7 Best Boxing Games for PC (2023 Edition)

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7 Best Boxing Games for PC (2023 Edition)

Key Points

  • Undisputed is the best overall boxing game on PC, offering realistic gameplay and licensed boxers.
  • Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions lets you fight as Rocky Balboa and features special abilities and combo moves.
  • Fight Night Champion is considered the last great boxing game and offers a variety of game modes and fighting options.
  • Creed: Rise to Glory is a VR game that allows players to punch using motion controls and features popular fighters from the Rocky series.
  • Victory Road is a unique boxing game that focuses on coaching and managing fighters rather than actual combat.
  • Punch A Bunch is a lighthearted fighting game reminiscent of older boxing titles, with simple characters and basic combat mechanics.
  • Real Boxing is a popular PC boxing game with various game modes and a focus on training and career progression.

Since the beginning of video games, sports titles have dominated the landscape. However, one of the most popular sub-genres of sports games has seen a major decline in recent years. Boxing games were once a prominent force, with titles like Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out and Fight Night. It is easy to see why these games were so in demand, since anyone could pick them up and quickly learn to play.

While there certainly is less competition today, there are still some great boxing games you can experience on PC. With the rise in popularity of VR headsets, boxing games are making a major comeback as players want to get in the ring for themselves and battle opponents. From reliving big-name titles to trying out newer indie games, we’ve put together the seven best for you to play today.

RankTitleBest Feature
1UndisputedIt delivers stunning graphics alongside fantastic fighting mechanics.
2Big Rumble Boxing: Creed ChampionsThe game is a sequel to Creed: Rise to Glory that lets you play as the Italian Stallion without a VR headset.
3Fight Night ChampionEA’s beloved boxing game is over a decade old but still delivers lots of fun.
4Creed: Rise to GloryIt is a VR experience that puts you in the ring with characters from Rocky.
5Victory RoadYou get to try your luck outside the ring and play as a boxing coach.
6Punch A BunchThis cartoon boxing game is good for gamers of all ages.
7Real BoxingThere are a lot of different modes you can choose from.

1. Undisputed

The best overall boxing game on PC is Undisputed, thanks to its emphasis on real-world boxing matches. Boxing games often use arcade mechanics, which are fun to play but missing the realism that boxing fans want. Undisputed fills the void that EA left when they abandoned Fight Night. It is also one of the newest games on our list, as it was released in January 2023.

What sets Undisputed apart is that it was made entirely by boxing fans who wanted a game that followed official rules. The game’s developer, Steel City Interactive, certainly managed to pull that off, as Undisputed is one of the most realistic boxing games ever made. However, to add even more realism, they licensed the likeness of over 50 boxers, including some famous legends like Muhammad Ali.

The most important thing is the gameplay, which is very complex. You can pull off over 60 moves, and the physics are very realistic. With so much control, it is easy to get overwhelmed, but there is a great training mode to teach you. The graphics are also impressive, as each fighter’s movements are very fluid. Undisputed is still in early access, but it is available to start playing in the Steam Store.

It is the spiritual successor to Fight Night.It is still in beta testing with bugs to work out.
There are more than 50 real-world boxers.Some game modes are not yet available.

2. Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

If you ever wanted to live out a dream of fighting as Rocky Balboa, then Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions is just for you. Putting the name of an icon in a video game title is nothing new, and it is usually just a gimmick to get people to purchase. However, Creed Champions is a surprisingly good game that lets you fight as the fictional Italian Stallion.

The game actually serves as a non-VR sequel to Creed: Rise to Glory. However, this game is dramatically different, although it keeps all of the famous fighters. The graphics are decent, but the characters have an animated look. The gameplay is a lot of fun, with plenty of character dialogue. Additionally, the combat features plenty of special abilities and combo moves.

You get to play as characters from the Rocky franchise.There is no multiplayer mode.
Hit songs from the movie play as you fight.All of the dialogue is done through text rather than voice acting.

3. Fight Night Champion

There is one game that longtime boxing fans will remember as the last great title: Fight Night Champion. For decades, EA has been the king of sports games. However, they abandoned many beloved franchises over the years, including Fight Night Champion. Fortunately, you can still relive the classic PC boxing game.

Still considered the best boxing game ever made by many, Fight Night Champion combined real-world professional boxers with incredible gameplay. The graphics still look great, and the controls are easy to use. You also can create your own boxer and train him. Fight Night Champion is not officially licensed by any organization but follows official boxing rules and uses licensed characters.

Similarly, there are a lot of fighting options outside the ring. You can fight in an arena or in a back alley. Fight Night Champion requires some skill to master, as you must watch your opponent carefully. It is also very fast-paced, and you have to make some quick moves. Finally, there are several game modes, including training, solo fights, story, and multiplayer options.

