The 6 Best Cell Phone Plans in Kansas: Coverage, Price, and More

Best Cell Phone Plans in Kansas

The 6 Best Cell Phone Plans in Kansas: Coverage, Price, and More

Key Points

  • AT&T offers a top phone plan with 99.98% coverage in Kansas and 67.74% 5G coverage.
  • T-Mobile has the highest 5G coverage in the US and offers affordable plans starting at $70 per month for a single line.
  • Verizon covers 99.98% of Kansas and offers unlimited plans with access to Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G network.
  • Google Fi offers affordable options for single lines starting at $60 per month and includes unlimited talk, text, and data.
  • Visible, owned by Verizon, offers affordable plans for single lines starting at $30 per month and provides unlimited talk, text, and data.
  • Mint Mobile offers unlimited plans starting at $30 per month and can save you up to 50% on your phone bill.

Kansas is right in the middle of the United States, and the state is fast becoming a popular place for remote workers and families, especially in cities like Overland Park. When it comes to phone plans and coverage, Kansas also has many different options for all types of consumers.

Here are the best cell phone plans in Kansas, no matter what your needs are. However, keep in mind that these are just our top choices; there are many other cell phone plans available in Kansas.

#1: AT&T

AT&T is a top phone plan provider and has been highly ranked by users throughout the years. For Kansas residents, their coverage is around 99.98% in the state, with 67.74% of users having access to 5G coverage. This means that you’ll have service almost everywhere you go in the state.

While AT&T has many different prepaid and postpaid options, the most popular option seems to be the Unlimited Premium plan. This is the most expensive plan, but discounts are available and it boasts many different benefits.

First, the Unlimited Premium plan offers unlimited premium data. No matter how busy the network is or how much data you use, you won’t have to worry about throttling or deprioritization.

If you work from home, travel quite a bit, or need high streaming speeds, this is incredibly helpful. The plan also includes 50GB per month for mobile hotspot data. This is helpful if you need to work in an area that doesn’t have decent Wi-Fi or if you travel often.

And when you do need to use a hotspot or data, you’ll receive 4K ultra-high-definition streaming. Last but not least, you’ll also receive unlimited talk, text, and data in over 20 different countries.

This plan does come at a premium price. For a single line, the cost is $85 per month. However, you can lower this price if you sign up for a family plan of four or more lines.

With four lines, the plan will cost a total of $200 per month, or just $50 per line per month. That’s a significant saving. If you’re a first responder, in the military, or a nurse, you can also get another 10% off your plan each month.

AT&T offers discounts for certain professions.If you only pay for one phone each month, your plan will be expensive.
You’ll pay significantly less for phone lines if you pay for a family plan.You won’t receive any extra benefits, like free streaming.
You’ll get 50GB of mobile hotspot per phone line, higher than many other phone plans.

#2: T-Mobile

best cell phone plans in kansas
T-Mobile US generated 19.6 billion U.S. dollars in revenue during the first quarter of 2023. 

T-Mobile is fast becoming a top phone plan carrier, and for good reason. For one, they have the highest 5G coverage in the United States. Also, the company tends to have phone plans that rival carriers like AT&T and Verizon, but for much less.

For Kansas residents, T-Mobile has a 98.49% coverage rate, with 95.81% of users being able to access 5G. So, no matter which plan you choose, you’ll be able to get 5G service across most of the state.

While T-Mobile has a few prepaid and postpaid plans, their most popular offer is the Magenta plan. This plan starts at $70 per month for a single line, and that includes taxes and fees. However, if you sign up for the family plan option, you can pay as little as $140 per month for four lines — or just $35 per line per month.

This plan includes many different benefits, including 100GB a month of “premium data.” This means that you get 100GB of data before your connection starts to slow. You’ll also receive 5GB of 5G mobile hotspot use, but that will drop to 3G speeds once you reach your data cap.

More extras include free unlimited 2G roaming in many countries outside the United States, including Mexico and Canada. You’ll also have access to weekly freebies from the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. If you sign up for two or more lines, you’ll also get a basic subscription to Netflix for free.

Free Netflix plan if you sign up for two or more lines.You can only stream at 480p on your phone.
Affordable family plans available.You’ll only have 5GB of hotspot data.
100GB of premium data for data-heavy users.
Inclusive pricing that includes taxes and fees each month.

