The 5 Best AirTag Wallets

best AirTag wallets

The 5 Best AirTag Wallets

Apple AirTags are unique accessories that help you keep track of your valuables, including wallets, purses, keys, and pets. AirTag wallets have a slot to securely place your anti-loss Bluetooth tracker. So, anytime you misplace your wallet, you can find it using the Find My app on your Apple device. 

Although these wallets are not too different from regular wallets, they help you avoid the frantic panic mode you might find yourself in when you can’t find your wallet. AirTag wallets are modern and minimalist but ensure you’ll never lose your wallet again.

Below, we’ve rounded up the top five options for AirTag wallets:

Spigen Wallet S Compatible with Airtag Wallet Card Holder Case Cover RFID Blocking Wallet Slim Minimalist Credit Card Holder for Men and Women - Black
  • RFID blocking protection that prevents even the most powerful RFID Chip Readers from scanning your card.
  • Integrated nylon elastic cash strap with circular silicone pads inside to keep your money intact.
  • Detachable PC Cover compatible with inserting your AirTags inside the wallet.
  • Holds up to 12 different cards without stretching, boasting the very slim and sturdy design.
  • Ultra light carry for both men and women to put in pockets, backpacks, and purses.
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The Spigen Wallet S is a well-known brand that produces high-quality phone cases and accessories. They’ve recently ventured into the production of AirTag wallets, and they’ve proven they’ve done an impressive job with the Spigen Wallet S.

The Spigen Wallet S is our top pick because it offers the perfect balance of style and protection. If anything, it has a minimalist design and can fit comfortably into your front pocket. It’s available in gunmetal or black colors that won’t clash with your style. You can also purchase a complimentary keyring to clip on your house or car keys to the wallet and avoid losing them. Another win for the Spigen Wallet S is its fair price point.

This AirTag wallet is made of aluminum, zinc alloy, and polycarbonate. These materials create a tough shell that can be mistaken for metal but is incredibly lightweight and portable. Besides, it’s enhanced with RFID-blocking technology, which protects your cards from being wirelessly accessed by hackers.

Functionally, the two aluminum faceplates snap together to hold your AirTag in place. The face plates also create a compact shell that fits up to 12 debit and credit cards (and some notes) without bulging. Besides, it also comes with a nylon elastic strap on one side of the wallet to provide extra storage while allowing easy access to your money.  It’s quite secure, and you don’t need to worry about losing your cash. The inner side of the strap has non-slip silicone pads that ensure your banknotes don’t slide or slip off.

Lightweight, minimal, and compact designLooks and feels a bit plastic-y
Made using durable polycarbonate and metal alloy
Holds up to 12 cards without bulging
Has RFID-blocking protection
Comes with an optional key ring, so you can hang it anywhere

Check out Spigen Wallet S Compatible with AirTag on Amazon.

Slim Premium Wallet with AirTag Holder | Made from Genuine Soft Touch Leather | Front Pocket Minimalist Design | RFID Protected | Perfect for Tracking Wallet | Dimensions: 3.9"x2.75"x0.49&qu...
  • SLIM DESIGN: Minimalist front pocket design secures Apple AirTag without bulky buttons or clasps. Patent pending dual flap design ensures the thinnest front pocket wallet solution.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Made from premium genuine soft textured cow leather and soft touch RFID blocking lining. Tested to ensure cards are safe and secure when held in product.
  • EASY TO FIND: Use your iPhone to track your wallet once the Apple AirTag is incorporated into the product. Using the "FindMy" app on the iPhone, simply ping the AirTag to make it play a sound, or use...
  • SHOW YOUR BRAND: Wallet design allows Apple logo to be viewed through window cutout. Walldo logo is strategically placed on the inside of the wallet and is not customer facing.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Premium packaging included for exceptional product presentation. Luxury Gift box lined in foam padding with velvet material ensures product is safe during shipment. Foam insert...
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Leather automatically spells luxury, and the Walldo Slim Premium Wallet with AirTag Holder does so with more elegance and poise. Besides, this premium-quality wallet has a minimalist design and a soft, textured feel. Not to mention the premium packaging that makes it the perfect gift for your loved one.

The Walldo AirTag wallet is considerably thin (0.49 inches), inclusive of the thickness of the AirTag. So, it can fit (up to six cards and three bills, plus the AirTag) into your front pocket with no hustle. An AirTag pouch inside the Walldo wallet securely holds your tracking device (bought separately) without unsightly bulges. Besides, the wallet lets you show off the Apple logo on your AirTag and includes flaps to protect the tracker from scratches and prevent it from deforming.

Like most new-age wallets, it includes an RFID-blocking lining to prevent your card information from being illegally accessed and stolen. Another reason to love the Walldo AirTag wallet is its IP67 water and dust resistance rating. As a result, your cards and AirTag are protected from water damage when your wallet accidentally falls into a pool.

