6 Best Fishing Games for PC (2024 Edition)

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6 Best Fishing Games for PC (2024 Edition)

Key Points

  • Fishing Sim World Pro Tour is a popular fishing game with an impressive Career mode and Multiplayer, featuring over 100 pro anglers and ten venues around the world.
  • Russian Fishing 4 is widely regarded as one of the best fishing simulators, offering realistic gameplay, over 190 fish species, and the ability to fish from boats or shorelines.
  • Intergalactic Fishing is a unique fishing RPG with procedurally generated lakes and species, tournaments, upgradable gear, and the ability to design your own lures.
  • Ultimate Fishing Simulator provides a fun and action-packed fishing experience with realistic graphics, a variety of gear, and multiple lakes to explore.
  • Fishing Planet is a free-to-play fishing game with over 150 species to catch, dynamic weather, and cross-play functionality across multiple platforms.
  • Fishing: North Atlantic – Enhanced Edition offers a different approach to fishing games, allowing players to captain a commercial fishing vessel and catch large species using lobster pots, deep-line fishing, and harpoons.

Fishing is an activity you can enjoy throughout the year if you’re willing to brave the weather. With the best fishing games for PC, you won’t have to. These games allow you to hit rivers, streams, and lakes in search of the big one. That could be a trophy bass from a pond in Alabama or a Marlin from the back of a boat in the Pacific. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best fishing games on PC.

RankGameBest Feature
#1Fishing Sim Pro World TourThere are more than 100 real pro anglers in the game.
#2Russian Fishing 4It’s a realistic experience with a wealth of depth.
#3Intergalactic FishingThere is a mysterious storyline and retro graphics.
#4Ultimate Fishing SimulatorThe gameplay is based around action, not waiting for a bite.
#5Fishing PlanetIt’s a gorgeous free-to-play game.
#6Fishing North AtlanticIt has unique fishing environments.

#1. Fishing Sim World Pro Tour

Dovetail Games has produced many memorable titles over the years and has made some of the best fishing games around. Our favorite from the developer is Fishing Sim World Pro Tour, a title from 2018 that’s popular on PCs and consoles.

With an impressive Career mode and Multiplayer, Fishing Sim World Pro Tour is the type of game that will keep you busy for ages. You can set up custom environments to fish with friends online or take on opponents in tournaments. The Dovetail Fishing League allows people to do that, but Career Mode is also a blast.

The game has more than 100 pro anglers with three classes and a slew of unlockables. As you bring in fish, you’ll rank up, opening the doors to new sponsors and gear. The game features ten venues around the world, 29 species of fish, and more than 50 licensed partners from the fishing world. It’s also a game that’s easy to run on a variety of PCs thanks to low system requirements.

Fishing Sim World Pro Tour is one of the best fishing games for PC users looking for a game with depth and solid online play. It doesn’t have as many species or gear as other games, but it’s well-rounded, looks great, and sports an attractive price tag.

There’s a lot of depth between the pro anglers and gear.The tutorials could be better.
It’s easy to pick up and play.
There are multiple modes of play. 

#2. Russian Fishing 4

best fishing games for PC
You can catch more than 190 fish in Russian Fishing 4.

The aptly named FishSoft LLC surprised gamers with a new simulation game in 2018. Russian Fishing 4 is a realistic fishing game for PCs and has been widely regarded as one of the best fishing simulators on the planet.

Whether you want to fish old-school using a float or go with a fly, Russian Fishing 4 has something for everyone. That includes bottom fishers looking for the big ones from below. Once you find the perfect bait, you can reel in more than 190 fish in the game. Each presents a challenge, and every species has different characteristics.

You can fish from boats or shorelines in this game, thanks to the free movement system. The dynamic day and night cycles provide a realistic experience along with the weather. The developers have also done a fantastic job of keeping the game updated since its release. Since its release, the devs have almost doubled the number of fish. They’ve also introduced a number of new features and improvements.

Described as a game by anglers, for anglers, Russian Fishing 4 is easy on the eyes. It’s an immersive experience with solid graphics and tight gameplay, with more than a dozen places to fish. While there are microtransactions, the Russian Fishing 4 is free to download and play.

The game has an open-world nature.Realistic fishing isn’t always exciting.
The graphics are fantastic with the right system. 
There are 17 reservoirs with unique weather conditions. 

#3. Intergalactic Fishing

You may think the best fishing games all have stunning graphics and realistic gameplay. Well, that’s not the case, and Intergalactic Fishing is proof of that. It’s a game that went under a lot of radars, but well worth a look if you’re interested in a deep, fishing RPG.

Intergalactic Fishing doesn’t look like a next-gen game, but don’t let the graphics fool you. They suit the game perfectly, which has a storyline befitting the title. In this game, you’ll need to catch fish across the universe as you explore new lakes and complete quests. You will also need to find out what’s causing fish to mysteriously die in your local lake as you make your way through the game.

Lakes and species are procedurally generated in Intergalactic Fishing. This keeps the game feeling fresh, but so do the features. There are tournaments, tasks, upgradable gear, and stat tracking. In a unique twist, you can also design your own lures. Despite the chill atmosphere of Intergalactic Fishing, there’s a surprising amount of depth when you start getting into the game. 

Intergalactic Fishing won’t be a game for everyone. If you appreciate Indie games and are looking for something unique, it should be high on your list, however. There’s more than enough content to keep you busy for ages, and the relaxing vibe coupled with the depth is quite addicting. 

It has a retro vibe with RPG elements.The style of the game won’t be for everyone.
There are procedurally generated lakes. 
You can design your own fishing lures. 

