4 Best Cheap AirTag Alternatives I’m Buying Instead in 2024


4 Best Cheap AirTag Alternatives I’m Buying Instead in 2024

Key Points

  • The best cheap AirTag alternatives are the Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker and Item Locator, the eufy Security SmartTrack Link, the ATUVOS Key Finder Locator, and the Reyke Key Finder.
  • The Tile Mate tracker is water-resistant with a 3-year battery life and works with both Android and iOS devices.
  • The eufy SmartTrack Link is a cheaper alternative to the AirTag that works with Apple’s Find My network and has a replaceable battery.
  • The ATUVOS Key Finder Locator is a budget option that works with the Find My network but is not compatible with Android devices.
  • The Reyke Key Finder is a unique alternative that doesn’t require a smartphone and uses color-coded tags for tracking.

The best cheap AirTag alternatives come in many forms, but all have one thing in common. They aren’t as expensive as Apple’s flagship tracker. Whether you don’t like Apple’s policies, their prices, or just want to try something new, we have you covered. After reviewing the options, our top picks for the best cheap AirTag Alternatives are:

Best Overall: Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker and Item Locator

Best Overall
Tile Mate 1-Pack Bluetooth Tracker and Item Locator
  • Attach the Tile Mate to your items and use the free app to find them
  • Up to 250-foot range
  • When out of range, use the Tile app to view your Tile’s most recent location
  • Press the button on your Tile to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent
  • Water-resistant
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
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The best alternative to the Apple AirTag for most consumers is the Tile Mate from Tile. The tracker has everything you could ask for, including an intuitive app that’s a breeze to use with Android or iOS.

The Tile Mate tracker is designed to help you find objects rain or shine. It’s water-resistant with an IP67 rating, so it will hold up outdoors. While not replaceable, the battery is good for three years, and the range is on par with the top AirTag alternatives. This Bluetooth tracker is a little larger than the AirTag but will work with devices that run Android or Apple’s operating system.

Tile’s tracking app works with both operating systems, although Tile’s network is much smaller than Apple’s. They still have some great features, however, like the ability to find your phone when it’s on silent. Their QR code system is also a nice touch. It allows people to contact you using only the information you provide if they find your Tile. 

The Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker is comparable to the AirTag in several key areas, but it will work with multiple types of smartphones and tablets, not just one brand. Many users feel it’s louder than Apple’s tag, and while it doesn’t use their network, they do offer some premium perks and a reimbursement plan. Check out the Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker and Item Locator on Amazon.

The range is solid.The battery isn’t replaceable. 
The tracker has a 3-year battery. Tile’s find network is much smaller than Apple’s.
It works with Android and iOS devices. 
Tile is compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant

When you want to stay on Apple’s Find My network but don’t want to use their tags, the SmartTrack Link from eufy is an excellent choice. This Bluetooth tracker is cheaper than the AirTag, and a great option for luggage and gear.

The eufy SmartTrack Link doesn’t resemble the AirTag, although it’s roughly the same size. You can clip it onto a variety of objects, and it has a water-resistant coating. It’s not as resilient as some trackers in that regard, but it has a replaceable battery. A CR2032 battery will last a year and is easy to switch out.

While this tracker functions like others, it’s geared to work with the Apple Find My network. That means coverage is outstanding, and you get features tied to Apple’s system. Left-behind alerts and worldwide tracking are included, but the eufy Security app unlocks more perks. You can share the location of items with family and friends or take advantage of the company’s QR code system. 

Eufy Security’s smart tracker is a cheaper alternative to an AirTag, and you still get to use Apple’s popular network to find your gear. We love that it has a removable battery, but just like the AirTag, the SmartTrack Link only works with Apple devices. Check out the eufy Security SmartTrack Link on Amazon.

Tracking is tied to the Find My network.These tags only work with Apple devices.
You get free left-behind alerts. It’s not as resilient as other trackers.
It’s powered by a replaceable CR2032 battery. 
The eufy security app unlocks even more perks.

Best Budget Option: ATUVOS Key Finder Locator

Best Budget Option
ATUVOS Tag Key Finder Locator
  • 2-pack of tags compatible with Apple Find My
  • Range of 200 feet
  • Use the map navigation feature in the "Find My" app to find your tag if out of range
  • Left behind reminders
  • One-year replaceable battery
  • Not compatible with Android
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The best cheap tracker comparable to the AirTag is the ATUVOS Key Finder Locator. This aptly named gadget doesn’t have a lot of bells & whistles, but you’re getting two trackers for the price of one AirTag.

Most cheap Bluetooth trackers are hit or miss, but ATUVOS’s tracker has an advantage over other budget-friendly models. It works with the Find My network, which gives it an edge in connectivity. You can only use this feature if you own an Apple-branded smartphone or tablet, just not with Android devices.

Are you worried about the weather? That won’t be a concern, thanks to an IP67 rating on these trackers. Lost Mode is a nifty feature that provides a unique way for users to retrieve contact information through NFC. The tag also has left-behind reminders and gets its power from replaceable batteries. 

As we noted, the ATUVOS key finder is half the price of the AirTag, even if you have to buy the 2-pack to get the deal. The fact they work with Find My is a bonus, along with IP67 certification. On the downside, the trackers aren’t as accurate as the AirTag and won’t work with Android tablets or smartphones. Check out the ATUVOS Tag Key Finder Locator on Amazon.

You’re getting two trackers for the price of one AirTag.These trackers aren’t compatible with Android devices. 
It’s compatible with the Find My network.They’re not as accurate as an AirTag.
The battery is replaceable. 
They have a Lost Mode feature.

