The 10 Best Apps for Climbing


The 10 Best Apps for Climbing

If you’re like many outdoor enthusiasts, you might like to fill your time with an activity. You may choose to hike or fish, but if you prefer something more exhilarating, rock climbing might pique your interest. But, especially if you’re just getting into the sport, knowing where to start or where to climb can prove challenging.

Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or find your next excursion, we’ve found the best apps for climbing anywhere. Continue reading to discover which one is the right platform for your objectives.

10. Knots 3D (4.8 Stars, 18,000 Reviews)

When climbing lead, the quality of your knots can make a difference in your overall safety. Short of tying a rope around a stick, however, there’s no good way to practice before climbing. The Knots 3D app attempts to change this, offering an extensive library with 360 degrees of vision and a high level of interactivity.

The tool provides users access to over 175 knots for climbing, fishing, firefighting, and other activities. Spin the knots to see them from other angles, and tie or untie them using your fingers. The app’s accurate representation and ease of use earned it accolades from iOS Today, GQ Magazine, and Scouting Magazine.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Last Update: December 2022

Price: $5.99

9. Rakkup (3.5 Stars, 120 Reviews)

One of the best ways to discover your next outdoor climbing adventure is in one of the many dedicated guidebooks for a particular area. Rakkup makes it easy for you to access these resources, providing a bookshelf for some of the most popular climbing regions in the world. Simply purchase the book and all its contents, such as trails, topography, and beta, are accessible offline. 

One of our favorite aspects of Rakkup is its trail navigation. Whether you’re climbing, backcountry camping, or skiing, the app can help guide you to the location. This eliminates the need to run multiple programs or rely on other apps.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Last Update: November 2022

Price: In-app purchases ($2.99 – $25.99) 

8. Moon Climbing (2.5 Stars, 770 Reviews)

As far as climbing training goes, the people at Moon Climbing came up with an innovative idea: an app that directly communicates with a climbing board. This allows users to download hundreds of problems with the touch of a button. Whether you’re practicing bouldering, endurance, or strength skills, you can work on them with the MoonBoard.

The Moon Climbing app uploads each problem and lights up a targeted LED underneath each hold. This helps climbers navigate the route as they work through the beta, with no tape or color codes required.

Users can also add their problems and update ratings for the MoonBoard community. Although the app is a work in progress, this is an exciting alternative to traditional climb training.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Last Update: December 2021

Price: Free (Requires MoonBoard)

7. 27 Crags (3.3 Stars, 700 Reviews)

For an app that combines route finding with a community of climbers, 27 Crags is worth checking out. The program allows users to create their own topographical maps for their favorite climbs and share them with others in the area. Several maps are free and available for download to use offline. The app even offers GPS directions to locations.

With over 30,000 user-created topos, it’s easy to find a route in your area. 27 Crags takes its community aspect seriously, giving creators an incentive to share their routes. Premium subscribers receive a portion of the company profits for any maps they make. However, because of its community-driven nature, users might find some maps outdated.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Last Update: December 2022

Price: Free (In-app purchases from $8.49 to $49.99)

6. MyRadar (4.5 Stars, 250,000 Reviews)

apps for camping
My Radar displays an animated weather radar around your location.

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Nothing alters a climbing trip like inclement weather. With MyRadar, you can keep an eye on the forecast quickly even when your native weather app doesn’t work.

The app uses a live radar updated with multiple official forecast trackers to give you an in-depth look. MyRadar includes an extensive list of overlays, including wind, air quality, and even wildfires to give you the most information that could affect your climb.

One of the best features that come with the app is its location accuracy. Not only will it share the weather for your city or town, but you can set it to track your exact coordinates.

This aspect takes into consideration elevation, which can drastically change temperature and wind speed. With this level of accuracy, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Last Update: January 2023

Price: Free (In-app purchases from $2.99 to $24.99)

5. Gaia GPS (4.4 Stars, 12,700 Reviews)

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Gaia GPS is a great guide for finding trails around the world.

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One of the most overlooked aspects of climbing is the approach; while some apps and maps can give directions to coordinates, none offer great detail of the topography heading to the rock. Gaia GPS offers some of the best backcountry maps available anywhere, making it easy to traverse the wilderness to your climb.

