The 13 Best Jackbox Games for Two Players

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The 13 Best Jackbox Games for Two Players

For almost a decade now, Jackbox has released an annual Party Pack filled with video games specifically designed to be played with a group. With each new Party Pack, Jackbox only grows in popularity. From family gatherings to hangouts with friends to online streaming sessions, Jackbox Party Packs provide hours upon hours of good times. But what if you just want to play with two people? What are the best Jackbox games for two players? We’ve listed our favorites below — all thirteen of them.

13. Blather ‘Round

Still from Blather Round on Jackbox Games.

Blather ‘Round

can be enjoyed by anywhere from 2 to 6 players.


Blather ‘Round starts with a simple prompt and only gets crazier from there. The game presents each player with a person, place, thing, or story, and then asks them to describe that prompt using a handful of basic words. The fun comes when you have to inform the other players of your prompt using descriptors you never would have used in your daily life. Each player goes around presenting their prompt, filtering through the incoming guesses and tacking more descriptors onto their prompt as they go. There’s really no other game like it.

12. The Poll Mine

Still from The Poll Mine on Jackbox Games.
You need at least two players to play

The Poll Mine

on Jackbox Games.


The Poll Mine combines the best of Family Feud and The Newlywed Game and turns it into a heart-pounding survival scenario. In this game, players take on the role of explorers caught trying to steal treasure from a magical cavern. To get out, each player must answer survey questions and then try to guess the other people’s answers. (If the question is “What’s the best pizza topping?” then the player must answer for themself before trying to guess what the other players said.) The player with the highest score gets to go free.

11. Word Spud

Still from Word Spud on Jackbox Games.

Word Spud

is an underrated pick for two players.


The best Jackbox games are the ones that can get as crazy, as ridiculous, as goofy, or as scandalous as you want them to. Word Spud is the perfect example of this, and it’s why it’s one of the best Jackbox games for two players. Here, a player starts with a basic word like “life” or “real.” Then, players go back and forth typing in a word or phrase that could follow it. Players choose to keep or cut the submission, then you repeat until you have the biggest and most absurd string of words imaginable.

10. Zeeple Dome

Still from Zeeple Dome on Jackbox Games.

Super Smash Bros

? Check out

Zeeple Dome



Not all the best Jackbox games for two players have to be trivia-themed. As a matter of fact, some of the most enjoyable ones are skill-based. Take Zeeple Dome, for example. In this game, players go soaring through the air at deadly speeds to try and defeat a series of vicious monsters (…and win some cash prizes in the act). The goal is to survive for as long as you can while under constant attack from ravenous creatures. Fans of Super Smash Bros. will get a real kick out of this one — the similarities should ring a bell.

9. Timejinx

Still from Timejinx on Jackbox Games.
2023 brought a handful of new Jackbox games — including




Timejinx is another recent addition to the Jackbox library that immediately grabbed players’ attention. In this one, you play as a time traveler with a penchant for trivia with friends. (Because why not?) Playing from the home of your host, Jerri Rig, players must travel to the year they think an important event took place. The goal is to get as close to the actual year as possible. Here, you want low scores. The further you are from the date, the more points you’ll get. (Luckily, the game gives you some side missions to lower those high scores.) It’s an absolute joy and a clever take on trivia.

8. Guesspionage

Still from Guesspionage on Jackbox Games.
You and your fellow player don’t need to be math experts to enjoy




How does one even begin to describe Guesspionage? Each time a player’s turn rolls around, they must make a guess between 0% and 100% based on a prompt presented. (For instance, “What percentage of people put mustard on their burgers?”) Then, the other player has to guess if their opponent’s percentage is above or below the actual answer. The closer you are to the truth, the higher you’ll score. This goes for both the guesser and their opponent. Uniquely enough, thousands of other observers can hop on and contribute to the poll questions featured in the game.

7. You Don’t Know Jack

Still from You Don't Know Jack: Full Stream on Jackbox Games.
You don’t know Jackbox until you’ve played

You Don’t Know Jack



We’d be remiss not to mention You Don’t Know Jack as one of the best Jackbox games for two players. With three different versions to choose from, there’s no shortage of trivia questions to test your knowledge in fun and interesting ways. At this point, you should know that Jackbox does trivia games better than just about anybody else. The You Don’t Know Jack trilogy is no exception to the rule. From Full Stream to the 2015 Party Pack to the original classic, you’re looking at endless enjoyment with this one.

6. Dodo Re Mi

Still from Dodo Re Mi on Jackbox Games.
This one is a great choice for two music-loving players.


