6 Best Drifting Games You Can Play (2023 Edition)

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6 Best Drifting Games You Can Play (2023 Edition)

Perhaps you’ve watched Ken Block’s YouTube videos where he elegantly maneuvers fantastically engineered cars on street tracks, and now you want to do it yourself. Unfortunately, not all of us have Ken Block money, and all we can afford are simulations and video games. Fortunately, game developers have given us some of the best drifting games in 2023, and we’re about to tell you all about them.

Drifting is a driving maneuver where the driver intentionally over-steers and lets the rear end of the vehicle slide. It’s a beautiful sport, and gaming developers took notice. Many video games simulate this driving style, but only a few are what we would consider among the best.

Moreover, many racing games have excellent drifting options as well. The following sections will teach you how to choose the best drifting games and which ones you should play today.

The Best Drifting Games in 2023

RankingNameBest Feature
#1Forza Horizon 5It has the most cars to choose from.
#2Dirt 5This game has excellent drifting terrains.
#3CarX DriftThis game is the closest to a real drifting simulator.
#4Need for Speed UnboundNeed for Speed is challenging and fun.
#5Drift Hunters 2The only focus of this game is the drifting.
#6Torque DriftThis is a free game with excellent graphics.

How to Choose the Best Drifting Games in 2023

Naturally, the first place to start when covering the best drifting games is to teach you how we choose them. There’s nothing worse than installing a game someone else recommended only to realize it’s a complete dud.

Furthermore, not all drifting games are compatible with all devices. However, there are plenty of options for our PC, console, and mobile gaming readers. Read the following sections to ensure you choose the best game for yourself.

Device Compatibility

Device compatibility is the most important factor to consider. Suppose you decide that Forza Horizon 5 is the best drifting game, but you want to play on your Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, it isn’t available on that device. So, you’ve just wasted your valuable time that would’ve been better spent reading reviews. Ensure the game you want is available on your device.

Next, you should check the game’s specs to ensure those are compatible. Cross-referencing your game’s specs with your PC, or ensuring you have enough memory, will save a lot of your valuable time.


Reviews are another critical aspect of choosing a drifting game. Sure, some reviewers are bitter and unreliable, but for the most part, reviews are incredibly helpful. For example, the game you choose may lag or have frequent glitches. Seeing multiple negative reviews that aren’t being addressed by the game’s developers is a substantial red flag.

Furthermore, you can watch video reviews on YouTube and get more insight into the game before you pay for it. This is a great way to get to know the game and avoid buyer’s guilt.

Value and Pricing

Value and pricing are another core consideration. Some drifting games are older and don’t have a lot to offer. Some are newer but have a hefty price tag. You don’t want to purchase the most expensive game just because it’s new when there may be a better option for you.

Moreover, the best drifting games have plenty of tracks and cars to choose from. Spending any amount of money on a severely limited game is just a waste.

Our List of the Best Drifting Games in 2023

It’s time to talk about the best drifting games in 2023. Some of these games are new releases, and others are timeless fan favorites that you can still play today. We’ve listed our favorite games and compatible devices below.

1. Forza Horizon 5 (PC and Console)

Forza Horizon 5 is the best drifting game in 2023 because it has so much to offer! The game series has been around for nearly two decades, but Horizon 5 was released in November 2021 and continues to impress racing gamers today.

You can choose to drift and race others in 11 different biomes with over 700 vehicles. What’s better, you can choose dirt tracks. Forza Horizon 5 gives us awesome dirt tracks, which are a welcome feature in drifting games. Furthermore, this game is a drifting and racing game with beautiful graphics and excellent controls.

It has beautiful graphics.Forza Horizon 5 is pricey.
There are many maps and some with dirt tracks.The game isn’t available on mobile devices or Switch.
The game has a lot of cars, SUVs, and trucks.

2. Dirt 5 (PC and Console)

Dirt 5 is our runner-up for the best drifting game in 2023 because it adds new elements like weather and terrain to drifting games. This game is a 2020 release with freestyle driving and GYMKHANA options in addition to drifting-appropriate maps.