The app works with organizations such as National Geographic and the US Forest Service to provide incredibly detailed maps. Users can download them for offline use, using GPS to help navigate while out of service range. As part of the Nature brand, adventurers of all levels trust this app to help them find their way through the backcountry.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Last Update: December 2022

Price: Free (In-app purchases from $3.99 to $59.99)

4. Crimpd (4.9 Stars, 460 Reviews)

This incredible climbing trainer provides users with over 200 workouts to improve endurance, power, mobility, and skills. The programs come built specifically to train like professionals and are fully customizable to fit your schedule.

The training plans keep in mind experience levels, making Crimpd the perfect app for everyone looking to improve their climbing capabilities. What ties the app together is its step-by-step guideline, which tracks progress throughout the exercise and over the entire course of the program.

With Crimpd’s analytics, you can see how your efforts payout in each skill category. This makes the app especially helpful for keeping you motivated through the development process.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Last Update: December 2022

Price: Free (Premium plans to start at $12.99/mo)

3. MyClimb (4.4 Stars, 1,300 Reviews)

If you’re looking for one of the best apps for climbing training that combines professional-quality programs with a social media network, look no further than MyClimb. With a community of over three million members, the app has beta and training advice for 10,000 locations around the world.

This makes it one of the most comprehensive platforms for those looking to improve their climbing skills. MyClimb also stands above the rest because of its expert-guided training plans.

The app works with professional and Olympic climbers to build comprehensive programs suitable for every skill level. So, whether you’re just getting started or you’re hitting a plateau, you’ll find value in MyClimb.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Last Update: October 2022

Price: Free (In-app purchases from $0.99 to $89.99)

2. AllTrails (4.8 Stars, 149,000 Reviews)

best hiking apps
AllTrails allows users to access a database of trail maps.

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Whether you’re climbing, hiking, or camping, AllTrails is undoubtedly the most in-depth trail guide app available. Users have access to over 350,000 destinations for 19 different activities.

The app vets their extensive database with a strong community of 40 million outdoor enthusiasts. That way, you know the condition of your climb before you even hit the trail.

AllTrails has a premium membership that unlocks incredible features. Track your metrics such as distance time, elevation gain, and more with AllTrails+, helping you get the most from your experience. Other benefits of the membership include offline GPS, live route planners, and wrong turn alerts.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Last Update: December 2022

Price: Free (AllTrails+ starting at $35.99/year)

1. Mountain Project (4.5 Stars, 2,900 Reviews)


Although there are apps with plenty of climbing destinations, none of them have as many as Mountain Project. With a crowdsourced platform at its source, climbers will find over 280,000 routes all over the world. Each route comes with ratings from those that tried it last, so you know what you’re getting into.

Beyond the destinations, Mountain Project offers its members a native app for navigation. And if you lose service during the approach, no worries; the app allows its users to download maps for offline GPS use.

Where Mountain Project shines is that it comes totally free. That means full access to the beta, community, and offline navigation without a premium membership.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Last Update: August 2022

Price: Free

What to Know Before Downloading the Best Apps for Climbing?

If you’re thinking about downloading one of the best camping apps, you should first understand what you’re trying to achieve with it. Generally, climbing apps come in two categories: training and route finding.

Both of them have functionality in outdoor and indoor settings, but with vastly different information. Especially if you sign up for a premium membership, choosing an app based on your needs can make or break your experience with it.

In regards to membership-based apps, you’ll have to discern if it’s worth it to you to pay that premium. Many of these subscriptions block valuable content behind their paywalls, but, ultimately, none will keep you from climbing.

Summary of the Best Apps for Climbing

1. Mountain Project4.52,900
2. AllTrails4.8149,000
3. MyClimb4.41,300
4. Crimpd4.9490
5. Gaia GPS4.412,700
6. MyRadar4.5250,000
7. 27 Crags3.3700
8. Moon Climbing2.5770
9. Rakkup3.5120
10. Knots 3D4.818,000

Best Apps for Climbing: Further Reading

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a climbing app worth it?

Climbing apps can help you in a variety of sports-related aspects. For those looking to improve their skills, these platforms can provide catered suggestions and detailed logs. Those looking for a new route can use these apps to find destinations suited to their location and skill level.

Is there an app to find people to climb with?

Climbers looking for people to climb with should check out the Mountain Project app. This platform uses crowdsourcing for its content and has a massive community base to connect with.

Is there an app for indoor bouldering?

One of the most innovative climbing apps connects directly with a MoonBoard climbing wall. Those looking to improve their indoor bouldering skills can upload their favorite routes right to the MoonBoard for highly specific practice.

How do you track rock climbing?

Some metrics to track your rock climbing include location, discipline, difficulty, duration, and body part focus.

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