The 6 Best Compressed Air for Computers and Keyboards in 2023

Compressed air can

The 6 Best Compressed Air for Computers and Keyboards in 2023

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overall Compressed Air Solution for Computers and Keyboards is Falcon Dust Off. 
  • When looking for compressed air, you can choose between an aerosol can or an electric-powered solution. 
  • Electrically-powered compressed air equipment includes multiple nozzle types for hard-to-reach spaces. 

As often as you use your keyboard and computer, it’s inevitable that it will get various levels of dirt, dust, and maybe even some crumbs stuck in between the keys every now and then. Since you cannot run the keyboard or a computer underwater (definitely don’t do this), you need another solution that poses no risks to your hardware to clean all of your electronics. 

It turns out that the solution to helping clean most of your electronics is actually quite simple. It’s just air —  compressed air, to be more exact. By utilizing this tactic, you can blow away dirt and mess without making an even larger mess. 

Let’s take a look at the 6 best-compressed air solutions for cleaning computers and keyboards you can buy today. 

#1 Best Overall: Falcon Dust Off

Best Overall
Falcon Dust, Off Compressed Gas (152a) Disposable Cleaning Duster
  • 3.5 oz can
  • 100% Ozone Safe
  • Compact
  • Indispensable for places where space is tight
  • Same efficient blasting power as larger models
  • 100% Ozone safe bitterant added to help discourage inhalant abuse
  • Indispensable for places where space is tight
  • Same efficient blasting power as larger models
  • Disposable can
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11/28/2023 06:17 am GMT

When it comes to compressed air solutions, Falcon Dust Off is a dual combination of not just the best option, but also one of the most commonly used options around. 

Available as a portable-sized 3.5oz compressed aerosol body, the single-count bottle will blast away dust, dirt, or any other unwanted crumbs that have invaded your computer and keyboard area. A truly potent solution for saying goodbye to dust, the Falcon Dust Off bottle is safe for use across a variety of surfaces and there is no concern that it may potentially harm your PC, Mac, or keyboard. 

Even in its compact size, the Falcon Dust Off bottle offers similarly strong blasting power as its 10 oz rivals, all while being perfectly sized for reaching tight spaces inside a computer. The extended nozzle ensures accessing any tight space where hands, q-tips, or other compressed air bottles might have a hard time reaching. 

To help ensure it’s safe for everyone, Falcon added bitterant, which is a 100% ozone-safe chemical that helps discourage any potential inhalant abuse. 

Excellent cleaning solution Not refillable 
Portable size for taking on the go

Check out Falcon Dust Off on Amazon.

Best Air Duster: ZARIMI Compressed Air Duster

Best Air Duster
ZARIMI Compressed Air Duster
  • 35 minutes of battery life
  • Comes with multiple nozzles for easy cleaning
  • Uses USB Type-C charging
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11/28/2023 08:30 pm GMT

While it’s likely that many will think of compressed air as a bottle like Falcon Dust Off, the reality is technology has taken over with products like the ZARIMI Compressed Air Duster

An eco-friendly option, the ZARIMI is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to ensure their computer and keyboard are nearly spotless. Best of all, as a USB-C rechargeable option, there is zero concern about having to repurchase more bottles as they run out. Instead, with a 7,600mAh battery, you can run the ZARIMI over and over thanks to its multiple gears and outstanding nozzle selections. 

Unlike compressed air cans that only have one or two ways of blowing, the ZARIMI includes a set of 5 different brush nozzles and 3 separate brushes to get into every nook and cranny of a keyboard and computer. The longest nozzle is similar to the one provided with compressed air aerosol cans giving you a similar reach, while shorter nozzles provide stronger blasting power for any dust that is hanging on for dear life. 

As a side benefit, the ZARIMI can also be used as a vacuum to suck up any of the blown-away dust or converted to help inflate pool floats, mattresses, and other accessories. 

Eco-friendly solution to blasting compressed airRequires recharging after 30 minutes of use
Includes 5 different sets of nozzles

Check out the ZARIMI Compressed Air Duster on Amazon.

Best for Portability: DOROBEEN Compressed Air Duster

Best for Portability
DOROBEEN Compressed Air Duster
  • Cordless and portable
  • Rechargeable
  • 33,000 RPM
  • Built-in battery
  • Reusable
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11/28/2023 06:18 am GMT

One of the most compact compressed air solutions available, the DOROBEEN Compressed Air Duster is a great choice for helping to keep PC equipment clean. 

