The 5 Best Cell Phone Plans in Maryland: Coverage, Price, and More

Best Cell Phone Plans in Maryland

The 5 Best Cell Phone Plans in Maryland: Coverage, Price, and More

Key Points

  • Verizon offers the Do More Unlimited plan with unlimited calls, texts, and data, as well as 50GB of high-priority data and 30GB of mobile hotspot data.
  • T-Mobile’s Magenta plan starts at $70 per line and includes 100GB of premium data and a free Netflix basic plan.
  • AT&T’s Unlimited Extra plan offers unlimited calls, texts, and data, 50GB of high-priority data, and 15GB of mobile hotspot data.
  • US Mobile offers pay-as-you-go plans with unlimited talk, text, and data starting at $35 per line.
  • Ting offers affordable plans starting at $10 per line but doesn’t offer family or multi-line discounts.

While Maryland may be known for its crabs, the state also boasts quite a few technological advances, including 99% 5G coverage, one of the highest coverages in the United States.

With that, it’s easy to find a phone carrier that can meet your demands, even if you need super-fast data. Here are the best cell phone plans in Maryland that you can start with now.

For many customers, these mobile phone plans are ideal. While these are our top picks for the best cell phone plans in Maryland, there are plenty of options in the state.


maryland cell phone coverage
All Verizon monthly mobile and prepaid plans include access to the 5G network.

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Maryland is a state that has almost unlimited access to 5G, and that’s thanks to companies like Verizon. The phone carrier boasts 99.78% coverage in the state, with 86.43% of that being 5G coverage.

While Verizon also has many different plans, including prepaid and postpaid, we are discussing their main and most popular plan, Do More Unlimited.

This plan has quite a few key features, including unlimited calls, texts, and data, 50GB of high-priority data, 30GB of mobile hotspot data, and 600GB of Verizon Cloud storage each month. While this comes at a premium of $90 per month, you can lower this cost if you sign up for a family plan.

Four lines will be $35 per month per phone. First responders, teachers, nurses, and military members can qualify for $10 off their plan.

While there is 50GB of high-priority data included in the plan, you may experience slow speeds if you consume more than that. While this doesn’t always happen, it may during network congestion.

This plan offers 4K high-definition streaming.Unlimited calls, texts, and data will come at a premium price.
Users will receive Disney+ for free for six months.Autopay is required to qualify for the lowest price.
50GB of premium data is available each month.


maryland cell phone coverage
T-Mobile’s 5G network covers over 40% of the country.

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T-Mobile has grown considerably, acquiring Sprint and becoming the first company to offer nationwide 5G in the last few years. If you’re looking for fast speeds and great customer service, this may be the carrier for you. T-Mobile offers coverage for 99.86% of Maryland, and 95.90% of that is 5G coverage.

The company’s two most popular plans are Magenta and Magenta Max, but for now, we’ll focus on the Magenta plan specifically. This option starts at $70 per line, and that includes all taxes and fees.

However, you can lower your cost by signing up for more than one line. For example, four lines will cost just $140, or $35 per phone per month. If you sign up for at least two lines, you’ll also get a free Netflix basic plan.

It includes 100GB of premium data each month and 5GB of hotspot data. However, streaming videos can only be accomplished at 480p.

If you want 4K UHD resolution, you’ll have to upgrade to the Magenta Max plan, which starts at $85 for one line. Otherwise, there are no additional fees or setup costs, so your $70 per month price is exactly what you’ll pay.

Users will get deep discounts for family plans.Hotspot data is limited to 5GB per month.
Plan prices are all-inclusive and include taxes and fees.Streaming is capped at 480p unless you upgrade.
Users receive 100GB of premium data.


maryland cell phone coverage
AT&T’s 5G network offers speeds of 49.1 Mbps.

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AT&T is easily one of the oldest companies in telecommunications and for good reason. Their customers consistently boast of their customer service, offerings, and slightly lower prices. If you’re thinking about switching to AT&T, they offer the highest coverage in Maryland at 99.92%, with 96.49% of that being 5G coverage.

AT&T offers prepaid and postpaid plans, as well as limited data and unlimited data options. But if you want the best of both worlds, the Unlimited Extra plan is one of their most popular.

This plan starts at $75 per month for a single line but lowers it to as little as $35 per line if you sign up for a 5-line plan. If you’re a veteran, first responder, teacher, or nurse, you can also receive additional discounts.

You’ll get unlimited everything, including calls, texts, and data, 50GB of high-priority data, and 15GB of mobile hotspot data. While speeds will vary, you can typically stream videos and play games without interruption or buffering. You’ll also be able to call and text over 150+ different countries, at no extra charge.

Discounts are offered for certain professions.The plans can be expensive if you only sign up for one line.
Family plans are available with discounts.
Customers have 50GB of high-speed data.

