The 6 Best ChatGPT Apps For Android and iPhone

ChatGPT Chat with AI or Artificial Intelligence. woman chatting with a smart AI or artificial intelligence using an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI.

The 6 Best ChatGPT Apps For Android and iPhone

Key Points

  • ChatGPT is a versatile AI tool that can help with tasks like updating resumes, writing blog posts, and developing websites.
  • The official ChatGPT app is the best option for both iPhone and Android users, offering ease of use, regular updates, and no charge for using ChatGPT-3.5. 
  • Perplexity AI is a highly-rated non-official app that provides personalized answers and keeps a search query archive.
  • For Android users, Chatsonic is an app that supports text-to-image creation and offers features like personalized avatars, and fitness coaching.

No matter where you turn these days, ChatGPT and AI are all the rage. Whether it’s AI turning into Skynet from the Terminator movies or replacing millions of jobs, AI is everywhere. The good news is that AI does have a lot of practical uses. It can help you achieve plenty of time-saving tasks. To do that, you just have to spend some time learning how to use it.  

In the case of ChatGPT, the dominant name in AI, a large number of apps can help you get started. No matter if you are on Android or iPhone, apps can help you master the different ways AI can work.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best ChatGPT apps you can find today. 

What Is ChatGPT? 

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is available in both a free format with ChatGPT-3.5 and a paid version with ChatGPT-4. Designed for natural language, you ask ChatGPT questions using the same wording you would ask a friend or family member. The ChatGPT tool looks for human-like conversations in order to best process its response.

What ChatGPT can do is seemingly infinite. If you want help updating your resume or creating a blog post, ChatGPT can help. If you want to use ChatGPT to write some social media posts, it can help with this task as well. The same for writing a blog post on any topic. There are also plenty of individuals who have used ChatGPT for far more difficult tasks. Some individuals have used ChatGPT to help develop a new business website. Other ChatGPT users have written full Chrome extensions without writing a single piece of code.

Knowing what AI can do, it’s time to see, in order, which ChatGPT apps you should try first. 

Best ChatGPT Apps for Android and iPhone

#1: ChatGPT

The absolute best app to use ChatGPT on both iPhone and Android is undoubtedly the official one. Released by OpenAI, the app is unsurprisingly known as ChatGPT. Available for free, the official ChatGPT app is a great way to start your AI journey.

Where the iOS version shines is not just with ease of use, but also with excellent voice recognition. This makes it super easy to verbally dictate different prompts you want to issue to the ChatGPT app. ChatGPT-4 subscribers can even expect enhanced features like a faster response time or seeing new features first.

This is good news for users on both iPhone and Android as OpenAI has been pretty great about regularly updating the app to not only add features but also squash any bugs that might hinder performance. You can download the official app from either the App Store for the iPhone or the Play Store for Android. 

If you want the absolute latest features within ChatGPT, using the official app is the best way to go. This is especially true if you are a premium subscriber to ChatGPT-4, where new features are regularly added. 

The official app from ChatGPT for both platformsRequires a subscription for ChatGPT-4
Completely free to use with ChatGPT-3.5Not as feature-rich as unofficial apps
Best ChatGPT Apps - ChatGPT
When it comes to the best ChatGPT apps, the official app will give you the fastest results.

#2: Perplexity AI

One of the better-known non-official ChatGPT apps worth recommending on both the Android and iOS platforms is Perplexity AI. With a 4.9/5 rank on the App Store out of 4,500 plus reviews, Perplexity AI is a great way to leverage ChatGPT-4.

Within this app for both operating systems, you have the Perplexity Copilot, which helps guide your AI search to make sure you are receiving personalized answers. How you ask any questions to your Copilot is up to you using text and voice, but it’s incredibly helpful. 

One major highlight for Perplexity AI is to build trust with its users by sourcing answers for every question or command provided. This way you can be sure your AI copilot isn’t going rogue and providing answers that may not be worth using. 

Every search query you pose is kept for all time as part of an archive. It syncs across all of your devices where Perplexity AI is installed. Initial AI queries are free, or you can add a paid program for $20 a month or $200 a year for unlimited queries. 

Excellent App Store reviewsLarge monthly subscription cost
Perplexity Copilot is a great serviceCited sources aren’t always accurate
Best ChatGPT Apps Perplexity AI
Perplexity AI is one of the best ChatGPT apps including its Copilot feature that helps guide you through personalized answers.

#3: ChatOn

While the ChatGPT app focuses heavily on more direct queries, apps like ChatOn are here to give you a better sense of just how powerful ChatGPT can be. Available through the App Store and Play Store, ChatOn is full of advanced features courtesy of using the ChatGPT API and powered by ChatGPT-4 models. ChatOn offers a weekly subscription for access to all features for $6.99 or 12 months for $59.99. 

Across both Android and iOS, you can use ChatOn as a tool to get help writing emails, speeches, social posts, and blog articles. In addition, one of the best aspects of ChatOn is its built-in grammar and spelling checker. Using this feature will help you quickly correct any spelling mistakes in your queries, which leads to better results. 

If you want to take an email and make it sound more engaging, you can ask ChatOn to assist with that or ask it to make something sound more professional. The same goes for social posts where ChatOn will help you create content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter/X. 

If you need help with your resume or cover letter, just ask ChatOn. Just give it your work history and ask it to create bullet points based on your best accomplishments.

Built-in grammar checkerPremium subscription cost
Great social post developerThe AI keyboard is hit or miss
Best ChatGPT Apps Chaton
When it comes to the best ChatGPT apps, ChatOn offers the ability to create different writing tones to help match your style.

