Avoid Buying Electronics Anywhere But These Stores

Avoid Buying Electronics Anywhere But These Stores

When buying electronics, there are plenty of places to go. While everyone’s first thought might be Amazon, retailers like Costco, Best Buy, and Target have some surprising advantages. In other words, Amazon shouldn’t be the first and only place you look. There are also some advantages to shopping in-store as it reduces the likelihood of impulse shopping Amazon is famous for. 

Before you make any electronics purchase, you should take your time, do your research, and find the best price. When you consider there are well over two dozen retailers available, you should take your time to consider the best place to buy. Most important to remember is that price isn’t everything as having a lengthy return policy can be a huge advantage.

Let’s take a look at the best stores where you should be buying all of your electronics.


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Costco is one of the best retailers for electronics purchases thanks to its generous warranty.

If you’re considering buying an electronic item at Costco, you’re in for a treat as long as you’re a member. Not only does Costco frequently have some of the best pricing, but they also have one of the most generous return policies.

However, Costco’s best perk may be that it extends the manufacturer’s warranty on many electronics for another year. This means you get two full years of warranty coverage from the date of purchase.

When you also consider that Costco often includes extras like AppleCare+ on Mac laptops in its retail price, it’s hard to ignore Costco’s advantages. Plus, Costco offers a return period of 90 days, three times longer than Amazon.

Best Buy

Best Buy’s new membership programs extend the return and warranty period significantly.

Traditionally, Best Buy has always been a go-to electronics store. If you’re making a purchase, it’s one of the largest electronics-focused third-party brick-and-mortar retailers. Where things get interesting with Best Buy is with its new “My Best Buy Memberships.” For $49.99 a year, you get an extended return period of 60 days, free 2-day shipping, and exclusive sales.

If you make the jump to the $179.99 per year plan, you get all of the same benefits and an additional protection plan. This plan gives you 24 months of product protection on most electronics purchases at Best Buy. If an electronic fails, Best Buy will repair, replace, or give you store credit and they are throwing in AppleCare+ on Apple’s entire product lineup.

Micro Center

While Micro Center is only available in a few states, it has very knowledgeable employees.

While Micro Center doesn’t offer a huge selection of retail locations, the advantages are there if you live close. Micro Center extends the manufacturer warranty on most products for an additional year. This coverage begins on the date of purchase and covers up to $500. There are no deductibles, hidden charges, or out-of-pocket costs. Plus, Micro Center offers a nationwide service network if you move away from an area where one of its stores is located.

Where Micro Center also has an advantage with its Expert Technicians. If you need any help with a purchase, you can get a free 10-minute technical consultation. A 30-day return period also applies for most electronics except for computers and tablets, which only have 15 days.


If you get the Target Red Card, you get 5% off with every Target purchase.

As one of the largest electronics retailers, it’s no surprise Target makes an appearance on this list. For most Target customers, a 90-day return period applies to most electronics. Better yet, if you have the Target RedCard, you can get an additional 30 days for a total of 120 days to make a return.

If you are a Target RedCard or Circle customer, you can also find a ton of advantages. Target regularly has percentage discounts available on televisions, tablets, video games, and more. It’s not uncommon to find Target offering an additional 10% off its already low-priced televisions. Best of all, all Target benefits are available for in-store and online purchases.


It’s hard to ignore Amazon for electronics purchases given the selection and strong pricing.

It’s hard to mention electronics without talking about Amazon.com. As the largest electronics retailer in the U.S., there’s a good chance most people have already purchased from here. Amazon’s biggest advantage is no doubt its pricing. The reason stores like Best Buy and Target have price match policies is because of Amazon.

Amazon also has an advantage with customers because of the sheer number of electronic products it sells. Where stores like Best Buy and Target can be limited in-store and to some extent online, Amazon has no such restrictions. Amazon’s warehouse network gives it a huge advantage to offer, in some cases, dozens of additional electronic options over its competitors.


NewEgg might not have an extended warranty offering, but it does have great pricing all around.

The largest dedicated online retailer for electronics not named Amazon, NewEgg is a great choice. While you don’t get many extras like an extended warranty, NewEgg makes up for it with outstanding pricing. It’s not uncommon to find NewEgg is the least expensive retailer across a variety of electronic categories.

Additionally, NewEgg has arguably the best selection of individual computer parts. If you jump into NewEgg’s “Today’s Best Deals” or its “Flash Sales,” you may just find a surprising electronic item worth purchasing. Ultimately, what NewEgg lacks in extras, it makes up for it with selection and pricing.


As the world’s largest retailer, Walmart is a great place to shop for electronics.

Like NewEgg, Walmart doesn’t offer a lot of extras, but it’s still a trustworthy place to shop. Walmart is the largest brick-and-mortar electronics store, and this gives them some pricing advantages. It’s not uncommon to see Walmart offering the lowest price among many tech products. This can be especially true around the holidays when Walmart adds an electronics loss leader to get you into its stores.

For most electronics, Walmart offers a 30-day return policy, and this includes computers, tablets, and even cameras. If you lose your receipt, Walmart will even give you a gift card for whatever amount the item is currently selling in its stores.

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