The Best Apple Tech YouTube Channels

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The Best Apple Tech YouTube Channels

Key Facts

  • For reviews, tutorials, news, and upcoming events, there’s no better place to begin than Apple’s very own channel.
  • To top up on your knowledge of all the brand’s devices simply head over to MacRumors, especially if you’re stuck between two gadgets and need to make an informed choice.
  • iGeeksBlog is ideal for helpful tricks and tips that can help you get the most out of your Apple device.

Almost everyone is using Apple technology, and it’s no surprise why — it’s excellent! YouTube is a great platform to help you stay connected to everything Apple and Mac-related. Utilizing their in-depth, informational tutorials could help you get the information needed to solve a common PC or phone problem, or to fix an issue within your device. 

If you’re looking for more information about your Apple devices, some great channels on YouTube can help educate you! This guide will highlight some of the best Apple Tech YouTube channels out there so you can choose which videos to watch on your next commute or weekend break. 

What makes these channels stand out? Why should you hit the button? How valuable and accessible is the content they deliver? Let’s find out.

1. Apple (Official YouTube Channel)

Did you know that Apple has its official channel on YouTube? You’ll find everything here, from tutorials to product launches, educative content, Apple events, and more.

Apple has uploaded many tutorials on how to shoot on iPhone, from taking photos to editing videos, helping you improve your creativity skills. It counts about 16.7 million subscribers, with average video views of 911 million. What a big community! If you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet, you can find it here!

2. MacRumors

MacRumors is undoubtedly one of the best Apple tech YouTube Channels. It provides the latest Apple tech news, rumors, accessories, and product reviews. His videos focus on iPhone, iPad, iPod, software, hardware, and accessories.

If you’re stuck deciding between two Apple products, heading over to MacRumors’ channel is a great solution. His reviews are particularly valuable. His other videos are often on the topic of Mac, Apple Watch, or Apple TV. You will learn everything you need about their software, hardware, and accessories. Check out this YouTube Channel here!

3. iGeeksBlog

If you want to watch videos that provide an in-depth understanding of Apple products, then iGeekBlog is the right YouTube channel to subscribe to. It covers all the Apple products, problems and solutions, guides, tips and tricks, reviews, and Apple services such as iMessage, TV+, Apple one, etc.

It’s fantastic how this channel covers everything you need to know in an intelligible way, even if you’re a beginner. Check iGB out here, and you will be glad you did.

4. MacMost

MacMost is one of the best Apple Tech YouTube channels that provide many tutorials about Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This channel mainly focuses on “how to” videos but also includes the latest Apple news and reviews. 

Gary Rosenzweig writes and presents each of the tutorials. He is not only an Apple Tech enthusiast but also a computer scientist and tech expert. This is what makes him a qualified person to help you with whatever Apple-related problems you have.

And guess what? He covers tutorials at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. So everyone will feel at home on this YouTube channel. That’s an outstanding possibility to level up your Apple tech knowledge. To learn more, check it out here!

5. Tech Talk America

The guy behind Tech Talk America is an Apple tech-specialized teacher. His name is David A.Cox, and he will teach you how to use your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and many other devices in the best way possible.

If you want to enhance your photography or organizational skills, this is the right YouTube channel for you. It also provides many managerial and photography tutorials from which you can learn lots of different things. Also, you will find Mac tutorials, app suggestions, and many more.

This channel has a great following of over 750k subscribers, and it’s constantly growing. To learn more, check it out here!

6. iJustine

iJustine is a YouTube Channel run by Justine, a tech enthusiast with about 7.09 million subscribers. It provides exciting videos related to Apple products. Most of her videos are unboxing videos, reviews, tests, or creative challenges. 

You will love her originality, fun notes, and catchy videos. If you are an Apple newbie, iJustine is a great start! Also, she doesn’t cover only Apple tech videos but also gaming, travel, and other technologies. 

Check out her YouTube channel here

7. Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee is one of the original Apple products reviewers. His channel is one of the top tech YouTube channels that provide detailed objective reviews of new Apple products, and not only that. Apart from reviews, you can also watch content related to frequently asked questions about products and top lists for the best gadgets. 

The best part of this YouTube Channel is that it features an interview space called “Talking Tech,” where he invites many famous tech founders. What a great chance to learn from the specialists and the leaders of the industry themselves. With about 16.2 million subscribers and a total of 3 billion views, this channel is a must-see. Curious to know more? Check it out here!

8. Cult Of Mac

Cult of Mac is one of the best Apple Tech YouTube Channels that provide the latest news, analysis, tutorials, reviews, and unboxings. It is completely dedicated to Apple product users. This channel includes videos and live streams where everything is explained in detail. Learn more here!

9. 9 to 5 Mac

9 to 5 Mac provides every information you need to know about the latest updates of iOS and many other Apple news. You will find many reviews, helpful how-tos, and tips about Apple products. 

Importantly, this YouTube channel uploads honest reviews of the latest iPhone, iPad, and Hardware. This is what brings in the viewers, as people want to know exactly what they’re getting with the product and not just hear praise. It counts about 767K subscribers and about 208 million views.

Ready to improve your Apple tech knowledge? Subscribe to this channel here!

10. Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is a must-see YouTube channel if you find unboxing tech products satisfying. It covers a wide range of gadgets, from PC hardware and accessories to laptops, PCs, smartphones, and everything in between. 

It doesn’t cover only Apple hardware unboxing and reviews, however. You will find lots of valuable Apple tech content. That’s because his videos are educational and provide clear information. The guy who created the channel Unbox Therapy is Lewis Hilsenteger.

He reviews all the products 100% as they are, with both pros and cons. That makes his content both interesting and worth watching. Get ready to learn more by subscribing to this YouTube channel here!

Our Final Thoughts

These YouTube channels are great resources for Apple tech news, hardware reviews, software tutorials, and more. Whether you’re a brand new Apple user or have been using Apple products for years, these YouTube channels are worth checking out. 

Each one provides quality content and frequent updates. Their videos offer tons of insight into Apple products, providing viewers with a comprehensive education on Apple technology. And hey, perhaps some of them will make an excellent addition to your subscription feed!

To sum up, the top three Apple tech YouTube channels we strongly recommend subscribing to are Mac Rumors, MacMost, and iGeeksBlog. That being said, each choice on the list has its benefits.

Happy Subscribing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Apple expensive?

Many factors affect its price. These include the cost of marketing, exclusive ecosystem, privacy policy, and high-quality materials.

How long do iPhones last?

Generally, a new iPhone has a lifespan of 2 to 3 years. However, many factors affect this average lifespan.

When should you buy a new iPhone?

If your iPhone has one of the following problems, you should consider buying a new one: performance issues, battery health, or physical damage.

Why do creators use Mac?

Mac computers are ideal for creators since they can run many high-quality creative apps designed for that ecosystem. Also, the operating system and the user interface are better and more accessible for creative people.

Why do content creators use iPhones?

Most of them use iPhones because of the camera and the quality of the device. They can take high-quality photos, edit them, and post them on their social media platforms while using a strong device that’s reliable and fast at the same time.

When did Apple create its YouTube Channel?

Apple created its official YouTube channel on June 22, 2005. But until October 8, 2013, it never uploaded a video.

Does Apple have tutorial videos?

Yes, it has uploaded many tutorial videos for iPad and iPhone users. You can also be up-to-date with the latest news, product launches, events, and content by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

Is Apple or Android better?

Apple devices are smoother, faster, and perform better than android. iOS is constantly updated to make the user experience better and security stronger. However, different people prefer different kinds of devices, so in the end it just depends on what your situation is and what you’re going to use the phone for.

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