The 6 Best L-Shaped Gaming Desks

Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

The 6 Best L-Shaped Gaming Desks

When it comes to setting up your gaming setup, everything starts with making sure you have the right desk. With that in place, everything else will follow as you make sure you have room for a monitor or two, desktop or laptop PC, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and more. 

Often overlooked, an L-shaped gaming desk can be very sturdy and offer you more than enough space to fit all of your gaming peripherals and just about anything else you can think of to keep you productive throughout the day and in the evening. 

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the best L-shaped gaming desks you can purchase today. 

#1 Best Overall: Rolanstar Computer Desk

#1 Best Overall
Rolanstar 68" L-Shaped Computer Desk
  • 68" L-shaped corner desk
  • Power outlet
  • LED strip
  • With file cabinet, file drawer, and monitor shelf
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09/14/2023 02:33 pm GMT

Finding the right L-shaped computer desk will have you searching through hundreds of choices, but it’s the Rolanstar Computer Desk that stands above all the rest. 

Right from the start, the Rolanstar jumps out thanks to a massive 68 total inches of desk space. To achieve this amount, it has not just one but two full desktop-size spaces, both of which are 34.3 inches deep for maximum room.

With this much space available, you can easily accommodate 2 monitors, 2 laptops, or even 2 desktops and associated monitors, keyboards, and mice. 

To help make sure all of this computer equipment can run, the Rolanstar comes equipped with 4 outlets and 2 USB ports, which should provide enough charging room to keep you always online. However, if the charging ports don’t excite you, the LED light strips with 20 different colors will easily catch your eye. There are even 21 dynamic modes, so you can match your favorite colors while gaming or working. 

A headset hook is offered on the side to keep your gaming headphones of choice easily accessible, while a storage drawer allows you to quickly hide any peripherals you don’t immediately need.

Check out the Rolanstar Computer Desk on Amazon.

Extra large storage space for 2 computer stationsCannot handle more than 100 pounds or so on the desk
Built-in charge ports

Best Budget-Friendly: Bestier L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Best Budget-Friendly
Bestier 55 Inch L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk
  • 55" L-shaped
  • LED lights
  • Cup holder and headphone hook
  • Reversible 2-person table
  • Gray
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09/14/2023 02:33 pm GMT

If you’re on a budget but still looking for a solid gaming desk you can have up and running today, the Bestier L-Shaped Gaming Desk is for you.                        

Available in 3 different sizes, you can combine 2 36-inch desks to make the most popular size of the  Bestier L-Shaped Gaming Desk around. Manufactured out of a 15mm P2 particle board and boosted by an X-shaped metal frame, the Bestier can easily handle up to 250 pounds of computer equipment. 

One of the most popular attributes of the Bestier is its rounded corner, which helps prevent scratches that come from the more standard corner-shaped desktops. Better yet, the particle board frame is not just going to prevent scratches but is also heat-, water-, and scratch-resistant so you can game comfortably without worry. 

Right beneath the corner desk surface is a sturdy hanging shelf that can easily fit most size gaming desktops, which helps move them out of the way so the rest of the desk surface is available. This means you can better focus on the RGB lighting that includes 7 colors and 20 dynamic modes. 

You can find the Bestier L-Shaped Gaming Desk on Amazon.

Very sturdy desktopDoesn’t come in black or white, just wood-grain
Resistant against heat, water, and scratchesNo hanging hook for headphones

Best Standing Desk: FLEXISPOT Corner Desk 

Best Standing Desk
FLEXISPOT Pro Corner Dual-Motor L-Shaped Computer Standing Desk
  • 63 x 40 inches L-shaped
  • Electric operated
  • Height adjustable
  • White
  • With splice board
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09/14/2023 02:42 pm GMT

With gaming sessions potentially lasting hours on end, the FLEXISPOT Corner Desk is ready to help provide you with better ergonomics while you defeat your opponents. 

With a total desktop space that combines to measure 63 x 40 inches, the FLEXISPOT Corner Desk can expand to 71 x 48 inches for the ultimate standing desktop space. Depending on how much space you have, the panels are also reversible so you can go with the L-shape on either the right or left to accommodate your room size. 