Premium look and feelOnly available in black
Thin and slim to fit in your front pocket effortlesslyQuite expensive
Beautifully textured leather designLimited holding capacity up to 6 cards and three bills
Includes effective RFID-blocking technology
A perfect gift 
Built to last

Check out Walldo Slim Premium Wallet with AirTag Holder on Amazon.

WXM Wallet for Men with AirTag Holder Credit slim Front Pocket Real Carbon Fiber RFID Blocking Minimalist Mens Gift(Black)
  • [Airtag Wallet]: This Mens Wallet is designed to accommodate an Airtag, allowing you to locate it with your iPhone via the Find My app. (Please note: Airtag is NOT included).
  • [Spacious & Accessible]: Securely holds up to 15 credit/debit cards. The external notch ensures easy card retrieval.
  • [Advanced RFID Protection]: WXM Wallet for Men boasts a robust metal body, shielding your cards from potent RFID Chip Readers.
  • [Durable & Lightweight]: Crafted with military-grade Real carbon fiber and framed in Aluminum alloy, the WXM Tactical Wallet is not only lightweight but also resilient, outperforming traditional...
  • [Universal Appeal]: Both men and women admire its sleek design and metal construction. Perfect as a gift for the avid travelers in your life!
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The WXM Wallet with AirTag Holder has a tactical design made from 100% carbon fiber and aluminum. It’s an incredibly durable wallet, thanks to its materials. The aluminum casing enhances security by blocking RFID signals so your card information can’t be accessed using RFID scanners.

One side of the WXM wallet has an AirTag holder. It’s screwed on to hold your anti-loss device, while the other has a metal cash clip that holds up to nine notes. Besides, the military-grade wallet holds up to 15 cards. You can quickly push these out from the c-shaped opening along one of the wallet’s edges. 

Although it looks very tactical, it’s slim and only expands to half an inch when full of cards, making it the perfect everyday carry item. Unfortunately, the elastic bands on three wallet corners stretch and may wear out with time. Overall, the WXM wallet is ideal when you’re on a budget.

AffordableThe elastic band is not durable
Very durable thanks to military-grade build
Includes RFID blocking technology
Has the capacity for up to 15 cards

Check out WXM Wallet with AirTag Holder on Amazon.

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The Fantom R Wallet is an innovative and highly versatile wallet that functions as a card, cash, coin, and key holder. It is made from aluminum and coated with ceramic material. It has a minimalist, sturdy, and compact design, making it perfect for daily use. 

Among all the options on this list, the Fantom R Wallet is the most versatile. They have a wallet for everyone thanks to their diverse finish options that range from leather and wood to carbon fiber. Fantom R wallets also come in three different sizes, so you get to choose the size that fits your unique style and serves your needs.

This card-fanning wallet allows easy access to all your 4 to 13 cards with a simple flip of a lever. You can also slide out your most used card with your thumb, thanks to the quick access slot. Besides, you get to choose between six attachment options, including 

  • A silicone band to hold your cash, receipts, and cards
  • A coin holder to store coins, USB drives, and SD cards
  • An AirTag or a tracker attachment to ensure you know where your wallet is at all times 

You can customize this modern wallet by attaching the Phantom AirTag holder along with a money clip, making it very practical and functional. Unfortunately, the Fantom R can be a bit pricey, considering you’ll need to buy the wallet separately and spend an extra amount on the AirTag holder. The other attachments mentioned above are also sold separately and will cost you. 

Durable aluminum constructionRather expensive
Sturdy and compact designAccessories and attachments like the AirTag holder are sold separately 
Easy card retrieval
The largest Fantom R Wallet holds up to 13 cards

Check out Fantom R Wallet on Amazon.

ANOVUS AirTag Wallet (Black) | Trackable Wallet with AirTag Holder | RFID-Blocking Minimalist Leather Wallet | Slim Leather Airtag Wallet - Men and Women| Smart Wallet - AirTag Not Included
  • TRACKABLE WALLET: Easily find your misplaced wallet with your phone and a ping. Anovus AirTag Wallet has a slot in which you can slip in your existing AirTag for wallet tracking.
  • BLOCKS RFID SIGNALS: Our slim leather wallet can help protect you from electronic pickpockets. It has RFID blocking technology which can help prevent data scanners from hacking and stealing your...
  • MINIMALIST WALLET DESIGN: Our slim leather wallet for men and women measures 86 x 54 x 10 mm so you can fit it in your pocket without worrying about unsightly bulges. It holds up to 10 cards and has a...
  • DURABLE HARD WALLETS FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Our wallet is beautifully crafted from premium-grade aluminum alloy. You can enjoy your stylish and elegant airtag wallet for years.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION: Our cardholder and money clip wallet combines both style and function. It's a terrific and thoughtful gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas, and more.
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The Anovus Smart AirTag Wallet is a simple and elegant leather wallet that can hold all your valuables. It’s a minimalist wallet made from sustainable full-grain leather. Plus, it fits the description of a smart wallet because you can easily slip your AirTag into an exterior AirTag slot. 

