The Best Foldable E-Bikes You Can Buy Today

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The Best Foldable E-Bikes You Can Buy Today

Key Points

  • The Fiido M21 is our top pick for its all-terrain design, precise riding control, and affordable price.
  • The ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike offers the best bang for your buck.
  • The Gocycle G4i is a luxurious option with a compact design, Bluetooth connectivity, and a light build.
  • The Brompton Electric C Line Explore is the best portable option with a customizable design and a weight of 38.4 pounds.

Foldable e-bikes are one of the best options on the market for commuters or road-trippers thanks to their ease of transportation, reliability, and convenience. While traditional e-bikes can be rather unwieldy and difficult to squeeze into tight spaces or store efficiently, foldable versions solve this problem entirely.

Choosing an e-bike, in general, is quite the task, and finding a foldable version that fits your needs is that much harder. We’ve done the legwork of checking out customer reviews, manufacturer specs, and professional opinions to determine which foldable e-bikes are the best bang for your buck.

Let’s check out a few of the best picks!

#1 Best Overall Foldable E-Bike: Fiido M21

The Fiido M21 Eleectric Bike is our top pick for this list. This bike comes with dozens of enviable features, and while it may not be the cheapest on this list, it doesn’t come with a super hefty price tag like the others. With an all-terrain design and a built-in torque sensor providing precise riding control, this bike has it all without breaking the bank. 

The Fiido M21 has a maximum speed of 24.8 mph and an expected range of 62+ miles on just one single charge. It only takes 7 hours for the bike to fully charge, and the battery is removable, so charging is that much easier.

Despite its compact capabilities — namely, being able to fold fully in half — this bike is suitable for anyone between 5’0” and 6’5” tall, so a wide range of people can be accommodated with this model.

It weighs just over 55 pounds, so it’s not the lightest option, but it is on the lighter side when it comes to e-bikes. The Fiido M21 is expected to have over 800 battery cycle times before wear and tear starts taking its course and has an incredible shock-absorbing front suspension fork for bumpier rides. 

Speaking of bumpy rides, the Fiido M21 is designed as an all-terrain e-bike thanks to its fat tires. They measure 4 inches wide and are designed to handle anything you could throw at them, from gravel to a dirt trail and just about everything in between.

The Fiido M21 has a starting price of $1,499 and only comes in the color black. If you aren’t concerned with color choice, it is one of the best e-bikes you can get.

Pros and Cons

The Fiido M21 comes with all-terrain flat tires.The Fiido M21 is a bit heavy to carry at just over 55 pounds, so while it folds, it’s not that light and may be difficult for some to move. 
It has a good range of 62 miles on a single charge and a max speed of just under 25 mph.The battery takes 7 hours to charge which isn’t unreasonable, but there are faster options. 
The Fiido M21 accommodates a wide range of rider sizes, 5’0” to 6’5” in height.This bike only comes in one color, black.
As foldable e-bikes go, this is one of the cheaper options starting at $1,499.

Check out the Fiido M21 Electric Bike here.

Best Bang for Your Buck: ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

Best Value
ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike
  • Shimano 7-speed gears
  • 20-inch wheels
  • Front suspension
  • 350W motor
  • High-strength aluminum fork
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11/26/2023 03:38 pm GMT

The ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike is the best option for those looking to invest in a solid foldable e-bike without breaking the bank. This bike is easily accessible as it can be found on Amazon and is the best price you could find for an e-bike in general, let alone on this list. 

The ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike comes with a removable battery that fully charges in 6-7 hours. It has an expected range of about 30+ miles on a single charge and a maximum speed of 15 mph.

This bike has 7 speeds available and is advertised as a commuter bike, so while it may not be destined for a life of adventure, it’ll get you where you need to go in the city or suburbs — no problem. 

The ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike comes with everything you could want on an e-bike, including an LCD display and, of course, the ability to fold in half and save you space. Even the handlebars fold for optimal space-saving, and it weighs about 55 pounds. 

This bike comes in two colors, black and white, and has a price of just $399.99 on Amazon right now. All things considered, this is a great starter e-bike for eager commuters to try out the e-bike lifestyle.

Pros and Cons

The ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike is one of the most affordable e-bikes on the market.This bike only has a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
The whole bike folds up, including the handlebars.The ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike is still on the heavier side at 55 pounds.
This bike comes in two colors and all of the normal e-bike accessories, including an LCD display and cargo rack.The expected range on a single charge is a bit short, but for the price it’s still worth it.

Check out the ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike on Amazon.

Most Luxurious Foldable E-Bike: Gocycle G4i

The Gocycle G4i is arguably one of the nicest e-bikes you’ll find on the market today, and it’s well worth the price. This bike is advertised as a smooth and quiet ride that is compact enough to be transported nearly anywhere without compromising capabilities. 