#3: Verizon

best cell phone plans in kansas
Verizon offers Ultra Wideband 5G.

Verizon has long been a favorite cell phone carrier for many customers. This is because the company is available in rural areas, offers truly unlimited plans, and tends to get the newest phones first.

If you live in Kansas, it’s also a great option if you’re in the middle of nowhere, and it’s typically one of the only carriers available. With that said, Verizon covers 99.98% of Kansas, with 45.05% of users having access to 5G.

Verizon offers three new “myPlan” unlimited plans, but our favorite option is the Unlimited Plus plan. It includes access to Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G network, 30GB of hotspot data, and unlimited data that won’t be throttled, even with busy network traffic.

You’ll also get access to cheaper streaming options, paying an extra $10 per month for à la carte services. This isn’t mandatory, but some of the options include the Disney Bundle, which includes Hulu and ESPN+, Apple Music Family, extra hotspot data, a Pelaton subscription, and more.

However, this plan is quite expensive, starting at $85 per month for one line, but you’ll also have to sign up for autopay. If you sign up for a family plan, you can get the plan for significantly less.

Four lines would cost $45 per month per line or $180 per month. You’ll also get a $10 discount per month if you’re a nurse, military member, or teacher.

You’ll get access to streaming plans for just $10 a month extra.Plans are expensive if you’re signing up for one or two lines.
You’ll receive discounts as a first responder, teacher, nurse, or military member.5G coverage is under 50% in Kansas.
The plan includes 30GB of hotspot data.

#4: Google Fi

best cell phone plans in kansas
As an MVNO, Google Fi is considered a low-cost alternative to big-budget carriers.

Google Fi is a newer MVNO that works with T-Mobile’s towers to bring service to its users without extra costs. Because of the fact that they don’t have to maintain the towers, they’re able to pass those savings on to their customers.

While Google Fi has an Essentials plan with unlimited talk and text, you’ll have to pay for each GB of data that you use. If you use quite a bit every month, we suggest taking advantage of the Unlimited Plus plan.

This plan offers unlimited text, talk, and data. A single line will cost just $60 per month, which is significantly cheaper than other phone plans that offer the same. The Unlimited Plus plan also allows unlimited talk and text to Canada and Mexico and free calls to 50 different countries.

Keep in mind that since Google Fi is an MVNO, they may throttle your data after you reach 22GB, or when the network is busy. This is because T-Mobile towers will prioritize T-Mobile customers over Google Fi customers.

Along with unlimited everything, you’ll also get unlimited hotspot usage and 100GB of Google One storage. This plan comes without contracts or activation fees, so you can upgrade or downgrade it at any time based on your needs.

Affordable options for single lines.Users may be deprioritized in favor of T-Mobile customers.
The Unlimited plan includes storage and hotspot data.
You have the flexibility to only pay for what you use.

#5: Visible

best cell phone plans in kansas
Both of Visible’s one-line plans offer unlimited data.

Visible is a new MVNO owned by Verizon. Even though Visible runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks, you may be deprioritized during busy times or network congestion. But other than that potential con, Visible offers the same service as Verizon for almost half the cost.

The biggest appeal of Visible is that it’s for single people who only need one cell phone line. With other carriers, you’ll pay more if you don’t sign up for a family plan. However, with Visible, you’ll pay for each line, and plans start at just $30 a month.

Visible offers two phone plans — Visible and Visible+ — and each plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data. There are a few differences between the two plans, however.

Visible+ offers everything the regular plan does but also includes international calling and texting to over 30 different countries, access to 5G Ultra Wideband, and unlimited data roaming to Mexico and Canada. While Visible is $30 per month, you’ll pay $45 per month for Visible+ if you prefer those extra benefits.

As with other MVNOs, your speeds may be temporarily slowed once you reach 50GB of data or during times of network congestion. This shouldn’t be too difficult, since the slower speeds are usually on a 4G network. But it may be an issue if you need high-speed streaming.

Regardless of the plan you select, you can use a referral code that lowers your monthly costs. If a friend uses your code to sign up for Visible, you’ll both get $20 off your next monthly payment. That’s a pretty good deal!

The plan has a referral code to save you $20 each month.Visible doesn’t offer a multi-line or family plan discount.
You only pay for a single line and can upgrade or downgrade at any time.
You can get unlimited talk, text, and data for significantly less.

#6: Mint Mobile

best cell phone plans in kansas
Mint Mobile makes use of T-Mobile’s network.

