The 6 Best Apple Watch Games: Ranked and Reviewed

best apple watch games

The 6 Best Apple Watch Games: Ranked and Reviewed

Key Points

  • Pocket Bandit is our choice for the #1 Best Overall Apple Watch game.
  • Apple Watch games are exciting because you don’t need a laptop or console to play.  
  • With Apple watch games on your wrist, you can spend hours playing them whether you’re waiting for the bus, sitting in the park, or in a boring meeting.
  • When looking for the best Apple Watch games, keep the following criteria in mind: the game reviews, specifications, and genre.

Gaming consoles and monitors were prominent in the past because they provided a reliable platform for competitive gaming with impressive graphics. However, Apple formulated a brilliant idea to manufacture smart watches and pack them with various specs to support some games.

While we cannot compare gaming consoles with Apple Watches, having several games on your watch is still impressive. Like other games, you must check the gaming reviews before buying them from the Apple App Store.

Even the game specifications and genre matter because nobody wants a boring game on their watch that takes up all their space. So, after weeks of researching, our ranking for the best Apple Watch games is as follows:

  • Best Overall: Pocket Bandit
  • Best Strategy Game: Tiny Armies
  • Best Brain-Training Game: Chess
  • Best Puzzle Game: Rules
  • Best Word Game: Snappy Word
  • Best Story-Based Game: Lifeline 2

Best Overall: Pocket Bandit

We kick off our list with Pocket Bandit, our choice for the #1 Best Overall Apple Watch game. With more than 100 treasures to steal, you must crack the safe to take the treasure.

This puzzle game uses the Apple Watch’s digital crown to open the safe, and you have to rotate it until you hit the right combination. When you pick the correct number, the watch vibrates, but you must touch it to validate the number. So, if the combinations are good, you’ll have access to the treasure.

The developers packed this game with beautiful themes and other stylish visuals to make it realistic, and to ensure that it resembles an actual heist. However, sometimes the game lags, and there have been cases of bugs, but that shouldn’t deter you from paying $0.99 for it.

The game is affordable; it costs $0.99.Expect lagging issues.
Pocket Bandit has excellent themes and realistic visuals.The game experiences bugs from time to time.

Best Strategy Game: Tiny Armies

Next, we have Tiny Armies, the best strategy game you can play on the Apple Watch. You must swipe the units to vanquish your enemies in this fast-paced game, and strategizing ahead is critical. Each level presents a new challenge, and you’re introduced to various environmental objects like mountains, depicting the game’s realism.

Furthermore, Tiny Armies has different modes, which is innovative for a watch game because you can play alone or with your friends. Also, the game’s iMessage feature is impressive.

However, the game has one major shortcoming: you may experience some swiping issues. But you can correct this flaw by downloading the new version; besides, it’s a minor hiccup for a game that costs $0.99.

It is relatively cheap. You may face swiping issues with older versions.
iMessage is a welcoming feature. 
Having different modes in the game makes it more exciting. 

Best Brain-Training Game: Chess

Chess is the best brain-training game you can play on your Apple Watch. It has a simple yet complex interface that mirrors an actual chessboard; it has all the pieces.

You can play online with anyone worldwide, and it has a chat box where you can talk with your opponents, irrespective of their location. Real-time games take one minute, but you can extend them to 30 minutes.

Furthermore, you can join tournaments and play with the best players in the world, and with the chat box feature, you’ll make new friends. Adding to the game’s specs are its 20-plus themes. You can switch from 2D to 3D chess pieces and change the entire chess board.

Performance statistics are essential in Chess, and this Apple Watch game doesn’t disappoint. It accurately records all your stats, and you can check your tournament rankings. This game also provides tutorials, and you can check out the provided chess tactics to sharpen your skills.

That said, this game is free, but the in-app purchases are expensive, and they may cost you as much as $99.99 for the Diamond Membership. Also, you may experience app crashes, especially if you don’t download the latest bug-free version.

You can play online with anyone in the world.The in-app purchases are expensive, especially the Diamond Membership.
Real-time games, performance statistics, and tournaments make it realistic.App crashes can be annoying.
Offers 20-plus themes to choose from. 
It’s free to download. 

Best Puzzle Game: Rules

Originally developed by The Coding Monkeys, Rules is the best puzzle game on the Apple Watch. You must follow the rules to move up levels and remember them because some apply in the subsequent ones.

For instance, if you’re at level 5, you may be forced to use some level 1 rules, making it an interesting brain-workout game. Moreover, you can choose any mode you want to start between beginner, expert, and timeless if you feel the game is too challenging or easy.

This game’s multi-touch interface is attractive, but where it shines the most is its color perception. Furthermore, you will see whales, unicorns, and robots, which add to the game’s appeal.