The Gocycle G4i comes with Bluetooth connectivity to your phone and an app to go along with the e-bike. It comes with a removable battery that fully charges in just 3.5 hours and has an expected range of 50+ miles on a single charge.

This e-bike has a maximum speed of 20 mph and folds all the way up in just 10 seconds. However, with this design, you can still pull it on the wheels, so transporting this bike is a breeze for everyone.

This e-bike comes with a USB port in the handlebars so you can charge your phone while you’re riding. If the compactness of the Gocycle G4i wasn’t enough, it only weighs about 37 pounds, so even if you do have to carry it, it’s a breeze compared to most other e-bikes of this caliber. 

The Gocycle e-bike comes in two colors, black and white, and has a starting price of $5,499. We did say luxury, didn’t we? With that said, it does come with a two-year warranty for the battery and non-wearing components as well as a three-year warranty for the motor and frame, so you’ll be covered if anything fails during that period.

Pros and Cons

The battery of this bike reaches a full charge in just 3.5 hours, half the expected time for most other e-bikes. The Gocycle G4i is definitely on the pricey side of e-bikes with a starting price of $5,499.
At only 37 pounds, this bike is one of the easiest to carry but also has one of the most efficient folding techniques since you can still use the tires to pull it folded up.For the price, the expected range on a single charge is somewhat low at 50 miles.
The motor on the Gocycle G4i is quiet and smooth, so you can barely tell it’s electric.

Take a look at the Gocycle G4i here.

Best Portable Foldable E-Bike: Brompton Electric C Line Explore

The Brompton Electric C Line Explore is the best choice for those looking to take their e-bike everywhere they go. While all foldable e-bikes are versatile in nature, this one, in particular, was designed with commuters in mind.

As a result, Brompton made their e-bike not only incredibly lightweight but capable of being folded into an incredibly compact form. If you need to be able to tuck your e-bike away on the train or at the office and are really limited in space, this is the best option for you.

This e-bike is extremely customizable. From the handlebars to the color, you have the ability to make it your own. As an added convenience, the battery is removable and charges in just 4 hours, but you can give it a boost to charge faster if you’re short on time.

On a full charge, the Brompton Electric C Line Explore has an expected range of just under 45 miles and a maximum speed of 15 mph. This 6-speed e-bike folds down to just under 2 feet wide and just over 2 feet tall while weighing only 38.4 pounds, including the battery, so you can take it just about anywhere.

The Brompton Electric C Line Explore has a wide range of adjustments available to accommodate a variety of heights and even comes with a 1.5 L essentials bag that attaches to the bike frame. This e-bike starts at $3,800, with several accessories you can add on as you see fit. 

Pros and Cons

The Brompton Electric C Line Explore is highly customizable, so you can personalize it.The Brompton Electric C Line Explore is a little bit expensive at a starting price of $3,800.
This bike is one of the most compact on the market and is on the lighter side as e-bikes go.While it is the most compact, we have seen better designs where you don’t have to actually carry the bike; in this case, you do.
The battery charges in just 4 hours but has a boost option if you’re in a hurry.

Check out the Brompton Electric C Line Explore here.

Best Foldable E-Bike for Cargo: Aventon Sinch.2

The Aventon Sinch.2 e-bike is a great option for those looking to transport heavier items or those in need of a bike that is easy to mount. The step-through design of this bike makes it easier for those with mobility issues to get on and off with ease but doesn’t compromise the bike’s capabilities and keeps you in an upright, comfortable position.

This bike comes with fat tires for an all-terrain companion and has an expected range of 55 miles on a single charge. Its top speed is 20 mph, and it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds with a cargo capacity of 55 pounds on the rear rack. This is an 8-speed bike with 4 levels of pedal assistance, and it’s IPX4 water-resistant. 

The Aventon Sinch.2 comes in two colors and with a 2-year warranty. It has a backlit LCD display for easier nighttime rides as well as front headlights and rear lights with turn signal integration.

One thing to note is while this bike does fold up, it weighs 68 pounds, so it may not be the most commuter-friendly option if you have to carry it up a flight of stairs. The Aventon Sinch.2 starts at a price of $1,799, putting it right in average territory compared to most e-bikes.

Pros and Cons

The Aventon Sinch.2 is easy to mount and dismount thanks to its step-thru design.The Aventon Sinch.2 is on the heavier side at 68 pounds, so while it folds, it’s not the most transportable.
This bike has a high weight carrying capacity of 300 pounds and is a great option for those in need of a bike that can handle heavier cargo.This bike does take a while to ship, so be aware you might have to wait a bit for it to arrive.
The LCD display on this bike is backlit and comes with several additional lights for optimal safety.

