Avoid Every Keyboard Brand But These 7

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Avoid Every Keyboard Brand But These 7

Which keyboard brand should you trust? Computing is bigger than ever these days and there is no shortage of manufacturers making accessories and peripherals for your home PC. That said, it can be somewhat daunting to find a keyboard that works for you. You don’t have to play guessing games with the brands suggested today.


Regardless of what device you use, Logitech makes a keyboard for it.

Logitech is one respectable keyboard brand. You’ve got products that fit an entire range of budgets. You can opt for something on the cheaper end or go for broke and get one of their flagship keyboards. What also sets them apart is the willingness to manufacture keyboards for just about every platform you can imagine.


Target Display Mode iMac
While they might be intended solely for Macs, Apple keyboards feel great to type on.

Apple carries a reputation like the Whole Foods of computing. There is something to be said about the manufacturer as a keyboard brand. While using a Magic Keyboard might seem an odd choice for most users, it is a fantastic fit if you’re already using a Mac. Having all core functions and keys laid out and mapped for use just makes sense.


selective focus of a teenager hands playing on a gaming computer, with a black keyboard on a large gray mouse pad, addition to video games
These mechanical keyboards aren’t for everyone, but they are quality through and through.

Keychron is in the habit of manufacturing high-end mechanical keyboards. As such, this is one keyboard brand that might not be for everyone. However, if you’re looking to get a comfortable and reliable mechanical keyboard, this might be the right choice for you.


Steelseries is a great brand for users looking to get quality gaming components.

I admittedly know Steelseries more for its range of quality computer mice. However, they are one of the best when it comes to keyboard brands. These are tailored toward gaming, but would more than suffice for regular use in an office. Well, that is provided you don’t mind annoying your co-workers with the constant clicking of keys.


They can run a bit more on the expensive side, but Razer is worth a look.

Another top keyboard brand to keep an eye on is Razer. Razer is known primarily for its gaming-centric accessories and gaming PCs. However, as a keyboard manufacturer, they’re hard to argue against. You’ve got solid decks, great-feeling keycaps, and so much more.


Dell’s Alienware makes premium keyboards with a strong level of consistency.

While Alienware may serve as the gaming arm of Dell’s manufacturing, they don’t skimp as a keyboard brand. Designs might be a little off-kilter, but you’ve got plenty of room for some solid mechanical keyboards. If you enjoy a little more color in your typing, then a line of RGB mechanical keyboards might be what the doctor ordered.


Asus ROG Azoth
While the styling might be a bit bright, ASUS does a wonderful job of making accessible keyboards.

You might think of this company more for laptops and PCs rather than keyboards. The truth is that the Republic of Gamers imprint for ASUS is a great keyboard brand. Keyboards from ROG have a premium fit and finish, with solid decks, great keycaps, and consistent switches. It might not be the best fit for everyone, but as a premium brand, they are fantastic.

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