The 6 Best Alternatives to AirPods Pro

Best Alternatives to AirPods Pro

The 6 Best Alternatives to AirPods Pro

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overall Alternative to Airpods Pro are the Sony WF-1000XM4. They have a long battery life, superior audio quality, and active noise cancellation features that make them an ideal replacement for AirPods Pro.
  • The best alternatives to Airpods Pro offer longer battery life, so you’ll have enough power throughout the day without needing multiple charging sessions.
  • When you’re shopping for the best alternatives to the Airpods Pro, consider models with noise-canceling features, like active noise cancellation (ANC) or passive blocking of ambient sound, to ensure clarity during conversations or when listening to audio content.
  • Select models that are water-resistant and sweat-proof if planning on using them during your morning jog or outdoor activities to withstand weather extremes and perspiration build-up from exercising.

When it comes to listening to music on the go without sacrificing quality, AirPods Pro remain at the top of the list. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option with comparable features, there are plenty of alternatives worth taking a look at.

To help you make an informed decision, we have reviewed various factors like audio performance, design features, battery life, comfortability, and price point. So, after thorough research, here is our comprehensive ranking of the best AirPods Pro alternatives:

Best Overall: Sony WF-1000XM4

Best Earbuds
Sony WF-1000XM4
  • IPX4 water- and sweat-resistance
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Crystal-clear call quality with four built-in microphones
  • Pair with two Bluetooth devices at the same time
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09/20/2023 02:38 am GMT

Sony’s WF-1000XM4 earbuds are our top choice for the #1 Best Alternative to AirPods Pro as they offer superior sound quality, improved noise cancellation, and up to 8 hours of battery life. You can even pair two pairs together with Sony’s integrated Headphones Connect app.

Besides that, you get several impressive features like Alexa integration, quick charging times, and a versatile design that looks good while providing comfortable all-day wear.

These premium wireless earbuds have an advanced driver system that produces pristine audio, as well as top-notch active noise canceling capabilities, so users can enjoy their music without outside distractions.

The WF-1000XM4 also feature dual microphones for HD call clarity, further enhancing the already professional-grade sound quality. Not to mention, the Bluetooth 5 connection ensures stable streaming from any compatible device with minimal interruptions.

For those looking for powerful bass performance, there is a “Bass Boost” mode that ultimately allows users full control over the bass experience. Whether you want to max out volume levels or customize equalizer settings, it’s totally up to you. 

All these advancements come at a high cost, but if you’re willing to invest in top-notch technology, then here is your best option.

Sony’s WF-1000XM4 earbuds provide top-notch sound quality and enhanced noise cancellation.These earbuds are more expensive than some of their competitors.
You can get up to 8 hours of usage out of these earbuds, and pair them with a second pair using Sony’s Headphones Connect app.
Users can take advantage of incredible qualities such as Alexa compatibility, rapid charging times, and a flexible design that offers comfy use throughout the day.
The driver system provides crystal-clear sound, and the earbuds boast dual mics for HD call quality.
The Bluetooth 5 connection ensures streaming from any compatible device with minimal interruptions, providing a stable experience.
The “Bass Boost” mode gives users complete power over their listening experience, allowing them to adjust volume levels or personalize equalizer settings for optimum sound

Check out the Sony WF-1000XM4 on Amazon.

Best Battery Life: Jabra Elite 85t

Best Battery Life
Jabra Elite 85t
  • Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation technology
  • 6-mic technology and wind protection
  • 12mm speakers
  • Up to 5.5 hours on a single charge with ANC on, with a total charge of up to 25 in the compact Qi-certified charging case
  • Feature MyControls that lets you easily adjust your button functions
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09/21/2023 02:34 pm GMT

The Jabra Elite 85T feature a small carrying case with a receiver, USB-C cable, and 12mm speakers for optimal fit and noise isolation. The earbuds also boast 5.5 hours of playtime on a single charge with 5 additional charges from their compact charging case, giving you up to 25 hours of listening time away from home.