Check out the Aventon Sinch.2 E-Bike here.

How to Pick the Best Foldable E-Bike: Step by Step

The most important thing to keep in mind is what your main goal with your foldable e-bike will be. Do you want to use your bike for commuting, carrying cargo, or just for fun?

When deciding which foldable e-bike is right for you, there are four main things to consider:

  • Portability
  • Weight
  • Range
  • Price

Let’s go over each one in a little more detail. 


asian young man walking and carrying her folding bike before go in front the house
Foldable e-bikes are unique in that they are much more portable than standard bikes.

©Odua Images/Shutterstock.com

Obviously, the main goal of any e-bike that folds is portability. With that said, some are just more portable than others. Keep in mind that just because it folds doesn’t mean it’ll be small.

E-bikes are bigger than you think, and it’s important to pay attention to the dimensions of the bike, even when folded, to make sure you have enough space.


Weight plays a huge part in how portable your folding e-bike is. If it is too heavy, you’ll find yourself struggling to use it how you want.

While all of these e-bikes fold up into more compact machines, some weigh as much as 68 pounds. If you live on the third floor of an apartment building without an elevator, that may not be the bike you want to choose. Keep in mind how you will want to transport the bike when not in use.

e-bike battery
Pay attention to the expected range of your foldable e-bike so that you’re not left stranded.



Arguably, one of the more important aspects of any e-bike is the expected range. If you’re a daily commuter who takes it home to charge every night, this may not be a big deal.

But if you’re taking your e-bike for a long day on the trails, you want to make sure you’re not left peddling it all at the end. As someone who has run their e-bike completely out of battery, I can tell you they feel a lot heavier when the juice runs out!


As you can see, the prices of foldable e-bikes vary widely. This is an entirely personal choice for you to make, but how much are you willing to spend on an e-bike, keeping in mind that no machine lasts forever?

Also, pay attention to warranties. Some e-bike companies offer as many as 10 years before the warranty expires, while others just have 1. 

The initial purchase price isn’t the whole picture. If you need to spend money to replace a low-quality e-bike before you want to, you are better off opting for a better model that will last longer — even if it is a bit more expensive.

What to Know Before Buying a Foldable E-Bike

Foldable e-bikes are a great option for those living in tighter spaces or who like to take their bikes with them on long road trips.

These are great options for everyday commuters or leisurely weekend trail riders, but if neither of those aspects applies to you, it may not be worth ruling out a normal e-bike. It could be cheaper or have more features that you enjoy. 

One of the biggest draws toward foldable e-bikes is that you can take them to places where a full-size bike doesn’t go. If you commute to work, and part of that trip is via a bus, you can fold your bike up and take it aboard with you.

Additionally, if you live in a small apartment and don’t want to chain your bike up outside, you can fold it up and store it inside without taking up valuable space.

Black electrical bike fat tire folding 20" wheel with seat and force shocks
While foldable e-bikes can be physically smaller, they can still weigh just as much as a regular e-bike.


Using a Foldable E-Bike: What it’s Like

Foldable e-bikes have raving reviews across the board from a variety of users. The perks of foldable e-bikes include compactness, ease of transportation, and reliability. With that said, they’re not for everyone. You could even argue that there are a few reasons to avoid an e-bike altogether.

Some can be complicated to fold down and back up again. And keep in mind that the more moving pieces you have on a machine, the more components you can break. Most foldable e-bikes are incredibly reliable. But if you aren’t in need of its specialized design, different types of e-bikes might suit you better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do foldable e-bikes work?

The short answer is yes, they do work. However, if you are a more aggressive bike rider, such as those who enjoy off-roading, they are likely not for you. You would be better suited to finding a mountain bike with electric components designed for rough use.

Are foldable e-bikes worth it?

For those in need of their specific benefits, absolutely! These are great space-savers, and many of them are lighter than traditional e-bikes, so they’re easier to carry and transport. You can commit to buying a foldable e-bike without worrying so much about where you will store it when not in use.

What is the lightest foldable electric bike?

While many e-bikes compete for the title of “the lightest ever,” only a few can back up to that claim. The lightest foldable e-bike on our list is the Brompton Electric C Line Explorer, coming in at just 38.4 pounds.

Is it harder to ride a folding bike?

Foldable e-bikes aren’t necessarily harder to ride than conventional e-bikes. But they are different. Due to the smaller wheels and lower center of gravity, they might take some getting used to.

The electric motor will do most of the work for you, so you won’t struggle to pedal up hills or over terrain. However, if you run out of battery, the smaller wheels may make it difficult to get up to speed under your own power.

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