Is an Asurion Protection Plan Worth It for Amazon Purchases?

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Is an Asurion Protection Plan Worth It for Amazon Purchases?

Key Points

  • An Asurion Protection Plan is a paid service that protects your valuable electronics from accidental damage, malfunctions, or theft.
  • There are three types of Asurion Protection Plans available: one for mobile phones, one for home tech, and one for major appliances.
  • An Asurion Protection Plan extends the coverage for your device beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and can be especially beneficial for those who rely heavily on their devices.
  • Pros of an Asurion Protection Plan include comprehensive coverage, lots of benefits, repair cost savings, and hassle-free claims, while cons include limited plan terms, deductibles, overlapping coverage, and limited device eligibility.

Love purchasing technology from Amazon, but are worried about accidental damage, malfunctions, or theft? You might be considering an Asurion Protection Plan. But is a protection plan from Asurion really the smartest way to protect your electronic devices and other gadgets from Amazon? Or is it too good to be true? Let’s examine the ins and outs of an Asurion Protection Plan for your Amazon purchases. Will it give you the peace of mind and financial security you want for your beloved gadgets? Or could it be more trouble than it’s actually worth? Let’s explore.

What Is an Asurion Protection Plan?

An Asurion Protection Plan is a paid service that protects your valuable electronics. From smartphones to tablets and laptops to e-readers, an Asurion Protection Plan keeps you covered on the off-chance you ever face accidental damage, unexpected malfunctions, or theft. It essentially serves as a safety net, granting you peace of mind in case anything (within reason) happens to your device.

Asurion Protection Plans charge either a monthly or onetime fee, depending on the chosen plan. In return, you are granted access to a variety of benefits catered specifically to your device. These benefits typically include everything from accidental damage to drops and spills to mechanical or electrical failures and beyond. Simply put, anything that might go wrong that’s not already covered by the manufacturer’s warranty period.

If you pay for an Asurion Protection Plan and need to file a claim, you’ll first provide Asurion with details about the issue. Depending on the nature of your problem, Asurion will either arrange for a repair or send you a brand-new replacement device altogether. In more extreme cases, you may have to pay a small fee to help cover the cost of the repair or replacement.

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Asurion Protection Plans can protect your Amazon purchases from theft.

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Asurion Protection Plan Types

As of this writing, there are three Asurion Protection Plans available to choose from: one for mobile phones, one for home tech, and one for major appliances. Here are the basics of each plan type, including what’s covered and what you can expect to pay.

Mobile Phones

What’s CoveredCracked screen,
Defects or failures,
Loss or theft,
Water damage,
Battery replacement
Supported RetailersVerizon,
US Cellular
Supported DevicesiPhone,
Samsung Galaxy
CostVaries; Depends on number and type of devices

Home Tech

What’s CoveredMechanical or electrical failures,
Wear and tear,
Damage from the elements,
Accidental damage from handling
Supported DevicesTVs,
Gaming Systems,
Desktop Computers,
Smart Home, Security Cameras,
Smart Watches,
Bluetooth Speakers,
CostWhole home: $24.99/month,
Entertainment: $14.99/month

Major Appliances

What’s CoveredMechanical or electrical failures,
Wear and tear,
Damage from the elements
Supported DevicesRefrigerators,
Washers and dryers,
Ranges and cooktops,
Built-in microwaves,
Trash compactors,
Freestanding ice makers,
Built-in food centers
Cost$34.99/month, then $99.99 per approved repair, replacement, or reimbursement

How Is an Asurion Protection Plan Different From a Warranty?

It’s important to note that an Asurion Protection Plan is separate from the manufacturer’s warranty that tends to come with your electronic device at the time of purchase. You see, the manufacturer’s warranty typically covers defects in materials or workmanship for a limited time. However, anything beyond this probably won’t be covered. That’s where the Asurion Protection Plan comes in. 

This paid protection plan extends the coverage for your device and protects it against any accidental damage or other issues not covered by the basic warranty. As such, an Asurion Protection Plan can be especially beneficial for those who rely heavily on their devices for work, communication, or entertainment. It provides an added layer of protection and reduces the potential financial burden of unexpected device problems.

