7 Best Escape Room Games for PC and Steam

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7 Best Escape Room Games for PC and Steam

Key Points

  • Escape Simulator is a puzzle game on Steam where players must search for clues and solve puzzles to escape a room.
  • Escape the Backrooms is a psychological horror puzzle game where players navigate eerie backroom-themed levels while avoiding monsters.
  • The We Were Here series is a cooperative puzzle adventure game where players must communicate and solve puzzles together to escape a cold abandoned castle.
  • The Room series is a single-player point-and-click escape room game where players must figure out how to open mysterious boxes.
  • The Cube Escape (Rusty Lake) series is a collection of single-player 2D point-and-click escape room games set in a surreal and creepy world called Rusty Lake.

Do you enjoy solving puzzles, riddles, and escape rooms? Put your detective skills to the test with these escape room games! Better yet, play with friends and solve mysteries together. In this article, you’ll discover the best escape room games for PC and Steam that you can either play solo or with friends. Don’t worry, this article is spoiler-free. Your next adventure awaits!

1. Escape Simulator

Escape Room Simulator puzzle.
Escape Room Simulator provides a wide variety of challenging levels that can be played solo or coop.

Escape Simulator is a puzzle game on Steam developed by Pine Studio. The game starts with the player (or players) trapped in a room. The objective is to search the room for clues and solve puzzles that will help you escape the room. The levels in Escape Simulator are very tightly packed, with numerous items and objects to interact with.

The core mechanics revolve around picking up items and inspecting them for clues. There’s also a time limit for each room. Escape Simulator has 25 levels, which can be completed solo or with friends. It supports up to eight players. Be warned, it can get very crowded. The game is integrated with Steam Workshop, allowing the community to create their escape rooms. Overall, Escape Simulator is a very fun puzzle game to play with friends.

2. Escape the Backrooms

Escape the backrooms video game.
In Escape the Backrooms, you and your friends will navigate “Backroom” themed levels while avoiding monsters and other entities.

Escape the Backrooms is a psychological horror puzzle game developed by Fancy Games, a one-man game studio. It can be played with up to four players. The “Backrooms” is a concept used to describe any familiar location that is empty and eerie. An example of some backroom settings are empty office spaces and hallways. The objective of Escape the Backrooms is to navigate a variety of backroom-themed levels while avoiding monsters.

There are 20 levels to explore alone or with friends. The game uses proximity voice chat, so you can only hear people near you. Even though the game is in early access, it received mostly positive reviews on Steam. Some bugs are to be expected and more content is coming soon. If you like the idea of exploring (and escaping) the backrooms, then Escape the Backrooms is worth checking out. It’s also available on VR headsets.

3. We Were Here Series

We We Here video game screenshot.
We Were Here is a two-player-cooperative game where clear communication is the key.

The We Were Here series contains a total of four games: We Were Here, We Were Here Too, We Were Here Together, and We Were Here Forever. It’s a first-person cooperative puzzle adventure game. The series is developed by Total Mayhem Games. The first game, We Were Here, is free on Steam at the moment. The game must be played with a friend in cooperative mode, for a maximum of two players.

The game starts with each player stuck in a cold abandoned castle in separate rooms. The players must describe their surroundings to help one another escape. The only equipment you have is a walkie-talkie used to voice chat with your partner. It’s an interesting twist on the escape room concept because communication is vital. Besides solving puzzles together, We Were Here also has an interesting story. It’s one of the only story-rich escape room games.

4. The Room Series

A screenshot from The Room video game.
The Room is a fun and mysterious puzzle game that centers around unlocking 3D puzzle boxes.

The Room series is a single-player point-and-click escape room game developed by Fireproof Games. Back in the day, it was popular due to being one of the first puzzle games to be released on mobile devices. It received the iPad Game of the Year 2012 award. Currently, there are four games in the series, as well as a VR-only title called The Room VR: A Dark Matter. It’s available on Android, IOS, and Steam.

The gameplay of The Room focuses on figuring out how to open a mysterious box. Clues can be found by inspecting the box and interacting with various compartments. There are a total of four boxes in the first game. While it’s not exactly an escape-room game, it does scratch the detective and mystery itch. The puzzle boxes are fairly complex and challenging. If you enjoy point-and-click puzzle games, The Room series is worth checking out.

5. Cube Escape Series (Rusty Lake)

A screenshot from the Cube Escape games.
If you enjoy eerie 2D puzzle games, The Cube Escape series will be right up your alley.

The Cube Escape (also called Rusty Lake) series is a collection of single-player 2D point-and-click escape room games. There are a total of 10 games to date. The Cube Escape games take place in a world called Rusty Lake. The most recent addition to the series, The Past Within, adds co-op to the game. The gameplay in the co-op version is similar to We Were Here, although in a 2D (and sometimes 3D) environment.

Every game in the series follows the same art style, a surreal and creepy 2D world. The player uses a mouse (or touch controls) to interact with images and solve puzzles. Each game has a different theme and story. It’s recommended to play the series in order, starting from Cube Escape: Seasons, Cube Escape: The Lake, and then Cube Escape: Arles. Since the game doesn’t have high hardware requirements, it’s available on mobile devices as well as Steam.

6. Escape Academy

A screenshot of Escape Academy.
Escape Academy is a fun escape room game that you can play on all platforms.

Escape Academy is another fun escape room game that you can play solo, split-screen co-op, or online co-op. The gameplay and mechanics are similar to Escape Simulator but with larger rooms to explore. What makes Escape Academy interesting is it’s available on all platforms (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and macOS) and it supports split-screen co-op.

The downside is the game is quite short. It can be completed in a few hours. The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass and supports cross-platform play between Xbox consoles and PC. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support cross-platform play with PlayStation.

7. Portal 2

Cover art for Portal 2.
Portal 2’s co-op mode introduces unique puzzles and a fun campaign.

Portal 2 is one of the most popular puzzle video games of all time. It was released in 2011 by Valve and it quickly became a classic. Besides the portal-based puzzles, the campaign contains memorable characters and an immersive story. The co-op mode is especially fun to play with a friend.

In co-op, each player can only place one type of portal, so you need to work together to solve the puzzles. When you finish the campaign, take a look at the Steam workshop maps for Portal 2. There are lots of fan-made maps that offer new challenges. Portal 2 also supports split-screen co-op.

Wrap Up

If you’re a fan of real-life escape rooms, these games will keep you busy. Playing co-op Escape Simulator and We Were Here will put your communication skills to the test. For puzzle enthusiasts, The Room series has complex 3D puzzle boxes to solve. Each of these games will not only provide you with good mental exercise but also lots of laughs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free escape room game?

The first game in the We Were Here series is free on Steam at the moment. It’s a great escape room game for two players.

Are there any escape room games on mobile?

Yes. The Room series and Cube Escape are available on mobile devices.

What is the scariest escape room video game?

Escape the Backrooms is the scariest escape room game on our list. There are jumpscares and monsters throughout the levels.

Are there any co-op escape room games?

Yes. Escape Simulator supports up to eight players in co-op mode.

What's the best puzzle video game?

The Room series has some of the best 3D puzzles in video games.

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