If you live in Kansas, you’ve most likely seen the Mint Mobile commercials and ads. They’re everywhere, but for good reason. Mint Mobile works with T-Mobile towers and offers 5G service for much less.

In fact, you could pay less than half by switching from T-Mobile to Mint Mobile, if monthly costs are important to you. Mint Mobile has many different phone plans, starting at 1GB of data for $10 per month. But our favorite option is the Unlimited plan.

It includes unlimited text, talk, and data for just $30 per month. And, right now, Mint Mobile is running a discount where you can get the Unlimited Plan for $15 per month if you pay for a full year upfront.

As with most MVNOs, Mint Mobile may deprioritize your speeds once you’ve hit 40GB of data. Usually, this just means lowering your speeds from 5G service to 4G. So, you should still be able to use data at your convenience, even once you’ve reached 40GB.

Because Mint Mobile is a prepaid phone service, you will have to pay for your plan before you can use it. While the 12-month plan offers the cheapest pricing, you can pay for as little as 3 months upfront. This may be a con for some people, but it’s how Mint Mobile keeps its plans affordable.

Affordable unlimited plans that can save you up to 50% on your phone bill.Have to pay for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time.
Unlimited texts and calls to Canada and Mexico.Your service may be deprioritized during busy times.
You can purchase phones through the site or bring your own.

Cell Phone Plan Recommendations: Quick Facts

Price$50+/per line, per month$35+/per line, per month
Coverage Area99.98%98.49%
Family Plan Options?YesYes
Hotspot Data?YesYes
Unlimited Talk, Text, Data?YesYes
VerizonGoogle Fi
Price$45+/per line, per month$20+/per line, per month
Coverage Area99.98%98.49%
Family Plan Options?YesYes
Hotspot Data?YesYes
Unlimited Talk, Text, Data?YesYes
VisibleMint Mobile
Price$30+/per line, per month$10+/per line, per month
Coverage Area99.98%98.49%
Family Plan Options?NoYes
Hotspot Data?YesYes
Unlimited Talk, Text, Data?YesYes

Picking the Best Cell Phone Provider in Kansas

Planning on making the switch to a new cell phone provider? Here’s how to make sure you choose the best option for you.

Coverage Area

Kansas has many rural areas, which may make it difficult for you to choose a certain plan or phone carrier. Be sure to look up your zip code and see if the provider you want works well in your area.


If you need to use your data or hotspot, how fast you’re able to access apps and the internet is important. While Verizon tends to be known for its fast speeds, T-Mobile is catching up, especially now that they’ve launched 5G service.

Just remember that if you’re paying for unlimited data, your speeds may slow just a bit once you’ve hit a certain threshold.


Prices vary for the phone plans we’ve discussed. As you can see, they can easily change from carrier to carrier and plan to plan. Unless you absolutely need the best of the best, you should be able to stick to a $50 monthly budget and get everything you need.

Extra Features

Don’t forget the extra features! While these aren’t a must, they’re nice to have, especially if you can save some money.

For example, certain T-Mobile plans will give you a free Netflix plan, and Verizon comes with many different options. These can cost significantly less than paying for the services separately. So, take advantage when you can.

The 6 Best Cell Phone Plans in Kansas: Wrap Up

Luckily for Kansians, there are many different cell phone plans to choose from, and many are affordable and easy to sign up for. Of course, before signing up for any new plan, feel free to do your own research to ensure the carrier will suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the No. 1 cell phone carrier?

That depends on your needs and where you’re located. However, the top three are T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, and they serve millions of customers each month.

How much does a family cell phone plan cost?

That will depend on the carrier you sign up with. However, many family plans offer discounts for 3+ lines, so try not to go over $60 per phone per month.

What is the difference between prepaid and postpaid phone plans?

Simply put, prepaid phone plans will cost you upfront. So you’ll need to pay before you can use your phone. Postpaid plans charge you at the end of your billing cycle.

Is T-Mobile cheaper than Verizon?

Technically, yes. While Verizon offers many different plans and discounts which means you can pay less than $50 per phone per month, T-Mobile tends to be cheaper if you have one line.

What cell phone carrier truly has the best coverage?

Technically, Verizon has the best coverage nationwide and boasts 99.99% coverage in the United States. However, T-Mobile has a higher 5G coverage than Verizon.

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