The Best 5 D-Brand Phone Cases for 2023 — Reviewed and Ranked

D-Brand Phone Cases

The Best 5 D-Brand Phone Cases for 2023 — Reviewed and Ranked

The best phone cases protect your phone from external damage and are light enough to keep you from struggling to use it. But if you’re looking for a stylish case that’s secure and easy to grip, you want to invest in a D-Brand phone case.

This phone case brand is only available on the D-Brand website, but they have many skins available to customize your phone, and their cases are easy to switch out. And the scratchier textures and sidebars of the cases make them nearly impossible to drop. The best part about these phone cases is that they offer multiple options for a variety of phone models.

After viewing all the D-Brand phone case options, our top choices for 2023 include:

  • Best overall: D-Brand Grip Phone Case
  • Top budget option: D-Brand Teardown Phone Case
  • Best travel choice: D-Brand Leather Phone Case
  • Most stylish: D-Brand Palette Phone Case
  • Most durable: D-Brand Something Phone Case

Best Overall D-Brand Phone Case: Grip Phone Case

The original D-Brand drip phone case is our overall pick. Sitting right under $50 for a case, it’s available for some of the most popular phone models — including iPhones, Google Pixels, and most Samsung and OnePlus phones.

D-Brand made bold claims about this case, calling it the “grippiest case ever”. With the rough texture, it is nearly impossible to drop. When it comes to the feeling of the case, think along the lines of extra-fine grain sandpaper. If this will bother you, it may not be the best choice when it comes to cases. But it’s a great option for those that want to keep their phone secure. The original case also has small bars on the side to offer you a spot to rest your fingertips so they don’t slide off your phone.

The grip phone case offers ‘clicky buttons’ that are easy to press and highly responsive. And with a precise fit for each phone, you’ll still be able to swipe and type with ease. Plus, the military-grade impact protection means your phone won’t crack or break, even if you drop it 10 feet or more from the ground. Based on experience from users, the biggest issue with the grip phone case is that it can be scratchy against your palm.

Best For Budget Users: Teardown Phone Case

If you’re not willing to pay $49.50 for a phone case, D-Brand does have a budget option. Their Teardown phone case option starts at just $29.95, is still Magsafe charging compatible, and includes two tempered glass screen protectors. Based on testing it also has military-grade drop protection.

However, if you’re not a fan of clear cases that show off your phone, this may not be the best option for you. This case doesn’t offer a skin that is colorful or fashionable. And, the “grip” portion of the case only comes in black, unlike the other cases that come in multiple colors. Of course, this is due to the budget-friendly model, but it’s worth noting!

This option is not a good choice if you prefer a thin case. It is 2mm in thickness. But that thickness provides ultimate scratch resistance and drop support. It also contains advanced shock-absorbing polymers — aka the military-grade defense mechanisms that will keep your phone from breaking if you drop it. Also, the crescent arc design helps to protect your screen while simultaneously offering proper operation of your phone with slim bezels.

Best For Travel: Leather Phone Case

D-Brand’s leather phone case is 100% authentic vegetable-tanned cowhide. So this is not the phone case for you if you follow a vegan lifestyle. The case isn’t created with chemical treatments or stamping, so the leather is full-grain, making it slightly more expensive. It starts at $49. You can also order the leather skin separately for just $24.95. The colors come in black, brown, and tan.

Due to its durability, the leather phone case is perfect for travel. It won’t get scuffed up, and still provides the same protection that the other D-Brand phone cases do. And, just like other leather products, it just gets better with consistent use.

This case and skin are the thickest out of all we’ve listed here. The skin itself is 0.5mm thick for the leather and 0.2mm thick for the vinyl portion that you attach to your phone. With the case at another 2mm thickness, you’re looking at an almost 3mm thick case. However, with the leather skin, your phone has a higher chance of withstanding a towering drop.

One of the biggest hassles with this skin and case is how long it takes to apply. For many phone users, it can take upwards of 40 minutes to apply them properly. This is because you have to soften the leather and warm up the adhesive back during installation, and you’ll need a heat source. This may be a heat gun or a hair dryer, but you’ll need quite a bit of heat. However, if you can do this properly, this case could last years on your phone with no wear and tear.

