The 10 Best Iron Man Funko Pops Today

Best Iron Man Funko Pops

The 10 Best Iron Man Funko Pops Today

Fandom knows no bounds, something Marvel proved when they relaunched the MCU in 2008. Iron Man was the film that kicked things off, and he’s also one of the more popular characters in Funko’s lineup. Many of the best Iron Man Funko Pops cover Tony Stark’s run in the MCU from start to finish while touching on some fun moments along the way.

A quick search for Iron Man Funko figures will turn up hundreds of results. He’s featured in everything from board games to advent calendars, but there are more than 70 Iron Man Funko Pops. While we kept scarcity in mind when compiling our list, you may be surprised by how affordable some of the best Iron Man Funko Pops are.

From Iron Man’s origin story to more recent appearances in the MCU, there is an Iron Man Pop for everyone. Our picks cover Iron Man’s history in the MCU, but we’ve included something for classic comic book fans, as well. Check out our list of the best Iron Man Funko Pops.

1. Iron Man Mark 1 Funko Pop! SDCC 2018

Our first pick is for the best original suit, which is Iron Man Mark 1. Many fans are familiar with Iron Man’s red and gold suit, but realize there are dozens of variations. True fans know the original suit was the Mark 1, a suit Tony built using his wits and spare parts. Our top choice is the Mark 1 Funko Pop which debuted a decade after the film.

Tony's Original Suit
Funko Pop! Iron Man Mark 1 SDCC
  • Marvel Studios 10th anniversary collectible
  • 2018 Summer Convention Exclusive
  • Limited Edition
  • #338 in the Marvel POP! collection
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/25/2023 08:10 pm GMT

Marvel Studios: Iron Man Mark 1 is #338 in the series and arrived as an exclusive for SDCC. Released in 2018 as a limited edition pop, this figure shows Tony’s first suit complete with dents, dings, and a flamethrower. There is also a “Summer Convention” version of this figure (seen above) that is slightly cheaper than the SDCC variant.

Check out Iron Man Mark 1 on Amazon.

2. Funko Pop! Tony Stark #225 Spider-Man Homecoming SDCC

The second pick on our list is another comic-con exclusive from the annual San Diego show. Funko Pop #225 brings a fun, but completely different take on Iron Man to the table. Instead of armor, Tony donned a suit and sunglasses that look like the predecessor to E.D.I.T.H.

Tony Stark has been known to show up in surprising places, especially when Spider-Man is involved. His role in Homecoming was small but important, and well represented with this figure. This SDCC-exclusive Funko Pop! isn’t cheap, but relatively easy to acquire through online shops.

3. Avengers Infinity War #285: Iron Man Multicolor

Was Iron Man one of your favorite Avengers in Avengers: Infinity War? If so, you’ll want to add this 3.75″ stylized collectable to your collection! This Pop was released in 2018. It’s still available for purchase, but getting harder to find, so you’ll want to get yours now!

This Iron Man is made of vinyl and wears red, gold, and silver armor. It’s also loaded with cool weapons and gadgets, such as missiles, repulsor rays, and more!

Check out Iron Man Multicolor on Amazon.

Best for Infinity War Fans
Funko POP! Marvel: Avengers Infinity War - Iron Man, Multicolor
  • From the Avengers Infinity War collection
  • Iron Man is 3 3/4 inches tall
  • Vinyl
  • 1 A battery required
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/26/2023 08:57 pm GMT

4. Iron Man 3 #32 Tony Stark Unmasked

Many heroes tend to hide their identities behind a mask. Spider-Man, Batman, and others use disguises to hide their identity, but not Tony Stark. Any Iron Man fan looking for a figure of our hero unmasked should have this Pop from 2013 high on their list.

Tony has never been shy about removing his mask, but this figure is the one to get if you love rarity. Released for SDCC in 2013, this Pop was only available in limited quantities. The price hasn’t gone down much since that time and currently sits between $500-$800 on eBay for mint figures still in the box.

5. Avengers Endgame Iron Man Mega Pop #02

The Hulkbuster Iron Man shows off a super-sized version of Tony’s armor while the Mark 1 provides fans with a blast to the past. When you want something with his most popular suit and have room to spare, the mega Pop! Iron Man is a fantastic choice.

Best for Tony Stark
Avengers Endgame: I Am Iron Man
  • Glow-in-the-dark deluxe figure
  • Captures the epic moment from Avengers: Endgame
  • Battle-damaged Tony Stark kneels on base
  • Comes in a displayable window box
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/26/2023 12:07 am GMT

At 18” high, this version of Iron Man is from Endgame and rolled out through the Funko Shop. It absolutely dwarfs standard-sized Funko Pops and will stand out in any Iron Man fan’s collection. If you’re interested in something smaller and more budget-friendly from the same film, consider the battle-damaged Iron Man above.

Check out Avengers Endgame Iron Man on Amazon.

6. Freddy Funko Iron Man Metallic #12 SDCC

Fans of Funko instantly recognize Freddy, a character that can appear at any time. We’ve seen Freddy in a variety of costumes over the years, including exclusives. The most expensive Iron Man Funko Pop! falls into that category and sports a jaw-dropping price tag.