It is the final game in the popular Fight Night franchise.The game is over a decade old and it is starting to show its age.
There are many different places to fight beyond conventional ringsIt can be difficult to find online players for multiplayer mode.

4. Creed: Rise to Glory

Creed: Rise to Glory takes advantage of the recent rise in VR popularity. You can play Rise to Glory on several VR headsets, including HP’s Reverb G2 and Meta’s Quest 2. You will get the same great experience regardless of which headset you choose. However, this is one boxing game that will leave you feeling like you just finished a workout.

Creed: Rise to Glory features many of the popular fighters from the Rocky film series. Despite the movie tie-in, it is still a solid game that features fluid movements. As you would expect, players use motion controls to punch. The graphics rely on an animated style rather than a more realistic approach. Lastly, Rise to Glory has a few different modes, including online multiplayer, career, and free-play.

It works with a wide range of VR headsets.The controls can be a little clunky.
You can play as characters from the Rocky series.The experience differs depending on the headset you use.

5. Victory Road

Beyond the conventional boxing games is a sub-genre that focuses on the management side of the sport, and the best one is Victory Road. The game is a complete departure from what you probably envision in a boxing game. Instead of picking a fighter and diving into combat, you help coach players to be the next champion.

Victory Road is essentially a simulation game that focuses on leveling up your fighters through training. However, you also have to manage the boxer’s abilities and moves that they will use during a match. Speaking of matches, you don’t actually get to fight, but you are standing on the side giving directions. The graphics are also unique, relying on a simple pixelated look that works very well for this type of game.

You get to play as a boxing coach.You don’t get to box.
There are plenty of ways to customize your experience.Pixelated graphics are not for everyone.

6. Punch A Bunch

Sometimes, you just want a lighthearted fighting game that focuses on arcade action instead of realistic brawls, and Punch A Bunch definitely fills that void. This cartoonish fighting game hearkens back to the old days of Punch-Out. The game is rather simple in that there is no leveling up or ways to train your character.

Instead, Punch A Bunch focuses more on basic combat mechanics, which do take some skill to master. Many moves go beyond what would normally be allowed in professional boxing, but these add to the fun. The characters are also rather simple, consisting of yellow blobs with clothes and boxing gloves. You can also unlock clothing and accessories to customize your character.

It is a great boxing game for kids.The players are not very detailed.
The game is reminiscent of older boxing titles.Combat can be cumbersome.

7. Real Boxing

Real Boxing is another popular PC boxing game that tries to pick up where EA’s Fight Night left off. The game came out in 2012, just a year after EA’s last Fight Night title. Despite being over 10 years old, Real Boxing still looks and plays fantastic, which is surprising since it received little attention at launch. The game has several game modes and a solid tutorial that will help you learn the ropes.

Training your fighter is a major component of the game and will help boost his stamina, strength, and speed. There is also a career and multiplayer mode, or you can choose Quick Fight to get right to the ring. As its name implies, Real Boxing tries to deliver a life-like experience. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature licensed boxers like many big-name titles.

It is a worthy successor to Fight Night.The game does not use licensed fighters.
There are a number of different modes to choose from.There are potential compatibility issues on modern PCs.

Wrapping Up

Boxing games have seen a steep decline in popularity throughout the last decade. Despite the drop-off in new titles, there are still a lot of boxing games to play on a PC. It also shows how well many older boxing games held up over the years. While it would be nice for EA to release a new Fight Night game, indie developers have slowly filled the hole that it left.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use motion controls for PC boxing games?

The only PC boxing games that openly support motion controls are ones that use VR. There are some people who have managed to use motion controls with games they weren’t intended for. However, it is very difficult to get them working.

Does EA still make boxing games?

EA abandoned the Fight Night boxing series as they began focusing more heavily on UFC titles that were more popular. EA still releases new UFC titles every few years, but they are now only released on home consoles.

What VR headsets does Creed: Rise to Glory support?

There are a number of headsets you can use with Creed: Rise to Glory, including but not limited to Meta’s Quest 2, HTC’s Vive, Valve’s Index, and HP’s Reverb G2. The game is also available on other platforms such as PSVR, PSVR 2, and Meta’s Quest 2.

Where is the best place to buy boxing games for PC?

You can buy most PC boxing games through the Steam Store. However, you will have to purchase disc versions of some older titles, since they are not available digitally.

Can you play PC boxing games on the Steam Deck?

Yes, many of the games in the Steam Store for PC are also compatible with the Steam Deck. Be sure to check the individual game to ensure it is fully compatible with the Steam Deck.

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