Most Unique Alternative: Reyke Key Finder 

Most Unique Alternative
Reyke Key Finder
  • RF item locator tags with a 131-foot range
  • Includes one RF Transmitter plus four receivers
  • No phone or app needed
  • 80dB+ alarm
  • Transmitter has built-in LED flashlight
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When you need something to help you find things around your house or backyard, the Reyke Key Finder is an interesting alternative. These locator tags aren’t ideal for long-range tracking, but they are perfect if you lose remotes, car keys, and other objects at home.

The first thing you need to know about this tracker is it doesn’t require a cell phone or any special applications. It’s the simplest device on our list and lets you track four things at once. The RF transmitter sits in a dock like a remote control and uses traditional AAA batteries. When active, it allows you to hone in on four color-coded tags.

Simply clip a tag onto an object, and the remote will send out an 80db chirp to help you locate it. The transmitter even has a built-in LED flashlight to help you find things in the dark. This tracking system is incredibly easy to use, although not something you’ll want to leave out in the rain. 

This key finder won’t be for everyone, especially people interested in tracking luggage. The range is also limited to around 130 feet, but it’s ideal when you need something simple for around the house. Check out the Reyke Key Finder on Amazon.

There is an easy-to-use color-coded system.The range is only 130 feet.
It has a loud 80db tone.The tracking capabilities are limited. 
The system requires no complicated software. 
It doesn’t require a smartphone. 

How to Pick the Best Cheap AirTag Alternatives: Step by Step

While Bluetooth trackers are relatively simple devices, some models perform much better than others. When looking for the best cheap AirTag alternative, keep these areas in mind if you’re trying to keep the price down. 

  • Range and Accuracy 
  • Compatibility
  • Design

We review each of these considerations in more detail below.

Range and Accuracy 

How far do you need to track an item? That’s the first question you must ask yourself when looking for a cheap AirTag alternative. Apple’s tracker is known for having excellent range and accuracy, which isn’t the case with many competing trackers.

This is where a company’s “search network” comes into play. Bluetooth trackers use Bluetooth, not GPS, to locate items. Apple’s Find My network utilizes millions of iPhones around the globe to help users find their AirTagged items. While unwanted tracking has been an issue, Apple and others have found ways to combat the practice. nThe Find My network is the largest system of its kind, but not the only one. AirTag competitors also have their own networks, which is where compatibility comes into play. 


Do you own an iPhone or an Android smartphone? Most AirTag alternatives rely on a mobile device to help people find objects. While every popular smartphone or slate has Bluetooth, tracker compatibility varies wildly. 

As you might suspect, Apple’s AirTag only works with an i-Device. You can’t track them with an Android phone because they won’t work with the Find My network. Android owners have plenty of options from Samsung and other manufacturers that work with their operating systems. You can also find AirTag alternatives that work with Android and iOS devices. 

While you can find a system that will work with your smartphone, Android is behind Apple in this area. Companies like Tile have narrowed the gap, but Find My is still the best option. It’s just not compatible with Android. 


You can find Bluetooth trackers in a variety of shapes and sizes, and Apple’s tracker certainly stands out. It’s as stylish as you would expect from the Cupertino-based company. That design could attract unwanted attention and lacks a common feature found on most competing models. There’s no hole for a keyring.

You can use Apple’s tracker as a keyring with the right accessory. There are dozens of interesting cases and attachments for AirTags, further increasing the price. By comparison, you can use the hole on other tags to put the tracker onto a keyring or other items. If you are concerned about weather or water, make sure the tracker has a water-resistance rating. 

We found that water resistance was a common feature, just like trackers with replaceable batteries, While there are a few exceptions, like the Tile Mate, most AirTag alternatives use CR2032 batteries. The design of any AirTag alternative shouldn’t impact battery life, but it can affect how well the tracker holds up in the weather. 

What to Know Before Buying Cheap AirTag Alternatives

The design, range, and compatibility are the biggest things to look for when shopping for an AirTag alternative. You’d be remiss to overlook ease of use and features, however. These small devices aren’t known for cutting-edge features, but some models bring more to the table than others.

Does the tracker come with an app? That’s a bonus, especially when the app unlocks additional modes. While some features may be behind a paywall, if the tracker has an app, you’re definitely getting extras. 

QR code and NFC recovery options are popular; just make sure the tracker is easy to use. While rare, some companies also offer a form of reimbursement for items with their tags. 

Using Cheap AirTag Alternatives: What It’s Like

If you’ve ever used an AirTag, you’ll have no trouble with a Bluetooth tracker from another company. While some work better than others, they all serve the same basic purpose.

The biggest change you’re likely to encounter depends on which tracking network your device uses. You may not like the alternatives if you’re used to Apple’s Find My network. Android-based services are getting better, but they don’t have the same coverage as Find My.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do AirTags work with Android?

Apple’s AirTags do not work with devices on the Android platform.

Are Apple AirTags worth it?

They are worth the cost if you need to track things with an iPhone or Apple device.

Are Bluetooth trackers accurate?

Some trackers are highly accurate, but it largely depends on the network they use along with the brand.

Can you track vehicles with an AirTag?

According to Apple, the effective operating range of the AirTag is around 30 feet from any iPhone with Find My. However, results have been hit or miss when tracking vehicles. We recommend taking a look at a dedicated vehicle GPS tracker instead.

Is a GPS tracker better than a Bluetooth tracker?

If you want increased accuracy and don’t mind the price, a GPS tracker is much better than Bluetooth trackers like the AirTag.

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