Sized at a compact 3.1 x 1.8 x 7 inches in size, the DOROBEEN is compact enough to fit nearly anywhere when not in use, but it still offers fantastic strength at blasting away dust and dirt. Even with its portable size, the DOROBEEN can run for up to 30 minutes at a time thanks to its 8,000mAh battery, which is powered by a single USB-C charging port. 

It is equipped with 5 different types of nozzles and you can use the brush nozzle to get rid of thick layers of dust around even the most difficult-to-reach spots inside a desktop-sized computer. More compact nozzles, ideal for keyboards, can provide a concentrated blast of compressed air to shift dirt, dust, or crumbs away without risking any damage to keyboard keys. 

With its instant-on functionality, the DOROBEEN is ready to go within seconds and requires pressing its “trigger” to activate and pause when you are ready to shut it off or move onto a different part of a computer. 

Compact size for storing anywhereInstant-on functionality is really 2-3 seconds
Up to 30 minutes of run time

Check out the DOROBEEN Compressed Air Duster on Amazon.

Best Nozzle Set: COMOBELIEF Compressed Air Duster

Best Nozzle Set
COMOBELIEF Compressed Air Duster
  • 100,000 RPM
  • Reusable
  • No canned air duster
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11/28/2023 06:18 am GMT

With its strong selection of available nozzles, the COMOBELIEF Compressed Air Duster is a terrific choice to keep any size of computer and keyboard clean. 

With a choice of 5 different size nozzles, you have a thin and long nozzle for the most difficult-to-reach corners inside a computer. Alternatively, you also have an ultra-compact nozzle for stronger blasts of compressed air, which is perfect for larger spaces that are full of dust and dirt that need to be removed. A variety of brushes are also included to help deep clean your keyboard or sensitive areas inside a computer to prevent long-term damage. 

Another area where the COMOBELIEF shines is with its 3 different wind speeds, so you can control the amount of air passing through. This variety of speeds will help you find the right balance of air bursts so you don’t affect sensitive computer areas or blast dust into the air while cleaning. 

Sized at 6.3 x 3.6 x 4.2 inches in size, the COMOBELIEF is plenty compact for easy storage when not in use. Even in its compact size, it still offers one unique benefit with a set of LED lights that help make it easy to see and blast dust in darker corners inside desktop-sized computer hardware. 

Great nozzle selection Brushes have very thin bristles
LED lights help see in tight spaces

Check the COMOBELIEF Compressed Air Duster out on Amazon.

Best Multipack: Office Depot Cleaning Duster

Best Multipack
Office Depot Cleaning Duster 10 oz., Pack Of 6
  • Pack of 6 canisters
  • Compressed gas removes fine debris from electronics
  • The moisture-free formula allows for safe equipment cleaning
  • Aerosol makes the application simple
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11/28/2023 06:18 am GMT

Available as a 6-pack, the Office Depot Cleaning Buster pack of compressed air is the best solution if you want plenty of aerosol cans available for long-term use. 

What the Office Depot compressed air cans lack in battery power, they more than make up for with their ultra-precise straw nozzle. Ideal for both computers and keyboards alike, the moisture-free formula ensures that you can clean any type of computer equipment without any fear of long-term damage. 

For stronger blasts, you can use the standard nozzle, which provides a quick blast of air across a spread-out area to help say goodbye to any dust that has found a home inside a computer. If you want a more concentrated blast, utilizing the detachable straw nozzle enables a very precise blast. These blasts can be especially handy for cleaning laptops or keyboards where such blasts are helpful to avoid dust from moving from one place to another. 

Like the Falcon Dust Off compressed air aerosol spray, the Office Depot Cleaning Duster also includes bitterant for added safety. 

Excellent value for the priceWill eventually need to be replaced
Includes bitterant for extra safety

Check out the Office Depot Cleaning Buster on Amazon.

Best Speed: SIN SHINE Compressed Air 3.0

Best Speed
SIN SHINE Compressed Air 3.0 Multi-Use Electric Air Duster
  • Multi-use
  • Inexpensive and nontoxic
  • Blows at 27m/s and 67.5 mph immediately and continuously provides high-pressure air to remove dust, debris, and dust from any electronic equipment
  • Extra-long 10-foot cord and with a weight of only 1.9 pounds
  • With a momentary switch to hold and press for power, It automatically turns off when button is released
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11/28/2023 06:18 am GMT

For the times when having the fastest compressed air blast possible is necessary, the SIN SHINE Compressed Air 3.0 is the perfect solution. 