Dodo Re Mi is one of the newest games on Jackbox. Yet, in no time at all, it has managed to rise through the ranks of the other two-player games to become one of the developer’s very best. This one’s a musical title where you play as some very talented birds. Players select a song, try to recreate it using each bird’s musical talent, and then play it back to see how they did. There are over 100 different instruments in all. From classic hits to Jackbox originals, Dodo Re Mi is a total blast for the more musically inclined amongst us.

5. Trivia Murder Party

Still from Trivia Murder Party on Jackbox Games.

Trivia Murder Party

games are a cornerstone of the Jackbox catalog.


Jackbox’s Trivia Murder Party franchise is always a gas. You really can’t go wrong with either game when looking for two-player entertainment. Through a series of demented minigames, players compete with one another to escape a trivia-loving murderer. To win, you’ll face a quick burst of trivia questions that you must answer correctly to get out unscathed. Plus, the sequel adds even more minigames into the mix for when you’ve mastered the first entry’s assortment. It’s one of the very best Jackbox games for two players.

4. Quixort

Still from Quixort on Jackbox Games.
If you can think and act fast, then you can succeed at




Quixort is yet another Jackbox trivia game, but don’t let that put you off. You should know by now that Jackbox has a way of consistently changing up the traditional rules of trivia to make it feel brand new every single time it’s reinvented under a new name. Here, that name is Quixort. This game simply asks you to sort multiple answers to the same trivia question into the correct order. From sorting the planets in the solar system to arranging celebs according to height, Quixort really knows how to get your heart racing with nothing more than a simple trivia question.

3. Lie Swatter

Still from Lie Swatter on Jackbox Games.
How many other games can you think of that support up to 100 players?


It’s not out of line to say that some Jackbox games have pretty complicated rules. That’s just the way it goes with party games sometimes. However, this can never be said of Lie Swatter — one of the most basic and straightforward games on the Jackbox platform. As it happens, it’s also one of the best Jackbox games for two players. All you have to do is choose whether a statement is true or made up. It’s the kind of fast-paced delight you can easily sink hours of gameplay into without even realizing it.

2. Bomb Corp.

Still from Bomb Corp. on Jackbox Games.

Bomb Corp.

is a great pick for two players looking for a little story with their game.


There’s something so addicting about a great puzzle game. That’s Bomb Corp. — one of the very best Jackbox games for two players. In this one, each player gets a different set of instructions to share with the other player so you can complete the task together within the limited timeframe. If you don’t… well, you can probably guess what might happen based on the title of the game. Plus, you and your co-player can choose between two different game modes: one that gives you a string of puzzles without the story, and another that takes you through a career at the titular Bomb Corp.

1. Fibbage

Still from Fibbage on Jackbox Games.
The first three


games are the best for two players.


Fibbage is another classic Jackbox trilogy that’s great for two players. In fact, it’s our pick for the very best of the Jackbox games for two players. To win, combine your bluffing skills with your trivia skills to come up with the most absurd-sounding but ultimately truthful answer to each crazy question. Whether it’s Fibbage, Fibbage XL, Fibbage 2, or Fibbage 3 — not Fibbage 4, though! — this fun (and funny) game feels like a good mix of Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, and good old-fashioned trivia. And what a delight it is, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jackbox?

Jackbox Games is the developer behind a popular series of online party games for anywhere from 1 to 100 players. Jackbox titles cover a wide range of game types, including trivia, drawing, wordplay, and puzzles. Uniquely, they’re all designed to be played using smartphones, tablets, or computers in place of a controller.

Can you play any Jackbox games with only two players?

Yes, you can play some Jackbox games with only two players. There are more than a dozen different titles to choose from, in fact. While some Jackbox titles are more enjoyable in larger groups, titles like Guesspionage, You Don’t Know Jack, and Lie Swatter are just as fun with only two people.

What Jackbox games are best for two players?

The Trivia Murder Party games, the You Don’t Know Jack games, and the Fibbage games are always a hit, even if you only have two players. Other possible options for two players include Lie Swatter, Word Spud, Bomb Corp, and Quixort. Go to the Jackbox site and sort by player count for more choices.

Are Jackbox games free to play?

Jackbox games are not free to play. To play, you have to purchase a Jackbox Party Pack. The good thing about these packs is that they come with a handful of games for one low price. Certain legacy titles are available a la carte — such as Fibbage — but these are exceptions to the rule. 

Do Jackbox games have age restrictions?

Most Jackbox games are designed to be family-friendly, but some games might contain themes or humor more suitable for older players. Thankfully, Jackbox makes it clear when a game is not appropriate for younger players. Always check the game descriptions to determine the appropriateness for the intended audience if you’re concerned about playing the game with younger players.

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