#4: Genie

Powered by both ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4, Genie was created by well-known app developer AppNation. Better yet, the app has already surpassed more than 10 million users. Sporting a 4.7/5 rating on the App Store, Genie currently has more than 140,000 reviews on iOS, and just under 90,000 reviews on the Play Store. This further emphasizes how well-liked this app is in this category. 

Genie is undoubtedly looking to be your one-stop shop for all things ChatGPT, as it offers access to just about everything you could want. Everything from writing emails, creating a diet plan, summarizing an article, writing code, or developing a workout plan, is available as part of Genie’s capabilities. 

If there is one caveat about this app, it’s that it was primarily designed with iOS in mind. So app features don’t always arrive at parity across Android and the iPhone. However, if you can look past this, especially if you are on the iPhone, Genie has some extra useful features like image recognition on photos, and saving chat history so you can refer back to any previous queries. 

Genie is available through the App Store and Play Store and costs $6.99 for full access weekly, or $99.99 for unlimited use annually. 

Lots of great reviewsPricey annual subscription
Works great for iPhone usersUsing the AI keyboard can be frustrating
Best ChatGPT Apps - Genie
Genie offers an excellent feature set for both ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 including support for Siri.

#5:  Chatsonic

An Android-specific application for ChatGPT, Chatsonic is often regarded as the best Android-only app for AI use. So long as you are on Android, Chatsonic opens the door to a lot of great ChatGPT features.

As soon as you open Chatsonic, you are met with a variety of different opportunities from both ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4. This includes being able to create digital art and paintings directly from your text cues from AI models like Dall-E. Dall-E is widely considered one of the best text-to-image AI generators, so it’s a welcome integration. 

Additionally, creating your very own personalized avatar with Chatsonic is a lot of fun. When this is added, you can train Chatsonic to provide better responses to your queries. Alternatively, if you need some help with homework, ask Chatsonic to act as if it’s an English or Math Tutor. The same goes if you want to design a workout, just ask Chatsonic to act as a fitness coach. 

No matter what type of questions you want to ask, Chatsonic offers support for both written and verbal commands. You can download Chatsonic from the Play Store, where its subscription plan goes as high as $99 for lifetime premium access. 

Includes support for Dall-E photo generationAndroid only support
Personalized avatar designPricey lifetime subscription
Best ChatGPT Apps Chatsonic
Chatsonic is a terrific app and includes the ability to use features like Dall-E 3 and Stable Diffusion.

#6: AI Chatbot – Nova

Another highly regarded app that works across Android and iOS, AI Chatbot – Nova, enables plenty of AI opportunities. Where Nova really shines is its claim that it is the only app that has no daily limits for ChatGPT-4. 

Not only does the app make that claim, but it’s also one of the few apps that supports Google Bard. Whether it’s with Bard or ChatGPT-4, you can use Nova to create blogs, stories, or even write a hit song. Perhaps you are on the hunt for a new recipe for the evening, so just ask Nova. Within seconds you will have a host of recipe options available to you. It’s just a matter of what you have a taste for.  

Where Nova also shines bright is with more detailed responses. Ask the app to plan a week’s vacation in Italy and it will give you a detailed travel itinerary. The same goes for homework. Just tell Nova the problem you are trying to solve and it will help with an answer. Okay, maybe don’t always use it for homework, just when you’re really really stuck.

All of these features with cross-platform sync require a weekly subscription of $6.99 or a lifetime subscription of $69.99. This pricing is the same on both the App Store and Play Store.

No daily limits for ChatGPT-4Can be overwhelming for new uers
Cross-platform sync with subscription
Best ChatGPT Apps
One of the best ChatGPT apps, AI Chatbot – Nova offers some great features, including no daily limits for ChatGPT-4.

Best ChatGPT Apps for Android and iPhone Summary

#1: ChatGPTThe official app is always the most likely to have the latest features, even if it lacks some more advanced capabilities. 
#2: Perplexity AIOne of the few apps to work with both ChatGPT-4 and Claude-2. 
#3: ChatOnDoes a great job of working with lengthy written queries, especially if you subscribe for access to ChatGPT-4. 
#4: GenieCan support all of your AI needs including creating a diet plan or workout plan. 
#5: ChatsonicOnly available on Android but offers the best support for text-to-image creation through Dall-E. 
#6: AI Chatbot – NovaA feature-rich multi-platform option, Nova offers a great feature set and a low lifetime subscription cost. 

Wrapping Up

To be fair, you can find more than 6 apps that support ChatGPT on both Android and the iPhone. Thankfully, you really don’t need to as these apps give you all of the AI features you need. Between writing blogs, doing homework, creating websites, and millions of more ideas, this list is all you need.

If anything, you can give Bing a try and see how well Microsoft’s AI venture competes against ChatGPT. Ultimately, the more competitors in this space, the better, as no single service should dominate the landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best app for accessing ChatGPT on an Android or iPhone?

As of October 2023, the best app for accessing ChatGPT is the official app, which is available on both Android and iPhone. 

How much is it to access ChatGPT?

Accessing ChatGPT-3.5 is free while the more advanced ChatGPT-4 costs $20 monthly. 

Do these apps require a subscription to use?

There are a number of free features available but to maximize use of all six apps here, you would want to pay their respective subscription pricing. 

How is ChatGPT different from Bing?

ChatGPT is more of a catch-all service for AI whereas Bing Chat is designed to be used in conjunction with Microsoft’s Edge browser. 

Do any of these apps support text-to-image generation?

Yes! Chatsonic offers text-to-image generation through both Dall-E and Stable Diffusion. 

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