Freddy Funko #12 is a limited exclusive from 2012’s San Diego Comic-Con. This bobblehead has metallic Iron Man armor with Freddy’s head as in incredibly limited. There were only 12 of these figures in the world, which means any you happen to see for sale will likely have a 5- to 6-figure price tag.

7. Gingerbread Iron Man Funko Pop! #934

Our Pick
Funko Pop! Marvel: Gingerbread Iron Man
  • Stylized Gingerbread Iron Man collectible
  • Stands 4 inches tall 
  • Weighs 5.6 ounces
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/27/2023 06:31 am GMT

Our favorite seasonal release is Gingerbread Iron Man #934. Funko’s seasonal releases are always a blast and you never know where your favorite characters will appear. In 2021, Marvel fans were in for a sweet treat with the Gingerbread Iron Man #934. While not edible, he does look delicious…

This fun little Funko figure shows Iron Man in a suit made from gingerbread. It’s a unique take on the hero, and if anyone could build a suit from candy, it would be Tony Stark. You can pick up this Christmas-themed Iron Man at retail prices. He also pairs perfectly with other Gingerbread heroes from Marvel and DC!

Check out Gingerbread Iron Man #934 on Amazon.

8. Iron Man Tales of Suspense Funko Pop! #39

While the Mark 1 Funko Pop shows off the first Iron Man suit in the movies, comic fans may want a different take on things. When you want to go back to the very beginning, you’ll need to pick up the Tales of Suspense Iron Man Funko Pop.

Our Pick
Funko Pop! Iron Man: Collector Corps Exclusive
  • Made of plastic
  • Weighs 1.44 ounces
  • Collector Corps
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/27/2023 06:31 am GMT

Tales of Suspense #39 marked the first appearance of Iron Man in the Marvel Universe. You can relive that moment with the Funko Pop above, which takes fans back to 1963. The design is completely different than the suit shown in Iron Man 1, but will look just as stunning on display with your Iron Man collection.

Check out Iron Man on Amazon.

9. Midnight Suns Iron Man Limited Chase #981

Our Pick
Funko Pop! Midnight Suns Iron Man #981
  • Glow-in-the-dark chase
  • Weighs 4.8 ounces
  • About 3.5 inches tall
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/27/2023 06:31 am GMT

Our best GamerVerse pick is Midnight Suns Iron Man #981. Fans of Marvel comic books will be familiar with the Midnight Suns, a group we hope comes to the big screen MCU soon. Well, there’s also a popular tactical game by the same name, and fans of either franchise will enjoy this figure.

The Midnight Suns Iron Man Funko Pop shows another form of Iron Man armor. This suit gets a boost from mystical powers, and the figure itself glows in the dark. This figure is a Marvel GamerVerse release in partnership with 2K, and is a unique addition when compared to Iron Man’s more traditional suits.

Check out Midnight Suns Iron Man #981 on Amazon.

10. Iron Man with Gantry Funko Pop! #905

Our Pick
Pop! Iron Man 2: Iron Man with Gantry
  • Glow-in-the-dark deluxe vinyl
  • Approximately 6" tall
  • Features Tony Stark in his fourth Iron Man suit
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/27/2023 06:32 am GMT

Iron Max with Gantry #905 is our pick for the best Deluxe Funko Pop. We’ve seen Tony incorporate a lot of tech into his suits over the years, but before nanotech, there was the gantry. This Funko Pop! holds a special place in our hearts as it shows Tony putting on the Mark IV, but also because of the fine details.

Iron Man with Gantry #905 is listed as a Deluxe Funko Pop because of the size and detail. This figure is 6”, so it’s larger than most Iron Man Funkos due to the gantry.

The company put a lot of detail into the design, which includes parts and features that glow in the dark. It’s another fun collectible with a great price point that shows Tony getting ready for action.

Check out Iron Man with Gantry #905 on Amazon.

The Wrap-Up

Whether you prefer the Mark 1 to the Mark IV armor or are a fan of Tony sans the suit, Funko has something for you. Their selection of Iron Man Funko Pops is impressive, and we feel like the pricing makes them more obtainable than other characters outside of limited chase figures. If you’re curious to see how Iron Man stacks up against Spidey from a collector’s standpoint, we have that covered as well!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Funko make a die-cast version of Iron Man?

Yes, in 2022, they released Iron Man #2 as part of the company’s line of metal Pop figures.

What are Funko Pops With Purpose?

These are special lines tied to charities that feature popular characters from various franchises.

Does Funko make any Iron Man Comic Covers Pop collectibles?

None feature the original Iron Man although there is a Skrull as Iron Man figure for the Avengers Initiative.

What was the first Funko Pop Iron Man figure released?

The first Iron Man Funko Pop! was the Marvel Universe Iron Man #04 which arrived in 2011.

Are there any sets with Funko Iron Man Pops?

Yes, there are several to choose from including Spider-Man Homecoming, Infinity War, Marvel Blacklights, and Civil War.

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