#4 Ultimate Fishing Simulator                       

If you’ve ever wanted to simulate being a priest, a zookeeper, or a baker, you might be familiar with Ultimate Games S.A.’s catalog of titles. The developer has a notable presence on PCs and mobiles, but our favorite game from the company is Ultimate Fishing Simulator.

The aim of Ultimate Fishing Simulator is to give gamers a fun experience when they cast a line. That means there’s action, so you don’t have to wait half the day for a bite like in real life. It’s a great alternative to more realistic games, although UFS has a “realistic” mode as well. While you won’t get as many bites, it’s far more challenging and just as much fun.

As you can see by the video, the graphics are quite realistic and look great on the right PC. There’s also plenty of gear, with lures, different types of baits, rods, reels, and line. There are a half-dozen lakes included in the base game. Several have “winter” modes that allow for ice fishing, but there are a variety of DLC maps for anglers as well.

While Ultimate Fishing Simulator is a blast on mobiles, the Steam version on PC looks fantastic. This highly-rated game has been around since 2018 and is available on multiple platforms. There’s also a sequel out in Early Access on Steam if you want to check out the company’s latest game.

This is a fishing game with a bit more action.There are some complaints of glitches on older systems due to new updates.
It has a wide variety of fish, lures, reels, and rods. 
There are winter modes with ice fishing. 

#5 Fishing Planet

The second game on our list that’s available on mobiles, consoles, and PCs is Fishing Planet. It’s another fishing sim with fantastic graphics and plenty of depth. The one thing that sets this game apart from others is that it’s free, although there’s a wealth of DLC.

This free-to-play fishing game provides players with over 150 species to catch across 25 settings. There’s an emphasis on competition in Fishing Planet. From online events to simply fishing against friends, you’ll always have something to do. Want to start a game on Steam and continue from your mobile on the road? That’s an option as well through cross-play.

Fishing Planet has a dynamic weather system. The seasons change along with the weather search for fishing holes. It’s a good-looking game with realistic graphics that shine on premium PCs but is just as capable of running on low-end systems. The depth is solid given the staggering volume of lures, environments, and the fact you can fish with a float, spinner, or from the bottom.

It’s hard to find a great paid fishing game on PC, much less one that’s free. Fishing Planet has surprised people in that regard, although you can expect microtransactions. It’s relatively easy to pick up and play if you’re new to the niche, but it can trip up newcomers with a lack of information.

It’s free to play with in-app purchases.There’s no paid version of the game.
It has a dynamic weather system. 
The game has detailed graphics and rich fishing environments. 

#6 Fishing: North Atlantic – Enhanced Edition

Some of the best fishing games for PC take place along riverbanks, shorelines, and from the back of boats in lakes. If you’re interested in something with a bit more bite, you’ll want to check out Fishing: North Atlantic from Misc Games.

As the captain of a commercial fishing vessel, Fishing: North Atlantic takes a different approach to traditional fishing games. Instead of a dinky boat, you’re in charge of a ship in Nova Scotia. You can toss out lobster pots or try deep-line fishing with a buoy. Harpoons are also an option, and there are plenty of large species to land in this game.

Fishing: North Atlantic looks fantastic on the right PC. While it doesn’t require a system with high-end specs, you’ll struggle to run this one with integrated graphics. The base game has a wealth of content, but there are two DLCS available with the aptly named Scallops and A.F. Theriault, which adds three new boats to the mix.

North Atlantic is the sequel to Fishing: Barents Sea, and while it’s not as highly rated, it’s a solid follow-up to the original. Whether you want to harpoon a tuna or search for snow crabs in the depths, there’s something for everyone in Fishing: North Atlantic.   

You get to fish from the Atlantic instead of a riverbank or shoreline.The game has no traditional fishing modes.
There are unique settings and treacherous weather. 
There is impressive depth both in the game and through DLC. 

More Great Fishing Games

Searching for the best fishing games on PC is challenging. That’s due in part to the age and system requirements of some titles and the fact there are 40 years’ worth of games to consider. With that in mind, here are some other fantastic fishing games that should be on your list.

Dredge isn’t your typical fishing game, but it’s a title that’s hard to put down. This single-player game has received stellar reviews and puts you in the boots of a captain trawling the depths. While there are plenty of fish to catch, other things are lurking in the deep that aren’t nearly as pleasant. 

Cat Goes Fishing is another fishing game that forgoes realism in various ways. You’ll fish as a cat but won’t use your paws to snare prey. This fun little indie has two modes of play, unique fish, and some interesting hats.

Fishing Paradiso doesn’t involve cats but has a similar vibe, retro graphics, and a great storyline. While we won’t spoil it, the game puts players in a unique place to fish, with more than 100 species to catch. It’s a hybrid RPG fishing game that brings back memories of classic SNES games. You can pick it up on Steam, but the game is available across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and the Switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t there many new fishing games?

Fishing is a great fit for video games but is considered a niche sport compared to soccer, football, or basketball.

Do you need a high-end PC to play fishing games?

It all depends on the game. While some will require a dedicated GPU to run well, plenty of games look great on laptops and budget-friendly systems.

Do they make special controllers for fishing games?

Yes, you can find a variety of controllers designed to mimic rods and reels, although PC-based options are slim.

What’s the best free fishing game?

While there are in-app purchases, Fishing Planet is the best free fishing game.

Are fishing games better on a console or PC?

That largely depends on whether you prefer playing with a keyboard and mouse or controller, considering that many titles are available on both platforms.

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