The Best Podcasts About EV (Electric Vehicles)

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The Best Podcasts About EV (Electric Vehicles)

Key Facts

  • Thousands of podcasts on electric vehicles exist.
  • Some of the most popular of them are hosted by individual creators.
  • Ride the Lightening hosted by Ryan McCaffrey is one such example with the focus being on Tesla.

Fast-paced and exciting, the world of electric vehicles has grown exponentially. Keeping abreast of the latest developments can be a challenge even for an ardent EV fan. However, good podcasts make exploring the latest in EV news much easier and a lot of fun. Whether your interest in cutting-edge EVs is for business or pleasure, these podcasts give you plenty of information.

Not all EV podcasts are created equal, of course. Professional podcasts backed by vehicle news organizations tend to be high quality, with accurate information and enjoyable, understandable presentations. But some individual podcast creators also create superior material, too, and these commentators can offer alternate perspective. Some podcasts give a solid overview of the whole, evolving EV market, while others focus on interesting niches. Here are six of the best EV podcasts in 2022.

Best 6 EV Podcasts: Overview

Ride the LightningInsideEVs PodcastBen Sullins Ev ReviewsElectrek PodcastFully Charged ShowMicromobility
TopicsTesla EVs and Tesla newsAll EV topicsEV reviews, sustainable livingEV news, viewer questions and commentaryEV news, clean energy, global warmingMicromobility, small EV reviews
FrequencyWeeklyWeeklyIrregular (weekly)WeeklyWeekly2 to 4 podcasts monthly
Podcast Length40 to 80 minutes1 to 2 hours8 to 30 minutes40 to 80 minutes20 to 60 minutes30 to 50 minutes
# of Episodes37312877256150+148

1. Ride the Lightning Podcast

Tesla EVs are the world’s most popular despite many flourishing competitors. Ride the Lightning recognizes the sizzling popularity of Elon Musk’s electric creations. It focuses on cars bearing the electric rotor and stator T-logo. Ryan McCaffrey operates Ride the Lightning, subtitled “The Tesla Unofficial Podcast.” McCaffrey says Tesla is “hugely exciting” to him, describing himself as a car enthusiast who works as executive editor at video game site IGN.com.

McCaffrey launched Ride the Lightning on August 2nd, 2015 and has produced podcasts weekly ever since. As of September 2022, McCaffrey has recorded 373 podcast episodes covering Tesla’s growth, successes, and occasional difficulties. Ride the Lightning chronicles changes to the latest generations of such long-time favorites as the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Other recent topics include Texas gigafactory construction, Tesla’s move into lithium refining, and Full Self-Driving updates, among hundreds of others.

With a deep archive spanning over six years of Tesla history, questions, and perspectives, Ride the Lightning is a gold mine for true Tesla enthusiasts. It’s also a good weathervane for the whole EV market, as Tesla is the market leader. McCaffrey publishes the podcast’s episodes at weekly intervals. Early episodes are 40 to 50 minutes long, but recent podcasts surpass an hour and often reach around 80 minutes.

2. InsideEVs Podcast

screengrab of InsideEVs home
In InsideEvs, Dominic Yoney and some EV enthusiasts talk about the biggest EV stories on the web.

InsideEVs is dedicated to electric vehicle news, publishing articles, reviews, and commentary from various authors. A large, professionally managed site, it includes the InsideEVs Podcast among its offerings for those fascinated by electric vehicles. Dominick Yoney records most of the podcasts, serving as the host for almost all episodes, which also frequently feature guests. The podcast is in video format, not audio-only. It also appears as a playlist on YouTube, and hasn’t been updated since March 4th, 2022.

The podcast maximizes listener (or viewer) convenience by breaking its videos into categories. These include Opinion, Buying Advice, Deals, EV Education, EV History, Lists, What Do I Drive?, and others. Someone looking for practical advice on a new EV purchase can focus on that material. Meanwhile, a fan looking for entertainment during the daily commute can explore the esoteric details of EV history or technology. The frequent guests include many EV business insiders who provide insights into the inner workings of automakers’ electrification efforts.

The InsideEVs podcast has a library of 128 episodes as of September 2022, giving plenty of material to delve into. Most of the episodes are well over an hour long, with many approaching two hours. InsideEVs typically publishes new podcasts weekly on Fridays.

3. Ben Sullins Quality EV Reviews

Out of a handful of YouTube EV channels with more than 250,000 subscribers, Ben Sullins regularly covers the latest EV topics. Sullins, an energetic and articulate YouTuber, gives his own slant on EV reviews and developments. His videos cover not only the strong points of EVs but also some of their bugs and quirks. He appears to post new videos approximately weekly. Not counting shorts, videos mostly range from 8 minutes to 30 minutes long, with an occasional one-hour feature.