The Anovus fits up to five debit and credit cards in the primary slot and additional cards in the quick access slot (accommodates up to 10 cards in both slots). The cards are easily accessible thanks to the push tab on its left side, which ejects the cards once you flick it. 

It also has a cash slot that securely holds at least six folded banknotes. Besides, hackers intending to steal your credit card information don’t stand a chance because it effectively blocks RFID signals.

Minimalist and premium designThe construction is a bit flimsy
Has RFID blocking
Easy access to cards all cards

Check out Anovus Smart AirTag Wallet on Amazon.

How to Pick The Best AirTag Wallet: Step by Step

There are a wide variety of AirTag wallets, which differ in design, material, and functionality. The best one for you depends on your style and preferences. Here is a breakdown of the essential features you should look for in an AirTag wallet.


AirTag wallets are available in different materials, just like traditional wallets. The best materials for AirTag wallets are leather, carbon fiber, and aluminum. Leather is a great choice if you’re looking for durability and elegance. Aluminum is ideal if you’re looking for a futuristic AirTag wallet that’s secure, sturdy, and compact. Carbon fiber wallets are popular because they are lightweight, durable, and naturally block off RFID scanners.

Wallet Capacity

Wallet capacity is subjective to one’s needs and preferences. You’ll find that most AirTag wallets have a minimalist and slim design that makes them ideal everyday-carry items. Nevertheless, you’ll find that the ones on this list can hold between five and thirteen cards. So, we’re sure that there’s one within your desired range. Besides, your wallet of choice must also accommodate your AirTag and cash bills without bulging.


With the AirTag, you can rest assured that you won’t easily misplace or lose your wallet. However, in this digital age, you also need to question how safe your card information is when the wallet is in your pockets. 

That’s a result of the rising cases of data theft, where hackers use contactless scanners to steal your information. So, RFID blocking is an essential feature to have on your wallet. It reduces the risk of your card information being stolen while your wallet is in your pocket.

What To Know Before Buying AirTag Wallets

AirTag wallets are not unique. They’re simply regular wallets with the added functionality of a pouch or another mechanism to secure the AirTag holder. When choosing the best AirTag wallet, your needs, style, and preferences determine the best fit for you. 

The main features you need to look for include capacity, durability, AirTag pouch, and security. RFID blocking is an essential security feature that blocks or cancels electromagnetic signals emitted by your card. Aluminum and carbon fiber do a good job of insulating your cards from being accessed by RFID readers. So, wallets made with either material and enhanced with an AirTag pouch will do a great job of protecting the content of your wallet from loss and electronic theft.

Using AirTag Wallets: What It’s Like

An AirTag wallet warrants unmatched peace of mind. However, you must ensure that it sits securely in the pouch or is clasped well by the wallet, so it doesn’t slip out.

Once it’s securely in place, register it in the Find My app on your iPhone. You can also set up separation alerts and turn on notifications for the Find My app. So, any time you leave your AirTag wallet behind, say in an Uber, you are notified.

However, to avoid unnecessary separation alerts, add trusted locations (places where you can leave your wallet), and you won’t receive the notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AirTag?

AirTag is a device the size of a coin that you can attach to your wallet, keys, purses, or backpacks to keep track of them. Whenever you misplace these items, you can use the Find My app on your Apple device to play a sound on the gadget that’ll lead you to its location.

Do Apple AirTags have GPS?

No. Apple AirTags use Bluetooth and ultra-wideband (UWB) radio technology, but not GPS. Instead of satellites, as seen with GPS, your AirTag relies on a network of billions of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches to locate your valuables.

How do AirTags work?

AirTags use two wireless technologies: UWB and Bluetooth, to locate your wallet and other valuables. These technologies are not limited to proximity, so they can easily locate your wallet even in tunnels or underground.

Your AirTag simply needs to connect to an iOS device that’s online and close by. It then sends a request with its location data to the nearby devices, which updates this location to the “Find My” app, from where you can access the location information and find your AirTag wallet.

Do any of these wallets come with an AirTag included?

No. Apple is very particular about their official retailers and so far none of the brands have made the cut. You’ll need to buy the AirTag separately from the wallet.

What are some AirTag wallet alternatives?

The AirTag is meant to help you locate a variety of things you hold dear, not just your wallet. So if losing your wallet doesn’t give you the jitters, you can also attach your AirTag to your key chains, bracelets, necklaces, and dog collars to ensure you never lose these either.

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