5 Best 6×9 Speakers for Your Car (2024 Guide)

Best 6x9 Speakers for Your Car

5 Best 6×9 Speakers for Your Car (2024 Guide)

Key Points

  • Infotainment systems have become a huge selling point for cars in recent years.
  • The best 6×9 speakers deliver the perfect mix of aesthetics, performance, and durability.
  • JBL GTO939 is the best overall 6×9 speaker with a wide frequency response.
  • Kenwood KFC-6966S is the best budget option with an affordable price.
  • Rockford Fosgate R169X3 is the best full-range option with a CEA-2031 compliant rating.

Infotainment systems have become a huge selling point for cars in recent years. Manufacturers often sensationalize the type of sound systems they install in their vehicles. However, even the best stock speakers become obsolete over time, and end up needing an upgrade.

Besides replacing defective or outdated speakers, car owners may also look to add to their cars’ sound systems. The best 6×9 speakers deliver the perfect mix of aesthetics, performance, and durability. You do not want high-performance speakers that do not blend with your car’s interior.

The market is flooded with tens, if not hundreds, of different 6×9 car speakers. As such, buyers often find choosing the most suitable option challenging. Fortunately, we’ve reviewed the available options on the market and compiled a list of the best 6×9 speakers for your car. Here are our top picks:

#1 Best Overall: JBL GTO939

Best Overall
JBL GTO939 6x9" Speakers
  • 3-way loudspeaker
  • Peak power: 300W
  • Impedance: 2 ohm
  • Features Bass Boost
  • Pair of 2
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02/15/2024 09:47 pm GMT

The JBL GTO939 are our top choice for the best overall 6×9 speakers for your car. JBL is among the leading audio equipment manufacturers in the world, with a track record dating back more than 70 years. JBL speakers are known for their eye-pleasing designs, performance, and durability, and GTO939 speakers are no different.

The GTO939 speakers use a 3-way speaker system. This means they comprise three built-in speakers that deliver different frequency ranges: high, mid-range, and low. The JBL GTO939 speakers comprise one woofer, tweeter, and super tweeter. The speakers have a wide frequency response ranging from 45Hz to 21KHz. This range should cover all your audio performance needs, considering the human ear only perceives sounds between 20Hz and 20KHz.

JBL built the GTO939 speakers using its patented Plus One cone technology. The speaker cones are carbon-injected to increase their effective cone area, which increases the speakers’ low-frequency response. The result is a deep, punchy bass from the woofer. JBL GTO939 speakers are not perfect, though. Some users have criticized the speakers for not producing enough bass.

They have a wide frequency response.Their bass level is underwhelming, considering their output power.
The JBL GTO939 speakers cost under $100 for a pair.

Check out the JBL GTO939 car speakers on Amazon.

Best Budget Option: Kenwood KFC-6966S

Best Budget Option
Kenwood KFC-6966S
  • Peak power: 400W
  • Polypropylene cone for long-lasting performance
  • Coaxial
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02/15/2024 09:47 pm GMT

The Kenwood KFC-6966S are the best 6×9 speakers for your car when on a budget. The speakers come in a pair and cost under $40. You’ll buy each speaker for about $20 — a huge bargain. Though cheap, the Kenwood KFC-6966S speakers have decent features and performance.

They use a 3-way speaker system, the standard for car speakers. They have a power output of 400W, which delivers a punchy bass. These Kenwood speakers also have a frequency response range of 35Hz to 20KHz. This is surprising for such low-budget car speakers. Their main shortcoming is their sound quality, which is underwhelming compared to premium models.

They are affordable and cost under $40 for a pair.Audiophiles may find these speakers’ sound quality underwhelming.
Kenwood KFC-6966S speakers have a wide frequency response range.

Check out the Kenwood KFC-6966S car speakers on Amazon.

Best Full-Range Option: Rockford Fosgate R169X3

Best Full-Range Option
Rockford Fosgate R169X3
  • 4-ohm 3-way speakers
  • Mounting depth of 2.85"
  • Coaxial 
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02/15/2024 09:47 pm GMT

The Rockford Fosgate R169X3 speakers are the best full-range 6×9 speakers for your car. They have a 3-way speaker system with a frequency response of 47Hz to 20kHz. They are also CEA-2031 compliant. Manufacturers rate their speakers’ power handling using Root Mean Square (RMS) watts. A speaker’s RMS rating indicates how much power the amplifier can deliver without distorting the speaker’s sound quality.

The R169X3 speakers have an RMS rating of 65 watts. Admittedly, these speakers’ RMS rating is lower than on some models on this list. However, being CEA-2031 compliant means they are tested and proven to operate within their RMS with minimal damage over time. Still, these Rockford Fosgate speakers’ RMS and peak watts may put off buyers who like deep bass.

These car speakers are CEA-2031 compliant.You may need an additional woofer to boost the sound system’s bass level.
They deliver full-range sound output and have a wide frequency response range.

Check out the Rockford Fosgate R169X3 car speakers on Amazon.

Best 5-Way Speakers: Pioneer TS-A6990F

Best 5-Way Speakers
Pioneer TS-A6990F
  • Max. power: 700W
  • Triple polyethylene terephthalate hard dome tweeter
  • Wired, coaxial
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02/15/2024 09:47 pm GMT

Get the Pioneer TS-A6990F if you want a speaker system that meets all your audio quality needs. The Pioneer TS-A6990F uses a 5-way speaker system. This differentiates it from most car speakers, which use a 3-way system. The 5-way system comprises five drivers: woofer, mid-woofer, mid-range, tweeter, and super tweeter. These Pioneer speakers have among the best frequency responses, ranging from 22Hz to 25KHz.