This model has Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that can be turned on or off at will, allowing the wearer to adjust sound levels depending on their environment. Integration with Alexa makes these buds even more convenient.

Now, it’s easy to listen to music, make calls, or control compatible smart home devices hands-free without having to take out your phone! Furthermore, this set supports both Bluetooth 5.1 and SBC codecs for reliable streaming quality no matter where you go.

Overall, the Jabra Elite 85t offer an excellent value proposition as they deliver long battery life and rich audio quality not found in many other true wireless earphones. This is all thanks to its advanced technologies like ANC and dual-mic support for noisy environments such as airplanes or busy streets.

These high-end earbuds come highly recommended by customers looking for alternatives to Apple’s AirPods Pro while still enjoying superior comfort during use!

The small carrying case makes it easy to take the earbuds on the go.Some users may prefer a different sound signature or EQ options.
They offer 5.5 hours of playtime on a single charge, with an additional 5 charges from the case offering up to 25 hours of listening time.Earbuds may not be as discreet as others on the market.
Active Noise Cancellation can be turned on or off, allowing for customization depending on the environment.
Integration with Alexa allows for convenient hands-free control of music, calls, and smart home devices.
Bluetooth 5.1 and SBC codecs provide reliable streaming quality no matter where you go.
Dual-mic support for noisy environments such as airplanes or busy streets.

Check out the Jabra Elite 85t on Amazon.

Best Sound Quality: Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Best Sound Quality
SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • 7-hour battery life that can be extended up to 28 hours with the charging case
  • Frequency response: 5 - 21,000 Hz
  • Bluetooth connectivity
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09/21/2023 02:35 pm GMT

Focusing on sound quality, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds take audio enjoyment to a whole new level. Boasting 7mm dynamic drivers, they provide an exceptional listening experience with rich detailed, and balanced sound that can accurately reproduce deep bass notes.

They also offer Active Noise Cancellation for a truly immersive listening experience, so you’ll feel like all other external sounds are completely blocked out. You can easily switch between the noise cancellation settings by using the touch control feature on each side of the earbuds.

Their Transparency Mode allows you can keep one earbud in and still be able to hear the conversation without having to take it out — perfect for when you’re working out or running outdoors.

The battery life is quite impressive, too! Up to 7 hours per charge, and with the charging case providing 4 full charges, that gives you a total of 28 hours once your device is fully charged!

And if your battery runs low but you have no time for additional charges, just give them 10 minutes inside their case and get 1 hour of playing time right away. This makes them one of the best true wireless earbuds for commuters who travel long distances often!

With an IPX4 water-resistance rating, these wireless headphones are also ideal for physical activities such as workouts where perspiration can be a factor. This is great news since the AirPods Pro lack this feature completely.

You’ll love the extra features of these headphones! Voice assistant options (Siri, Google Assistant) help make answering calls quicker. Lastly, when it comes to taking calls, cluttering background noises aren’t going to be a problem anymore due to the adaptive microphones that cancel disturbances.

Pros Cons
Provide exceptional sound quality with rich detailed, and balanced sound.May not fit comfortably in all ear shapes/ sizes.
Active Noise Cancellation blocks out external sounds for an immersive listening experience.May be a bit pricey compared to other true wireless earbuds.
The touch control mechanism allows for easy toggling between noise cancellation settings and transparency mode.
Offer up to 7 hours of battery life per charge and an additional 28 hours with the charging case.
The quick charge feature allows for 1 hour of playing time with just 10 minutes of charging.
The IPX4 water-resistance rating makes them ideal for physical activities and workouts.
Voice assistant options (Siri, Google Assistant) make answering calls or playing music tracks quicker.
Adaptive microphones cancel out background noises during calls.

Check out the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 on Amazon.

