should check the regulations in your state to know if you should keep records of your therapy sessions. Other programs you can use include FaceTime and Google Meet.

What is the best internet speed for telehealth?

For high-quality video calling, your internet should have an upload speed of at least 600 Kbps and at least 1.2 Mbps of download speed. To view files and open or save galleries, you should have at least 1.5 Mbps of upload and download speed.

Can therapy work through virtual sessions?

Yes. According to Scientific American, online therapy is as helpful as in-person therapy for helping with anxiety, depression, and other mental health needs. Virtual sessions are usually delivered at a lower cost, so therapists can use telehealth to increase their pool of patients and provide more accessible care.

Do you need Wi-Fi for telehealth sessions?

You don’t necessarily need Wi-Fi for telehealth sessions, but you do need an internet connection for video calling. Whether it’s via cable or Wi-Fi is completely up to you. Alternatively, therapists can conduct therapy sessions via phone calls, and this method doesn’t require an internet connection at all.

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