They also have a peak output of 700W and an RMS of 120W. The TS-A6990F’s RMS is lower than expected — do not expect punchy bass levels. Pioneer is so confident in the TS-A6990F’s performance that it allows potential buyers to experience the expected sound output before finalizing their purchases. You can use the CarSoundFit app to simulate how these Pioneer speakers sound in your car.

The speakers comprise a 5-way system that covers a wide frequency response range.The bass is decent, but it could be better.
The speakers have a peak output of 700W.

Check out the Pioneer TS-A6990F car speakers on Amazon.

Most Powerful: NVX VSP69

Most Powerful
  • 1" silk dome tweeter delivers warm treble
  • The 1.5" voice coil can withstand high temperatures
  • Coaxial
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02/15/2024 09:51 pm GMT

The NVX VSP69 speakers are the most powerful 6×9 car speakers you can buy today. They produce a peak output of 900W (450W each). They are also CEA-2031-compliant, with a combined RMS output of 300W. A common compromise when using speakers with a combined power output above 500W is audio quality. Some manufacturers focus on building speakers with deep bass, without accounting for distortion.

Luckily, this is not the case with the NVX VSP69 speakers. Their cone comprises lightweight polypropylene material that can withstand the RMS output without sound distortion. The cone also has a flexible rubber surround that can withstand wear and tear, even after prolonged use. Unfortunately, this NVX model uses a 2-way speaker system, so do not expect the full-range experience.

NVX VSP69 speakers have a combined peak output of 900W.They use a 2-way speaker system.
The speakers have a durable cone and rubber surround.

Check out the NVX VSP69 car speakers on Amazon.

How to Pick the Best 6×9 Speakers for Your Car: Step by Step

Shopping for 6×9 car speakers may be more complex than you think, especially for first-time buyers. There is no perfect speaker, so you must compromise on some aspects. Here are some tips to help you choose the best 6×9 speakers for your car:

  • Speaker location
  • Full range vs. component speakers
  • Output power
  • Price

Speaker Location

The designated speaker location varies from one car to another. Some cars have one speaker space per door, whereas others have two or more. This influences the type of speakers you buy. For example, full-range 6×9 speakers are the best option for cars with only one speaker per door. In contrast, you can install a 2-way 6×9 speaker and a super tweeter for cars that can hold two speakers per door.

Full-Range vs. Component Speakers

Car owners can choose between full-range and component 6×9 speakers. Full-range speakers combine all drivers into a single unit. This means a full-range 6×9 speaker serves as a woofer, mid-woofer, and tweeter. Manufacturers classify full-range speakers as 3-way, 4-way, or 5-way sound systems.

On the other hand, component speaker systems have separate woofers and tweeters. Buying each component separately often costs more than buying full-range speakers. You may also need an external crossover network to delineate the frequencies for smooth sound.

Output Power

A speaker’s output power affects its sound quality. However, the output power is not the only determinant of sound quality and may have little impact, depending on the speakers you are comparing. For example, the difference in sound output will be apparent when comparing a 200W and 500W speaker. Still, the difference may be negligible between 450W and 500W speakers.

What to Know Before Buying 6×9 Speakers for Your Car

Audio quality should top the list when shopping for the best 6×9 speakers for your car. You can ascertain the speakers’ audio quality and output by visiting a physical store or checking online reviews. The 6×9 speakers you pick should complement your car’s interior. Most manufacturers use dark shades or black as the standard color for car speakers. These color choices ensure the speakers blend in with your car’s interior.

You do not need a 500W speaker for the best sound quality. Manufacturers often sensationalize peak output power as the most significant determinant of sound quality — this is misleading. A speaker’s RMS rating is a better indicator of the expected performance. Other factors like speaker placement and your car’s amplifier also influence sound quality.

Using 6×9 Speakers for Your Car: What It’s Like

Using 6×9 speakers for your car is almost the same as using any other speakers. Remember, we classify speakers as being 6×9 based on their size and not the expected sound quality. Other sizes include 4×6, 5×7, and 6×8 speakers.

However, this does not mean that a speaker’s size does not affect sound output. Small speakers are the best for high-range sounds. It explains why tweeters are small. In contrast, large speakers, like 6×9 car speakers, have a huge cone, which often translates to more bass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best 6x9 speakers for cars?

The JBL GTO939 are the best 6×9 speaker for your car. They have a 3-way speaker system for wide-range sound output and a broad frequency response range. These JBL speakers also have a larger cone than standard 6×9 speakers, which produces a deeper bass.

How will I know that a speaker is compatible with my car?

Most speaker models are compatible with most cars. However, compatibility may be an issue when a sound system can only be connected with speakers from a specific brand. The main concern when buying car speakers should be size. Confirm that the 6×9 speakers you buy are the same size as the stock speakers.

Will replacing my car’s sound system affect my insurance premiums?

Yes, installing an aftermarket speaker system may raise or lower your insurance premium. This depends on the speaker model you buy. For example, premium sound systems cost above $1,000 and will likely increase your premiums. We recommend informing your insurance company after installing an aftermarket system to ensure it is covered in case of an accident or break-in.

What matters more, peak power or RMS power?

RMS is a more important performance indicator when buying 6×9 speakers. The RMS rating shows how much continuous output power the speakers can withstand.

What is the difference between 2-way and 3-way speakers?

The main difference between 2-way and 3-way speakers is the combination of drivers in the speaker unit. Most 2-way drivers include a mid-woofer and a tweeter. In contrast, 3-way speakers have a woofer for deep bass.

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