Available in either white or black, the SIN SHINE helps differentiate itself from the battery-powered compressed air pack with its speed. Capable of blasting dust at 27 meters per second or a top speed of 67.5 mph, neither dust, debris, or dirt stand a chance against the SIN SHINE’s speed. To help achieve these speeds, the SIN SHINE includes a 10-foot-long cord that plugs into any outlet around your house. 

Weighing only 1.9 pounds, the SIN SHINE is a terrific option for making any computer or keyboard equipment inside a home or office look and feel like new. Using any of the three included nozzles will help clean computers or keyboards of any size no matter the amount of dust that has built up over time. 

Because of its power, the SIN SHINE is good for far more than computers and keyboards as it can be used to clean hard-to-reach spots in your home where dust can build up. Built-in lighting helps you see exactly where the dust has settled so you can blast it away with complete efficiency and not impact the rest of your computer equipment. 

Excellent blasting power with compressed airRequires being plugged in for use
Has the strongest blowing speed in the marketWeighs almost 2 pounds

Check the SIN SHINE Compressed Air 3.0 out on Amazon.

Maintenance and cleaning of the insides of the computer. Man's hand holds a cylinder of compressed air and cleans the insides of the computer.
Using compressed air can help prolong the life of your computers by freeing them from dust and dirt.

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How to Pick the Best Compressed Air for Computers and Keyboards: Step-by-Step

When choosing a compressed air option for cleaning computers and keyboards, there are 4 main considerations for most buyers. 

  • Usability
  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Power source

Let’s talk about them in detail below.


On this list of compressed air options, you essentially have two different usability options: a traditional aerosol-based compressed air can or electrically-powered compressed air. Choosing between these two options is going to be an important consideration to help determine how you want to clean up dust and dirt that has built up. 


Similar to usability, choosing an aerosol-based compressed air solution will cost you less money than an electric option, but you’ll have to rebuy them over time. The long-term costs can add up to being more expensive over time than the one-time price of any electric compressed air solution.

In a perfect world, the electric compressed air options will last for years, and, over the same time, you may not have to purchase multiple aerosol bottles that will cost 2 to 3 times more than their electric counterparts. 


Anyone who has ever used an aerosol-based compressed air solution knows the straw nozzles are flimsy and can easily become difficult to fit over time. This can become a durability concern and require you to spend more on another aerosol can before you completely use up another can. This concern lends to the stronger durability of the electric compressed air options that are likely to have a much longer lifespan. 

Power Source

A big benefit of aerosol coming out of compressed air cans means you don’t have to worry about power at any point. This is not true for the electric options, which either require recharging after no more than 30 minutes of use or always being plugged in when in use.

If you don’t ever want to worry about recharging and you use compressed air infrequently, going with the aerosol option is the right path. 

Using Compressed Air: What It’s Like

No matter which compressed air option you choose, they are both beneficial to ensuring a longer lifespan for all of your computer and keyboard equipment. Any amount of dust or dirt can have an impact on how well equipment runs and, if left unattended for too long, can eventually help wear down critical parts to the point of needing replacement. 

Going with an aerosol option is the easiest and fastest way to quickly knock out small amounts of dust. You don’t have to worry about choosing the right nozzle or worrying about whether or not you have charged the battery enough. You just pull the trigger on the aerosol can and say goodbye to dust.

However, with the electric options, their multipurpose nozzles and functionality can make them a strong investment that can keep your computer equipment clean for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric compressed air dusters safe to use on a PC?

Yes! Compressed air has been used to clean computers and keyboards for years. 

Can you get replacement straw nozzles for aerosol-compressed air cans?

Unfortunately, if you lose the straw nozzle that is included with your aerosol can, it’s difficult to find just the nozzle replacement. 

What is the likely battery life of an electric-powered compressed air duster?

You should expect no more than 30 minutes of straight use on a single charge for the battery-powered compressed air dusters. 

Will aerosol-based compressed air create any frost on your computer equipment?

As you spray compressed air out of an aerosol can, the liquid propellant and vapor can create a small frost layer that is harmless and quickly disappears. 

Is it dangerous if you accidentally inhale an aerosol-compressed air can?

Yes, if you accidentally inhale any aerosol can that does not include bitterant, it can be damaging to internal organs including your kidneys and central nervous system. 

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