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An Asurion Protection Plan goes beyond the limits of a traditional warranty for Amazon purchases.


Pros and Cons of an Asurion Protection Plan for Amazon Purchases

Whether an Asurion Protection Plan is worth it for your Amazon purchases depends on several factors. What do you value as a customer? Does your purchase fall under the Asurion guidelines? Here are four pros and four cons to help you make a more informed decision.

Pro: Comprehensive Coverage

Asurion Protection Plans offer extensive coverage across the board. From accidental damage to malfunctions to theft and beyond, these protection plans cover things that are not often covered by the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Con: Limited Plan Terms

All Asurion plans have specific term limits you must abide by. If your product purchase date happens to fall outside these specific term limits, then you may not be able to get the coverage you need anymore.

Pro: Lots of Benefits

In addition to protecting your Amazon purchases, some Asurion plans offer extra perks, such as tech support and data backup services. These additional benefits enhance the overall value of the plan, giving you more bang for your buck.

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Some Asurion plans come with added benefits, such as data backup services.

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Con: Deductibles

When filing a claim with Asurion, you may be required to pay a deductible. This deductible can vary depending on your device or the specific issue you’re filing a claim over. This cost could quickly become a significant drawback — especially for minor repairs.

Pro: Repair Cost Savings

If your device experiences a covered issue, an Asurion plan can save you from hefty repair or replacement expenses. Paying a relatively small monthly or onetime fee is much more budget-friendly than hundreds in unexpected costly repairs down the road.

Con: Overlapping Coverage

Some of your Amazon purchases may already have a manufacturer’s warranty that covers certain issues. In some instances, these warranties cover the same period as the Asurion Protection Plan. In such cases, you might be paying for redundant coverage.

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Some Amazon purchases may already have warranties, eliminating the need for an Asurion plan.

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Pro: Hassle-Free Claims

Asurion’s claim process is very straightforward and user-friendly. With certain claims, it feels even easier than Amazon’s return policy or warranty terms. Plus, Asurion strives to get devices repaired or replaced quickly. This makes for an even more hassle-free experience.

Con: Limited Device Eligibility

Not all of your tech purchases may be eligible for an Asurion Plan. Asurion limits availability of plans to specific devices. As such, particular gadgets may not qualify — potentially leaving them unprotected.

Should You Get an Asurion Protection Plan for Amazon Purchases?

So is an Asurion Protection Plan worth it for your Amazon purchases? The answer depends on how much you value the peace of mind and financial security it provides. Plus, you’ll need to weigh these factors against the cost and potential overlapping coverage of an Asurion plan. Assess your individual needs, the overall value of your devices, and the price you’d pay for an Asurion plan before you make your final decision. All in all, Asurion’s plans look like an innovative and affordable way to get some extra protection for your eligible Amazon purchases. However, it may not work for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Asurion Protection Plan cover?

The average Asurion Protection Plan offers coverage for accidental damage, such as drops and spills, and mechanical or electrical failures outside the manufacturer’s warranty period. It also includes protection against theft for eligible devices. More specific details depend on whether you’re protecting a phone, home tech, or major appliance.

How do you file an Asurion Protection Plan claim for Amazon purchases?

If your device experiences a covered issue, you can easily file a claim online through Asurion’s website or by calling their customer service. Provide details about the problem, and they will guide you through the claim process, aiming to get your device repaired or replaced efficiently. Check your confirmation email for more details.

Do you have to pay a deductible for an Asurion claim?

A deductible may be associated with filing a claim depending on your claim and the level of damage done. The amount may also vary depending on the type of electronic device. Once you pay the deductible, Asurion will cover the remaining repair or replacement costs.

How long do Asurion Protection Plans last?

The length of coverage depends on the particular plan you choose. Asurion typically offers protection plans ranging from one to three years, starting from the date of purchase. After this period, you may need to renew or purchase a new plan.

Do Asurion Protection Plans cover future purchases?

In some cases, yes. For instance, Asurion offers protection for future appliance purchases. This allows you to transfer the coverage to a new device if you upgrade within the same product category. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of your specific plan to see if this option is available.

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