The game’s main shortcoming is that there have been bugs with the game’s statistics. And even though the developers have rectified this problem, you should still be vigilant. Also, this game is expensive because it costs $2.99.

The game’s multi-touch interface is impressive.You may experience bugs sometimes.
Good color visuals.It is costly.
You can choose different modes: beginner, expert, and timeless. 

Best Word Game: Snappy Word

We selected Snappy Word as the best Apple Watch game in the Word Game category. This addictive and educational game is similar to a crossword puzzle because you must swipe the letters on your watch to form the words.

With roughly 400 levels, you must find the hidden words to complete each level, which becomes harder as you climb the ranks. The developers added specific gems to give you hints, but you must earn them by formulating unique words that aren’t in the concealed list.

Moreover, you can message your friends to challenge them, which puts you at the top of the rankings if you win. Even though this game is free, you must pay $4.99 to remove ads, which is the game’s main shortcoming.

It has 400 levels.It has many ads that disrupt the game when playing.
The game is free. 
You can play against your friends, which is impressive. 

Best Story-Based Game: Lifeline 2

We cannot conclude our list without mentioning Lifeline 2, the best story-based game on Apple Watch. You must use your imagination throughout the game because Lifeline 2 is a real-time storytelling game.

Arika is the story’s protagonist. She’s a young woman without a family and is on a quest to avenge her parents and rescue her brother. So, based on the game’s storyline, you must make certain choices that aid Arika’s survival.

Adding to the gameplay is a notification feature that updates you about Arika’s quest when you’re not playing. However, you can hide these notifications, especially when in a meeting, and catch up with the game later.

Also, you don’t need an internet connection to play, and the game doesn’t have ads. Lifeline 2 is exciting but may be boring for players who prefer action-packed games.

It’s an exciting real-time storytelling game.It may be boring for action-loving players.
You don’t need the internet to play. 

How to Pick the Best Apple Watch Games: Step by Step

Consider the following factors when choosing the best Apple Watch games:

  • Game reviews
  • Game specifications
  • Game genre

Let’s explore each one in more detail.

Game Reviews

Always check the game reviews before buying any Apple Watch game. Know what people are saying and get their insights about the game’s mechanics to avoid purchasing a boring game.

Moreover, game reviews give you a better picture of its gameplay. For instance, if someone praises the game’s shooting options and other weapons, you will immediately know it’s an action-packed game.

Game Specifications

The game’s specifications are essential because they determine whether your Apple Watch can handle the games. For example, some games require a specific storage size, so you must have a higher storage space to ensure they run smoothly. Others are only compatible with the latest watchOS, so you must ensure your watch also meets this compatibility requirement.

Game Genre

The game genre determines the skills required to play the game. For example, action games require creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. In contrast, puzzle games require logical thinking and pattern recognition skills. So, choose the games that maximize your skills to ensure you enjoy them.

What to Know Before Buying Apple Watch Games

Before you buy an Apple Watch game, ensure your watch has enough processing power to handle the games. Although rare, choose a game that doesn’t consume more than 1GB of your Apple Watch’s storage space, especially if you’re using a 16 GB watch.

The watchOS matters because a more recent game needs an updated operating system, so make sure the game is compatible with your current one.

The game’s price also matters. Don’t overspend on a basic game that doesn’t have good gameplay. Always check the game’s reviews before making a purchase.

Using the Apple Watch Games: What It’s Like

Playing the best Apple Watch games isn’t like playing on a console or gaming monitor. For one, you have a small field of view, but luckily the developers account for this. You will be swiping to complete the gaming levels in some games like Tiny Armies and Chess.

In others, like Pocket Bandit, you will use the watch’s digital crown to complete the heist. So, playing the Apple Watch games depends on each game’s gameplay and the requirements to complete each level.

The 6 Best Apple Watch Games: Ranked and Reviewed FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can you play Apple Watch games on other Apple devices?

Yes, it’s possible. In fact, you can play almost all Apple Watch games on an iPad or iPhone. Some even allow you to link the watch with your iPhone so that you can continue playing on your phone if you need a broader field of view.

Are all Apple Watch games for sale?

No, not all Apple Watch games are for sale. You can still find some free online games like Chess. Moreover, even the ones for sale aren’t costly, as they usually cost roughly $0.99.

Are there Apple Watch games that allow you to play with other people?

Chess is the perfect example of an Apple Watch game that allows you to play with other people. In fact, you can join a tournament and play with other players worldwide.

Which is the best Apple Watch game?

Pocket Bandit tops our list of the best Apple Watch games. This exciting game involves opening a safe to steal the treasure. Moreover, the game has various visuals that resemble an actual heist.

What is the main disadvantage of Apple Watch games?

The main shortcoming of playing these games on your Apple Watch is getting a small field of view. This makes the game less exciting, primarily if you’re used to playing on a gaming console.

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