Best For Style: Palette Phone Case

If your phone is one of your favorite style accessories, you’ll most likely be looking for a fashionable phone case. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a cute case that’s also functional and protective. This case still offers all of the safety features that the original grip cases offer — military-grade protection, a MagSafe charger option for iPhone users, and a tempered glass screen.

The tactile buttons of the phone case offer an improved sense of touch and help the phone register that you’re pressing on it, even through the thicker case. And the buttons are smaller, so they won’t stick out from your case too far to be noticeable.

The case comes in five different colors — Solstice, Magma, Sea Breeze, Alpine, and Neopolitan. They vary from bright orange to dusty deep blue. It also includes a camera skin. But it comes at a higher price than the other cases, starting at $54.90.

Best For Durability: Something Phone Case

The most durable phone case that D-Brand currently offers is their Something phone case. It offers D-Brand’s ultimate scratch protection, and military-grade impact protection, and is thin enough to still fit in your jean pockets. For iPhone users, you can also get the MagSafe-compatible choice.

It offers the same grip options as D-Brand’s original case, but is the most expensive option out of all the cases we’ve listed, starting at $74.85. But based on testing, this phone case could last you years, and keep your phone protected for just as long.

Applying the skin and case on your phone with the Something case is much easier than the leather case we mentioned earlier. In fact, there are no tools required for this skin and case! And bonus points — if you align it the wrong way or have air bubbles after applying, you can simply remove it and reapply.

Another big benefit to this case is that it’s waterproof. So even if your phone isn’t, this case can protect it in case of accidental falls into water or if you take a dip and don’t realize you have it in your pocket. The case will keep the water from reaching your tech. However, we don’t recommend doing this on purpose!

How To Pick The Best D-Brand Phone Case: Step by Step

Before you pick a D-Brand phone case, there are two important things to keep in mind — your budget and your style.

All D-Brand phone cases offer drop protection, tempered glass options for scratch resistance, and MagSafe charging compatibility. But they come at different price points and skins.

As far as budget, the cheapest option starts at under $30, so this is a great option if you need a protective case but aren’t willing to spend too much on it. And, the ‘Teardown’ budget option still comes with screen protectors and has been dropped by D-Brand from 13 feet and still protected phones. So budget doesn’t mean low quality.

Now, your style will be dependent on what you like and what you’re looking for. Luckily, D-Brand offers many different colors, textures, and styles, even if you choose their ‘Grip’ phone case. And you can purchase multiple options to switch up the look if you get bored.

What To Know Before Buying D-Brand Phone Cases

Check out this video which features a drop test of a phone with a D-Brand Grip phone case.

Before buying any phone case, you want to ensure that it offers a few key things; the protection it offers, quality, price, and how it functions with your phone.

When it comes to buying D-Brand phone cases, the protection is military-grade, offering the highest protection your phone could have, no matter which choice you go with. And each offer high-quality options, no matter your budget. But they aren’t the cheapest on the market. The lowest price you can get a case for is around $30, which may be out of budget for some phone users.

It’s important to note that part of what makes D-Brand phone cases special is their “grip”. The fine sandpaper feeling of the cases makes them hard to drop, but the cases are thin enough to keep your phone from feeling bulky. However, if you’re not a fan of certain textures or the feeling of grit on your fingers, you may not like these cases.

Using D-Brand Phone Cases: What it’s Like

Phone cases like D-Brand’s keep your phone secure, whether you’re accident-prone or need protection from day-to-day movement like travel or working with kids. Everyone, even the most careful person, can benefit from having a phone case, especially one that’s durable and that offers both screen and phone protection.

And when you use D-Brand phone cases, you can be sure that your phone is sheltered from drops, scratches, throws, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is D-Brand a good brand?

D-Brand phone cases are high-quality and offer MagSafe-compatible charging. In our opinion, the pros far outweigh the few cons of the cases, thus making D-Brand a good phone case brand.

Is D-Brand a Canadian company?

Yes, D-Brand is a Canada-based company.

Do D-Brand cases protect your phone?

Yes. The Grip case makes it easy to hold on to your phone, and if you do happen to drop it, it also offers military-grade impact resistance for protection.

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