The Ben Sullins channel also covers sustainable living topics, potentially also of interest to EV owners. Sullins recounts his experiences with products related to sustainability, such as solar panels for home electricity. This playlist is shorter than the EV list, but still includes well-presented material about off-grid water, solar, and similar topics.

4. Electrek Podcast

Screengrab of Electrek Podcast
In Electreck, Fred and Seth dissect the top-weekly stories on EVs and green energy.

Electrek, like InsideEVs, is another professional EV news site featuring thousands of articles covering all facets of the battery-driven universe. Its podcast, the Electrek Podcast, appears live weekly on the website’s YouTube channel. The show goes live at 4 PM every Friday, co-hosted by Electrek founder Seth Weintraub and site editor in chief Fred Lambert.

Each episode is a free-ranging discussion covering the latest EV news, both details of vehicles and developments in the electrification of vehicles. The podcast doesn’t focus on a single company but instead talks about the latest major developments across the whole electric automaker spectrum. It also deals with supercharger networks, technology and research related to EVs, autonomous driving, business investments, and policy.

A fairly unique feature of the Electrek podcast is that it regularly answers viewer questions. Viewers or listeners can submit questions about EVs and the hosts pick the most interesting topics to answer. Insightful or useful comments by listeners may also receive some airtime. To some extent, Electrek “crowdsources” the topics its commentators talk about, increasing the breadth of coverage and subject matter.

The Electrek Podcast has been live since 2017 and currently has a library of around 256 episodes. The episodes mostly range from 40 to 80 minutes, with the majority running for about an hour.

5. Fully Charged Show Podcast

An entertaining, EV-related podcast, the Fully Charged Show Podcast covers different topics. EVs are at the center of the Fully Charged episodes. However, the show also features a range of topics from the latest news to politics. The podcast’s frequent political slant may not be for everyone. But there are also plenty of episodes touching on EVs and EV tech, too.

The Fully Charged podcast features different hosts and guests, which broadens its perspectives. Each episode includes different people giving their take on EVs, environmental protection, science, and other related topics. Earlier episodes of the podcast focus more on European EV matters than American. However, the podcast has added many more episodes focusing on North America’s EV scene.

The Fully Charged Show Podcast has run for years and now has roughly 150 episodes. Expect a new episode each week, with four or five episodes added to the roster monthly. The Fully Charged Show has a YouTube channel featuring podcast episodes and other videos on EVs, clean energy, and so on. Podcasts typically range from 20 minutes to over an hour. Many appear to be around 40 minutes long.

6. Micromobility Podcast

screengrab of Podcast Micromobility
Micromobility co-hosts, Oliver and Horace, explore innovations and disruptions in urban transport due to EVs.

As its name suggests, Microbility Podcast is a news and editorial website advocating for “micromobility.” This concept sees cars a large, clumsy, one-size-fits-all means of transport. It looks to a future where people use small, specialized vehicles to no move around, saving energy, cutting greenhouse gases, and reducing traffic congestion.

Even if you don’t buy into the micromobility premise and believe the traditional car will stick around for years, the site has lots of interesting information on small EVs. On their blog, you’ll find the latest news and also comments on EVs and transport. The Micromobility Podcast provides the audio and video part of the site’s material.

The podcast doesn’t just explore the philosophy and politics of the “micromobility” concept, though that’s part of its focus. It also reviews and describes EV motorcycles and motorbikes, e-bikes, electric mopeds, and other small to tiny EVs. Some episodes are interviews with people in the micro-EV world. Recent examples include a talk with the founder of Eli Electric Vehicles, Michael Li. The interview gives details about the diminutive two-seat Eli ZERO personal “Neighborhood Electric Vehicle” or NEV.

The Micromobility Podcast has an irregular release schedule. Typically, the producers release two episodes per month. In some months, Micromobility produces a single episode, while other months, three or even four podcasts. Recent months have seen more episodes as interest in EVs of all sizes continues to blossom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many EV podcasts are there in total?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of EV podcasts, with YouTube offering a low barrier to entry.

Are all EV podcasts made by EV-related news websites?

No, some of the most popular podcasts are made by individual creators.

How long is a typical EV podcast?

Most podcast episodes appear to run for approximately 40 minutes to one hour.

Do I need to pay for EV podcasts?

The EV podcasts listed here are free to listen to, though most include product placements.

How long do EV podcasts run?

Many EV podcasts last for years, with some currently offering several weekly episodes.

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