Regardless of which size you use, the FLEXISPOT is ready to handle up to 177 pounds of computer gaming equipment like a desktop, keyboard, mouse, and speakers. The industrial-grade steel frame is not only capable of handling lots of weight but it also feels sturdy the moment you unbox it and put it together. 

Once put together, the biggest highlight of the FLEXISPOT is the opportunity to move the desk from a bottom height of 28.9 inches to a height of 48.2 inches. When moving the desk up or down, the sound level is under 50dB, so it won’t distract you while you are chatting with your teammates. 

You can get the FLEXISPOT Corner Desk on Amazon.

Very sturdy equipment when sitting or standingNo dedicated plugs or hooks for accessories
Reversible frame for the L-shape on both sidesPricey

Best Load Capacity: FEZIBO Triple Motor Gaming Desk

Best Load Capacity
FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk
  • Triple motor
  • 63" L-shaped
  • Height adjustable
  • Ergonomic monitor stand
  • Black
  • LED strip and power outlets
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09/14/2023 02:45 pm GMT

When you need a gaming desk that gives you the maximum amount of load capacity, the FEZIBO Triple Motor Gaming Desk is the right way to go. 

Capable of holding up to a whopping 330 pounds across the desk frame, the FEZIBO Triple Motor Gaming Desk is an L-shape gamer’s dream. What’s more exciting is that this load capacity is available with the FEZIBO as a standing desk as well, offering a height between 27.56 inches and 47.24 inches in total size. 

To hold all of this load capacity, the 63 x 48-inch workspace offers not just a desktop space, but also a separate shelf that runs across the entire length of the desk. This extra shelf is perfect for monitors, speakers, and other accessories that you might want to keep out of the way of the full-size desktop area. 

Another highlight for the FEZIBO is that underneath this shelf is a 92-inch long LED strip, which provides you with 358 preset color modes. With the included remote, you can easily swap between different presets until you find the perfect combination for your gaming mood. 

Find the FEZIBO Triple Motor Gaming Desk on Amazon.

Incredibly sturdy frame with a capacity of 330 poundsMight be too much desk for some
Huge number of preset modes with LED lightingExpensive, even with Amazon coupons

Best Reversible Design: SEDETA L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Best Reversible Design
SEDETA L-Shaped Gaming Desk
  • Reversible L-shaped
  • LED lights
  • Keyboard tray and storage bag
  • Black
  • Power outlet and pegboard
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/14/2023 02:48 pm GMT

Many L-shaped gaming desks are only available in one set frame and cannot be adjusted, but the SEDETA L-Shaped Gaming Desk offers a terrific reversible setup. 

Even with its outstanding 67 inches of total size, the idea that the SEDETA L-Shaped Gaming Desk is reversible makes it a great choice for many shoppers. Being able to choose which way the desk setup works will make it easy to fit the available space you have. 

As soon as you select the right shape, you can start to take advantage of the SEDETA’s space, which enables it to hold up to 3 monitors or swap between 2 storage shelves and a gaming PC stand. This is really the highlight of the SEDETA as it’s incredibly flexible to accommodate your ideal desktop setup, so it can be adjusted and tweaked to work exactly how you want. 

As soon as you have the SEDETA setup just right, you can start to take advantage of its other extras like its built-in outlet for 4 plugs plus 2 USB ports for charging up to 6 devices at the same time. Plus, you can have a dedicated downloadable app, SEDETA Desk, that helps you manage the 60,000 available colors and 29 flashing modes for the included LED light strips. 

Find the SEDETA L-Shaped Gaming Desk on Amazon.

Multiple ways to set up and useRequires an app to manage LED lighting
Lots of space for up to 2 full computer setups

Best RGB Lighting: EUREKA Ergonomic Glass Gaming Desk

Best RGB Lighting
Eureka Music Sensing Gaming Desk
  • Music sensing RGB lighting provides a full spectacle as desk, lights, and music all sync
  • 60 x 30 x 40 inches in size across two desktops
  • 6mm thick tempered glass desktop that is waterproof and heat-resistant
  • Five year warranty
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/13/2023 10:24 am GMT

Arguably the coolest L-shaped gaming desk on this list, the EUREKA Ergonomic Glass Gaming Desk is a must-own for fans of RGB lighting. 