US Mobile

US Mobile is an MVNO that has partnered with Verizon and T-Mobile to cover over 99% of consumers in Maryland and the United States. This cellphone service provider only offers pay-as-you-go plans and doesn’t include any contracts.

While there are plans that cost as little as $6 per line per month, they don’t offer much besides unlimited texts and calls. Instead, choose the Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data plan. While it’s more expensive at $35 per line for the month, you can get discounts for multi-line plans.

You’ll also get international data up to 10GB for free. And, it’s all-inclusive, so you won’t pay any extra fees. US Mobile doesn’t have any physical locations.

You can only sign up for a plan online. However, you can speak to customer support via phone or live chat. That’s helpful for an online service, especially if you start having issues.

Affordable plans start at just $6 per month.Customers will be deprioritized during busy times, thus slowing speeds.
Plans are available without contracts.
24/7 live chat is available.


While Ting was purchased by Dish in 2020, they run on Verizon’s and T-Mobile’s networks. As an MVNO, it offers high-quality service for less, and most customers can get a phone plan for as little as $10 per line per month.

Unless you need a ton of data, you can save significantly when using Ting. However, the Unlimited calls, texts, and data plan will cost $45 per month per line.

And unlike other companies, Ting doesn’t offer any multi-line or family plan discounts. This isn’t the best pricing, especially if you have four or more lines, since T-Mobile and Verizon are around the same price. And, you’ll only get 22GB of premium data before your speeds are slowed.

Fortunately, you’ll also receive 12GB of hotspot, and 5G coverage, so that’s not the worst deal. But we only really recommend Ting if you plan on using Wi-Fi as your main streaming option and can sign up for a cheaper plan — like the Talk + Text plan — for just $10. If you need data while on that plan, each GB of data costs just $5.

Easy and flexible plans are easy to sign up for and don’t require contracts.Ting doesn’t offer family or multi-line plans.
You can upgrade your plan whenever you need.There are no extra discounts.
Works on Verizon and T-Mobile lines, offering plenty of 5G coverage.

Cell Phone Plan Recommendations: Quick Facts

Price$35+/per line, per month$35+/per line, per month
Coverage Area99.78%99.86%
Family Plan Options?YesYes
Discount Options?YesYes
AT&TUS Mobile
Price$35+/per line, per month$6+/per line, per month
Coverage Area99.92%99.86%
Family Plan Options?YesYes
Discount Options?YesYes
Price$35+/per line, per month$10+/per line, per month
Coverage Area99.92%99.86%
Family Plan Options?YesNo
Discount Options?YesNo

Picking the Best Cell Phone Provider in Maryland

When you’re ready to sign up for a new cell phone provider, here’s what to keep in mind.

Prepaid or Postpaid

While there are pros and cons to both prepaid and postpaid plans, most people choose prepaid ones to save money, and postpaid ones if they want to add phone costs to their plans.

Prepaid plans are usually the only options available if you choose an MVNO like US Mobile and Mint Mobile. Be sure to compare prices between the two to see which one is more affordable and offers a better deal.


While you shouldn’t choose a phone plan just because of the discounts, they are nice to have. If you can get a discount for being a senior, teacher, first responder, military, or the like, that’s a bonus.

Other discounts to look out for are multi-line plans and family plans that offer everything you need for less when you sign up for 2+ phones.


Who doesn’t love perks? Again, this shouldn’t be the main reason for going with a certain plan, but it’s a nice extra. If you can get Netflix, Disney+, storage, or other benefits without paying for them, it might be worth it to sign up for a certain phone plan.

Coverage Area

While Maryland has many city and suburban areas, there are some rural parts of the state, as well. So, remember to test the coverage in your area before signing up for a new phone carrier.

The 6 Best Cell Phone Plans in Maryland: Wrap Up

Maryland has one of the top coverage areas for 5G service, and phone users in the state can easily take advantage of any of the phone plans we’ve listed above. But, of course, you should always choose the phone plan that works best for your needs, no matter what they are.

The 5 Best Cell Phone Plans in Maryland: Coverage, Price, and More FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is an MVNO just as good as a service like T-Mobile?

Yes, they are. MVNOs use the same networks and lines as the main three phone plans: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. But since they don’t have to maintain those lines, they save money and can pass those savings on to their customers. But they typically offer the same exact service.

Who has the cheapest cell phone service now?

Currently, Tello, Ting, and US Mobile have some of the cheapest plans available, with the least expensive plan costing just $5 per month.

How much is Verizon a month for one person?

Verizon is around $90 per month for a single line if you choose an unlimited plan. But some of their prepaid plans are significantly cheaper, as low as $40 per month for one line.

Does Verizon have a package for seniors?

Yes, if you’re 55+, you can get a phone plan for as little as $60 per month for a single line.

Who gives the best phone service?

In the state of Maryland, AT&T currently has the best overall coverage.

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