Aventon Soltera vs. Ride1UP: Which One Wins?

Specialized Globe Haul vs. Aventon Soltera

Aventon Soltera vs. Ride1UP: Which One Wins?

Electric bikes have exploded on the market as a popular mode of transportation and recreation, offering riders a fun, eco-friendly, motorized biking experience. With the e-bike market ever expanding, there’s now a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to purchasing an electric bike

Two of the more popular options we will be looking at today are the Aventon Soltera and the Ride1UP Roadster V2 Series. In this article, we’ll compare and contrast these two e-bikes to help you decide which fits your needs best. In addition, we’ll be exploring the differences in terms of design, performance, and price while providing an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of each bike. 

Aventon Soltera vs. Ride1UP: Side by Side Comparison

SpecificationsAventon SolteraRide 1UP Roadster V2
Motor350W500W (Peak)
Battery36V (360Wh)36V (252Wh)
Range41 Miles20-35 Miles
Speed20 mph24 mph 
Weight41 lb. 33 lb. 
Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy Aluminum 
BrakesMechanical Rim Mechanical Rim 
Tires700c x 35700c x 35 

Aventon Soltera vs. Ride1UP: What’s the Difference?

The Aventon Soltera is an electric bike that hit the market in 2020. Aventon Bikes is a relatively new e-bike company founded in 2012 in Southern California and, since then, has quickly earned a reputation as a producer of high-quality e-bikes. The Soltera is one of their most popular models and is designed for the everyday rider. It features a modest 350W motor and a 36V battery and is available in a single-speed or 7-speed configuration. 

The Ride1UP is also a relatively new e-bike brand founded in 2018 in San Diego and has since gained a reputation for offering affordable, high-quality e-bikes. The Ride1UP Roadster V2 is one of the more popular models to have come out recently from Ride1UP, and it’s aimed at both casual riders but also avid bike riders who would like to venture onto off-road terrain. It features a powerful 500W-peak motor and a 36V battery and comes in a single-speed configuration. 

Both e-bikes are designed for riders who want a reliable, easy-to-use, and powerful e-bike that can handle daily commutes and some light off-roading. They both offer similar features, including powerful motors, long-range batteries, and steady braking systems. However, the Roadster V2 from Ride1UP features a more powerful motor and higher-end drivetrain but won’t get you as far as the Aventon Soltera

aventon soletra
The Aventon Soltera features the classic top-tube road bike design, where you can barely tell the battery is there.



Starting with the Aventon Soltera, the e-bike features a minimalist and classic bike design that will be comfortable and familiar to any traditional cyclist. The 6061 aluminum frame of the Soltera is lightweight, weighing only 41 lb.

In addition, the design features a downtube which is used to house the battery, and a bladed fork with low-rise handlebars, giving the bike a classic fixie aesthetic. Aventon got its start in the fixed bike market, and they’ve kept the fixie design as they’ve moved into the e-bike market. 

Switching over to the Roadster V2 from Ride1UP, the frame is also designed with the fixie bike aesthetic, and in this case, it really reminded us of the bikes you would see around any major city. 

The narrow handlebars are great for navigating city traffic or tight streets, and the low-rise handlebars reminded us of racing bikes. The alloy aluminum is even lighter than the Aventon Soltera, weighing only 33 lb. The racy frame features low-rise and narrow handlebars, ideal for city commuting. The battery is smaller in size and hides behind the frame.


Comfort is one of the most important factors in choosing a bike or bike seat, so we wanted to make it one of the first topics we covered when comparing the Aventon Soltera to the Ride1UP Roadster V2. First up is the Soltera, which as a nod to the fixed bike aesthetic, does require what could be described as an athletic sitting position. 

To ride the Soltera smoothly and comfortably, you will need to adopt a sitting position that lends itself more to racing bikes. While you don’t need to lean all the way over by any means, you will need some core strength to maintain a comfortable riding posture. As this the Soltera has an impressive range, Aventon has made sure to make the saddle relaxed. Riders can expect not to feel sore on long-distance rides, which is vital due to the lack of suspension on the Soltera.

The Roadster V2 from Ride1UP, while still maintaining the fixed bike look, is more comfortable to ride. Two frame options are available based on height, making the Roadster V2 comfortable and accessible to riders of multiple sizes. The saddle is similar to the saddle on the Soltera. It’s comfortable, ergonomic, and designed for long-distance rides. This is doubly important as there is no shock on the Roadster V2 either. 

aventon soltera
The Aventon Soltera delivers optimized performance thanks to its 7-speed cassette.



The Aventon Soltera offers a comfortable and easy-to-ride e-bike experience that suits casual bike riders and avid cyclists well. The powerful 350-watt motor provides ample power for climbing up steep hills coupled with quick acceleration. 

In addition to the powerful motor, the 360 Wh battery is long-lasting and provides riders with up to 41 miles in range. There’s a dedicated thumb throttle on the handlebar. That is something that’s not as common on an e-bike at this price point. And the throttle allows the motor to hit 20 mph, giving an extra boost of power needed for climbing hills easily. 

Ride1UP’s Roadster V2 is more powerful than the Soltera, but it’s still aimed at commuters and casual riders who want to experience an easy-to-use e-bike with a long range. The 500-watt motor is notably more powerful than the Soltera’s 350-watt motor, allowing the bike to reach a faster top speed than the Soltera. 

However, the default brakes are short and narrow, which does sacrifice a bit of the overall stability. This shouldn’t be too offputting if you’re an experienced rider or have had experience riding city or messenger bikes. Still, it will take some time for the more casual rider to adjust if you haven’t had prior experience with brakes this low. 