While the main focus of the EUREKA Ergonomic Glass Gaming Desk is undoubtedly going to be its glass desktop, it’s really only part of the story. Even so, the 6mm thick tempered glass desktop is both waterproof and heat-resistant. As it’s attached to a carbon steel frame, you can also fully expect the EUREKA to be highly sturdy and durable over the course of its lifetime with a maximum load of up to 155 pounds. 

Sturdiness aside, where the EUREKA really shines is with the idea that the entire glass tabletop is RGB-ready, meaning the lights are built directly into the glass. This means you have 27 different music modes that you can cycle through while playing to sync RGB lighting with your games. Everything from the speed with which colors change to the light intensity can be adjusted through EUREKA’s downloadable smartphone app. 

With so much to appreciate about this desktop, including a separate cup holder, headphone hook, power strip holder, and cable ties, the 5-year limited warranty and 24-hour customer service are also very much welcomed. 

Check out the EUREKA Ergonomic Glass Gaming Desk on Amazon.

Very fun to use RGB lighting built into the deskRequires a smartphone app to manage RGB lighting
Sturdy frame that includes water and heat-resistant glass
Gaming PC in a desk
Adding an L-shaped gaming desk here would free up a lot of room for the mouse and keyboard.

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How to Pick the Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk: Step-by-Step

Before your search begins for an L-shaped gaming desk, you should start by thinking through 3 different considerations. 

  • Material
  • Customization 
  • Ergonomics

Let’s break them down below.


No matter if it’s a standing desk, an L-shaped desk, or a regular desk, the type of material you choose matters quite a bit. This is especially true with a gaming desk as you want a material that can stand up to the amount of weight you will be adding over time.

Between monitors, speakers, and a desktop gaming PC, you want to have at least 100 pounds of weight capacity, which means a sturdy material that can hold this weight over the course of many years. 


When looking at a desk like the SEDETA L-Shaped Gaming Desk, you can easily see what the power of customization can do for you. Having the ability to customize the layout of any L-shaped gaming desk is going to be critical to enjoying it over time. Different gamers have different needs, so gaming desks should not be built with a one-size-fits-all mentality. 


Just as important as customization is for finding the right match for all your gaming PC equipment, ergonomics matters so that you are comfortable while using this equipment.

This might mean choosing a standing desk, which has been shown through scientific studies to have numerous benefits including better overall posture.

Having a keyboard drawer for a more comfortable typing position can also lead to better ergonomics so your wrists are not placed in an uncomfortable position as well. 

Using an L-Shaped Gaming Desk: What It’s Like

The good news is that using an L-shaped gaming desk isn’t unlike using any other type of desk, you just have a lot more space. Actually, you have more than just space as you also have a lot of niceties like built-in RGB lighting or built-in outlets for multiple devices. All of these little extras come together to make an L-shaped gaming desk a fantastic purchase and a desk that is likely to last you for years to come. 

As long as you pick a model that offers the right amount of weight capacity (over 100 pounds) and you choose one that hopefully is resistant to spills, there is little reason not to make the move to an L-shaped gaming desk in the future.

The 6 Best L-Shaped Gaming Desks FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the best overall L-shaped gaming desk available today?

As of September 2023, the Rolanstar Computer Desk is the best option you can buy today. 

Are L-shaped gaming desks good for gaming?

Yes! L-shaped gaming desks are great for gaming as they offer even more space for all of your peripherals. 

How much should you spend on an L-shaped gaming desk?

The good news is that you can spend around $150 for a great desk or over $500 for an L-shaped gaming desk with even more features and weight capacity. 

Should you buy a height-adjustable L-shaped gaming desk?

If ergonomics is at the top of your list as part of a future L-shaped gaming desk purchase, you should absolutely go this route. 

What is the main advantage of an L-Shaped gaming desk?

The best advantage is undoubtedly having more overall desk space to place a computer, keyboard, multiple monitors, and speakers. 

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