The 5 Best Discord Alternatives

Discord alternatives

The 5 Best Discord Alternatives

Key Points:

  • When you are able to have great communication with friends and other gamers, it really lifts the playing experience for everyone.
  • Ultimately, choosing on a platform depends on what works best for your group and supports how you like to play.
  • You may want to explore more than one option because they all offer different nuances that may ultimately more fun!

As a gamer, you probably have a pretty good idea of what Discord is. It’s one of the best communication apps for gamers. It allows players to talk to each other during intense gaming moments and share ideas on how to beat levels, other teams, or advice about games in general. But there are Discord alternatives, some offer similar services while others provide services beyond what Discord has to offer. 

Discord alternatives

Smartphone with the Discord social gaming platform logo on the screen.

While Discord is easy to use and has many features that other platforms don’t have, there are tons of alternatives out there that can help you get the most out of your online gaming experience. Most importantly these allow you to create private servers with your friends, which makes it great for chatting while playing games. 

In this article, we’re going to break down some of the best ones.

Best Competitor: Rocket.Chat

Discord alternatives

Rocket.Chat offers much of the same experience as Slack and Discord.

Rocket.Chat is another cross-platform chat application that focuses on security, privacy, and compliance. It has a large number of users and many integrations, and it’s also free and open source. While this solution may have fewer active users than Discord right now, it’s quickly catching up. 

What Rocket.Chat is Best Known For?

Rocket.Chat is a powerful, open source, and self-hosted chat solution with a side of messaging board tools thrown in for good measure. Like Discord, Rocket.Chat offers voice and video calls as well as other features like media embedding and file sharing. 

You can easily customize your own server or join one that already exists on the platform to find people with similar interests (like gaming). The platform also includes a mobile version so you can use it on the go.

The application is free to use but does require some technical know-how to set up yourself. 

However, if this sounds like too much bother for you then there are plenty of web hosting services out there that offer everything from basic plans all the way up to fully managed solutions.

Is Rocket.Chat a Good Discord Alternative?

Both Rocket.Chat and Discord are chat apps, so they have a lot in common. They both have voice chat, video chat, screen sharing, text editor, and file management tools. However, there are some notable differences between the two platforms.

The previously mentioned platform has integrations with Google Apps, Slack, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket  JIRA, and Zendesk.

Rocket.Chat is like the firstborn child of Slack and Discord. The best of both worlds. Also, you can connect with vendors or any type of contact via Rocket.Chat so there’s no need for multiple dashboards (when gaming or working).

If you’re looking for a secure, open-source platform that offers many of the same features as Slack and Discord, then Rocket.Chat may be right up your alley.

It is a powerful Discord alternative, allowing you to create your own private community or company chat server.

Best For Gaming: TeamSpeak

Discord alternatives

TeamSpeak has been around for years and is very popular with gamers as it is easy to use and reliable.

TeamSpeak is a popular voice chat software that was created in 2002. It’s been around for years and has a good reputation for being easy to use, reliable, and secure. It also offers plenty of features like group chats, text channels, voice channels (with or without video), private messaging tools, and file sharing capabilities.

What Is TeamSpeak Best Known For?

TeamSpeak is a proprietary VoIP software that allows gamers to communicate with one another in real-time. It was originally developed for games like Battlefield 1 & 2, CounterStrike, and Unreal Tournament.

TeamSpeak Systems GmbH, the company behind TeamSpeak, claims it can be used for any voice communication use case you can think of: Skype replacement, conference calls, or even just general chatting.

The software is also available on all major platforms including iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems — as well as virtual environments.

The software allows you to create a server and invite others to join your channel to talk with one another. You can also host multiple servers if you have more than one group that needs its own space. This is definitely one of the best options out there if you’re looking for something that’ll help your gaming community connect better.

Is TeamSpeak a Good Discord Alternative?

Discord is a great choice if you’re looking to add voice communication to your gaming experience. TeamSpeak, on the other hand, is focused more on text-based chat and workflow. 

The biggest difference between Discord and TeamSpeak is the software itself: while Discord is built specifically for gamers, TeamSpeak has been tailored towards businesses looking for an easy way to communicate internally without having to spend money on expensive phone lines or conference calls.

While it’s true that TeamSpeak offers more features than its competitor, it does come at a price: technically speaking, TeamSpeak isn’t free like Discord (though there are ways around this). 

However, if you have large groups or organizations that need secure communications tools then it’s well worth considering paying for this service or considering Slack.

You can use both TeamSpeak and Discord together if you want to be able to talk with your friends through text or voice chat.

Best For Productivity: Slack

Discord alternatives
Slack is a cloud-based set of collaboration software tools and online services.

There are plenty of reasons to love Slack, but we’ll start with the most obvious one: it has an impressive user base. Over 100,000 organizations use Slack today, including giants like Spotify and T-Mobile.