Best for Fitness: Beats Powerbeats Pro

Best for Fitness
Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds
  • Listening time: 9hrs (earbuds), 24hrs (case)
  • Features adjustable earhooks for a secure fit no matter what you're doing
  • Earbuds are sweat resistant
  • Supports auto pause/play
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09/21/2023 01:40 pm GMT

The Beats Powerbeats Pro are a great alternative to AirPods Pro. This set of earbuds was designed with fitness in mind and provides superior sound quality, extreme comfort, and a secure fit even during intense workouts. Featuring Apple’s H1 chip, these headphones have an impressive battery life for their size; up to nine hours on one charge.

Additionally, the Powerbeats Pro feature adjustable ear hooks that can be customized for an incredibly comfortable yet snug fit so you won’t have to worry about losing the buds from your ears mid-workout.

They are also sweatproof for outdoor athletes and feature hands-free “Hey Siri” capabilities which allow you to control music and adjust settings without having to touch your smartphone device or laptop directly.

Furthermore, the sleek charging case provides accessible power with up to 24 hours of combined playback time of one recharge cycle — all while ensuring that the earbuds stay charged when not in use. Overall, their high-end build quality and rich technical specs (including ANC) make them well worth every hard-earned penny!

Designed with fitness in mind as they provide a secure and comfortable fit during intense workouts.Some users may find the earbuds too bulky.
Feature hands-free “Hey Siri” capabilities for convenient control of music and settings.
Battery life of up to nine hours on a single charge is impressive for the size of the earbuds.
The sleek charging case provides up to 24 hours of combined playback time on one recharge cycle.
Provide superior sound quality for a great audio experience.

Check out the Beats Powerbeats Pro on Amazon.

Best for Versatility: Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

Best Noise Cancelling/ Versatile
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II
  • Bluetooth 5.3 capability
  • Come with a Bose Fit Kit (includes 3 pairs of ear tips and 3 pairs of stability bands)
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life
  • IPX4 water-resistance rating
  • 2 hours of listening time with just 20 minutes of charging
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09/20/2023 08:58 am GMT

Featuring amazingly versatile sound technology, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II produce rich, full sounds and offer incredible noise-cancellation capabilities. With three pre-set EQ modes — Music, Voice, or Conversation Mode — users can quickly control their audio settings according to the task at hand.

Additionally, they offer up to six hours of playback and come with special features, such as adaptive mic engineering, which helps reduce ambient noises when you’re in noisy environments.

When it comes to comfort and convenience, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds stand out from the crowd due to their unique design. They offer 15 levels of adjustable noise-canceling connections through an app that allows you further customize your listening experience.

They also have convenient touch capability built into them so you can quickly access music playbacks directly without having to fiddle around with buttons. Moreover, their carrying case has wireless charging ability, so no more stressful periods are spent tethered close to the wall socket!

Plus, these earbuds feature sweat resistance, making them perfect for sports activities. Designed ergonomically, they ensure a secure fit ensuring minimum interference while holding up during vigorous workouts. All this makes the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds one of the best all-around options available now.

There are three pre-set EQ modes, allowing users to quickly control their audio settings according to the task at hand.The earbuds may not be suitable for individuals with small ear canals.
The earbuds have adaptive mic engineering that helps reduce ambient noises in noisy environments such as outdoors or on public transit.The earbuds may be relatively expensive compared to other options.
The earbuds feature versatile sound technology that produces rich, full sounds
The earbuds have a touch capability built into them for easy access to music playback.
The earbuds come with a carrying case that has wireless charging ability, ensuring convenience and portability.
The earbuds are sweat-resistant and ergonomically designed, ensuring a secure fit for sports activities.

Check out the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II on Amazon.

Best Budget Option: Soundcore Anker Liberty Air 2 Pro

Best Budget Option
Soundcore Anker Liberty Air 2 Pro
  • PureNote Driver Technology
  • LDAC Technology (transmits 3 times more data)
  • 22 preset sound profiles
  • 7 hours of playback from a single charge
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09/21/2023 02:35 pm GMT

The Soundcore Anker Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds will give you the ultimate sound quality and comfort without breaking the bank. Not only are they incredibly affordable, but they also have a ton of features!

