The 5 Best Keyboards Ever Made Are Still Awesome Today

Best keyboards ever made

The 5 Best Keyboards Ever Made Are Still Awesome Today

Key Points

  • IBM Model M keyboards, also known as the ‘King of Clicks,’ were the basis for all modern keyboards on the market today.
  • The Logitech G19, a programmable gaming keyboard, became loved by gamers and professionals alike for its customizable features and LCD display.
  • Apple’s adjustable keyboard from 1993 aimed to accommodate the natural position of users’ hands while typing.
  • The Logitech diNovo Edge, known as the ‘Batman’s keyboard,’ is a sleek and stylish keyboard with unique features like touch surfaces and a backlight.
  • The Fujitsu FKB4700, a vintage keyboard with a rubber dome, offers a sturdy and durable design similar to the IBM Model M keyboards.

With so many different types of keyboards on the market today, some classics just haven’t changed. New isn’t always better and older keyboards can be just as good for certain purposes. Depending on what type of keyboard you like, you’ve probably used some of the best keyboards of all time that are still fantastic today with.

Below, we’ll introduce you to 5 of the best keyboards of all time and tell you what makes them still great today, so let’s get into it!

5 Best Keyboards Ever Made

Making a list of just 5 keyboards is a difficult task, but we did our research and the following keyboards are some of the most popular ones that may still be in use today because they are simply awesome.

IBM Model M Keyboards

Best keyboards ever made
The IBM Model M keyboards are the basis from which all keyboards evolved.

IBM Model M keyboards are also known as the “King of Clicks” due to the clicking sound of the mechanical keys, which were very efficient. What many don’t know is that the IBM Model M keyboards were the basis for all the modern keyboards we have on the market today.

The IBM Model M keyboards are about 30 years old, yet they have evolved to modern standards over the last 20 or more years. While there aren’t many original IBM Model M keyboards available on the market, some people still use them today. While some companies got rid of IBM Model M keyboards without knowing their actual value, others restore the keyboards and resell them so they can serve for more years.

It is a very large keyboard that also weighs about 5 pounds and blends plastic and metal with mechanical switches that have a long lifespan. With the ability to replace the keys individually and the simple but practical design, IBM Model M keyboards are some of the most popular keyboards that people look for nowadays.

Logitech G19

Best keyboards ever made
The legendary Logitech G19 keyboard was developed for gamers.

If you were ever a gamer, especially around 2009, you’ll remember the legendary Logitech G19 keyboard. It was not only available to see on the internet but also in many PC-related magazines.

The G19 is a programmable gaming keyboard that Logitech launched in 2009. Despite being based on membrane technology rather than mechanical keys, the G19 felt comfortable to use and quickly became loved, not only by gamers but also by people from all professions from gamers to creative designers.

It became known as the keyboard which had everything you needed. From the programmable keys and the extra keys on the side to the LCD display at the top of the keyboard. The G19 is one of the most customizable keyboards on the market, with an LCD display that you can control from the keyboard, cable management, and comfortable keys. The refreshed version was released in 2013 and luckily, you can still get your hands on one of the G19 keyboards on the used market, as people are still buying and selling them.

Apple Adjustable Keyboard

Best keyboards ever made
With Apple’s adjustable keyboard, you could position your hands more naturally.

Apple’s adjustable keyboard is one of the keyboards from 1993 whose intention was to accommodate the position of our hands when typing on a keyboard. The goal of this keyboard was to allow users to position their hands more naturally by adjusting the angle of the keyboard.

The keyboard included contoured wrist rests and the center of the keyboard was adjustable at different angles with the numeric keypad being separate. The volume and record buttons on the side of the keyboard are also interesting features considering this keyboard’s age.

It’s hard to find one of Apple’s adjustable keyboards these days. If you do happen to find one, keep in mind that you’ll need an adapter that converts the Apple desktop bus to a USB connector so you can use it on a modern computer. Apple always had quality keyboards and this is one of their best keyboards. However, there are many replicas out there today known as ergonomic keyboards.