Slack also boasts a fantastic selection of integrations with other services that make it easy to add features to your workspace without having to code anything or hire an expert developer (which can cost thousands).

What Is Slack Best Known For?

Slack is a cloud-based team communication tool that allows users to work together and stay connected through private and public channels. Slack also offers video calls, file sharing, group messaging, searchable past conversations, and more.

It’s a team chat app, which means it brings you closer together by bringing your conversations to one place. Slack keeps everyone connected and in the loop so that teams can easily share ideas, discuss the next steps or get feedback on projects from other team members.

The platform has grown in popularity among businesses over the years due to its easy user interface and powerful features that make it easy for teams to communicate with each other. With over 80% of the fortune 500 companies currently using Slack.

The downsides of using Slack are it’s slow, and expensive compared to other “free” alternatives like Discord or Mumble.

Slack makes work simpler—and more fun—by combining everything you need to be productive into one easy-to-use app. 

In addition to customizing your own workspace using the built-in tools available in your team’s Slack instance, you can: Integrate multiple channels into one feed by connecting them together with Simple Notification Service (SNS) notifications that notify users when something happens on another channel. For example, if someone mentions you in a private chatroom about different projects then SNS will let everyone know about it.

Is Slack a Good Discord Alternative?

Slack is more business-oriented than Discord, but it also has much better search features. Slack is also more expensive than Discord which comes with all the needed features for free. This makes it hard for smaller companies to justify the cost. 

If you’re looking for an alternative with more features and a more active community, then Discord may be right for you.

However, if your company has the resources to commit itself fully to using Slack then there are many features that make this platform superior to competitors such as TeamSpeak.

Closest Exact Discord Alternative: Mumble

Discord alternatives
Mumble allows you to chat in real time with your friends.

The closest exact alternative to Discord is Mumble, which you can download for free on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Mumble is a voice chat application that allows you to communicate with your friends in real time. It also has a built-in text chat feature so you can talk about whatever you want while playing games together or chatting about school homework.

What Is Mumble Best Known For?

Mumble is a voice communication program that’s best known for its high-quality audio and low latency. It’s also known for being easy to use and having a great interface, with multiple channels and rooms that can be used in any manner you see fit. You’ll find no shortage of servers or people to chat with on Mumble, so you’ll have plenty of company while you’re playing games or just chilling out alone (or even with friends) on your headset.

Mumble was one of the first programs to implement push-to-talk (PTT) functionality in their software, which allows users to activate their microphone when they need it without holding down a button.

Users can create multiple channels on the same server or join existing ones; each one will have its own name, topic, and setting (who can talk or not). They can also change their default sound quality settings for each channel if they want.

Is Mumble a Good Discord Alternative?

Mumble is a free voice chat service for gamers that offers many of the same features as Discord. The biggest difference between Mumble and Discord is in their architecture.

Discord Alternative On The Rise: HeySpace

If you’re looking for some Discord alternatives that is fresh and on the rise, I would recommend HeySpace. It has a lot of the same features as Discord, but it also has some extra features like task integration and cross-channel communication.

HeySpace is free to use and doesn’t have any ads or in-app purchases. However, if you want more features like more users to be added, then you will need to pay. However, HeySpace comes with more than just what Discord and Slack have to offer and they are definitely one to watch. You also get access to all of these when you download their mobile app so there’s no difference between using HeySpace on your desktop computer or phone – they both work seamlessly together!

Why Is HeySpace Unique?

HeySpace is an alternative to Slack and Discord because it’s also a chat app but with some important differences:

  • Unlike other platforms, HeySpace doesn’t require you to give up any personal information when you sign up for an account. You can use your real name or not—it doesn’t matter! All you need is an email address in order to register for an account on this service. This means that other people won’t be able to find out where you live or anything else about your personal life.
  • HeySpace works on multiple platforms including Windows 10 devices like laptops/desktops/phones etcetera so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues when using different devices within one group chat room experience.

HeySpace is a great alternative to Discord, with many of the same features and more. It has a clean design and works well on mobile devices. 

There are some minor issues here and there but overall it’s an impressive app that deserves your attention if you’re looking for something new.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything like Discord?

There are many alternatives like Discord.

Is Slack better than Discord?

Slack is better suited for organizations, while Discord is better suited for gamers.

Is Discord or WhatsApp better?

As far as two-way communication goes, WhatsApp is much better. But for gaming purposes Discord works a lot better.

Can you self-host Discord?

You cannot self-host Discord.

What did gamers use before Discord?

Most gamers used TeamSpeak, Skype, or Mumble before Discord.

Is mumble better than Discord?

For streaming purposes, Mumble used to be the best until Discord integrated Twitch into its system.

Why is Slack so popular?

Slack is popular because of file sharing ease.

Why is Discord the best?

It’s really easy to get started even if you know nothing about making chat servers.

Who owns Discord?

Jason Citron is the owner of Discord.

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