The smaller battery won’t give you the same 41-mile range that the Soltera has. But again, we find that the 20-35 average range of the Roadster V2 is more than enough for most people. The pedal assist system helps you climb up hills, and it’s powerful enough to get you going at a top speed of 24 mph.

Aventon disc brake
The Aventon Soltera’s mechanical disc brakes offer superior stopping power.



Moving on to brakes, the Aventon Soltera comes with Caliper rim brakes that are lightweight and easy to adjust. Rim brakes are often unusual on e-bikes, as they don’t provide as much stopping power as hydraulic disc brakes. Still, we found the experience to be fine for most riders. The only concern is for riders who want to ride in wet environments. 

The Tektro brake levers are adjustable, ensuring that riders can get a comfortable grip on their braking experience. Bringing the Soltera to a stop in any condition is smooth and easy, thanks to the braking system. They offer good feedback to the rider, offering confidence in their effectiveness. 

Similarly to the Aventon Soltera, the Roadster V2 also has opted for rim brakes instead of hydraulic disc brakes. This is partly what helps the Roadster V2 maintain its lightweight. But the tradeoff when it comes to rim brakes is power. While the brakes perform well, as we mentioned with the Soltera, riders who see themselves riding in wet road conditions would be better served by a hydraulic brake system. 

Ultimately though, as many reviewers and riders have pointed out, we didn’t find much trouble bringing either of these bikes to a stop and found that even with rim brakes, braking was smooth and easy. So while we were initially concerned about rim brakes on both of these bikes, we are happy to report that there is no trouble with them, and they provide more than enough power.

aventon soltera
The Aventon Soltera features a slick backlit display, showing your range and speed.



The Soltera features a few different pieces of integrated tech designed to keep you safe and provide information regarding your ride, speed, and battery range. There are built-in red LED tail lights into the frame of Soltera. This provides riders with a seamlessly integrated look and a necessary safety and legal feature. 

The LCD screen is fully integrated with the Aventon smartphone app, which allows you to track and log rides. The position of the LCD screen is right in the middle of the handlebars, and we find this to be one of the most comfortable positions for an e-bike’s screen.

The Roadster V2 also features a similar range of integrated tech designed to provide you with ride-related information. However, several reviewers pointed out that the LCD screen on the Roadster V2 can be challenging to read due to its small size and location on the handlebars. 

Unfortunately, the Roadster V2 does not come with any integrated lights. It’s a disappointing omission that would we would have liked to see, along with a backlight for the LCD screen. Ultimately, we preferred the LCD screen of the Soltera much more than the Roadster V2. The Soltera’s screen was backlit and in a position that we found much more comfortable for looking at while riding. 

Aventon Soltera vs. Ride 1UP: 10 Must-Know Facts

  • The Aventon Soltera includes integrated rear and tail lights built into the aluminum frame. 
  • The Ride1UP Roadster V2 features a 36V Samsung 35e Cells battery.
  • The Soltera features a load capacity of 300 lbs. 
  • The Roadster V2 features a load capacity of 275 lbs. 
  • The Soltera features a lightweight frame that’s 33 lbs.
  • The Roadster V2 features a lightweight frame that’s 33 lbs. 
  • The overall average mileage range of the Soltera is 41 miles.
  • The overall average mileage range of the Roadster V2 is 25 miles.
  • The Soltera comes with a 2-Year/300 Charging Cycles Limited Manufacturer warranty.
  • The Roadster V2 comes with a 1-Year Limited Manufacturer warranty
aventon soltera
The Soltera’s frame geometry gives you greater control by placing your weight more forward.


Aventon Soltera vs. Ride1UP: Which is Better?

The decision between the Aventon Soltera and the Ride1UP Roadster V2 Series ultimately comes down to your specific needs, priorities, and personal preferences.

If range and technology are key factors for you, then the Aventon Soltera may be your ideal e-bike. The Soltera’s impressive 41-mile range outperforms the Roadster V2’s 20-35 mile range, making it an excellent choice for those needing a reliable, long-range ride. Integrated features like built-in LED lights, a backlit LCD screen, and compatibility with the Aventon smartphone app add a level of technological sophistication and safety that is unmatched by the Roadster V2. 

The Soltera’s 50-newton meter torque and its gear ratio of 48×16 add to the bike’s performance capabilities, while its 2-Year/300 Charging Cycles Limited Manufacturer warranty offers additional peace of mind.

On the other hand, if power, speed, and lighter weight are your primary concerns, then the Roadster V2 from Ride1UP could be your winner. Its 500W (peak) motor is more powerful than the Soltera’s 350W, enabling the Roadster V2 to reach a faster top speed of 24 mph. 

The Roadster V2’s 40-newton meter torque and 64×20 gear ratio facilitate quick acceleration, making it great for fast-paced city commuting. Weighing in at only 33 lbs, the bike’s alloy aluminum frame is lighter than the Soltera’s, a factor that can make a significant difference when maneuvering in tight city streets or carrying the bike upstairs. The saddle is designed for comfort during long rides, and two frame options allow it to cater to riders of varying heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Aventon Soltera weigh?

The Aventon Soltera weighs 33 lbs.

Can I ride the Aventon Soltera in the rain?

Yes, the Aventon Soltera features IPX4 water resistance, making it fine to ride in the rain.

How much does the Ride1UP Roadster V2 weigh?

The Ride1UP Roadster V2 features a lightweight frame, weighing only 33 lbs.

How much torque does the Roadster V2 have?

The Roadster V2 features 40-newton meters of torque.

How much torque does the Aventon Soltera have?

The Aventon Soltera features 50 newton meters of torque.

What is the gear ratio of the Roadster V2?

The Roadster V2 features a 64×20 gear ratio for fast acceleration.

What is the gear ratio of the Aventon Soltera?

The Soltera features a gear ratio of 48×16.

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