Logitech diNovo Edge

Logitech diNovo Edge is a sleek and stylish keyboard that aged very well, it’s most known for being the “Batman’s keyboard”, and it’s considered one of the best keyboards ever made. By looking at the keyboard, you would never guess that the keyboard is from 2003.

What makes this keyboard special is that it is laser-cut from Plexiglas with an aluminum palm rest. It is very slim, has soft rubber keys, and comes with a desktop charging station.

Besides the keys, it also has two touch surfaces that work like a mouse, a scroll wheel, clicks, and a backlight. The diNovo Edge keyboard is no longer available in stores, but used models are selling on the market so you can get still get your hands on one of them.

Fujitsu FKB4700

The Fujitsu FKB4700 is a vintage keyboard that looks mechanical, it has the same large keys and style, but it features a rubber dome instead of mechanical switches. It is the ideal keyboard for those who do not like mechanical keyboards but still appreciate the sturdy and durable design of such keyboards.

Therefore, the Fujitsu FKB4700 is one of many models in the Peerless keyboard line. Although it is very similar to the IBM Model M keyboards, it feels and functions differently. Although the Fujitsu rubber dome keyboards didn’t gain as much popularity as the IBM Model M keyboards, there are still many second-hand models available for purchase. Thanks to their good build quality, these keyboards are still in good condition and can serve the purpose even for modern requirements.

What Makes the Best Keyboard Ever Made

The best keyboards ever made are rare and there are not many models that could fit into this category. Manufacturers like IBM, Apple, Fujitsu, and Logitech have produced hundreds of different keyboards, but only specific models have stayed on for so long.

While all keyboards are very functional, it takes a lot more to make it the best keyboard ever. Most keyboards that fall into this category were ahead of their time and had something that no other keyboard had before. Whether it’s the design, certain features, style, reliability, convenience, or the typing feel and sound, it’s always something that users recognized and loved.

Even though most of these keyboards are no longer made and sold, it is nice to see that many enthusiasts are recovering the remaining keyboards, refurbishing them, and selling them to others who want to enjoy them for many years to come.

Using the Best Keyboard Ever Made: What It’s Like?

Any of the best keyboards ever made that are still awesome today still feel special and different from anything else you can get on the market. The reason for this is the feature, functionality, or design aspect that made the keyboard special in the first place. Most importantly, all of these keyboards are very comfortable to type on, are durable, and can withstand almost anything. Combined with special features or design characteristics, you can take your typing to a new level while feeling nostalgic.

While it’s hard to get one of the best keyboards on the market, it’s worth the search and the money, especially if you want to put it to good use. Writers, programmers, and gamers are among the most common users of these keyboards, and it’s nice to see that many fans are bringing these keyboards back to life and making them interesting for today’s world. If you can’t get your hands on one of these fantastic keyboards, a replica is your best bet to experience some of the fantastic features these keyboards once offered to end users.

Summary Table

#1IBM Model M Keyboards
#2Logitech G19
#3Apple Adjustable Keyboard
#4Logitech diNovo Edge
#5Fujitsu FKB4700

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a keyboard stick around for so long and stay awesome regardless of its age?

Certain characteristics such as design, innovative technology, keys, switches, durability, and additional features that were ahead of its time.

Why are mechanical keyboards so durable?

Mechanical keyboards are built using switches where every key has an individual switch. Such technology proves itself to be reliable, durable, and actually precise and comfortable to type with.

Are these awesome keyboards still sold today?

Unfortunately, they’re not. But on the bright side, you can find replicas or used models which are still in good condition. Some enthusiasts also refurbish keyboards such as the IBM Model M and are putting them back onto the market.

Are these keyboards vintage?

Some of these keyboards are in fact vintage. There are also modernized versions based on these keyboards which are worth getting because they’re the closest thing to the original.

Why did membrane keyboards become so popular?

Membrane keyboards became popular due to their ability to maintain a low key profile, make less noise, and because of cost efficiency since they were a lot cheaper to make than mechanical keyboards.

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