4 Kindle Unlimited Alternatives for Avid Readers in 2024

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4 Kindle Unlimited Alternatives for Avid Readers in 2024

Key Points

  • Kindle Unlimited is a popular online service for book lovers that provides access to over four million books, magazines, and audiobooks.
  • The best Kindle Unlimited alternatives include Everand, 24symbols, Kobo Plus, and Bookmate, each offering unique features and pricing options.
  • Compatibility, content selection, and limitations are important factors to consider when choosing an eBook subscription service.

If you love books, you’ve probably tried an online service dedicated to them. Kindle Unlimited is one of the more popular options for consumers today but is only one of dozens of platforms. You don’t have to look hard to find Kindle Unlimited alternatives, although it can be challenging to sort the best from the rest. We’ve taken care of that by compiling a list featuring the four of the best Kindle Unlimited alternatives today:

  • Best Overall: Everand
  • Best Budget Alternative: 24symbols
  • Best for Quick Readers: Kobo Plus
  • Best Variety: Bookmate

What Is Kindle Unlimited?

The Kindle Store launched alongside the Kindle back in 2007, and a lot has changed with Amazon’s e-reader since that time. They’ve given consumers new ways to consume books and other periodicals online, like the now-defunct Lending Library. 

Kindle Unlimited doesn’t have as many titles as the store, but it provides a different kind of service. For one price, anyone with an eligible device gets access to more than four million books. There are also magazine subscriptions and thousands of audiobooks available on the service.  

While named after the popular e-reader, you don’t actually need to own a Kindle to use Unlimited. It’s available through the Kindle Reading app for smartphones and tablets. 

The Best Kindle Unlimited Alternatives

Amazon has its hands in a bit of everything, including eBooks. While the selection of Kindle Unlimited is hard to beat, here are the best alternatives. 

Best Overall: Everand

Everand has one of the largest collections of eBooks outside Kindle Unlimited.

The best Kindle Unlimited alternative for most people, regardless of what device they read on, is Everand. It’s one of the newer players in the eBook subscription world but was founded by a well-known brand.

Everand is an off-shoot of Scribd, a popular place to pick up documents and periodicals in eBook format. Everand serves a different purpose, as their subscription service includes access to millions of eBooks. Audiobooks, magazines, and podcasts are also included, along with sheet music. 

This eBook subscription service is available through the Everand app on Android and iOS. It’s a breeze to use with a variety of options to customize your user experience. While there’s a wealth of content, it’s not unlimited. There are monthly limits for some eBooks and audiobooks, with the exception of content published by Everand. 

If you’re interested in Everand, you can check it out for free using their 30-day trial. After that, it’s priced at $11.99 per month for access to their archive. Each Everand subscription includes access to Scribd and SlideShare as well.

Best Budget Alternative: 24symbols

From fantasy to motivational, 24symbols has something for everyone.

Given the number of free ways to get eBooks today, pricing has become competitive with subscription services. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to check out 24symbols and their large online library of titles. 

24symbols is a platform dedicated to eBooks and audiobooks. They don’t have other periodicals like Kindle Unlimited or Everand, but their selection is excellent. You’ll find a mix of classics and new titles on 24symbols with over 1 million books and counting. However, their audiobook selection is sparse and limited with a subscription. 

There are no restrictions on eBooks through 24symbols premium members. This allows you to read as many books as you’d like, but you get one audiobook per month. Their apps work on a number of devices, although not quite as cleanly as other options on our list. A large part of 24symobls is the social aspect and shelves system. 

At $8.99 a month, 24symbols is the cheapest alternative to Kindle Unlimited. Their platform puts an interesting twist on eBook subscription services and certainly won’t break the bank. 24symbols doesn’t have a trial plan, but you can check out a number of eBooks on their site for free. 

Best for Quick Readers: Kobo Plus

Kobo Plus has an interesting mix of eBooks.

The Kindle may be the most popular e-reader on the planet, but it’s far from the only one. Kobo tablets have plenty of fans, and the platform has a subscription-based library. While not as widely available as Kindle Unlimited, Kobo Plus is worth a look if you live in a region where it’s available. 

Kobo Plus has grown significantly since its launch. There are now more than one million eBooks online and well over 100,000 audiobooks. There are also no limits, unlike Kindle Unlimited. You can check out as many books as you’d like. This is another site where new releases are in short supply, but they have a solid overall selection nonetheless. 

While you can have trouble finding mainstream titles on Kobo Plus, you only pay for what you need. If you just want audiobooks, you can choose the Kobo Plus Listen Plan or Kobo Read Plus if you prefer books. Each plan is $7.99 a month, or you can get both with the Kobo Plus Read & Listen package for $9.99 a month. 