You can complete events in 70 routes on 10 different maps driving more than sixty cars. The game goes a bit beyond with the graphics, literally. The depth makes Dirt 5 a bit more immersive than other drifting games. Moreover, there are many events and online modes where you can play with your friends.

This is a high-quality game with excellent graphics.This game is pricier than other options.
You can drift on ice and dirt.It doesn’t have cutscenes.
It has GYMKHANA mode.

3. Car X Drift (PC, Console, Android, iOS, and Switch)

Car X Drift is the epitome of drifting games that offer something for everyone. This game is available on most gaming devices, and it has excellent reviews. It’s also a true drifting game with plenty of options, like time attacks, tandem drifts, and training.

The controls are great, and you can pick it up fairly cheaply. The game has 17 tracks and 50 cars to choose from. Although the graphics aren’t as great, and there isn’t a traditional racing aspect, this is easily one of the best drifting games in 2023.

This is an inexpensive game.It doesn’t have the same great appeal as some of the other games on this list.
Car X Drift is a true drifting game with no racing aspect.
There are a lot of maps to explore.

4. Need for Speed Unbound (PC and Console)

Need for Speed is one of the best racing games we’ve seen in years, but it also has a lot of great drifting aspects, too. This 2022 release is the latest in a long line of reputable racing games. Developed by EA Sports, Need for Speed Unbound has excellent graphics and the adrenaline rush of outpacing the police.

While it isn’t a true drifting game, you’ll need drifting to win. While NFS Unbound only has one map, you have access to more than 170 cars. Furthermore, there are plenty of places and terrains to discover.

Need for Speed Unbound is the latest addition in a line of high-quality and engaging games.This game is expensive.
It’s more fun than a standard drifting game.It isn’t a true drifting game.
You can traverse one large map rather than completing runs and selecting another one.

5. Drift Hunters 2 (Android and iOS)

Drift Hunters 2 is one of the best drifting games in 2023 because it has great reviews and it’s available on mobile devices. You only get five maps to choose from, and cars cost money, but it’s a free game that you can play on a web browser or your mobile device.

The controls take some getting used to, but this is a true drifting simulation game where you are rewarded for that specific driving style. Although the graphics aren’t great, it’s reminiscent of our favorite childhood racing games.

It’s a free game that’s available on most devices.The game has pretty poor graphics.
This is a true drifting game with no racing aspect.There aren’t a lot of maps or free cars in this game.
You get rewarded for drifting.

6. Torque Drift (PC, Android, and iOS)

Torque Drift may be last on our list of the best drifting games, but it certainly isn’t the least of them. Similar to the game mentioned above, Torque Drift 2 is available on PC and mobile devices. Torque Drift is quite impressive for a free drifting game that’s available on PCs and mobile devices.

The graphics are quite impressive, and the tutorials are great for teaching you how to drift in the game. However, it doesn’t have as many maps or cars as the other options. Torque Drift is about the closest game we can get to a drifting simulator.

This is a free game.It isn’t as expansive as the other options on our list.
It has excellent graphics.The controls are difficult to get used to on the mobile app.
This game is free and available on mobile devices.

Best Drifting Games Wrap-Up

Drifting is a unique sport that takes a lot of practice and skill. Fortunately, there are plenty of great drifting games to choose from these days. Some of the games are still expensive, but they have a lot to offer. Others, are cheaper and focus only on the drifting aspect. No matter you’re preference, you’re sure to find one that you love in the list above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are drifting games expensive?

You don’t have to spend much money on drifting games, but you can if you’d like. Some drifting games are free, and others cost more than $60.

Can I play drfiting games on my phone?

Absolutely! There are many excellent drifting games in the App Store and Google Play Store. However, it’s important to check the reviews before installing. Not all app developers make great games.

What is the newest Forza game?

Forza Motorsport is the most recent release from the franchise. The game hit the market on October 10, 2023.

Is drifting a real sport?

Absolutely! Drifting is now a competitive sport similar to racing and other vehicle-related competitions. However, it’s still a newer sport.

What is the most realistic drifting game?

CarX Drift is pretty realistic. The handbrake/gas pedal sequence is fairly similar to actual drifting.

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