You can enjoy rich bass response with Active Noise Cancellation to block out external sounds. Plus, their four built-in mics provide incredible clarity for crystal clear audio, whether on calls or using virtual assistants like Siri or Google Assistant.

If you’re looking for long-lasting battery life, too, then these buds have you covered. They offer up to 7 hours of use per charge and another 21 hours from its charging case. This way, you never again need to worry about running low on power while out and about.

What’s even better is that all this comes in a super lightweight design that’s IPX4-certified for sweat and water resistance — perfect for fitness enthusiasts. So, if you’re after an affordable alternative to AirPod Pros that are is feature-rich and designed to withstand whatever life throws your way, Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pros fit the profile!

Pros Cons
The earbuds offer exceptional sound quality and comfort.The noise cancellation feature changes the signature sound slightly.
Active Noise Cancellation and enhanced bass provide an immersive audio experience.
Four built-in mics offer superior call quality and voice assistant performance.
The earbuds have an impressive battery life, with up to 7 hours of use per charge and an additional 21 hours with the charging case.
The IPX4-certified sweat and water resistance make them suitable for exercise and outdoor activities.
The earbuds are designed for durability and longevity.

Check out the Soundcore Anker Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds on Amazon.

How to Pick Best Alternatives to AirPods Pro: Step by Step

When choosing the best alternatives to the Airpods Pro, there are a few factors you need to consider. They include:

  • Sound quality
  • Noise-cancellation technology
  • Battery life
  • Comfort and fit
  • Price

Let’s review each of these criteria in more detail.

Sound Quality

When choosing between alternatives to the Airpods Pro, sound quality should be the primary consideration. The right headphones need to deliver a balanced range of frequencies with punchy bass and crisp highs.

That’s why it’s important to consider more than just price when shopping for headphones. Frequency response will determine how accurately your device reproduces sound across the audible spectrum. As such, look for headphones with a frequency response rate between 15 Hz and 20 kHz (or wider).

Also, pay attention to driver size when trying out options for AirPods Pro replacements. Generally, bigger drivers tend to provide better sound, as they move more air and push higher volumes with less distortion.

Noise-Cancellation Technology

Noise-cancellation in earbuds eliminates sound waves by blocking them with a reverse wave generated within the device. There are two types of Active Noise Cancellation technologies: adaptive ANC and feed-forward ANC.

Adaptive ANC uses microphones to recognize external ambient sounds before canceling them out, while feed-forward actively detects incoming audio signals from all directions before deactivating them.

Adaptive and feedforward ANC may not feel 100% perfect, but they do provide immense comfort over regular non-noise cancellation earbuds. This is especially true when listening to music in loud environments. Earbuds with either type of noise reduction technology will give you maximum performance even in noisy conditions.

Additionally, look for some type of windproofing feature so your tunes don’t get muffled during outdoor activities like running, biking, etc. The combination of excellent sound quality and effective noise cancellation makes investing in a more expensive pair well worth it!

Battery Life

When it comes to choosing the best alternatives to Airpods Pro, battery life is an important factor. The best wireless earbuds will typically offer a longer battery life than their counterparts, allowing you to use them for longer.

Look for models that can provide at least 5–10 hours of listening time on a single charge, with fast-charging capabilities and multiple charging options (such as USB-C).

When possible and available, wireless charging is ideal since it greatly reduces the amount of time spent trying to plug your earbuds into a cable to charge them. You may also want to look out for charging cases with extended battery life.

Comfort and Fit

Different earbud designs offer different levels of comfort and support for different ears, so it’s critical to find a design that suits you and your listening needs. Most competitively priced true wireless earbuds come with an in-ear design, where each bud fits snugly inside the ear canal.

However, there are also semi-closed back designs that feature wings that hold headphones more securely and reduce external noise from entering your ear canal. The over-the-ear design provides even more stability, as the earbuds sit around your earlobes rather than inside them.