Kobo gives users 30 days to try their service before committing, and while their selection is limited, it’s hard to argue with the price. All of their titles are accessible on Kobo’s e-readers but are also available on PCs along with any smartphones and tablets that run Android or iOS. Just keep your location in mind. 

Best Variety: Bookmate

Bookmate has books in more than a half-dozen languages.

The aptly named Bookmate is a subscription service similar to 24symbols but with a more extensive collection of content. It’s a service you can use from almost any device and provides a mix of books, podcasts, comics, and more. 

Bookmate has more than 1.8 million books to dig through, along with around 100,000 audiobooks. Their list of publishers is impressive, and so are the languages. This eBook subscription service is ideal for bookworms around the globe, given they have content available in 16 different languages. 

Bookmate is easy to browse and has a Bookshelf feature highlighting books from users on their platform. As for content, that’s a bit of a mixed bag, depending on what you’re interested in and the language. I was able to find several books I was interested in, but they weren’t in English. Newer books can be challenging to find on Bookmate as well.

Bookmate is an interesting alternative to Kindle Unlimited with an eclectic mix of periodicals and audiobooks. They offer a free seven-day trial, but after that, you’ll need to shell out $12.99 to access their online catalog of content. 

Other Kindle Unlimited Alternatives

While there are dozens of places you can purchase eBooks online, the selection of subscription services is limited. The options on our list are the best around, but there are a few other noteworthy services to consider. 

Audible is the most obvious if you prefer audiobooks to the written word. They are the best place to get audiobooks, even if you can access many of their titles through other platforms. Audible audiobooks are available on almost every device you can imagine, with plans priced at $14.95 a month after a free trial.  

Another popular type of “book” you can find through some eBook subscription services are comic books. For that niche, Comixology was the natural choice. Luckily, you can get those through Kindle now, but DC and Marvel have their own apps. If you love Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, or the X-Men, you’ll want to consider Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited is the best place to pick up digital comics from the MCU.

Marvel’s service starts at $9.99 a month, while DC’s is a bit cheaper. DC Universe Infinite is home to the company’s collection of more than 30,000 titles for only $7.99 per month. Do you have a library card? If so, you’ll want to consider a popular service called Libby.

Libby is an app that allows you to use your local library to check out books. They have access to around 80% of the libraries in North America and a mobile app that’s a breeze to use. It’s a free service, and while content varies by library, there’s something for everyone. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing an eBook Subscription Service

The first thing you’ll learn about eBook subscription services is that content varies wildly. Selection is the first thing to consider when looking for a Kindle Unlimited alternative, but it is not the only thing to keep in mind.


An e-reader like the Kindle is a great way to read books anywhere you roam. Devices have improved and become more comfortable to use over the years, but compatibility has become an issue.

Want to use a Kindle to read books from other services? That’s a problem due to formats, although they have a Kindle Reader app for different types of devices. Amazon Fire Tablets are easier to work with, even if they don’t provide the same user experience. 

Most eBook subscription services work with mobile devices that run Android or Apple’s operating system. This allows you to use platforms like Everand with a tablet from Samsung or an iPhone 15. If you plan to use an eBook reader for a Kindle Unlimted alternative, check compatibility, or you could be out of luck. 


It’s easy to become overwhelmed by a service that offers access to a million books for less than $10 a month. That may seem like a bargain for bookworms, but it isn’t if they don’t have anything you want to read.

Are you a fan of Stephen King, or do you prefer lighter reading material? If you have favorite authors, check the eBook subscription service to see if they have their titles. While most rotate books regularly, some services are geared toward smaller publishers.

Book stack on wood desk and blurred bookshelf in the library room, education background, back to school concept
Your local library may have the eBook you’re looking for.

People who love picking up the latest best-sellers will probably be disappointed with most eBook subscription services, including Amazon’s. There are exceptions and exclusives, but content is one of the first steps in choosing a platform is to consider the content beforehand. 


We found that most eBook subscription services have competitive pricing that’s on par with Kindle Unlimited. Where they differ is with selection and through limitations, which can affect your reading habits.  

Subscription services like Netflix allow you to watch as much as you want, wherever you want. That isn’t the case with eBook subscription services. There may be a limit on how many books you can borrow within a period of time. 

If you’re a slow reader, that could be a significant drawback. The same is true for Audiobooks, which are limited on some platforms. Content changes, and it can be challenging to find details on limits with some services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is priced at $11.99 a month.

What’s the cheapest eBook subscription service?

Kobo and 24symobls are two of the more affordable subscription services for eBooks.

Is Bookmate a good place for best-sellers?

Bookmate is more known for its variety than best-sellers from popular authors.

Is Kindle Unlimited free for Amazon Prime members?

No, Kindle Unlimited is a separate subscription from Prime.

Can you use Kindle Unlimited without a Kindle?

Yes, the Kindle Unlimited is available on other devices through the Kindle Reader app. 

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