Finally, open-back see buds are better suited to those who don’t want their music confined within their own head space. Comfort should also be taken into account when considering new alternatives.

Some users may prefer memory foam tips, or fins that help grip onto the contours of one’s ears, while others require silicone options due to allergies or aversion towards certain materials. Ultimately, selecting an appropriate design goes a long way in creating an earbud experience tailored specifically for you.


When it comes to choosing the best alternative to the AirPods Pro, pricing should be a top priority. While some of these alternatives may offer more features or better sound quality than the AirPods Pro, you want to make sure that any extra money invested is worth the value.

The key here is finding an item that provides quality and value at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Consider what features are most important for you.

Then, look for alternate products which boast all those options without sacrificing other aspects, like battery life or noise cancellation. With this informed perspective in mind, you can invest your hard-earned cash sensibly into something great!

What to Know Before Buying the Best AirPods Pro Alternatives

Shopping for a new set of earbuds can be tough. It’s hard to tell what will sound best, what kind of fit you’ll get, and which features are gimmicks versus ones that add value.

To make the process easier, familiarize yourself with the concept of frequency response. Audio specialists measure this when assessing headsets and it tells you about how the audio balance is skewed. 

Some brands emphasize bass or treble relative to mids, but it comes down to personal preference! Plus, many wireless earbuds come with companion apps that have equalizers. Whatever alternative you decide on totally depends on your taste in music, as well as how adjustable it is.

Using an AirPods Pro Alternative: What It’s Like

Alternatives to the Airpods Pro may provide superior sound quality, more customizable settings, better battery life, and additional audio controls. Depending on the specific model chosen, users can expect a unique set of advantages that they would miss out on with Apple’s signature product.

There are still other benefits, like increased comfort and durability, owing to their physical design. They also come with various audio codecs, depending on your device compatibility needs. For example, aptX HD offers improved fidelity when streaming music wirelessly from Android devices via Bluetooth 5.0+.

For users looking to get the most out of using an Airpods Pro alternative, connecting alternate headphones via Bluetooth devices can provide a quick boost in sound quality. Additionally, adjusting your device’s equalizer settings will help customize sound more accurately to your liking.

This is particularly important when dealing with models that may not have ANC (Active Noise Canceling) capabilities. Though certain app compatibility and improved latency performance might be lost, these features are usually not as critical for casual listening.

The 6 Best Alternatives to AirPods Pro FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What are Airpods Pro?

AirPods Pro is a pair of wireless earbuds developed and sold by Apple Inc. They are the premium version of the popular AirPods and come with several upgraded features such as noise-cancellation, improved audio quality, a customizable fit, and water resistance.

Why should I consider alternatives to AirPods Pro?

Those who may not be able to afford the high price point of the AirPods could benefit from other earbuds that still offer quality sound and features.

Additionally, those wishing for customizable options such as multiple sizes or noise cancellation settings may find better offerings elsewhere. Lastly, battery life is another crucial factor that could lead consumers to look for earphones outside of Apple’s lineup.

How do I choose the best Airpods Pro Alternatives?

When choosing the best AirPods Pro alternatives, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, you should consider the sound quality of the alternative earbuds. The best options should offer crisp and clear sound, good bass response, and be able to block out external noise.

Additionally, you should consider the design and fit of the earbuds to ensure they are comfortable and secure in your ears. Battery life and charging time are also important factors to consider.

Finally, you should consider the price of the earbuds and whether they offer good value for money compared to the AirPods Pro.

Is Beats or AirPods better?

The 2nd-gen AirPods Pro are arguably better sounding than the Beats, and that’s thanks to the enhanced dynamic drivers within each bud, capable of producing a more complete sound stage while keeping mid-to-high frequencies loud and clear.

Which brand is best for earbuds?

Some popular brands that are known for producing high-quality earbuds include Apple, Sony, Bose, Samsung, Jabra, and Sennheiser, among others. It’s recommended to research and compare the features, reviews, and prices of different brands and models to find the best fit for your needs.

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